Next of kin 1.

My home was quiet; exactly how I preferred it. I lived alone, in solace. I’d been an entrepreneur since my young teen years; funding Egyptian expeditions, and digs, which fortunately took off when I was in my early twenties, bringing me many millions and early retirement. I’ve always been a loner, not really taking any help from anyone, or spending time with groups of people. Being alone for so long has left me without a wife or children, friends or family. I occasionally dipped into the nearby city’s hookers to satisfy my sexual need and frustration. They’ve been receptive, but somehow I always leave yearning for .. more.
A letter arrived on my doorstep from the courthouse. “great, jury duty” I thought allowed. But when I opened the letter a small picture slipped out and onto the floor. As I bent over to admire the cute brunette child, I recognized her; my sister’s daughter. What I gleaned from the letter was that I was my niece Lena’s only remaining kin.
A week later as I was driving into town to pick Lena up I wracked my brain for easy ways to get rid of her, ways to pawn her off on someone else; an orphanage or somebody who couldn’t have children.. ANYTHING. But when I saw this little girl in the flesh, immediately I had other plans. It took nearly all of my concentration to keep my eyes on the road and my hands off her petite eight year old body. As the thoughts of how she could earn her keep flashed through my head I drove to the nearest sex shop and parked. I promised Lena ice cream if she’d just sit and wait; she consented with a smile. “this will be easy” I thought as I walked into the shop. I knew exactly what I was looking for: ball gag, enema kit, lube, anal beads, small bullet vibe, butt plugs, and a large twisting dildo. The woman at the counter winked at me while she loaded my things into a large black plastic bag.
I raced home, nearly shaking with excitement. She would earn her room and board daily; today would be no exception. I wanted to pummel her little body, rip her from the inside out; torture her, but it would have to wait. “I will wait” I promised to myself as I carried her bags upstairs to new room. I instructed her to wash up and meet me downstairs in my den. I gathered my purchase from the truck and nearly skipped to the den. By the time I set up the things I would need for tonight she arrived, timid at my door. I beckoned her to me. I put my hands first on her shoulders, then her waist, then her hips. Then I began to unbutton her shirt, one button at a time. I spoke as I undressed her, “Lena I know you’re mother has died and I am sure that you miss her, but this is your home now, and I am your only friend now. You will earn your stay here every day, you will obey my wishes exactly without question or delay. If you do not obey, or fail to do as I’ve asked, or displease me in anyway, you will be punished. Is that understood?” by now she was standing in front of me in nothing but a pale pink training bra and floral cotton underwear, she nodded yes.
With that I ordered her to undress. She started first with her bra, unveiling her small budding tits and her pink nipples. I touched my cold finger tips to her tits when she stood straight. Running my fingers down her waist to her pussy she shuddered, just then realizing how she would be keeping her room here. She had no idea what I had in store for her, yet. Feeling her soft bare pussy lips brought my cock to attention. I pulled her to me and bent her over my knees. I squeezed her tight bottom making her giggle. I liked that, a sense of humor. All laughing stopped when she felt the cold glop of lube bit her tight brown star. I used index finger to massage the lube into her hole before I slowly pushed it in to the first knuckle. She squirmed as I thrust it the rest of the way in, and pulled completely out. Before she had time to relax those cheeks I pushed it completely in. she called out in protest. “hush Lena, or would you like me to give you something to complain about?” she whimpered but quieted for the most part. Taking this as a good sign, I took the enema tip and slid it roughly into her bottom. I paused a moment before turning the nozzle on and letting the water flow quickly into my tiny nieces’ bowels. Nearly one quart had leaked into her body before she really started to whine, and ask for it to stop. I simply patted her bottom and continued to let the bag containing hot water drain into her. Once she had taken the entire two quarts I slipped the tip out and replaced it with the small bullet vibe.
“Lena, kneel on the floor with your legs spread wide and put your face on the floor.” She did so quickly, and I noted that she had behaved valiantly thus far, and deserved a treat. Once I had her down, and the water seeped even further into her, distending her belly she moaned in pain; a near constant whimper. After ten minutes of watching her suffer I turned on the bullet vibe, straight to high. This sent tingles through her body, and most importantly it cramped her stomach. She looked at me with pleading eyes and begged, “uncle, May I please use the bathroom now?” I allowed her to expel the solution on one condition. Being in quite a hurry she agreed to it, without me telling her what it was.
After she had relived her self she came back to the den and settled herself next to me, handed me the bullet. I took the toy from her and pushed her off the couch obeying her to kneel infront of me. She did so, facing away from me. “that little bitch!” I nearly yelled in my head, I pushed her head down raising her butt to my view.. I spanked it lightly a few times then slid in the bullet and turned it on high. She wiggled but I turned her around now, to face me. She began to complain about the vibrator but I slapped her cheek stopping her short. I released my so hard, ready to pop cock and she stared at it amazed. I suppose it was an average sized penis. Seven inches in length, and about two and a half inches in girth, but to a small child I imagine this was enormous. She was so naive. After oogling my piece, I told her to open her mouth and to lick the tip. She hesitated so I pushed her head down, her mouth over the tip and held it there. She took a few slight laps at it before I grew impatient and thrust my hips upward. She gagged as my cock pushed her mouth further open and hit the back of her throat. I continued to thrust into her a few more times before I settled and made her suck it. Her lesson continued for another few minutes before I was ready to shoot. I warned her before I came that she was to hold it all in her mouth until I said otherwise. She nodded just before I groaned and shot load after load of hot cum into her little mouth.

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