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This is my first attempt so if you don't like it deal with it and part 2 comes if the response is positive
I'm not sure how it happened but I'm glad it did. One minute I was sitting at home mastubating then she called "hey Jake what are you doing tonight" she said. "nothing" I said zipping up my pants. "good want to go see a movie"
"what movie"
"it doesn't matter well decided on the way"
"ok" I got ready and called a cab and went to go pick her up. I got to her house and there she was waiting. "hey jake" she said. "hey Alice" I said. We started to head twords the theater when she said "I'm glad you weren't doing anything I didn't want to go alone". "but I thought it you had a boyfriend why didn't you ask him to go" I asked "I mean n you told me that's why you wouldn't go out with me". "he's grounded so he can't and you were the first person to come to mind" she said. She was slowly inching twords me and she rested her head on my shoulder. We got to the theater and I told her to pick a movie it was some chick flick on it last night. I bought our tickets and I bought two icees and medium popcorn. When we go to our movie we went all the way up to the top. I expected to sleep through but I was wrong. The theater wasn't that crowded in the back but there was alot of people up front. The movie started and then I felt someone nibbling on my ear. It was Alice I finally realized why she did all this. She got up and sat on my lap. I decided to return the favor and nibble on her ear and she loved it and responded by putting my hands on her breast. I always wanted to feel them they were 36c and nice, firm, and round. I stopped nibbling on her ear and started kissing her neck. She loved this more. After a minute she turned to me and told me to pull her shirt down. I did with no hesitation. Then she took her bra off and handed it to me I put it in my pocket. She then handed me her icee and told me to put some on her tits and such it off. Not wanting to disappoint I did. And I have to say that I an icee tastes ten times better off a girls tits. I saw a usher heading up and I pulled up her shirt and sat her next to me. "every thing ok" he asked. "everything fine just enjoying the movie" I said. He looked skeptical because Alice's nipple were rock hard and so was my dick. He stared at us for what felt like 30 minutes then he left. Alice said we should finish watching the movie. After the movie we started to walk of alittle and then she pulled out her phone and called he mom "hey mom can I sleep over at a friend's house tonight" she said. "sure which freind" her mom asked. "jake" she said. "ok he's a good kid have fun but not to much" her mom replied. "thanks love you bye" she said. I called a cab and went to my house. I. Had the hose to my self because I'm an only child and my parents were on their third Honeymoon. We got to my house and went inside. The then Alice particly talked me and begun kissing me. She forced her tounge in my mouth and I did the same to her I closed the door and we were kissing ad walking then we hit my couch and feel onto it. "this is better then watching porn huh" she said. "howd you know" I asked. I smelt the lube on you its the same one I gave you for your valitines day" she said. "that was you" I said "all the card said was from someone who wants to fuck you". "surprise" she said. She then got up took off her shirt. The with her bra in my pocket her tits were fully exposed. She then went to my room and got the lube. By now I was so hard it hurt then she unzipped my pants and pulled them with my boxers down. My dick was stiff enough to fly a flag off of the it. I "god if I knew you had this big a dick I would've asked you out its more than a foot long" she said as she grabbed it with both and and Lick the pre-cum off it making more come out. She put the head in her mouth and circled it with her tounge. I couldn't take it anymore and I pushed her head all the way down my dick and it gagged her so took her mouth off it and started coughing then she did it again and again. "il cum if you keep doing it that" I said. She then started sucking my dick and it was the best blow job I ever got. "I'm about to cum" I said. Just then she gagged herself and I blew my load in her mouth. She coughed again while my come slid down her chin. My dick was still had and then she grabbed the bottle of lube and put her tits around my dick. Then put the lube on it. She started using her tits to fuck me. Then she put her mouth on the head. Regetably soon after I came again. She swallowed the load again to. "let's take a shower" she said. We want to my bathroom and she gabed the mouth was and garge!ed for a few minutes. "what I don't taste good" I asked. "no I loved the taste but I want you to kiss me and I'm pretty sure that you won't if I have your cum in my mouth" she said. "It'll still feel weird" I said. We got in the shower and washed eachother while I was washing her thighs I started to finger her pussy. It was hot and moist. I rinsed her off and then I got under her and started eating her pussy. "oh god yesssss jake keep going" she pushed my head into her pussy. Soon after she came and she was a squirter and man could she squirt. "you taste great yourself" I said. "give me a taste" she said between her gasps for air. With her squirt slowed to a trickle it to alittle bit to get a mouth full of her cum. With a mouth full of her cum I kissed her and we swapped a mix off cum and saliva. "your right I do taste great its really sweet" she said "I want you to fuck me right now". "I don't have a condom though" I said. "I'm on the pill its fine" she said. "good cause I wasn't going to pull out either way" I said. "good cause I wasn't going to let you" she said. "so your willing to get pregnant" I asked. "only if it wax your child" she responded . Since I was hard again I wasted no time went behind her and opened her legs and slowly put my dick into her pussy I had the head before I heard her yell ouch. "do you want me to stop" I asked. "he'll no I want you to take my virginity with that foot long now ram it in there" she said. Then shepushed me back into the shower wall and slammed onto my dick. "fuck oh fuck yes I shouldve done this a long time ago" she said. She moved back and forth and needing I should take the lead a stopped taking her and started to pound her I felt the blood from breaking her hymen running down my dick and dripping off my balls. "harder & faster" alice shouted and I pounded harder and faster like she asked. Then she came. "oh god yesssss oh god jake fuck yesssssss" she screamed "lay down in about to make you cum". I lay down and she shut off the water and she positioned herself above my cock and slammed down on it she rode as hard as she could and she came again while I was close to it my self. Still riding me hard three minutes later I shoot my load inside her. The feeling making her come again. She lay on my chest and started kissing me and whispered I my ear "thanks i've always wanted to do this now let's get clean for real this time and lets cuddle up in your bed" she said.

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-06 10:43:35
Your story really lick's gay ball's, & maybe try to spell check this Shit

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-06 10:42:46
Your story really lick's gay ball's, & maybe try to spell check this Shit

That writer guyReport

2012-02-13 19:13:27
Have you ever thought of the fact that I Just wanted to post something and see how people react to it. if people liked it I was going to post the second one which is in better format then the first. I know its hard to read but its hard to type on The tablet i was writing it on. if I could've wrote it on a computer I would've. But unfortuneatly they crashed so I couldn't I'll rewrite it if it pisses people off that much. I'll take more than an hour with the re-write.


2012-02-13 07:31:41
You can tell it was written in an hour. Why would you post something that you hastily wrote knowing you would get hammered from comments about it. The story could have been good if it wasnt rushed so much.


2012-02-11 23:30:15
I loved it and yes the people that said CRAP you do better, but i agree put the spell check, and paragraphs here and the as its hard to read and to no where you are up to if someone disturbs me here

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