It’s a Family Thing

His raging hard 9" cock was shoved faster and harder in my tight wet pussy. He was on top of me and I had my legs wrapped tightly around his waist as we fucked. I was moaning loudly on the verge of cumming. He must have been ready also because he grabbed the back of my thighs and forced them towards my head folding me in half and redoubled his efforts. His dark green eyes gazed into my bright blue eyes and he swept aside a lock of my raven black hair, "Cum for me baby. I want to hear you cum for me." he begged.

I grabbed him by his black thick hair and pulled him towards my face for a deep kiss. I loved this man with all my heart. He sucked my tongue before he broke off our kiss. "Oh Shit…I'm Cumming!" I screamed as my orgasm shook my body and I squirted all over his dick. "KEEP FUCKING ME…don't you dare stop…Oooohhhhh Fuuucckkkk Yyyyeeessssss!" I rode out my orgasm.

Suddenly he cried out, "I'm going cum. I'm going cum inside you baby. Here I cum Peyton, Yeeessss baby Oooohhhh" he grunted and thrusted his cock in all the way to the hilt and sprayed my pussy full of cum. He collapsed on top of me and started sucking my right nipple while his cock was still in my cunt.

Just then a stunning woman with honey blonde long hair, bright blue eyes, 5'11" tall with long legs and 36C-24-38 body measurements she was gorgeous in her black Armani suit and her red 4” Jimmy Choo stilettos she was putting on a pair of 3 carat diamond stud earrings. "Are you two almost finished?" she asked casually.

"Yes Mommy, Daddy's finished servicing me this morning. Aren't you Daddy?" I teasingly tousled his hair and gently pulled him from my tit and pushed him aside so I could get up. "Thank you Daddy you were great as always." I kissed him on the forehead.

"My pleasure, as always, baby girl." Daddy smiled adorably. My Daddy was very handsome. He was 6'4" tall, well-toned muscles and abs, dark green eyes and short black hair. I had Dad's black hair but I looked just like my Mom we were even the same height and had the same eye color and my twin brother Max had our Mom's honey blonde hair but he looked just like our Dad same dark green eyes and all except at 16 he was not as tall, he was just 6'2", but Daddy said he would grow taller maybe even taller than him and his cock was 10 inches 1 inch longer than dad’s (Daddy was thicker but Max I’ll never tell that to Max).

"I'm glad you two are done because your father and I have to get to the office early today to prepare for our meeting with the Bliss Company Reps." she looked pointedly at Daddy the kisses me good morning with her ruby lips as her kiss deepened she inserted her tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it lustfully while she tweaked my naked nipples. My family usually walked around the house naked unless we had guest. Mommy broke our kiss, "Styles, I swear, if you don't get up…" but Mommy didn't have to finish Daddy got up and walked into their on-suite bathroom to take his shower.

"Chill out, Elle you'll give yourself a wrinkle." he loved to tease, "Oh Peyton would you like to join me since your mother is being a ball-breaker?" he asked.
I was about to follow Dad into the shower when Mommy stopped me, "Peyton, what are you and Max going do on your first day of summer vacation?" she asked.

"I'm not sure Mommy. Haven't you seen him this morning? When I first came into your room you weren’t here I figure you went to make coffee and then to see Max for his morning fuck." I finished.

"Yes that's exactly what I did. Thankfully he is young; he told me you wore him out last night. Do you ever sleep in your own room?" she asked.

"Not alone besides I can't sleep without a cock in my pussy just like you." I teased and we both laughed. "We'll probably stay home where we can be naked and swim and fuck." Mommy started fingering my pussy, "Ooh yes Mommy fuck me with your fingers. I loved the taste of your pussy on Daddy's cock this morning." I went on knowing she loved dirty talk as much as I do, "I lick all of your juices off his dick before I shoved it deep into my pussy but while I was sucking off your essence Daddy was licking Max's cum from my pussy." I knew Mommy was turned on because she was now jamming three fingers deep into my fuck hole I was about to cum and had to warn her so I wouldn't ruin her suit. "Mommy I'm cumming…I'm gonna squirt" I cried and she had just removed her hand when my girl cum gushed forcefully out of me and onto the floor. I came so hard my legs got shaky and Daddy strolled out of the bathroom just in time to catch me. He sucked my tits while I finished cumming. He removed the towel from around his waist and dried me off and dropped it to soak up my cum from the floor.

"Peyton, sweetheart why don't you go wake your brother so your father can finish dressing without distractions." Mom looked at me amused and winked.

"Okay Mommy." I walked out and turned towards "our" (Max and my) room. I had a huge suite with its own bathroom, roomy shower stall with a bench and huge jetted tub both great for fucking which Max and I did frequently, a ginormous dressing room/closet that most girls would cream over and a king size bed. Max's room was almost as big he had a king size bed but his closet was about half the size of mine and he didn't have a tub but he loved his room and always wanted to sleep there and I always wanted to sleep with him.

Why do I love fucking my brother? Well it all started a long time ago when my grandfather Symon, then 12, lost his parents. He was spending the summer with my grandmother Neenah’s family on their farm. Symon's father and Neenah’s mother were twins and very close. Neenah’s father was a prude but unbeknownst to him Symon's parents were swingers, they were on their way home from a swinger’s island getaway when their private plane crashed and they were killed so Symon came to live with Neenah’s family and he fell in love with her. By the time they were 16 they were having sex regularly in the barn. Neenah’s mother knew but turned a blind eye. She figured what harm could it do she use to fuck her brother all the time. When the couple was 18 Neenah’s father caught them rutting in the barn and threw them out. Neenah’s mother was devastated. She made sure Symon had his inheritance which was very sizable before they left. Symon and Neenah left the state and married. They had a boy and girl 10 months apart and named them Styles and Elle (Daddy and Mommy).

Symon and Neenah raised their children as nudist and taught them free love. One day when the children were 14 and 13 the couple walked into the house from a night out and caught their children fucking. Daddy and Mommy thought they were in trouble but my grandparents explained that they didn't care who they loved or fucked as long as it was something they both wanted to do. Their kids reassured them that it was mutual. Their parents told them they didn't have to sneak around or hide. When Elle was 15 she realized she was pregnant. She had Max and me when she was 16 and soon after started having family sex. My Mommy changed her last name and when my parents turned 18 they flew out of the country and got married. They went to college and law school while my grandparent, Nana and Papa raised us until we were 9.

When my parents graduated we moved to our own house. Max and I were also raised as nudist and taught free love. We have always slept together. By the time we were 10 we were making out and dry humping, the next year was oral sex and when we were 13 we told our parents and grandparents that we were ready to lose our virginities and wanted to lose it to each other. Our parents and grandparents were over joyed and wanted to make it a proper ceremony were they would attend and witness the consummation of our love so we set it up for a Saturday night in our private backyard. We had a huge house with large private gated grounds. We had a small orange grove that the women decorated with chandeliers and twinkle lights in all the surrounding trees the men set up the hugest bed I'd ever seen in the middle of the grove. It was beautiful.

We all walked out to the orange grove as a family. We were all naked, except all the women including myself had flowers woven into their long loose hair. Nana and Mommy had red flowers but I had white. When we got to the bed Papa told Max and me to lay in the middle of the bed then one grown-up sat at each corner. Max climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately as he kissed me he began rubbing my then B cup tits and pinching my nipples. I loved the way he played with my breast and I immediately started to get wet. Max kissed and licked down my neck to my left tit. He lapped and nipped at the breast then slowly drew his tongue around my areola mercilessly teasing me again and again. “Max please don’t tease me,” a shiver went down my spine and I felt the tingle in my pussy that’s the first sign of a huge orgasm, “suck my nipple, please Max.” I begged as I arched my back and shoved my boob in his face.

“Okay sis, patience…” Max laughed the opened his full lips wide and tried to swallow my entire tit flicking his tongue over the hard nib. A mini-orgasm wracked my body and I moaned as I ran my fingers through Max’s honeyed blonde hair. “Oh you like that huh? Well let’s see if your right tit responds the same way.” Max proceeded to repeat his performance on my right breast with the same results.

“Oh Max I can’t take it I need you mouth on my pussy. I’m so wet and horny, I need to cum. Please, Max, please.” I pleaded. Max reacted by licking down my stomach to my pussy he lapped from clit to anus and back the he grabbed the back of my thighs and flipped them towards my head so he could have a better view of my pussy and ass.

“There that’s better,” he proclaimed, “now everyone can enjoy the show.” He kissed his way from my thigh to my pussy with his face right up against my pussy he inhales my scent. “Oh my love you smell delicious.” Then he proceeds to eating my pussy in earnest. My cunt juices are flowing faster than he can gulp them down. He tongue fucks me as his index finger (wet from my juices) starts circling my rosebud. I am panting, moaning and begging for more. Max then sweeps his tongue down to my anus and tongue fucks my ass.

“Max I love when you eat my ass. Yes, yes, Yeeesssss.” Max then licks all the way up to my clit and sucks it with such vigor that I start to immediately cum very hard. YYEEESSSSSS…FUUUCCCKKKK,” I screamed as my pussy gushed like a geyser and Max quickly moved his mouth down to try and swallow all of my cum, but massaged my clit with his fingers, “Max You are so Amazing. Oooohhhh yeesssssssss, baby rub my clit harder,” Max rubbed harder and another gush of girl cum squirted from my pussy into his mouth and filled it to overflow. “OOOOHHHHH, OOOHHHHHH, OOOOOHHHHHH FUUCCCKKKKK, FUUCCCKKKK, FUUUCCCCKKKKK MMMEEEEEEE.” I cried arching my back as five mini jets of cum squirted from my pussy. I collapsed and Max moved up my body to kiss me. I lapped my juices from his face.

“You were amazing.” He whispered in my ear.

“My turn.” I said and surprised him as I flipped him over so that I sat on top of him straddling his waist. He laughed as I kissed his eyes, nose, and then his mouth. I nuzzled and kissed his neck and worked my way down to his nipples. I kissed, licked and nipped at them but was too worked up to take my time. I wanted to get to the main event. I put my head in his crotch and sniffed (I loved his smell) and wiggled my face all over his junk. This made him laugh. I think I heard a few chuckles coming from the grown-ups who until that moment I had almost forgot about them. I started sucking Max’s balls. First one then the other then I tried to suck them both at the same time while I stroked his cock. After a few minutes of licking and sucking his ball sac I licked the underside of his then 7 inch cock all the up to the head. I put just the head of his dick in my mouth and sucked inserting the tip of my tongue into the slit of his penis to insure I got all his precum without warning I took his whole cock in my mouth and down my throat.

“You’re so good at this.” Max hissed as he held my head down. I stuck out my tongue and tried to lick his balls and I heard a hiss every time I was successful. Max released my head when I pinched his thigh (that was our signal) I totally removed my mouth from his penis and before he knew what happened I pushed his legs over his body. His feet landed at the sides of his head at this angle his ass was presented to me and I quickly proceeded to lick his anus.

“Oh that feels so good, sis stick your tongue in my ass.” He begged. I tongue fucked him for a few moments then I returned to sucking his cock taking it all the way down my throat working my throat muscles and then sucking it up and down several times repeating to make a rhythm. I could hear Max moaning and groaning he was in heaven. Suddenly his hands were pushing my head all the way down his crotch and holding me there as he said, “I’m Cumming,” he shot his semen down my throat as I struggled to swallow it all down. The second spurt was a bit much for me and some of it bulged out from around my mouth but I continued to swallow. Max pulled out of my throat but was still in my mouth making it easier for me to breathe when shot his last two ropes of sperm that I dutifully gulped down.

“That was awesome!” Max declared.

“Yes it was, but now I have to get you ready to fuck me now.” I said pretending to be annoyed and everyone laughed. We looked around for the first time since we started our ceremony while I stroked Max’s already semi-hard cock I saw the women were fingering their pussies and the men were stroking their cocks. That made me even hotter it must have had the same effect on Max because his penis was now at attention.

“Okay sis how do you want it?” Max asked mischievously.

“For my first time I think I’d like it with me on my back and you on top between my legs. I want to be able to look into your eyes.” I said dreamily.

“That is the missionary position.” Nana informed us. “We’ll start your sexual education course on Monday.” She smiled at us with an excited glint in her eyes.

“Sounds great Nana.” We said in unison and laughed.

Max climbed on top of me and rubbed his penis against my pussy. “That’s right Max,” daddy said, “make sure she’s really wet and get your cock all slicked up.”

“She’s definitely wet dad.” Max confirmed as he prepared his cock for my tight virginal pussy.

“When you’re ready slowly insert your penis until you feel resistance, that’s her hymen, then stop and wait for Peyton to say she’s ready then distract her and ram it all the way in when she least expects it then stop. Now Peyton, honey it will hurt that’s just a fact of life, when it stops hurt move yourself up and down Max’s dick that will be his signal to continue. Got it?” he asked. We both nodded. “Okay kids have fun.” He beamed at us.

Max inserted the tip of his penis and laid on top of me and looked in my eyes, “Are you ready?” he whispered then softly kissed my lips.

“Yes Max I’m ready!” I exclaimed demurely. Max slowly pushed his cock until he felt resistance.

“Are you okay?” he asked the concern pouring from his eyes. I nodded not trusting my voice to betray me because the truth was it hurt a lot. “Let me know when you’re ready.” He stoked my hair from my forehead.

“Just do it.” I said hoarsely. Max leaned forward and licked and nibbled my ear (I love that) I was in ecstasy and soon forgot all about the pain when suddenly Max thrusted his cock all the way into my pussy breaking my hymen and causing me to scream out in pain. Max kissed me so passionately and rubbed my clit so good that without thinking or feeling pain I was riding up and down his cock and unexpectedly it started to feel really good.

Max took his cue and began a rhythm. I could feel his big dick in my tight pussy and I squeezed my muscled around it because I wanted to keep it in me it felt so good. I had no idea that I was driving my brother wild milking his cock the way I was, “Peyton I’m gonna cum.” Max pumped his cock faster, harder and deeper which took me over the edge.

“MAX I’M CUMMING.” I yelled and squirted all over his cock. When Max felt my pussy squirting he rammed deep into my pussy.

“OOHHHH SHIT…OOOOHHH FFUUCCCKKK!” Max screamed out his cum as he sprayed the inside of my pussy with his sperm. He collapsed on top of me with his face nuzzling my neck as I kissed the top of his head whispering sweet nothings to each other. We were lost in our own world our bodies still locked together and then there was clapping and whooping, we dazedly looked around at our family cheering us on.

We heard, “That was so hot,” “You both were incredible,” “Way to go,” and “I’m so proud of you both.” But we don’t know who said what. I pulled Max’s face to mine and forcefully kissed him as I felt his soft cock slowly slip out of my drenched pussy.

To be continued?

This is my first story. I welcome all comments and suggestions. If you’d like me to continue let me know. Thank you,

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The salt is real.

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you can tell how many underage virgins are reading here because only an underage virign would find this shit good. this is total trash and never should have been posted a good webmaster would never allow this shit to be posted.

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This story rambles FAR too much. WAY too many details about the mother in the first meeting of her. Sentence construction is awful.
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NaughtyPussyCat I adore you and your story, but especially your Pussy. I worship your Pussy. I am forever your fuck slave.

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I'm always amazed by the stupid people who see the story tags and knowing they don't like that type of story continue not just to read it but subjected us to their idiotic comments. Great story by the way. Sorry for the rant.

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