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My wifewas on a business trip in Las Vegas
Yes Dear

This is a true story that happened when my wife went to Vegas about a year ago. I have tried to recreate it as best I could however as the saying goes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so I will have to improvise to fill in the gaps.

I was bored that evening as I was the only one at home for the weekend. My wife had been in Las Vegas for the week and I was getting really honey. I thought about looking up some erotic stories but I decided to text her instead. I wrote, “Do you know where a guy can see some tits and pussy?” There was a long pause then I received a text back. No, I think you are talking to the wrong person.”

I thought for a moment then text back I was thinking about her and was hoping she was in the mood for a little fun. She text, “Oh, ok. Yes dear.” I asked her what she was wearing and she text back a black dress, black bra, and black panties. I asked her if she has on pantyhose too and she said no. I asked her if her panties and bra were see through and she text, “yes dear.”

We continued our conversation as time allowed for her. She was at an awards dinner and said there were about 5,000 people there and it was going to be a long night. She said she was sipping on wine and talking with a co-worker. I text,” Are you feeling horny?” She text back, “Yes dear.” I was beginning to get hard at the thought of her drinking and felling horny in a crowd. I wondered how far she would go so I decided to find out. “Put you hand in your lap and touch your pussy for me.” A few minutes later I received a text, “Yes dear.” I waited a minute then received a text, “I am touching my pussy through my dress and panties.”

I was really getting horny now an really hard. “Can you get you hand under your dress?” I text. A moment went by and then I received the words I was waiting for, “Yes dear.” I became bolder in my request as she submitted to them. “Put you napkin in your lap and pull your dress up. The words came almost instantly on the screen of my phone. “Yes dear.” I was in our room now laying on the bed rubbing my cock . The request soon became commands. “Touch your pussy through your panties and play with it. The familiar response popped on the screen of the phone, “Yes dear.”

I asked her if there was any guys around that could see her. She text that there was one two tables over that has been glimpsing at her. I asked her if he was someone she found attractive and she said he was ok. “Spread your legs and let him see your panties.” I commanded. “Yes dear.” Was the response. “Can he see your pussy through your panties?” Again the response was yeas dear. I was aching as my cock became harder and harder as I pictured her pussy exposed through her panties. She is a redhead and she has a fiery red pussy. “Spread your legs wider and pull your panties to one side.” A few minutes later she wrote back, “Yes dear.” I asked her if she was turned on and she stated ,”Oh yes. I am so wet!” She said she was having problems typing but I told not to worry about that. Then I told her to slide one finger into her hot, wet pussy. “Does the guy see you?” I asked. “Yes dear!” Was the response. She stated she was very horny and would do anything I asked.

I asked what he was doing and she said he was rubbing himself. “Can he see your pussy?” The answered I was dreaming of came across the screen. “Yes, dear.” I asked her if he could see her tits. I got a reply. “Wait a minute.” It seemed liked hours and then the text appeared on the screen. “Dropped spoon and bent over. Tit came out of my bra. He can see my nipple.” I almost exploded. She stated he continued to rub himself as she played with her pussy and let him see her tits once in a while. “Give him a good look at your pussy.” I commanded. Minutes later the text arrived. “I am letting him watch me finger myself. “Is he close enough to get a good look at your mound and lips?” “Yes, dear!” She stated she slid down into the chair so he could get a better look. “Put two fingers in your pussy for him.” I demanded. Yes dear was the response.

Then I asked her to do something I figured she would not. “Motion for him to come and sit at your table.” There was a long silence. “He is coming over and is about to sit by me.” Then she surprised me by turning the tables and taking control of the conversation. “Do you want him to put his hand on my pussy?” I said yes dear. “Ok, I will let him rub my pussy.” Then she text that she was placing her hand on his cock and rubbing it. “He is trying to slide his finger under my panties. Do you want me to let him?” I typed as fast as I could, “Yes dear.” Then she wrote he was sliding one finger between her slippery lips and caressing her mound. “Do you want him to finger me?” “YES, YES” I text. She told him what was going on and that she was texting me as this happened. He had no problem with it as he rubbed her clit. “Can I jerk him off, please?” I said yes as pre-cum ran out of the tip of my cock. “Has two fingers in my pussy and playing with my pussy lips.” A moment later, Letting him see my tits. Then came the text,” I have cock in my hand under his napkin. I am stroking him hard. She said she was moving her hips up and down as he thrust his fingers into her. “He is cumming in napkin. Can I cum now? PLEASE LET ME CUM!” I told her to cum on his fingers.

Later I called her when she was back at her room. She said she came really hard on his fingers and that he shot his load into the napkin. After the dinner was over she slipped through the crowd and never saw him again. She said she came twice on his fingers. I told her I really enjoyed that and shot my load across the bedroom. We are looking forward to her upcoming trip to Boston.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-01-19 06:32:41
And then you thought she went to her room on her own !
She went to her room and entertained the man without your permission
He had the enjoyment of her wet and gripping pussy around his cock
And you didn't know about it :)))

dancing grandmaReport

2012-02-24 00:26:41
Wow, that was one great story. It really got me feeling hot as hell. Reminds me of a couple of girls who came into the club one night and requested a lap dance, As each one received the dance the other was talking to thier respective husband on the phone describing, in detail, all the action. This went on for two dances each.
They both left generous tips and left. Very hot scene.

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-11 17:44:00
The other comment was "Boring" Boring ? Fucking pathetic.Go have a wank on your own you tosser.

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2012-02-10 20:34:39
Boring. Ive done better with my boyfriend. Rated negative

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