All three of us get out of the water, Eve lays on her back and lifts her legs in the air, Abel slides his cock between her thighs just above her vagina, holding her legs together he starts to fuck her thighs. I take my place on my knees over her head squeezing her tits and she starts licking my balls as she jerks my rock hard cock. Abels eyes are closed and he's moaning loudly as he fucks his sisters thighs hard and fast and after a while he says " I'm going to cum " so I stand up and watch as he shoots ropes of cum all over Eves face, tits and stomach.

Abel jumps into the water to wash the cum of his penis and I slide my cock between her thighs just above her vagina, holding her legs together I start to fuck her thighs hard and fast. She looks me in the eye and she says " Come on, give it to me, shoot your sperm all over me, I love it " and I pump even harder until I scream I'm cumming and I shoot ropes of cum all over her face, tits and stomach. I then jump in the water to wash my penis and we both watch as Eve stands up and scoops a handful of sperm off her body and shoves it in her mouth, she moans as she swallows and she says " Wow that was tasty, I never knew sperm tasted so good " then she jumps into the water to wash off the rest of the cum off her.

We leave the lake and head back to the house and Abel says " If you love the taste of sperm so much why don't you suck it out of our cocks? " and Eve says " I'll try it when we get home ". We enter the house and we all go to my room, all 3 of us are still naked and and Eve gets on her knees in front of me and starts licking my semi-hard cock and in a matter of seconds my cock becomes rock hard and she puts it in her mouth. The feeling is amazing, warm and wet, I moan as she sucks my cock, she plays with my balls as she takes all of my cock into her mouth. Abel is on his knees behind Eve with 2 of his fingers buried deep in Eves vagina and he says " How does it feel? " and after moaning I says " It feels amazing but you'll find out soon " and I say " I'm going to cum " and Eve just keeps sucking as I shoots loads of cum into her mouth.

At first she chokes a little but then she swallows every drop and she says " Oh god I love the taste of sperm, it's your turn Abel " Abel stand up and Eve takes his rock hard cock into her mouth and starts to suck, he moans and says " Oh god that does feel good, better than fucking her thighs ". After sucking Abel for a while and playing with his balls Abel says " I'm about to cum " and just like she did with me she swallows every drop of his sperm, she then lays on my bed and spreading her legs she starts to finger her pussy, rubbing her clit with other hand, Abel and I shove our fingers deep into her cunt and she moans loudly as she orgasms. It's getting late so Eve says " I'll prepare dinner, wash up and get dressed " she leaves our room and puts back on the clothes she brought back from the lake and heads towards the kitchen, Abel says " It's too bad we can't stick our cocks in her vagina, I bet it would feel even better than her mouth ".

After dinner Eve says " Ok boys get some rest, you have to take care of the farm while father is away " and Abel says " Ok but before we go to sleep could we fuck your thighs again? ", Eve smiles and says " You boys are real animals " and after she does the dishes all 3 of us head towards my room. We all strip naked and Eve lays on my bed lifting her legs in the air, Abel gets in position but instead of sliding his cock between her thighs he places his cock in front of her vagina and starts pushing, Eve says " I told you, you can't put your penis inside my vagina, I don't want to get pregnant ". Abel says " What if I put it in and the second I feel like I'm about to cum I'll pull it out and shove it in your mouth so you can drink my sperm? you love the taste of our sperm don't you? ".

Eve says " Well ok but the second you feel anything you have to pull it out ok? ", Abel smiles and he pushes his cock until it penetrates her pussy. Eve is still a virgin so it hurts like hell and she screams out in pain but when Abel asks her if she wants him to stop she says no but to push it in slowly. Abel now has his whole cock deep inside her pussy and he says " Oh god this feels amazing, even better than her mouth " and he starts to fuck her. Between moans Eve says " Don't forget, the moment you feel like your about to cum pull it out of my vagina ". Abel moans loudly as he fucks her and keeping his word he pulls his cock out of her and he shoots ropes of cum all over all over her body, seeing some blood on his cock he goes to get a towel and some water.

Washing his cock and Eves Vagina I get in between her legs and slide my rock hard cock deep into her pussy and start to fuck her, the feeling is amazing and I says " I can't believe how good this feels, how can this possibly be a sin? " and after fucking her for a while I pull my cock out of her and stick it in her mouth and moan as she swallows the loads of sperm I shoot into her mouth. She says " It hurt so much at first but after a while it felt so good, better than anything I've ever felt in my whole life " then she says " Now get some sleep and after working on the farm tomorrow we can do this again as long as you remember to pull it out before you cum ". She gets dressed and goes to her room and we both go to sleep

In the morning Abel and I head towards the kitchen for some breakfast before we begin our long work day and we see Eve totally naked eating her breakfast and she says " Good morning boys did you sleep well? After having both your cocks inside me I slept like a baby " she smiles and says " Now eat up and fuck me again before you go to work ". Abel and I eat our breakfast in 1 minute and then strip completely naked, Eve gets on her hand and knees and Abel gets behind her and slides his cock deep inside her pussy and she lets out a huge moan and I get in front of her and stick my cock in her mouth. After a while Abel pulls his cock out of her pussy and shoots ropes of cum all over her back, she then lays on her back and spreading her legs I slide my cock into her hairy pussy and start to fuck her hard, fast and deep.

I pull my cock out of her and shoot ropes of cum on her face, tits and stomach and she moans as she orgasms. After washing up Abel and I get dressed and begin working on the farm while she cleans up the mess and then washes herself, then she does the dishes and gets dressed and does her part around the farm. Just as we were about to finish our work day and fuck the shit out of our sister our parents came back with huge smiles on their faces, entering the house our father says " Because your mother and I helped the priest rebuild the church our family is guarenteed a seat in heaven, you see children if you live good Christian lives without sin, God will reward you ".

Because our parents were back at the house Abel and I couldn't fuck Eve anymore and eventually all 3 of us got married and started famillies of our own but I'll always remember those amazing teenage years we had at the farm..


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2012-08-04 03:29:38
good it was awesome but i suggest you read (the twins introduction )
write something original but same principal : slavery!

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