When my wife, Mary and I would take trips and go to California or
wherever, we would always be more than happy to get away from the kids for
several days. It was our chance to be alone and not have to worry about the
kids catching us making love or just interrupting a very special moment. You
understand! Just the thought of having this "special time" usually got the
juices flowing and after a few miles we'd both be as horny as a three peckered
billy goat.
The conversation would eventually get around to sex and of course,
our expectations always far outdistance our performance, but we sure would
try like Hell. I remember one time being about three or four hours on the road
and we had discussed a number of things we wanted to do with and for each
other. The "hot" conversation had aroused me to the point that I needed to
stop pretty soon for a run to the rest room and empty and reposition "Mr.
Happy," as he had þgrownþ some from the excitement of the hot talk. I also
need gas and since we had to pull over, Mary went to the ladies room too.
When we pulled back onto the road, I noticed Mary had a devilish grin
on her face and I knew immediately she had something on her mind. "I've
been thinking," she said. "You have been after me for a long time to shave,
you know, down there! Well, last night I did it. Would you like to see?" Hell
yes, I wanted to see and I immediately got hard again just from the
anticipation of seeing her shaved beaver.
She lifted her left leg onto the seat next to me and hiked her skirt over
her knees. I almost went off the road trying to look at her and the highway at
the same time. "Is that what you had in mind?"
"Honey, damn that's beautiful, I can't wait to get my mouth and tongue
on that beauty." After she told me how excited she had gotten doing the
actual shaving, she said she had rubbed Baby Oil on it and that she really like
it a lot. At least she said, she would like it until it got rough and the bristles
started to bother her. As she talked, she ran her hand along the folds of her
slit and with her fingers, parted her lips of her cunt so I could get a better
look. I could see that she was wet already and the sweet aroma was enough
to cause an cum explosion. . explosion!
"I can't believe you've finally done this," I said as she lifted her fingers
to her mouth to lick and taste her own juices.
Mary was smiling at me all the time she was licking her fingers and I
couldn't keep my eyes off her lovely, recently shaven cunt. She inserted her
finger and started to frig herself obviously enjoying the fact that she was
masturbating right in front of me. She slipped a second finger in her pussy
and her glassy stare and passionate moans led me to believe that she was really
into this little display of lust. I asked her, "You going to let me have a taste of
the sweet sauce or are you keeping it all to yourself?"
"Sure you can have some, but you have to promise me that you'll have
a full and complete sampling when we get to the motel. Mary leaned over
to the drivers side of the car and brought her wet sticky fingers to my mouth
as I savored the fragrance and flavor of her moistness. She let me suck each
finger into my anxious mouth and I tried to get all of the juice that I could.
"You like that don't you, want some more?" "You know I do." I said and her
hand returned to her moist gash for yet another offering of her sweet nectar of
love. Now I wanted to get to where we were headed and check in the motel
as fast as possible. When we checked into Rancho Bernardo Inn, we had a
bite to eat and it was evident that we both were looking forward to a leisurely
afternoon of sex without interruption from the kids...It was great to get away
for a few days.
We both took showers, I took mine first and returned to the bedroom
with a look of shear anticipation on my face. "All yours Honey, don't take too
long. I'm hotter than a popcorn you know what!" Mary went in to the
bathroom to do her thing and I slipped under the sheets naked as a jay bird
and ready administer my special oral delights to her bald pussy. To think,
after all these years she finally had shaven and was giving me my second
encounter with a hairless box.
I remembered the first time, I was tied down and blindfolded when
Mary brought a friend of hers into our bedroom. To this day, I don't know
who it was but I recall vividly that afternoon and can still feel the sensations I
had touguing those sweet moist cunt lips and tasting the love juice from a
clean shaven pussy When Mary opened the bathroom door, there was a tent
post sticking up in our bed and Mary smiled her approval. "You must really be
ready" she said. I was amazed at how different she looked without her silky
pubic hair.
Even after having the kids, Mary was still a stunning sight to behold.
Her large breasts still had resiliency with large light brown aureoles and
nipples to die for. Watching as her shapely hips swayed as she walked toward
the bed caused the tent post to move up and down a bit and she laughed as
she slipped in beside me. "Hi sailor, been waiting long." "Too damn long," as
I brought her into my arms for a long sensual kiss. Our tongues explored each
other's mouth as my hands caressed her back, shoulders and move my fingers
down through the crack of her tight little ass. I touched the puckered little
rosebud of her rectum and she jumped. I had only invaded that area a few
times with my þschlongþ because, only on rare occasions had she wanted me
Maybe this afternoon, I thought to my self, we'll see. Mary reached
down to grasp my now throbbing muscle and stroke it a few times until I told
her that she had better let up or the afternoon would "cum" to an abrupt delay.
My hand then moved to her bare crotch and I can truly say she was as excited
as I was. She was dripping wet and her pussy was slippery and ready for
action. I moved my leg between hers, opening her thighs for better access and
moved so that my cock was resting at the entrance of her wiggling pussy.
As my cock was poised at her door of love I said, "Knock, Knock!
"Whose There?" she whispered in a soft voice. "The dreaded trouser
worm and he wants in!" The involuntary movement of her hips caused the
mushroom head at the top of my shaft to slip between the well lubricated
folds of her cunt lips and into her soaked tunnel. She moaned with pleasure
and whispered again how much she loved me. "I love you Darling, welcome
to California!
Our passion and love making continued to build as we tossed and
turned into several different positions. We fucked like two young kids and we
were able to hold off our climax for a longer period than I can ever remember.
"Let's go sixty-nine, I want us both to cum, I like it that way.. it's so intense
too!" We turned so that she was on top of me and our heads were between
each others thighs. She was able to proceed at her own pace and I delighted
looking up at the distended labia of her slit. I pulled apart those swollen wet
lips and saw that her clit was beet red and my tongue instinctively licked the
entire length of her dripping slit. The sweetness of her juices caused my own
lust to increase and we explored each others genitals with zest.
I could feel her lips and tongue circle my cock and her mouth would
sink down my shaft as far as she could take it. She would let it slip out of her
mouth and then back down again she would go. I didn't really have anyone to
compare her with but she was good. "Oh yes," I heard her muffled voice say,
"there, right there, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes. Bite me real easy there ....use your
teeth...Oh Honey..I'm going to cum Iþm cuuuuummmminng!
As her body convulsed above me, I drove my own flesh probe deeper
into her mouth and she sensed my eruption and her hand grasped my pulsing
member and she jacked my cock until I spewed stream after stream of thick
creamy semen into her warm mouth. We were exhausted from our sex play
and she climbed off me and turned to kiss me. We both tasted each other's
juices on our lips and we snuggled down and held each other until we both fell
fast asleep. When we awakened, we held each other and kissed for the longest
time. "I'm having such a wonderful time," she said, "Honey, can we do this
again, maybe tonight after dinner?"

-=} The End {=-

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