a menage a trois story
Our Best Summer-CAW:10

It was the summer of 1972 and the war was slowing down, The King was touring Hawaii and Jenny Marshall moved in next door. Life as an 11 year old boy was just starting to get interesting. Although my name was Terry I was called ‘Tiny’ by most as I had recently had an incredible growth spurt and sarcasm was the Aussie way. Brian Taylor, 2 doors down was my best friend; we were more like brothers and inseparable both in and out of school. Old man Peterson next door in the house between mine and Brian’s had recently passed away and we were both eager to see who moved in and would ultimately be terrorised by the ghost of old man Peterson or so we hoped and dreamt about with our over active imaginations. That dream lingered for a while when Jenny moved in as we had not yet began to look at the fairer sex in a romantic way and believed they should stay inside, well out of view and play with their dolls. But Jenny Marshall would soon change all that.

Jenny was tough as nails. Even then she was pretty when she was dressed like a girl but that was only a rarity and the rest of the time she was as grubby as the rest of the boys from being up to her neck in mischief. We started out taunting and name calling her in typical schoolboy fashion but soon discovered she was the ‘third musketeer’ we had talked of and wished for. She was brave, tough and faster than any of the boys at school up to 3 grades higher than us. In no time at all the ‘dynamic duo’ had become the ‘tenacious trio’ and that is pretty much how we approached everything we did, courageous to a fault.

We spent a lot of those early years mucking around in the creek near our homes, camping and building cubby houses or secret hideouts is what we called them. Whatever they were called they were safe houses from adults in times we were in trouble or just plain pissed off at the world and needed a spot to chill for a while. Even back then we managed to skinny dip in the creek when it was deep enough without much fuss. I did however get caught staring at Jenny a little too long once and got such a smack upside the head that I was never tempted to do it again, well never is a strong word I guess. We would have sleepovers and build camp fires and ride our bikes for hours at a time and frequently got home to parents who were worried sick as when we were together, which was always, we lost all sense of time which went in the blink of an eye. That summer we had the best summer ever, or so we thought, but doesn’t every boy at that early age of life. We forged an unbreakable bond that would withstand any challenge, would overcome all obstacles and make us indestructible then and always so long as we were together.

Every summer was our best summer after that. We got in all manner of trouble and enjoyed one adventure after another. One day while we were looking for a new spot for a hideout down by the creek we took a break to have a bite to eat. We poured the contents of our backpacks on the ground in front of us which was a variety of snacks and drinks we had managed to scrounge from home. There in the middle of the pile sat a clear plastic bottle with no label on it that clearly did not contain the original contents of the bottle. It had come out of Jenny’s bag.

“What’s this?” I asked half expecting I knew the answer already.

“Some wine” she proudly replied as we both looked at her with a mixture of surprise and admiration.

“What? The olds had a cask in the fridge! They won’t remember how much they had left!”

I looked at Brian and shrugged and grabbed the bottle, unscrewed the lid and tentatively took a sip and then a mouthful and then a couple more. Within five minutes we had polished of the full 2 litres and were waiting for the effects to hit. We sat munching on chips and lollies then without hesitation and taking me and Brian totally by surprise Jenny spoke up breaking the relative silence

“We are gonna have to talk about sex you know” Brian looked at me for a response but I had nothing.

“Oh come on guys, some kids have already started doing stuff by our age and we have the perfect opportunity to try some stuff together”

“Ah, well ok, I’m game if you are” I said feeling my face turn slightly pink.

“Yeah me too” Brian agreed.

With that out the way Jenny ripped off her top and flung it aside.

“Your turn boys”

We both sat staring. It was the first time we had stripped off this summer and Jenny had gone through some changes over the year. We both sat drop jawed as we admired the little tits that had started to form on Jenny.

“Come on boys don’t be shy”

We all stood and removed the remainder of our clothes and began to realise we had all done some changing over the year. Jenny was the first to experiment by walking over to me and touching my penis first with a finger and the she curled a couple of fingers around it. Brian moved closer and she immediately grabbed his penis between her finger and thumb. I had masturbated at home so I was not surprised when my dick started to firm up in her hand. I worked up enough courage to place an open hand on top of her tiny tit and squeezed it gently in the palm of my hand while Brian followed my lead and began squeezing the other. Jenny’s warm hand felt so nice on my dick that I had to close my eyes. I heard Brian’s breathing get heavier and Jenny sighed as I awkwardly pressed my lips against her nipple and kissed it.

Brian interrupted the moment

“Guys I think we need to talk about his some more before we do anything else”

Jenny and I both agreed so we put our clothes on and sat down to chat.

“Well what if one of us wants to be your boyfriend one day?” Brian asked gingerly

“Umm I guess if I felt the same way it should be ok shouldn’t it?” she replied

“That would be ok with me Brian, what do you think?”

“Yeah it would but let’s say both of us like you, who do you choose?” Brian said looking at the ground as he always assumed Jenny would pick me being the bigger and stronger of the two of us.

“Whoever I liked back I guess” Jenny responded “I don’t think it should change stuff for us though and if I had to choose between being one of your girlfriends and keeping both as friends I would not be either of your girlfriend. Because mates are important and well, I need you both ok” Jenny kind of pleaded.

“Yeah that’s right” Brian and I said in unison” and it would be fine if you were to choose Terry too” Brian continued.

“Well what about if I like another guy? Or one of you likes another girl?” Jenny asked

“Um....well....if it stops you hangin’ out with us we would have to kick his arse” I replied with a grin.

“No, I wouldn’t go out with anyone that couldn’t hang out with all of us”

“Yeah and same for me” Brian agreed. I nodded confirming the unwritten agreement that had just taken place. We packed up our backpacks and headed home instead of continuing the search for a new hideout. We had all had a new experience that we needed some alone time to absorb. The next day I was eating some cereal and pondering the day’s activities as we had forgotten to make plans when there was a tap at the door.

“Got it mum” I called out as I ran to the door. Brian was there insisting I come outside immediately.

“What’s going on” I asked with my mouth still half full of cereal. He didn’t answer but instead pointed proudly at an old mattress he had dragged to the front of the house.

“What the hell are you doing with that?” I half whispered.

“It’s for the new hideout, it’s for our sex” he blurted out excitedly.

I spat what was left of the cereal in my mouth out across the yard and said

“Geeeez Brian, what don’t you advertise it in the paper? Quick let’s hide it behind the shed before someone see’s us and starts asking questions”

There was a gate on the back of our yard that gave us access to a paddock and the creek lay just beyond the paddock so we hid the mattress and made plans to pick it up when we had found a nice spot for a hideout.

“Where’d you get it?” I asked as we walked back to the house

“Mum and dad got a new one and put that out in the rubbish. They’ll just think someone’s pinched it from out front”

Later down at the creek we found an old tree sticking sideways out of the bank with branches shaped perfectly to form a nice little cave underneath and only visible if you were climbing around down in the creek bed. Jenny brought some old curtain rods and we pinched some plastic from a building site and attached it to the branches and curtain rods to weather proof our little hideout, or keep it dry at least. We all headed back for the prize possession and dragged it back down to the creek and set it nicely in place in the middle of our hideout. Once it was down, without a word we all undressed and started touching each other.

“I spied my mum putting dad’s dick in her mouth once, would you like me to try it” Jenny asked us both.

“Uh, yeah sure, if you want to” I replied

Still holding Brian in one hand she knelt down and stuck out her tongue like she was about to lick an ice cream and gave a big lick all the way up the underside of my dick. It was so nice I had to close my eyes again.

“Now mine” Brian said almost impatiently

Jenny turned and licked Brian’s dick just the same. Jenny rubbed and stroked our dicks and turned from side to side giving each of us a couple of licks at a time and then put our dicks into her mouth and moved her tongue around. She was so awkward but so determined to get better at it. I noticed she looked different, she wasn’t only one of the boys to hang out with and do fun stuff with she was a girl, a female, a soon to be woman and a very hot one at that. My daydreaming was interrupted by a large grunt from Brian

“I’m gonna, I’m gonna..........

Suddenly a few spurts of a familiar milky, creamy liquid came out of his dick onto Jenny’s hand and shoulder. I knew it was called an orgasm that he had just had and kind of felt that I would soon too.

“Cum, it’s called cum when that stuff comes out of you” Jenny said confidently

Just then as she was looking at Brian I came also. It was the best thing I had ever felt and was convinced it would be the best thing I ever would. Brian and I collapsed on the mattress and Jen flopped down between us.

“Well how do you?” I asked

“I don’t know but do something” Jen replied

Brian started kissing and licking her tit while I started to rub and feel around her ‘muff’ we called it. Soon she started to get a little wet around her muff which made it easier for me to slide my finger around it. I finally got up the courage to push a finger in her and she gasped loudly. I withdrew my finger immediately

“Did I hurt you?”

“No no, well yes a little but it feels nice too. Just be gentle ok”

I continued to push my finger into her gently and felt her tense up and then relax as my finger slid all the way in. I pushed it slowly in and out of her and soon she was breathing heavy and seemed to be enjoying it.

“Here Brian, you have a turn” I insisted

We switched places and Brian began fingering her while I sucked her tits and kissed her on the lips. Suddenly

“Ooooooh, ooooooh, what’s happening?” Jenny cried. Then her body shook as she moaned loudly.

When her orgasm stopped we all just smiled at one another.

“Oh god that was fun” Jenny said.

We lay there contentedly for a few minutes then Brian spoke up.

“Are you guys scared? About your first time I mean”

“What fucking? Jen replied. Hell no I know you guys will look after me” she said with confidence.

“Should we try it now?” I said eagerly

“No we have to pinch a franger from home first so you don’t wind up pregnant” Brian joked.

“I kind of took care of that, I’m on the pill” Jen replied

“How did..........

“I just told mum I had a fever and acted up a bit and insisted at the doctor that I wanted to go in by myself and she bought it. The doctor was nice about it but a bit embarrassed hey. It was kind of cute”

“That’s our girl” I said giving her a high five

“But I still want my first time to be special. I mean, I know I want it to be with you guys but, you know, I want it to be nice and stuff” Jen explained

“Hey, valentine’s day is coming up when school goes back. We should do it then” Brian beamed.

“Yeah we can bring candles and stuff; we’ll look after you Jen”

“Oh you guys are the best; this is really going to be the best summer ever”

It was the first time I remember seeing a tear in Jenny’s eye.

In the days the followed Brian and I set about our mission with excitement collecting chocolates and sneaking the best bed clothing out of the house and gathering anything we could to make it special. We had candles and matches; it was going to be the best first time ever. As we stuffed all of our loot into a big old tent bag we had taken from Brian’s dads shed he said

“How will we decide who goes first?”

“Got a coin” I replied. He handed me a coin

“Heads or tails Bri”

“Uh, heads “he said nervously awaiting the result

“Damn” I said “heads it is as Brian did a little victory dance.

“Are you sure you’re all right with that?” Brian asked

“Yeah Bri, we sorted it fair n square. It is going to be awesome”

Valentine’s Day came and Brian and I headed down to the hideout and set it up really nice. We had told our folks we were going to do something special for Jen and they thought it was kind of cute. I f they had any idea what we meant by it w e would have been in all kinds of strife but what they didn’t know wouldn’t kill them. Jenny arrived just as we were finishing getting set up. Again there was a little tear in her eye as she watched me light the candles and Brian handed her a bunch of flowers we had picked.

“This looks amazing. Oh wow you guys have done a great job, thank you so much”

We both went bright red with embarrassment from the compliment. We were so happy to have made our girl so happy.

“How shall we do this” I asked

“Well I have drought some dinner so we will eat and then just get into it, no fuss, we have come so close already let’s not make a big deal about it hey”

“Sounds good Jen”

“Where did you get this table from?” she said looking at the folding desk we had covered with an old baby blanket as a table cloth.

“Uh, I kind of borrowed it from the maintenance shed at school” I grinned as I sat down in one of the folding stools we had brought down.

Jen placed some chicken and potato salad in the middle of the table and plastic plates and cutlery with a bottle of coke.

“What no wine this evening Milady” I joked.

“Sorry about the plastic boys it’s all I could manage”

“No Jen it’s great and less cleaning is always good” Brian reassured her.

When we had finished Jen made us c lose our eyes and when she told us to open them there was a Frog Cake in front of each of us. Brown for me, green for Jen, and pink in front of Brian. It was a favourite we all shared in common.

“Oh wow Jen you have done well” Brian said as we wasted no time getting started on them immediately.

Jen asked as to close our eyes again and we waited for her to tell us to open them and find another Frog cake or chocky donut in front of us but instead heard her say
“Anyone for seconds’ boys”

We opened our eyes to see her lying back completely naked on the bed beckoning us with a finger and looking like an Angel or something, thirty years on and the image is still as vivid as the day it happened in my mind. We arose in a kind of a trance and shed our clothes eagerly and slid up along each side of her.

“Who’s the lucky boy then?” she asked

“Brian is” I replied

“Oh and how did you work that out?”

“We tossed for it, a coin I mean!”

“Oh god please don’t ever remind me down the track that my first fuck was decided by a coin toss”

We rolled around laughing and when we were all laughed out Brian took his place between her spread legs. Jen passed me a small pot of moisturising ream she had pinched from her mum’s make up case.

“Please put a little in me Tezz and Bri please put a bit on your cock”

Brian beamed from ear to ear it was the first time he had heard his penis referred to as a cock. We usually thought of adults having a cock, it was just a really nice thing for Jen to do. We obliged her request and then I held her hand as Bri pressed his cock up against her entrance. Jen looked at me and said you can watch if you like motioning with her head down toward her muff and then closing her eyes.

“Jen your pussy is so beautiful” I said returning her compliment on Bri’s behalf and elevating her vagina to the adult slang version we used.

“Ok Bri, I am ready”

Brian almost looked in pain as he pushed so slowly not wanting to hurt our Jen at all and then ‘Pop’ I felt her cherry pop as I was holding her hand and she gave quite a jolt when it happened.

“Oh my god it stings” She whined.

Brian went to pull out.

“NO, No keep going Bri it is better to keep going until the pain goes away” I said

They both looked at me strangely

“What, I’ve been reading up! Geez”

They smiled and then Brian started rocking in and out as I watched his cock disappear inside of Jen and then glide gracefully back almost all the way out. Jen whimpered a little and had just started to show signs of enjoyment when Brian’s face screwed up and he came inside of her.

“Oh I’m sorry Jen” he said

“For what? Practice makes perfect! And we have our whole lives to practice”

The comment stuck in my mind, I got the impression that Jen meant with each other more than individually but I dismissed it as I had a job to do. I climbed in between her legs and pushed my dick against her pussy.

“Ok don’t make me beg put that cock in me Tezz” Ah, there it was. I had a cock at long last. I pushed in and out with Brian now watching a little too close for comfort as my cock slipped in and out and she began to moan. Brian slid up and kissed her tits and lips as I moved in and out. I had to try my hardest not to cum as I wanted Jen to cum first. Just as I was thinking that I heard her breathing speed up and soon we came at the same time, her face and her noises sending me straight over the edge as I pumped my sticky cum inside of her. We lay together, the three of us for maybe half an hour kissing and touching before we had to pack up and head home. We both dropped Jen off at her door that night before it was dark and as she walked in she said

“You know I have said this before but, this has truly been the best summer ever”

We continued to hang out through high school and had friends here and there but it was always pretty much just the three of us. The girls were a little put off Jen because they thought she was too much a Tomboy and the guys were all too jealous of us as Jen was by far the hottest girl in school, even WITH her being a Tomboy. We didn’t overdo the sex as we had plenty of other stuff we l liked doing together and we agreed to try sex with others when the opportunity arose. It wasn’t really until college though that any of us had other partners.

Jen despite predictions of being a Tomboy Tradie received an art scholarship and trained as an artist and Secondary teacher. Brian avoided his families and teachers hopes and dreams of him being an academic and studying law by going into the auto industry as an electrician and mechanic. And me, I was the only one that did exactly what everyone knew I would from a young age. I played football and basketball and a bit of everything really and then ended coaching and teaching as a Physical Education teacher in Secondary School. I even taught at the same school as Jen for a while but that is jumping to far ahead in our story.

While in college I had a few girlfriends but they never worked out for the same reasons. They were jealous of Jen, they didn’t like Jen, and they didn’t understand Jen. It usually got to the point where they delivered the ‘no more Jen’ ultimatum and lost hands down. A couple of times I just went out with girls for their looks and finished it early myself as they bored me shitless. Brian was pretty much the same. Jen was another story.

Jen didn’t really show much interest in dating other boys. She insisted that we should and she didn’t mind at all but we still felt a little guilty at times. Towards the end of her college she did start seeing a guy. His name was Geoff and he had been bugging her to go out for three years until she finally caved in. He seemed nice enough from what Jen said and we met him a few times but we were never going to hit it off because deep down no one was near good enough for our Jen. We had moved into a block of flats and had a habit of popping in to see each other which is exactly what Brian did one night after he got home from work to find Jen in a complete mess. Her clothes were torn, she had been punched in the face and her eye was starting to close over and she was sobbing bitterly.

“Jen who did this to you?”

“Geoff wanted to........I told him.......

“Fucking prick, I’ll kill him”

I had heard Brian yelling from upstairs and came down.

“Holy shit what the fuck happened here?”

“Geoff fucking happened”

I picked up the phone to call Jen’s parents but she stopped me.

“Please don’t I doubt he’ll come back”

“Did he..........

I couldn’t bring myself to say rape you but Jen knew what I was asking. She nodded and burst into tears. Together Brian and my instinct was to find him and spread his nose across his face but Jen was more important, that bastard would keep. Jen was fast asleep with her cousin Kim, a nurse watching her when Brian and I went to his flat to drown our sorrows. The scotch simply was not doing it tonight so we jumped in Brian’s truck and went off on a man hunt. He wasn’t too hard to find, he was at his place nursing a knife slash across the top of one leg and a black eye of his own.

“That a girl Jen” Brian said after we had barge in the house and found him cowering in the corner of the bathroom.

We didn’t do much more to him; last we heard he was doing quite well in a local wheelchair basketball league. Our main concern now was looking after Jen. After a lot of discussion and a few weeks of organising we moved into our own place. Well it was Brian’s place as he was the only one in the position to buy at that point, and it was small but it was all ours. We were back in the only relationship that ever made sense, the only relationship that ever worked for any of us. Jen and I started teaching shortly after and a couple of years later we all moved into a much bigger house and our living arrangement was working a dream. Our only regret was not being able to be married. Jen decided we should have a mock wedding and invite the people close to us to share in the event. Although it was a mock wedding we treated it as the real thing and in our hearts the three of us were married. Of course Jen was allowed one little secret indulgence, the wedding cake. Everyone there laughed but no one really understood the full meaning when Jen unveiled the world’s largest Frog Cake.

The wedding night was beautiful. We stayed in a beachfront hotel with a gorgeous view of the Gold Coast. We drank and danced and reminisced about those times at the creek and trips to the city, wagging school and all the other stuff we used to get up to. We fell on the floor laughing when we remembered Brian’s mum walking in on the three of us in the house one day. She went red and said

“I always thought three was a crowd” and turned quickly and left shutting the door behind her.

When we stopped laughing I kissed Jen Tenderly as Brian kissed her neck and let his hands move over her body.

“Hang on, who gets to go first tonight?” I said

“I don’t want anyone to go first” Jen said

“Oh ok, so who gets your pussy first and who gets your gorgeous ass then Hun?” I said thinking I had worked out the situation.

“I don’t want anyone in my ass first to start with. I want to fuck both of my husband’s at once. I want both of your cocks to fill me” She said with begging eyes.

“Wow, you never cease to amaze me. I’m up for it if you are, pardon the pun” Brian said looking at the tent in his pants.

“Bring it on” I said

With no further talking we frantically tore our clothes off and moved over to the bed. I lay back on the bed with Jen squatting over me but facing away from me. Brian climbed in between our spread legs. I held Jen around the waist while she leaned back on her hands to support her weight. I had not quite thought of all the implications of t his manoeuvre and gave a loud gasp when I felt Brian grab my cock.

“You alright mate?” he said

“Yeah sure it’s just that....”

“Yeah I know” he said reading my mind. My mind raced as I thought about it. I mean it felt nice but what was happening was so surreal. My husband was grabbing my cock and about to stuff it into my wife. I had just started to feel ok about that when I felt him squeeze it up against his own cock ready to enter our wife. The thought of this situation even when we were fucking Jen from both sides usually made my skin crawl. But happening in reality the feeling and the idea both were fantastic and made me harder than hell. Then it happened I felt Jens opening with the end of my cock and Brian ever so gently worked and squeezed until we were both inside. Jen was whimpering but begging us to keep going. Brian grabbed Jen around the hips and pulled her forward until we were all the way in. We stayed like that for a few moments until Jen started rocking back and forth. I had to fight harder than I ever had to hold an orgasm at bay and so did Brian by the look on his face. Jen had already come three times by the time she started rocking and was seconds off a forth by the sound of it.

Brian was first to go. I felt his cock pulse against mine as he coated our wife’s inside in his warm jizz. It surrounded my cock lubricating it even more. I began pumping harder and faster and instead of pulling out Brian started to get hard again immediately and kept up with my pace. Jens tits bounced up and down and she howled like a wolverine as we arrived at our sexual destination together. I blasted round after round deep into her tummy as she shook violently in wave after wave of orgasm. I lay silently recovering running my hands tenderly over the bodies of the two people I loved most, and I began to realise that maybe I loved Brian to, perhaps I always had.

The next big test in our three way relationship came three years later and was, is there room for four? When Jen got pregnant we sat down to talk.

“So Jen I think we all feel the same about having a child, I think we all want to” Brian said

“Sure, I do, How about you Jen?”

“Of course I do. It’s not even worth talking about. I AM keeping the baby”

“Well does the father have to move out or..............?

“I want this baby to have two fathers. If it’s good enough for me to share you both it is good enough for the baby”

“Um, it’s a lot to get my head around but I think I agree. I mean I think I could live with that, I mean if you were the father Tezz” Brian said.

“Well perhaps we shouldn’t find out” I replied

“No, no I think we should know. We have never kept secrets and in case of a medical emergency it would help to know that sort of stuff. I know I would be alright with it”

“It would not mean a thing if we did not want it too” Jen pleaded

“I don’t want to give an answer right now. I mean I am sure it will be fine but can I sleep on it?” I said

“Yes of course you can. Now talking about sleep I’m off to bed and I’ll see you two in the morning” Jen replied.

“I think we just got kicked out of bed dude” I said to Brian “oh and congratulations dad”

I stuck out my hand to shake Brian’s but he pulled me into a hug, we embraced for a long time and when Brian pulled away he had tears in his eyes.

“Emotional day huh?” I said

“It’s not that, it’s just that, I love you mate” he said looking into my eyes.

I didn’t know what was going through his mind but I knew that was a confession. He was not saying I love you like a mate or a brother. He was reassuring his friend and partner for life that everything would be ok so long as we were together.

Early that December Jenny gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. For a household with three permanent adult residents we were incredibly disorganised. We had not even picked a name yet. As we sat throwing forward suggestions Jen looked out the window of the hospital at the sun rising and said

“Her name is Summer”

We did not need to respond the expression on both Brian’s face and mine told Jen we thought it was perfect and so Summer it was. Summer’s blood type matched mine and Jen’s of course and not Brian’s but that was a point that was never discussed unless it was medically relevant. Right from birth Summer looked like the spitting image of her mother. As Brian and I gazed at her in the hospital crib I became overwhelmed with pride and joy and shed a tear. Brian put an arm around my waist and said

“We can finally stop looking mate we have found her for sure”

“What’s that Bri?”

“The best Summer”

Summer was a beautiful child. She was a big hit amongst family and friends and was a true blessing to anyone that came into contact with her. In a situation where there were three parents all coming from different backgrounds there could have been major issues but Summer was well behaved and had a beautiful nature from the start. When Summer started Pre-school, Jenny started back at work part time and then when Summer started at the school that Jenny worked at Jenny started full time again. The year Summer started I also joined the staff at Jenny’s school in the P.E. department and we joked about getting Brian a job there so we could all be together there. With three of us working now there was nothing Jenny wished for. She was well and truly spoiled but the way we saw it we were spoiled to have her.

With Summer’s birthday happening in December every year there was a new element of fun to the sunny season and every year there was a bigger and better party thrown for our little girl. When Summer was ten and turning eleven, the age Brian and I had met her mother, she requested a camping birthday. She was so much like Jenny and both of her dads but physically she was Jenny all over again. We took Jenny down by the creek to the place where we had built our hideout which was now part of a caravan park with camping allotments. It was perfect, we told stories and laughed until Summer fell asleep and then I carried her to our big ten man tent and tucked her into her sleeping bag. I joined Brian and Jenny back at the campfire and we laughed and reflected on the fun we had down there by the creek.

Jenny being Jenny, in the wee hours of the morning suggested a skinny dip for old times’ sake and of course we accepted the challenge. We could see our tent from the water but knew Summer would sleep like a log and decided to have a little more ‘fun’ for old time sake. I looked at my wife and marvelled at the amazing woman she had turned in to as Brian stood behind her squeezing her breasts and grinding into her from behind. She reached out for me and I moved in to join them. Brian pulled out of her pussy and entered her ass as I prepared to enter her from in front. We rocked and swayed in the ice cold water and rolled around on the cool grass near the creeks edge making love until the first signs of daylight and then joined our daughter in the tent.

Jenny woke as in the morning asking her mum to get up but Jenny was out like a light, like mother like daughter.

“Shhh princess, don’t wake mum she had a late night and needs her sleep”

I took Summer to the toilet block which is what she was after. We were half way back to the tent when we heard a blood chilling howl and ran to see what the commotion was about. I looked at Brian kneeling over Jenny and sobbing. He looked up at me

“She’s gone Tezz”

Summer was a smart girl and knew what Brian was saying and went over to her mum and hugged her and kissed her and then asked us to join her. I called an ambulance and we knelt by her side until it arrived. She looked peaceful and angelic which meant a lot to us then and always as we couldn’t stand to think of her suffering. Summer went with her mum and Brian in the ambulance while I followed in the truck. We were not surprised when the doctor said they could do nothing at the hospital. Jenny had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and had chosen to keep it from us; she had gone back to our creek to die. How would we ever see summer again, the season we loved so much was now tainted by this hour of darkness. When we finally went home Jenny’s parents came to take Summer with them for a couple of nights so Brian and I could make plans.

Brian watched as they drove away and I went up and gave him a squeeze. Just then Jenny’s voice went off in my head

“Cheer up my Love, its summer. I am still with you and you are with me. Look beside you and love me and let me love you”

I know Brian could not be inside my head but by the look on his face he had received the same message. I leant in and kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt. Not a word was spoken as we undressed one another. As I knelt before him I could feel Jenny’s presence, as I took him into my mouth I could see Jenny’s face. We made love until we were too exhausted to make love any more, in celebration of Jenny’s life and in celebration of her love.

We planned a beautiful ceremony for her funeral the next day and there many people there on the day. So many people she had touched through her work and through her spirit. So many people who saw how she lived, how we lived and admired her, came to say goodbye. Brian and I spoke and her father spoke to. We gave tribute to her beauty both inside and out. But the best tribute came as her daughter finished speaking

“Good bye mum. I’m so glad I knew you because now I know who I want to be. Don’t worry, I’ll look after your boys and I will see you again when we all go camping together near our new home in the sky, where summer lasts forever. That will be our best summer”

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2014-04-04 03:44:41
This was a beatiful story that means so much, weather on the surface or deep down. It was a great stoory to shoot a load, and maybe with a few alterations could be actually published.

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2013-08-12 16:55:44
Probably the worst story iv read in here

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2013-06-21 20:19:32
A beautiful story to say the least. There was one other story I once read on this site called Cannon in D.. it's a classical piece of music that this couple in the story kept playing when ever they made love. He being older than her, he died in the end of the story, which like this one brought a lot of emotions to bare. That story, and this one are the only two stories on this site that have brought me to tears. Congratulations on a really great story. Thank you a 1000 times over for posting it here.

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2012-12-26 09:48:49
It was weird cause of the guy guy part at the end. It should have been 2 girls and a guy.

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2012-12-26 09:48:02
It was weird cause of the guy guy part at the end. It should have been 2 girls and a guy.

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