Little Cassie gets double dicked
WARNING: This story is about a completely inappropriate sexual relationship between a middle-aged man and a 13 year old girl. The events described herein are as sick, twisted and perverted as my warped mind can conceive. They are also completely fictional. If this type of story is not to your taste please do not read it. Why upset yourself? Otherwise, drop your pants, grab your cock and have a good time. And don't forget to wash your hands afterward.

“Uhh, ohh! Cassie! You make my cock feel so good!” Little Cassie was once again sucking my cock, this time in the front seat of my car. She had missed the school bus so I offered her a ride. Now we were parked on a side street within sight of the school and she was giving me one of her extraordinary blow-jobs.

“Oh, yeah! Just like that!” I moaned. “Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum!” My thirteen year old lover only sped up her efforts. Her mouth and hands stroked my cock in perfect syncopation. I have received many blow-jobs in my thirty-eight years, some from women who take great pride in their cock sucking skills, and none of them hold a candle to this innocent looking middle school girl's oral abilities. I groaned as my penis began to pulse and pump my hot cum into Cassie's eager mouth. She kept at it, gently but firmly sucking until she had taken all of the jizz I had to give her. Satisfied that my orgasm had finished she gave my cock one final lick and tucked it back into my pants.

“Thanks for the ride, Mr. Felson!” she said. “Hey, could I stop by some time this week? I really like it when you lick my cunt.” Cassie said that so cheerily, like she was describing a party game.

“Maybe you could fuck me, too.” she added as an afterthought. “I like it when you do that.”

She then kissed me on the cheek, grabbed her backpack and jumped out of the car. I watched her walk away, her cute little ass twitching beneath her skirt, and shook my head. I had never met a girl like Cassie. As I drove past the schoolyard I saw Cassie greeting her friends, my cum still on her breath. I couldn't help but wonder, who else is getting some of that? Classmates? Teachers? I knew she allowed her brother to sodomize her, but who else was getting some? No matter. She enjoyed having sex with me and that would have to be good enough.

As I went through my work day I could not get Cassie off my mind. We met when her mother asked me to watch Cassie for a few hours while she took care of a family emergency. Cassie almost immediately and casually offered me sex. And amazing sex it was. No sexual act was off the table, not anal, not oral, nothing. She enjoyed everything I suggested. And she liked it rough. In our subsequent meetings the sex only got better.

It was Cassie's attitude that confused me. I mean, I understand a young woman being curious about sex, enthusiastic even. But most women, especially young women, have limits as to what they will do. Cassie didn't have that. No matter how perverse or inappropriate something might be Cassie was up for it. Example: One Saturday afternoon I had her kneel on my couch and look out the picture window at her father across the street, who was mowing the lawn, while I fucked her from behind. When I was about to cum I told her: “Wave to Daddy! Wave to Daddy!” She did better than that, though. She shouted “I love you Daddy!” as I pumped my filthy spunk up her cunt. The girl has no limits.

About a week later I received a phone call from Carolyn, Cassie's mother. She and her husband had to attend a wake for family member in another town. Could I come over and watch Cassie 'til they got back? Well, being the considerate neighbor I, of course, agreed. (This would be an awfully dull story otherwise.)

I arrived at the agreed upon time. Carolyn and Paul, Cassie's parents, were rushing about trying to get on the road. The viewing was from 7pm to 9pm and they expected to be home by 11. Cassie's bedtime was 10. Rob was allowed to stay up till 11.

Wait. Rob? Who the fuck is Rob? Oh, yeah. Rob is Cassie's brother. You know, the one who forces her to suck his dick and take it in the ass. Carolyn had Rob introduce himself and I disliked the little puke immediately. If you read the first story I wrote, this is the kid who got hurt on the football field and had to be taken to the hospital. It wasn't hard to see why. The kid had the muscle tone of overcooked linguine. He reminded me of the fat kid on “Two and a Half Men”. What he lacked in physical attributes he was really screwed out of in personality. It's a good thing he was molesting his sister. Rape was about the only way this non-entity was going to get any ass.

My enthusiasm for the evening deflated a bit due to Rob's presence. I was really looking forward to defiling Cassie while her parents were gone. With Rob hanging around, well... the situation didn't look promising. Cassie's parents had ordered a couple of pizzas for us which arrived shortly after they left. Cassie set the table and we sat down to eat. She was her usual cheerful self while Rob simply glared at me while he stuffed slice after slice of pizza into his fat face. I could practically see the waves of hostility emanating from the flabby little zilch.

“What's your brother's problem?” I asked Cassie when the walking zit factory went the bathroom.

Cassie grinned. “He doesn't like you. Since I started doing 'it' with you I don't do anything with him.”

“You told him?” Holy shit, that's all I need, her brother letting the parent's know that I'm screwing Cassie! State prison, here I come.

“Oh, he won't say anything. He can't admit that he's doing me, too.” I certainly didn't share Cassie's confidence in her brother's ability to keep quiet. I was going to have to find a way to handle the little snot-bubble. Just then I heard him exit the bathroom and I went to use the facility, myself.

As I passed him in the hallway Rob bumped me with his shoulder, in some half-assed attempt at being tough. I spun him around and shoved him against the wall.
“You got a problem, pudge-pot?” I snarled at him. He tried feebly to squirm away from me.

“If you have something to say, now is the time to say it, shit-stain.”

“Fuck you!” he whined. “Ever since you started fucking her Cassie won't give me her ass.” I swear he looked like he was going to cry.

“Oooo! Mr. Felson has such a nice dick! Mr. Felson fucks me sooo nice! Mr. Felson makes me cuUUUuuum!” the little turd-burglar continued in a whiny falsetto. “Who gives a fuck! I just want to cum!”

“Yeah, well you better get over yourself quick, chubs, before I decide to do to you what you've been doing to her.” His face went pale at my implication and he slithered away like one of those things you find under a rock.

We finished the pizza and Cassie set about cleaning up. Her mother really taught her well. Cassie took as much pride in her housekeeping as she did her sexual skills. Once everything was tidied up and put away she suggested a video. She popped the disc in the player and sat on the couch close to me. Rob sat in a corner of the room like a sullen troll, apparently not wishing to leave Cassie and I alone. If he couldn't have Cassie's ass, neither could I. Cassie, however had other ideas.

We sat on the couch and watched sparkly vampires chase after some emo chick. Cassie snuggled up next to me and lay her head on my shoulder. I had my arm around her shoulders and was gently caressing her face and neck. She was so cute. I kissed the top of her head and she snuggled in even tighter.

The movie continued and Cassie lay her head on my thigh like a pillow. I rubbed her back soothingly. She was rubbing my thigh. Soon she turned her head towards me, silently undid my zipper and took the head of my penis in her mouth. For several minutes she gently sucked on me. It was so hot. She just had the head in her mouth and every so often she would swirl her tongue around the sensitive glans below the head. At first, from his vantage point, Puddin' Head wasn't able to see what was going on but when I shifted position to give Cassie better access to my dick he knew instantly what was going on. I thought Cassie was trying to keep her brother from knowing what she was up to, but she didn't really care.

Cassie grew tired of trying to suck me in her cramped position. She sat up, stripped off her top, pulled down my pants, knelt between my knees and began sucking my cock in earnest. Long, slow and wet, Cassie suck as much of my tool as she could fit in her mouth. Wet slurping sounds drowned out the sound from the TV. Her head bobbed steadily up and down in my lap as she tied to coax the sperm from my balls. Her worthless brother stood and watched with a look of confused horror on his face, his stubby dick in his hand.

My sweet little Cassie wasn't content with only fellating me. Standing up she dropped her skirt and panties and the straddled my lap, impaling her sweet, young cunt on my stiff cock. As she started to rock, Cassie looked deep in my eyes and we locked together in a kiss. Her brother had to stand and watch while we took our pleasure with one another. Cassie buried her head in my shoulder and fucked me, using my cock like dildo for her own pleasure. Looking past her I saw her pasty faced brother pulling on his cock and a perverse thought entered my mind.

Cassie wriggled against me, her whimpers and moans muffled against my neck. She was churning her pussy into an orgasmic froth. I cupped her tender ass cheeks and gently spread them apart exposing her asshole. Making eye contact with her brother I signaled what he should do. Ol' Shit-for-Brains wasn't that stupid and he quickly got the idea.

The first clue that Cassie had that something was up was when she felt her brother's hands on her hips. “Asshole, get off me!” she shouted with all the fury of a thirteen year old girl. She squirmed when she felt him press the head of his dick against her vulnerable anus.

“No! Stop it! What do you think you're doing?” Cassie was starting to panic. I wrapped my arms around her so she couldn't move.

“Shhh, baby. Relax. You'll like this.” I whispered. I didn't start this because I suddenly liked her mutton-head brother. I just thought it would be hot to see Cassie get double stuffed. She wasn't having that, though, and she struggled to free herself. It was too late though. Her asshole was well lubed by her copious pussy juice and her brother penetrated her ass with the skill born of practice. Cassie let out a shriek.

“AHH! NO! NO! NO! You can't do this to me!” Her squirming to be free had the opposite effect of what she intended. Her frantic movements only served to firmly wedge our tools deep in her pussy and ass. Once he achieved penetration, though, her dimwitted brother started hammering away at her ass.
“Hey!” I shouted. “Slow down there, Pugsley. You're gonna want to enjoy this.” Cassie continued to struggle to no avail. She was begging us to release her and that only turned me on more. I shoved her down on my cock and she grunted like she had been gut punched. Then her brother shoved his dick up her ass. Pretty quickly we developed a rhythm and Cassie was helpless against our invading pricks.

She sobbed and tears streamed down her face. Our cocks alternated thrusts, violating her teenage cunt and asshole in turn. Me, the thirty-eight year old neighbor, and her sixteen year old brother who had been ass-fucking her for two years. Her sobs and cries became a wail, something between ultimate ecstasy and hopeless despair. Despite the brutality of our attack on her tender body Cassie was about to climax.

Our rhythm changed. Her brother and I began thrusting into her at the same time. In, out. Ass and cunt at the same time. Faster as we approached orgasm. Cassie flopped limply between us like a rag doll as we used her. Her brother rammed his cock into her one last time and spilled his seed deep in her colon while pumped my sperm into her cunt. Satisfied, her brother pulled his filthy fuck stick from her shit-hole with a sick sucking sound and she slid her well fucked pussy off of me. Cassie landed on the floor with a thud. She lay there trembling and sobbing. Her brother leered at her perversely. Our cum leaked out of her holes and puddled on the floor.

“Are you okay, baby girl?” I asked.

“Oh, god.” she sobbed. “I just kept cumming and cumming. And you guys just kept fucking me. It was amazing. Thank you.”

“Let's get you cleaned up.” I helped her to her feet and led her to the bathroom. I ran a warm bath and gently washed her. Then I tenderly dried her with a towel.

“Mr. Felson?”

“Yes, Cassie?”

“I think I love you.”

“That's good, Cassie. I know I love you.” She threw her arms around me and we held each other tight. We stayed like that for a long while.

We emerged from the bathroom still naked. Cassie was as bouncy and perky as ever. The kid's indestructible. Her meat head brother leered at her nude beauty and start grabbing his cock through the sweatpants he had put on. “Hold on there, jizz-stain. Come over here.” I had Cassie take a position on the couch and spread her legs. The brother immediately started pulling down his pants, eager to cram his cock back into his baby sister.

“Hold on there, needle dick. This isn't about you.” I pushed him out of the way. “Do you want to fuck that pussy?” His eyes bugged out and he nodded his head hard enough to give himself a concussion.

“Well, as the old saying goes “Ya gotta lick it before ya stick it.' If you want to get laid, you gotta eat pussy.”

“I'm not doing that. That's gross.” he sneered.

“Well then, you have a lot of long, lonely nights ahead of you. You better get used to fucking your fist.” I informed him. “You're going to have to learn how to eat pussy sooner or later, it might as well be now.”

“Really?” It seemed I had introduced a new thought into what passed for his brain.

“It's kind of an essential life skill. So, are you gonna man up or keep being a pussy?” With a shrug he indicated his compliance. “Good. Now pay attention. I'm going to eat Cassie's pussy, then you try it.”

Cassie squealed with delight. She loved when I'd eat her out. And on that occasion I gave her my best effort. She gasped and moaned while I orally pleasured her young snatch. I knew what she liked and it wasn't long before she shuddered through a satisfying climax.

“You're going to have to work hard to top that, big brother.” Cassie teased. Rob had his hand in his pants playing with his dick. Somewhat hesitantly he took his place between her thighs. He moved his face towards his sister's wet pussy like he was afraid it might bite him. Finally he took his first tentative lick. Cassie squealed.

Cassie gave him encouragement as he explored her vagina. I gave him some hints as to the anatomy a a woman's private parts. After a time he became more aggressive, really burying his face in her crotch. Cassie recoiled due to his roughness. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him back.

“Whoa, there Fido! It's only called 'eating pussy'. You're not supposed to actually chew it up and swallow it.” I coached him. “Be gentle. Think about it as massaging her pussy with your lips and tongue.” He seemed sufficiently chastened and he tried again. Again, Cassie offered encouragement and advise while her brother sucked her box. He was gentler this time and in a few minutes Cassie arched her back and came.

“Not bad, big brother. A little practice and you could be a world class pussy licker.” Cassie enthused. Rob seemed pleased with the praise but had a more pressing issue on his mind.

“Great. But can I please fuck her pussy now?” he demanded impatiently. Classy. I looked to Cassie. After all, it's her cunt.

“Well... “she said, “...since you worked so hard at learning how to eat pussy I guess you deserve a reward. Okay, You can fuck me.” Rob's clothes were off before the last word passed her lips. Cassie looked at me. “Can I suck your cock while he fucks me?” I smiled.

“Of course.”

Cassie took the cushions off the couch and arranged them on the floor so she could lean over them to present her behind to her big brother. He wasted no time in scooting behind her and shoving his naked cock into his sister's tight fuck hole.

“Oh, yeah!” he crowed, slamming his meat in and out with wild abandon. Before Cassie could even get my cock in her mouth her brother groaned and spermed off in her box.

“Wow. That was quick!” she observed. Taking a look at the clock Cassie took me by the hand and said “Let's go!” After a quick stop at the bathroom to wash her bother's spunk out of her pussy we ran to her room and slammed the door. We fell to the bed and into a hot 69, licking and sucking frantically at each others' sex parts. Her hips squirmed against my face and her sucking mouth brought me to the edge of ecstasy. We stayed like that for a while fucking each others' face before Cassie broke her oral grip on my cock.

“Mr. Felson, I need to feel you in me!” she declared. Quickly she spun around into the doggy position. Hot with lust I moved into position and lined my cock up with her pussy.

“No!” she shouted desperately. “Mr. Felson, do it to my ass. I need it up my ass!” Who am I to argue? Once again I split her sweet teen cheeks and slid my throbbing dick into her pussy juice lubricated asshole. With one smooth, powerful stroke I was inside her and I began giving her the slow, smooth, deep strokes I knew she loved. Cassie pushed back against with each in stroke, grinding her hips as I plundered her tender flesh.

“So good. So good,” she moaned. “You dirty fucker! Cum in my ass, you dirty fucker!” Cassie grabbed the headboard of her bed and I grabbed her hip and pounded into her crazy with pleasure.

“Oh, you nasty fucker! Nobody makes me cum like you do!” Cassie grunted. She was frantically frigging her clit while I sodomized her. Her brother was definitely getting an earful.

“I'm gonna cum, Cassie!” I roared.

“Give it to me, you selfish fuck!” she screamed. As I started firing volley after volley of molten sperm into her rectum Cassie collapsed in orgasm herself. She twitched and writhed and fought to take all of the pleasure my rampaging cock could give her. Her spasms didn't stop for several minutes.

“Hey. There's the miracle worker!” I turned to see Carolyn, Cassie's mom approaching me. She and her husband had returned that night right when they said they would. They were surprised to find that both of their children were already asleep when they arrived home. I was sitting on the couch watching the late news. Since it was late I said good night and went home to bed. I hadn't spoken to Carolyn since.

“How are you, Carolyn?” I was surprised when Carolyn stepped in and hugged me.

“I don't know what you did but the kids are so much happier these days.” she said.

“Oh. How so?” I asked.

“Well, Rob was like a black cloud of gloom around the house for the longest time. Your typical moody teenager.” she explained. “Now he's got a spring in his step and a smile on his face.”

Yeah. Eating your sister's pussy will do that.

“Oh, and he and Cassie have stopped fighting!”

That's because she's giving him some pussy.

“I don't know what you did, but the kids spent one evening with you and I have brand new household.” she gushed. “You have to tell me your secret.”

May I suggest a weekly family fuck-fest.

“No secrets. I guess they just got tired of the nonsense.”

Carolyn thanked me profusely and insisted that I join her and her husband for drinks on the weekend. I graciously accepted and told her I looked forward to it.

“Me too.” she cooed as she walked away. Hey. Did Cassie's mom just put the moves on me?

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