As I was enjoying the pleasure from being devoured by these 2 gorgeous women, I decided to push Sidney off of my dick and onto her back and quickly lined up my dick into her beautiful pussy. Trish straddled Sidney’s face, she took the hint and began to lick her pussy while I fucked her. They both began to moan with pleasure, Sidney’s pussy was sopping wet, my dick was easily sliding in and out of her pussy. I began to fuck her very hard, each time burying my dick into her pussy. Causing her to moan with each thrust, I wish I could live in this exact moment forever. Sidney then put her hands on Trish’s fat ass, pulling her in harder to her mouth, Trish then began to convulse violently, she was having an orgasm. Sidney’s face was now soaked with Trish’s pussy juice. This ordeal sent Sidney over the edge, her pussy began to convulse on my dick, moans were coming from everyone.

I began to cum, shooting deep into Sidney’s pussy, I pulled out of her after my orgasm, Trish, seeing that I pulled off, quickly turned around, they began 69 one another. Trish began to suck on her pussy, “Mhhmmmm, your cum tastes so good Kyle!” She gathered all of the juices she possibly could, turned to face Sidney, bent over her mouth, letting all of the juices drop into Sidney’s awaiting mouth. They were swapping my cum, how could this get even better you ask? They stuck their tongues out and started touching one another’s. I must have died and gone to heaven.

Shortly after they stopped making out with each other, we all collapsed on the bed. We were utterly exhausted, we all got under the blankets and passed out next to each other completely naked.

I was awoken by Sidney sucking my dick. I looked at the clock, 3 am. Holy shit, can she not get enough? I watched as her head bobbed up and down my raging hard on. Complete ecstasy was an understatement. I continued to enjoy my blow job, when Trish began to stir, she slowly awakened and begin to realize what was going on.

“Hey, the least you two could have done was wake me up!” She quickly gathered herself, got to her knees and pulled Sidney’s head off my dick and kissed her in a deep passionate sort of way. They stopped their kiss and both began to attack my dick. Trish sucking my dick and running her hand up and down my shaft while Sidney sucked on my balls. It wasn’t long before I was cumming, I pulled my dick out of Trish’s mouth and began to shoot my cum on both of their faces. Trish getting the worst of it, Sidney seeing this, “That’s not fair, I want some.” She said this as she got up and started licking my cum off of this beautiful middle aged woman. They licked each other’s faces until there wasn’t a speck of my cum on either one’s.

We passed out again, this time for the rest of the night. We woke up, took a shower together, I fucked them both again. She made us breakfast. As we sat at the table, I began to finger Sidney under the table, Trish left the room to get “something” and I continued to finger Sidney as she at her breakfast, every so often she would let a moan escape from her lips as she at her food. When all of the sudden someone pushed my hand away from her pussy, I looked under the table, it was Trish, apparently she army crawled all the way around from the other room, just so she wouldn’t be seen by her son Tyler. I can live with that, she ate Sidney out for the next 5 minutes until Tyler got up and said, “MOM, get the fuck out from under the table, as if I didn’t hear you guys last night.” Are fun quickly ended and we got up and left after wards.

We left the house and quickly pushed Sidney against the side of my car, no neighbors, so who cares right? I kissed her and began to feel all over her body, running my hands up to her luscious breasts, fondling them right in public. I bent her over, and pulled her dress up to her waist, good thing she had no panties on, I rammed my dick into her so hard she screamed. I screwed her as hard as I could, hoping we could finish quickly, if by some odd chance, someone would see pull up the half mile long driveway and see us there screwing like animals. I pulled her hair, slapped her gorgeous ass, did everything I could for my own pleasure. I continued to ram her as hard as I could, when her back arched and she began to orgasm, her pussy convulsed on my dick, however I just couldn’t cum no matter how wonderful a feeling I had right at that moment. I pulled her hair harder, and started to jack hammer her. I got this funny feeling we were being watched, I turned to look at the house, and saw my buddy there watching us. He was clapping and laughing hysterically. I pulled out of her and got into the car.

I drove to Sidney’s house to drop her off, all the while being sucked off by her. I told her we were getting close to her house, she sucked even harder, this was more than enough for to cum. I shot my load deep into her throat and she swallowed it all. We got to the front of her house and she turned to me and said, “I had a great time Kyle, wanna come have dinner with my family tonight?” I kissed her and slapped her beautiful ass as she got out of the car.

To be continued?

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Part five would be awsome and include sidneys mom now that is dying and going to heaven right there for ya

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Hurry and make another! Dont be another quit writer :(

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