As a kid I used to hate living on a farm, miles away from any of our neighbors, not having any friends to play with except for my twin brother and to make things worse our parents were uber religious, we couldn't take a piss without thanking god first. Like I said as a kid I hated living on a farm but as I got older I learned that living on a farm miles away from anyone else did have it's advantages but let me start from the beggining. My name is Cain my twin brothers name is Abel and our older sisters name is Eve { I told you our parents were uber religious } the year is 1950 and I'm 8 years old Eve, Abel and myself are home schooled we learned how to read and write, mathematics and of coarse Creationism but even as kids we knew that religion was pure garbage, a talking snake in the garden of Eden are you serious?.

Eve was 1 year older than us and because she was a girl she was not allowed to play with us, while being home schooled she was taught by our mother in another room while our father taught my brother and I and during bath time our father would wash us in a huge sink while my mother would wash Eve in the bathroom. Our parents told us that boys and girls should not play, learn or bathe together because it creates sinful thoughts and feelings and that's how the Devil gets you, the only time we ever saw our sister was during morning prayer and dinner time. The years pass, Abel and I are now 12 and we start noticing changes, our father tells us that this was called puberty and this was normal for boys and he explained how we would start growing hair on parts of our bodies and that we would get urges but those urges are a sin and that we should not act on these urges.

He then gave us a religious version of " The Talk " he told us that that after a man marries a woman he will place his penis inside his wifes vagina and keep it in there until he releases his semen and the woman will become pregnant but if a man doesn't want his wife to have babies he should not take his wife sexually. Abel and I noticed that Eve had begun to change as well, we could see her chest has gotten bigger and her butt was rounder, Eve would stare at us noticing all the changes we were going through as well. 3 years later at the age of 15 Abel and I had been getting erections like they were going out of style, dad had told us that masturbation was a sin but we really didn't believe in god and religion so we were wanking multiple times everyday, we even made a game of it, who can shoot their load further. We would always make sure to clean up the mess because if our parents ever found out what we were doing they would spank us until our asses bled.

At 15 we had to help our dad around the farm with all the hard jobs, heavy lifting, poop removal, etc, etc and Eve would help by milking the cows and feeding the animals but we noticed that she would spend a lot of time starring at the male horses and whenever the male horses would get erections or pee she would touch herself. When Abel and I turned 16 the town church burned down in a freak accident and the priest asked all Christians to help in rebuilding the church so my parents told us that they would be gone for a few days and that Eve now a 17 year old woman would watch us while they were gone and that we had to do everything she told us.

After giving Eve some last minute instructions they leave the house and head towards town with some of our Christian neighbors. As soon as they leave Eve says " Ok boys take off all your clothes it's time for your bath " My brother says " But it's so early, we usually take our baths at night " and Eve says " You heard what our parents said you have to do everything I say so take off all your clothes so I can wash you ". My brother and I strip completely naked and Eve just stands there starring at our naked bodies licking her lips when she says " Now that I think about it your both too big to fit in the sink or the bathtub so lets go to the lake ". The lake isn't that far from our house and since we live so far away from our neighbors we could walk to the lake naked and no one would notice. Once we get to the lake Eve says " Ok boys before you get in the water I want to know what has father told you about women and sex? "

I tell her everything father told us, how women give men urges but those urges are a sin, masturbation is a sin, how men should only have sex with women after their married and that men should only have sex with women if they want to have children. Eve laughs and says " And do you boys believe everything father told you? " Abel says " No " and I tell her that Abel and I have been masturbating multiple times a day everyday ever since we were 13. Eve says " Really? you've been masturbating everyday since 13? I've never seen a man masturbate so would you both masturbate for me? " Abel and I blush and look at her and after 1 minute of silence Eve says " I think I know what will help you boys " and she starts to take off all her clothes.

We watch as she removes the last piece of clothing and then we stare at her large breasts and hairy pussy and both our cocks become rock hard wich gives Eve a big smile. She gets on her knees in front of us and grabbing both our cocks in her hands she gives us our first hand job and she says " Is this how you do it boys? is this how you masturbate? " we just look at her and smile and she says " Have you boys ever seen a woman masturbate? ". Abel says " No, how can a woman do it? you don't have a penis " Eve laughs and lays on her back then spreading her legs she slips one of her fingers into her hairy pussy while rubbing her clit with her other hand she starts moaning while she watches Abel and I masturbate.

After a while Eve says " would you boys like to try? " she gets on her hands and knees exposing her labia and anus to us and she says " Go ahead boys stick your fingers in there ". We both get behind her and we each stick 2 fingers deep into her pussy, rubbing her ass with our other hands while she rubs her clit with one hand and squeezes her tits with her other hand. Eve moans louder and louder and her body tightens up as she orgasms all over our hands wich suprises us but Eve says " That's ok boys that's how women orgasm ". Abel says " Eve would it be ok if I put my penis inside your vagina? it's so close I can do it right now " and Eve says " No I don't want to get pregnant but I have a great idea ".

Still on her back she lifts her legs in the air and she says " Abel, place your penis between my thighs while holding my legs together and start pumping your hips " then she says " Cain I want you to get on your knees above my head, lean forward and squeeze my breasts ". Abel and I take our places and as I start squeezing her tits I can feel her lick my balls while she jerks my cock, I can hear Abel breathing heavy as he fucks her thighs. After a few minutes Abel moans as he shoots ropes of cum all over Eves stomach, we then switch positions and I place my rock hard cock between her thighs, holding her legs together I start to pump my hips. Abel is laying on his back, a huge smile on his face his cock covered with cum he says " That was amazing " and he starts laughing, I fuck Eves thighs for a while until I moan loudly and shoot ropes of cum all over Eves face, tits and stomach.

Now all 3 of us are laying on our backs looking at the sky with huge smiles on our faces and Eve says " Ok boys get into the water and wash up " and all 3 of us jump into the lake. After a while I swim towards Eve and I give her a big hug, kissing her breasts I slip one finger into her pussy and she grabs my cock and starts jerking it again and I say " Do you think Abel and I can fuck your thighs again? " and Eve says " Cain, Abel get out of the water it's time to play again "..


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2012-08-07 20:20:56
the votes would be a lot lower if the writer didn't keep bumping it up himself. waste of his time our time and the sites space we need a delete button once again


2012-02-28 12:56:27
I said this twice before, while I appreciate both negative and positive comments on all my stories if this story was as bad you claim then why are the positived so much higher then the negatives?

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typical uninteresting boring crap for this site. this wouldn't excite a ten year old. forget part two not worth it.

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Good story, please write part 2

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a message to the last reader grow up if you want war and peace go and get the book its a sex story soif you dont enjoy it dont read it i enjoyed looking forward to part 2

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