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17 year old Kelly is just coming to grips with new feelings and sexual urges and it gets her very wet
My name is Kelly and im a 17 year old girl who still attends high school. I have always been an above average student, doing enough studying and not in with the most popular crowd. I am an only child and live with my parents and spend most of my free time either going to athletics, studying or seeing my friends. I am 5”3, size 8 slim toned runners build with blonde hair and a 32b chest.

Day 1 - monday
My parents have spent the last few months planning to get our kitchen done up and I knew the work was supposed to be getting started today. As I arrived home from another boring day at school I heard the loud clatter of builders knocking out our kitchen units and just generally being loud and messy so I decided to go straight to my bedroom and get my homework done for tomorrow. Every now and then I heard one of the builders coming up the stairs to use the bathroom which was really off putting when I was trying to concentrate so I eventually just gave up on the homework and decided to head downstairs to see what food we had just as my mum and dad simultaneously arrived home.
After the usual “hello, how was your day?” chat the three of us wondered into the kitchen to see what had been done. There were 3 builders, piles of old kitchen and a fridge, cooker and washing machine in the middle of the room. My parents went to ask one of the builders how things were going and how long they think things should take as they were knocking down a patrician wall and putting a new one in but in a slightly different place. I went straight for the fridge to see what was for dinner or what I could snack on.
I was still in my school uniform which consisted of a white blouse, school tie, short black skirt and black tights. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation the others were having but while looking in the fridge I thought I could feel a pair of eyes burning into the back of me. Without trying to draw any more attention I adjusted my skirt ensuring it was down and I wasn’t exposing myself. After getting some cherry tomatoes to keep myself going until dinner I turned around to chat to my parents but it was around 5pm so the builders were finishing for the day and they were tidying their things and my parents were saying they will see them tomorrow. During the goodbyes I kept glancing at the builder who I thought was checking me out to see if he was still looking but I didn’t catch him once. He looked around mid 40s and wasn’t exactly attractive so I thought I had made a mistake and just forgot about it.

Day 2 - tuesday
The banging started before I was even out the door for school, I hoped it wouldn’t take them much longer. After school that day I had athletics training so would be home after 5pm. On arriving home I saw my parent’s cars along with the builders vans and was surprised as I thought they would be finished by now. I was tired, sweaty and wearing lycra cycling shorts and a t-shirt from the track and couldn’t be bothered having to keep out peoples way. I never really care about how I look when im training as most people are there for the same purpose and just focus on running. As I was entering the house the builders were just saying goodbye and packing to leave for the day. This time the same guy was definitely checking me out, he practically followed me up the stairs with his gaze and I could feel his eyes on my bum as I climbed the stairs. I heard the door shut and the builders leave.
I was too tired to think and went straight to the bathroom, started undressing and turned on the shower. As I peeled my shorts off my sweaty legs and started to remove my underwear I couldn’t help notice that I was slightly hot and turned on a little and that it must have been the eyes of the builder burning a hole in my bum as I came in. I check myself out in the shower and thought I did have a pretty good body, toned stomach and legs, a pert tight bum but couldn’t help hope that my breasts grew a bit from the b cup they currently were. I had a cold shower, cooled off and forgot about the whole incident.

Day 3 - wednesday
Getting home from school the next day, I went straight to my bedroom, lay on my stomach and unpacked my books as I had heaps to do for the next day. I was getting used to all the noise at this point, the constant up and down the stairs, the banging, the muffled talking through the ceiling. I was so caught up in my work and getting so used to ignoring the noises that I wondered how long it had taken me to notice the very quiet breathing coming from behind my door. I was immediately nervous but tried not to show I noticed. It was the builder that was perving on me out the last two days, I don’t think he realised but I could just see him and just enough to make him out by turning my eyes and looking in my mirror but I pretended to keep reading and writing on my bed.
After about 2 more minutes the darkness he created in the gap was replaced by light the whole length of the gap in the door and I could no longer hear the breathing so I knew he was gone. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and I was trying to calm myself down. Once I managed to I stepped outside my room to make sure he wasn’t there and I just caught the 3 builders leaving for the third day but didn’t get even as much as a glance from the pervert as he walked out my front door. Returning to my room I decided to look through my door as he had done to see how much of me he could see and realised he must have been able to see right up my skirt. I had thin black tights on and a pink cotton thong which was definitely visible through the tights. I was appauled, angry, I felt so used and degraded that someone who was supposed to be a professional working in my house was in fact just a dirty old man who liked creeping on young 17 year old girls.
5 minutes later after calming down I went to the bathroom to pee. As I was sitting on the toilet I noticed a black cardigan hanging out the top of the laundry basket. I cleaned myself up and went to investigate. It was the one I had been wearing at the was not Wednesday. The last clothes which I had put in here were my training gear from the day before so that should have been at the bottom. My parents have a separate laundry basket in their room and my mum does the washing at the weekend so I immediately knew it must have been the pervy builder. I couldn’t believe how angry I was, how dirty I horny I was.

Day 4 - thursday
As I was walking down my street about 200m from my house I saw the builders van pull away. I had spent the whole day at school thinking about how disgusting it was and how wrong it was that I was turned on by that dirty man checking me out and rummaging around my worn underwear. I shouted hi to my parents, ran straight up the stairs and into the bathroom to find out if he had been at it again. There, at the top of the basket, was the pink cotton thong I was wearing yesterday when he had been looking through my door. I was surprised he wasn’t taking them at this rate for his perverted needs but on looking closer noticed a damp patch on the front of the crotch.
I picked it up and the thong was soaking. The inside of the crotch was covered in a thick white substance...the dirty pervert had cum in my used thong!
I felt so disgusting and dirty and immediately turned the shower on, lifted my skirt, peeled down my tights and current damp panties and started furiously rubbing my clit. I was soaking. The pants I was wearing today were practically wetter than the thong in the basket that he had just cum on. I plunged 2 fingers into my 17 year old pussy and brought myself to a quick climax before properly stripping naked and showering for 40 minutes to try and feel clean.

Day 5 - friday
I wanted to take things further but didn’t want to let him know I knew what he was up to and that I liked it. Today I didn’t wear tights, this was my daring plan. I had been turned on all day thinking about it and at several occasions throughout the day could feel the moisture between my legs and I couldn’t wait to get home. I had on one of my sexiest black, lace thongs. As soon as I went to the house I dashed to my bedroom and started touching myself gently through my underwear occasionally pushing them gently just into the opening of my pussy. I was amazingly horny and worried I might get too carried away so I stopped there.
I went down the stairs, straight to the kitchen where my mum and the builders were chatting. It looked great and almost complete and I overheard my mum being told they would be in for a few hours tomorrow and that would be it finished. I started my plan by checking out all the new cupboards. I picked my moments as carefully as I could when everyone seemed distracted and engrossed in conversation and bent at the hips to check out a particular cupboard or reached overly high to see into another the whole time making sure the bottom of by bum was exposed so he, if he was looking, which I assumed he was from time to time, would be able to clearly see what underwear I had on today.
I made sure everyone could hear as I announced to my mum I was going round to Sarah’s house. I got changed, put my thong in the laundry basket and saw there was clearly white stains on the crotch from my wetness all day. I ran to the front door, slammed it shut but ran straight to my bedroom and hid. Within 5 minutes there were footsteps on the stairs and someone went into the bathroom emerging 10 minutes later...I knew it was him. I heard the builders leave some time later, I checked out the thong which was covered in heap loads of cum. I couldn’t help it, I masterbated furiously and even licked the crotch of my own underwear tasting his cum mixed with my juices. It was the greatest orgasm of my life. It felt so wrong.

Day 6 – Saturday
I woke early for a Saturday hearing the van door shut outside. My parents were already up and about, let the builders in and they started getting to work. I put on some baby blue cotton panties, my lycra shorts and a smaller tighter t-shirt which partially exposed my midriff. I went to the mirror and adjusted my shorts so about 2-3cm of my underwear was visible at the back of my shorts. On entering the kitchen I told my parents I was going for a run, I could see the perv checking out my ass and knew he could see the top of my knickers and my panty line through the shorts.
It excited me. My thighs rubbing and my underwear wet during the whole run made my knees weak and it difficult to run. I thought I was going to come to an orgasm about 3 times but never did. After about 40 minutes I was tired, sweaty and horny. I got back to the house, went to the kitchen for a bottle of water, told everyone I was going for a shower and went to my room. I stripped off, left my sweaty, wet panties on the floor of my bedroom along with the rest of my clothes with the door wide open. I knew the builders would be finished soon so I would go down and see them out. On coming out of the shower I saw my panties on the floor of my room soaked, covered in cum with a large damp patch soaked all the way through the crotch. I couldn’t believe the nerve of him, now he wasn’t even being discreet.
I picked them up, they were still warm from my run but mostly his cum. It hadn’t even properly soaked in, he must have just finished and I saw it moving around the pants as I picked them up. I put my finger in it, licked it clean and felt myself getting wet all over again. My clit was throbbing.
I pulled on a top, short white skirt, and baby blue, cum soaked sweaty panties. As I pulled them up my legs I could feel the wet cum soak into my pussy, it felt great. My clit was rubbing against the material of the panties and I could feel his cum seeping into my slit and the little pubic hair I had get all tangled up with the cum. I pulled up the skirt and admired myself in the mirror and there was a large dark damp patch right on the front of the crotch from his cum and it only made me wetter.
I went downstairs, entered the kitchen and sat on one of the new high bar stools at the breakfast bar. I deliberately faced the perv and kept my legs just a little bit to wide and almost instantly he noticed. His face was a picture, genuinely shocked. He looked scared as if I was going to say something before realising I was clearly being a dirty girl wearing my dirty undies which he had just came in. I knew he could see the damp spot as his hands went straight to his pockets as he started to get an erection in his trousers. It must have been obvious, he was staring at my pussy, at the damp spot his cum had made, at the young 17 year old girl wearing dirty knickers he had cum in seeping into her pussy.
I went straight upstairs and had an even better orgasm than the day before, it took mere minutes. I licked the crotch clean, shoved the panties in my pussy and rubbed my clit furiously before cumming all over the panties and pulling them back out and even rubbing them over my little brown hole at the back. They stank of my pussy juice, cum, sweat and even slightly that musky scent of my ass. I snuck downstairs, put the panties in his jacket pocket just in time for my parents to see the builders to the door, give them their coats, chat about the invoice and leave. As he left I gave him a wink knowing as soon as he put his hand in his pocket he would feel that wet used pair of panties I had worn all day, he had seen me wearing with his cum in them and that I then had in my pussy while I masterbated.
Im sure he had many more wanks with that pair for a long time after...I know I did just thinking about it.


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2016-10-27 07:06:35
Dirty girl you need a good spanking.

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2013-05-16 07:55:33
Hi there, just read all of this sexy story & i found it very interesting. I am a Transgender person, wishing to become female. Sounds like she had big fun! Yeah!

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2012-03-04 23:17:32
The transition of being angry to liking it was too abrupt. Story was a good start, but needs a lot more development and detail to support a 180 degree attitude change.

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2012-02-20 19:41:33
Agree with slightly more at the end but great slow build up. I was hard right from early on just with anticipation

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2012-02-17 19:00:20
Very very hot indeed

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