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Brandon and Jeannette deal with the fallout from the last mission, and decide on a side mission
Sorry for the delay, bad couple weeks at work. I hope you enjoy this installment. As always, if you vote negative (or positive for that matter), I'd love a comment to hear why.

Chapter #1 - Hurt and Crushed
Brandon slumped into the passenger seat, still in a daze from what had just happened. He and his girlfriend Jeannette had just had sex in a dressing room to fulfill the dreams of a classmate. His brain was still fuzzy, but after a few minutes of her driving him home, he was able to shake it off enough to talk to her, but his voice was still weak and slightly slurred, as his jaw still didn't want to move as fast as talking required.

“How much of that was planned.”, he finally asked.

“Almost everything.”, she replied calmly, showing no ill effects at all from the afternoon. Then again, that had also been part of her plan. “Since you were so reluctant, and self conscious about it, I knew I had to get you to a place where your natural tendency to think things through was taken out of the equation. That was why I modeled all those clothes over the course of afternoon, and kept touching you between stores. I had to get your libido to such a high level that it short circuited every other thought process. That way you could follow my lead, without me having to worry about you getting scared or nervous. Plus, I made sure I was the one who opened the door to let her see in, taking that decision out of your hands as well.”

“So, you basically played me?”, he responded, not sure that he liked her being able to do this to him.

“Not at all. Did I use a few tricks to get you to a place where you could allow yourself to get out of your shell? Of course. However, I didn't do it maliciously; you were well aware of my intent tonight, and could have stopped at any time. You allowed me to do it, I didn't force you. And can you honestly say you didn't enjoy it?”, she countered with a grin.

“I didn't say that. It's just that.... I don't know.” Brandon's brain wasn't up to trying to explain all the emotions going through his head at that moment, and he trailed off.

“Don't worry, I don't plan on doing this all the time. You will still have complete control. I still love you and only want the best for you.” She took his hand, which only held hers limply, still unsure. “Sleep on it and we can talk about it more tomorrow. I, for one, enjoyed it, and I appreciate you going through with it for me. I know you still have some reservations, but we can deal with those later. I'll try to make it up to you sometime soon though, ok?”

Brandon nodded. He obviously wasn't going to leave her over this, but it still left a slightly bad taste in his mouth, as he still felt slightly used and forced into it. Jeannette drove him home, and Brandon dropped headlong into bed, and fell asleep without even undressing.

He woke up groggy the next morning, as he didn't sleep as well in his clothes, plus he kept waking up as his brain seemed to be trying to decide how it felt about everything that had occurred, but it was so tired it only ended up running in circles and making things worse. At school, he grudgingly smiled at Jeannette, and she took his hand rapidly. “We'll talk about it later. I assume you still haven't had time to think, so we will put it off. Now, have you seen Sandy?”

Since he had only just walked in, he grunted negatively.

“She is positively beaming this morning. I walked in, and she ran up to me. She only said a thank you, but the look in her eyes said everything. I'm happy she was able to enjoy it. Actually, I didn't even think to look at her fantasies today. I wonder if they've changed.” Her train of thought distracted her, and Brandon grabbed his things from his locker and they headed to their class.
Due to his exhaustion and the fact that he was still a little unnerved by the previous day’s events and what they could bode for his future, Brandon was a little irritable for the day. Only two things that day were able to bring him out of his funk. The first was when he ran into Sandy later, and the twinkle in her eye when she looked at him and smirked made him lose a step. She had adjusted her path slightly to graze by him. She dropped a book just in front of him, and as they both bent to get it she whispered “You're incredible. Come into the store again anytime you want. With Jeannette or not is up to you.” She looked directly into his eyes with the last comment. Was she actually coming on to him? This was completely out of his realm, and before he could even open his mouth to stammer a response, she was gone.

Jeannette walked up to him moments later. “I think she has developed a little crush on you. That's so cute.”

Brandon wasn't so sure. He glared at Jeannette, wondering if she was now thinking of sharing him with her even more intimately, and the fact that there was no jealousy in her voice displeased him as well. She was supposed to be his girlfriend, wanting him all to herself and defending her territory. He had a vision of her sitting on a lawn chair in front of a house, filing her nails in a bored manner and heedless of the women banging on the door trying to get to him. He didn't know why, but that image really bothered him. She seemed uncaring and dispassionate the last day, and that grated on his soul. He realized he was grinding his teeth slowly, and she seemed to read that there was something very wrong, but knew that school was not the place to take care of it, so she kept her distance the rest of the day.

The second event when he changed his mood was when he saw Megan Bradley. This was the fifth day since he had selected her as his next 'mission', and he was trying to break down her defenses. He only had a month until the dance, and he knew he had a lot of work to do, but first he had to get past her sizable moat. She was well known as the “ice queen”. She wasn't close to anyone, was abrasive, and never had an issue speaking what was on her mind. What was on her mind was usually biting reproaches of the people around her, and she had a knack for figuring out exactly what button to push to drive people away, numerous times in tears.

He had made it a point to smile at her and say hello every time he passed her. The beginning of the week, the only responses had been glares and scathing remarks, as she seemed agitated that he dared interrupt her passage in the halls. Her look had grown softer today, now appearing almost confused by him. He had been doing it all week, and he had made sure she never saw a flicker in his look. He made it clear he was genuinely happy to see her, and it seemed to finally be cracking her fortress of solitude. That at least gave him a little more hope that he was not completely doomed to failure.

He left quickly after school. He had gone to his locker and grabbed his things, and then walked straight out the door, not even waiting for Jeannette to come back from her locker. It was a Friday, and he just felt a deep need to get away, and try to figure out the emotions running rampant in his head. He drove straight home, quickly changed into some more comfortable clothes after being stuck in his regular clothes for a day and a half, and flopped on his bed, determined to either nap to try and force his brain to take a break, or finally figure out why he was feeling so disillusioned with his relationship, and how best to deal with it.

It took only moments for him to hear another car pull up, the door to the house to open and close, and Jeannette's unmistakable footsteps on the stairs. He closed his eyes, not wanting to deal with her, and hoping she would think he was asleep. He had no such luck.

He had expected her to go off on him for how he was acting. He was almost hoping for it, wanting to yell at her and scream his frustration away, wanting some outlet for the emotions plaguing him. He needed release, and to feel like she had no choice but to listen to him, because she seemed to have taken no care to listen to his concerns all week.

She didn't give him the option. Instead, she sat on the bed next to him. When he sighed in frustration, and rolled over away from her, she laid down and hugged him to her, her arms wrapping around him after finding the small openings between his body and the bed and forcing her way through. She laid the side of her head on his and squeezed, and as she moved her head back to the pillow, she kissed him behind his ear, just about the only place she could reach with his shoulders shrugged up in anger.

“I am going to hold you as long as it takes for you to either talk to me, to relax, or to ensure that you know I love you. I am not going to move, all weekend if necessary, until you and I have worked this out. I know it's been a frenetic two weeks for the both of us, but I am not going to have something like this come between us. I've already told you I'm yours for life. I am not giving that up after only two weeks because something is wrong. I want to be with you, for both good and bad. If we can't work through problems, our life is going to be miserable, so we might as well start dealing with things now before they get even worse.”

He hated the logic in her statement. He wanted to be mad. He was hurt, and he didn't like the idea of spending a lifetime with someone who wouldn't listen to him. He at least did feel she cared more than she had seemed to in school, but the underlying irritation was still there.

He kept his eyes shut tight, still not ready to get into it with her at the moment, and wanting to collect his thoughts. In moments though, he fell into a deep sleep, his exhaustion finally overwhelming him.

He woke up, and looked around groggily. It was cool in his room, and it was dark. He felt Jeannette limply holding him, her breathing steady and shallow. There was a throw blanket over the two of them, or else he was sure he would have been cold. He extricated himself from Jeannette's arms, and left the room to use the bathroom. He walked downstairs to get a drink as well, and ran into his mother.

“Feeling better?”, she asked simply. Brandon was concerned then. He had been sleeping with Jeannette, and he wasn't sure how she would react. It had been completely innocent, but he still worried.

“Umm, mom, uh...”, he stammered out, trying to come up with something that would explain it all away.

“Oh please Brandon. Just stop. If you are worried because you two were taking a nap, don't be ridiculous. I know you have had a rough week, from the problem at school earlier in the week, to the fact that you were sleeping in your clothes last night, and that did not look at all comfortable. Not to mention the position you two were in seemed more like her protecting you than anything untoward. There's a reason I gave you a blanket. You obviously needed the rest.”

“Still, I'm sorry mom. I shouldn't have put you in that position.”

“It's fine, I've already told you that. If and when I have an issue, I will certainly talk to you about it. But taking a nap with your girlfriend that you know we approve highly of is completely normal. And speaking of that situation at school, how is that going? Did you make a decision?”

She was talking about his decision to try and help out Megan. This had been a rough week. He had pushed Jeannette into the difficult and possibly doomed to fail mission to help Megan, and she had pushed him with the mission for Sandy. They had both picked situations that would be harder on their partners. He realized he hadn’t updated his mother however.

“Yeah, I decided to go for it. It's slow going, but I think I am making progress. Maybe I'll fill you in more later, but if I decide to bring someone new home, please don't worry about it, or become uncomfortable. I'll try to give you due warning if it comes to that though.”

“I trust you. As long as you are staying safe, and as long as you are taking proper care of your girlfriend, it will be fine. Now, since something is up between the two of you, is there anything I can do to help? Your father went out to the store, so we have time to talk if you want.” Brandon looked at the clock at that moment, and between finally noticing it was past eight and that his stomach was empty, Brandon was shocked by how late it actually was. The darkness hadn't really registered with him, and he realized how tired he had actually been. He just hoped he could sleep that night.

“No mom, I think her and I just need to talk some things through, but I was too tired to do it reasonably, so I fell asleep. I'm sure it will be fine. Thanks for everything though.” He realized he really did think things would turn out alright in that moment. The nagging concerns of the past few days were still there, but there was a hope that maybe they could get through it that hadn't been really evident the past couple of days.

“Ok, dear. There is food in the fridge if you two want to eat. Just let me know if you need anything.”

Brandon did something he did far too rarely. He walked up to his mother who was busy putting something into the cabinet, and gave her a hug from behind. She slid her hands over his and squeezed. “Thanks mom. I really appreciate it.”

“Of course honey. Now go work things out with Jeannette. It's better to get things taken care of than let them fester. Be a good boy and do the right thing, for both of your sakes.” And with that, she pushed him out of the kitchen.

Chapter #2 - Restoration and Revelation

He walked back up to his room and sat on his bed. The little light from outside coming through the window was just enough to allow him to appreciate the sublime form of the woman he loved. She seemed so at peace, and was so beautiful that he was again amazed that she was even in his room with him, much less choosing to share his bed. He realized that a key detail of his issues was how much he loved her. He had given up so much of his independence to her, so much of his former life was now gone. He had given her a huge part of himself, and she held sway over him, grasping a control of him which he was realizing was dangerous to him if abused. He didn't want that taken for granted, for her to just mold him into her slave, recreating him in the way she envisioned him. There wasn't any thought of him stopping her, he had given himself to her completely. He just wanted to feel like he wasn't some pet to be trained. This realization comforted him slightly, as he felt he finally knew part of the underlying issue, and defining it helped him better explain it and remedy it.

He climbed back under the blanket with Jeannette, sliding his arm under her and nudging her head onto his chest. She moved in her peaceful sleep and nuzzled into him, getting comfortable and giving a slight sigh of contentment when she had settled herself. He watched her sleep for a few more minutes, before he again closed his eyes, feeling a bit more peaceful, and let his mind wander. She stirred him out of his reverie a few minutes later.

“This is a much more comfortable position, thank you.” He kissed the top of her head in response, and she looked up at him. “Feeling better?”

“A little, but we should still talk. It's less urgent now though, if you want to wait on it.”

She gave him a withering look. “That's one of the stupidest comments I've ever heard you make. And you are not a stupid person, so I'm going to let it slide.” She sat up on her arm. “No way on earth are we not dealing with this now. I am not going to go any longer than I have to feeling like you and I are disconnected. Today has basically sucked. We went from the thrill of fulfilling a wish to you acting as if I am a stranger, actually even worse than a stranger because you would have at least have been civil to them. Even though you seem better now, I still feel like there is a massive wall between us that I want to break down, and I want it down now.” She was still obviously extremely hurt, and was impassioned about getting this done.

“Fine, let's just get this over with. Can we at least go for a drive, I don't want anyone accidentally hearing anything.”

She agreed, and they told his mom they were going out for a little while. She smiled at them and nodded, and like every mother seemed to know precisely what was happening without being told. It was an unnerving thing at times, Brandon was never quite sure what she ever really knew and didn't know about him.

The got into his car, and they started down the street. Jeannette turned in her seat to look directly at him, and she appeared dead set on resolving the situation right that instant by sheer will alone.

"Ok, enough is enough. Look, I know this was somewhat out of your comfort zone, but we both agreed to this. What is your problem?”

Brandon sighed heavily. “Several things. First of all, I warned you earlier in the week that I wasn’t comfortable sharing or being shared yet. And then immediately it seems you push me into doing just that. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being molded into what you expect me to be, and have no say in the matter.”

“Well, first of all, you did have a say. Second of all, I am sure we are going to be changing each other constantly throughout our lives. There is nothing wrong with that, that is normal. That doesn’t mean I am not happy with you as you are, but there will be things that we can each improve upon in each other.”

“Well, yeah, fine tuning, but you took almost precisely my concern, and went straight for that. Of course I’m not going to like it and think you don’t care how I feel.”

“I picked that mostly because I wanted it too. I had already offered to try on clothes for you. And that was not sharing our bed. She barely even saw you, I blocked most of the parts you were nervous about. You were not having sex with her, you were having sex with me. She wasn’t sharing either of us. She was watching, that is all.”

“That’s a very legalistic interpretation, but you should have known it would still be close enough that it would bother me.”

“Fine, I’m sorry. I thought we were still within your line, but I was obviously wrong. Was that all?”

“No, you made it worse earlier. You didn’t even care that she seemed to want me now. I want you to want me and want to keep me to yourself.”

“So you think because I wasn’t jealous that I don’t treasure you and want you for my own? Of course I do. However, I also know your heart, and I know you wouldn’t stray. You committed yourself to me, remember? I’m not worried that you are going anywhere. Even if you did have a dalliance, which I highly doubt, you would still come back to me. Just because I am confident in you and our relationship is no reason to get bent out of shape.”

Brandon had to admit that his feelings of inadequacy were what was behind all of this. They were the cause of everything that he had gotten mad about, and were why he was trying to blow up their closeness over his own insecurities.

They didn’t talk for a few minutes, as Jeannette seemed to sense that he was working through things, and that she had made her point. After a few more minutes, he reached for her hand and resignedly said he was sorry. She held is hand tightly.

“Now, can we me on?”, she asked hopefully. He agreed, still trying to get out of his earlier funk. “Good, then I think the best way to help you get back to normal is a little endorphin rush. And I know precisely how to get those things screaming through your brain.”

She undid her seatbelt, raised the chair arms, and ran her fingers up his leg forcefully to his crotch. He had been as limp as he could get, but she quickly roused him to life, and undid his jeans.

He glanced at her in a kind of awe, she had done it all in just moments, and it was a stark contrast to how she had been acting just moments before. She continually surprised him, and this quick emotional shift was yet another revelation of her personality which seemingly had some amazing twist just when he thought he had it figured out.

His eyes flew open when he felt the heat of her mouth surround him. He was trying to focus on the road, but she was doing her very best to distract him with her tongue and mouth. Her tongue swirled quick patterns, squeezing and releasing, teasing and tantalizing. She used the tip to focus and press hard, sliding with firm pressure up his entire shaft, from base to tip, causing him to shudder involuntarily when she passed over the sensitive area just below his crown. She flattened her tongue out then, swirling it around the tip, covering as much area as possible with each pass. She then drove him down into her mouth and just inside her throat with a quick thrust, slurping her saliva back into her mouth with quick suction as she slid down his length, keeping him fully lubricated but not dripping all over the seat.

Her tongue flicked out then, and teased his balls, before she slid back up, and started bobbing her head quickly, letting him go deeply into her, so he was fully encased in her warmth. He knew he wouldn’t last too long if she kept up this pace, so he frantically started looking for a place to pull over, not wanting to chance slamming the gas pedal and losing focus when she finished him.

She seemed to sense his worry, and slowed down, keeping him at a perfect place, so he was enjoying it thoroughly, but also not in danger of losing it yet. He felt like he could stay like this forever, this perfect bliss of pleasure as she prolonged him with pressure and pace.

He finally found a road leading to a gated park area, and hid the car as best he could to avoid any unwanted notice. The moment he put the car into park, Jeannette resumed her earlier furious movements, and soon he felt his need rise to the point of fulfillment. She hummed then, encouraging his release, and he came forcefully. She purred and hummed harder, urging him to even higher planes of pleasure, and every muscle in his body tightened and hardened in the power of the moment. He panted heavily once his body unclenched, but Jeannette kept him in her mouth, lightly sucking him up and down, and keeping him fully erect.

Finally, she let him slide from between her lips, and she raised up and kissed his cheek. She then moved over to his ear, and lightly nibbled his earlobe. She whispered seductively into his ear. “You like that baby? You like it when I suck your hard cock deep down my throat?”

Brandon was taken aback by this. They had never talked dirty before, and he was surprised by this sudden turn of character. He wasn’t used to thinking in those terms, having been so inexperienced sexually before they had started dating just a couple weeks earlier. He was a romantic at heart, and had felt that talking like that might be demeaning to the person he loved so much. However, he found it rather arousing and enticing as she continued, “You want me now honey, you want to fuck me hard? You want to fill my tight pussy with your rock hard cock? You want me to cum for you? You want to make me scream your name?”

He turned to her, and saw the deep lust in her eyes, the passion burning to the root of her being, and responded in a way that was entirely new to him.

“Less talking, more fucking. If you want me, get the hell over here.”

She smiled devilishly, and hastily removed her shoes as Brandon shifted the seat back, then reclined it slightly. Due to her expertise keeping him up after the blowjob, plus the rush of her forward attitude, he was more than ready. He realized he was starting to look at the world in a whole new way, and it was freeing for him. He decided to keep it up, showing her that he was more than willing to play this game with her. “You want me? You want me to pound you until your senseless? What are you waiting for then?”

She rapidly finished pushing of her jeans and panties, and flung her body on top of him. She quickly straddled him and positioned him just outside her hole, then dropped forcefully, taking him completely inside her in a smooth but frenzied motion.

“You like my hot pussy?”, she continued, starting to pant as she forcefully rode him.

“I think your pussy just likes my hard cock filling it up, thrusting deep inside.” Brandon replied, trying to get into the spirit of her mood. It apparently worked to, as she groaned and ground her clit hard against his pubic bone. That was enough to push her over the edge, and she came forcefully and screamed loudly in her delight.

Since Brandon had only finished a few minutes earlier, he wasn’t close yet, so he just let her slowly grind through her orgasm, her body now slumped against him as she basked in the pleasure. After a minute or two of allowing her to sensitivity to diminish, he slowly started thrusting upward, gently easing in and out of her. She purred into his ear, and they started moving in rhythm with one another. The earlier frenzy had abated, and they now made love slowly, just enjoying the sensations they were giving one another. Brandon held her to him, loving the connection they shared, and the renewed closeness after the difficult past week. He kissed her cheek lightly, hoping she would sense the meaning in it, and she responded by squeezing his neck in a quick hug.

“I love having you inside of me.” She said, resting her head on his shoulder. “It feels like I’m complete then. I don’t know how I ever felt whole without you in my life.” She lifted her head, and looked at him intently. “No matter what happens, remember this moment. Remember our connection and my love for you, and let it be the thing that reminds you that I deeply love you, not matter how I may seem at that moment. I will never stop loving you, even though I may not show it in the ways you want me to.”

“I love you too. Thank you for being so understanding and putting up with me the last few days.” She kissed him quickly on the lips, then quickened her pace, now eager to fulfill the urges surging through her body. She closed her eyes and groaned, reveling in the sensations of their union. She came relatively quickly after that, and the all encompassing pressures of her contractions allowed Brandon to cum too, his release sending thrills through every nerve ending of his body.

She held onto him for a minute more, than rolled off of him and flopped back onto her seat, running her fingers through her hair and sighing in post orgasmic contentment.

“That was so much better honey. Nothing like a post-fight screw to remind you of where your priorities should be, and to get you over everything quicker.” She looked up with him with slightly closed and glazed eyes, still slightly caught up in her stupor. “And I so love making you cum. Nothing like the satisfaction of being able to give you that kind of pleasure, and the feel of you finishing inside me. It’s incredibly fulfilling.”

They finished getting dressed, and Brandon drove out of the secluded area they had parked. A minute or so later he passed a police car going the other way, and the thought that they could have so easily been caught gave him another minor wave of adrenaline. He took Jeannette’s hand and squeezed it tightly, enjoying feeling like they had made it through their first real problem together rather well.

They returned to Brandon’s house, where his parents were watching tv. His mom greeted them with quite a large twinkle in her eye. He again felt like no matter what he did, she already knew all about it. At the same time, she was smiling, so she couldn't be disapproving too much. The two of them joined his parents, and they curled up on the love seat together, just enjoying the others’ presence.

Chapter #3 - Mission Update

The next day, Jeannette picked up Brandon just after lunch. “So, I think it is time for a status update. How are things with Megan?”

“Slow, but making progress. She is at least responding to my attention now, instead of blowing it off. I think I should be able to make a break through in a week or so, and then the real challenge begins. I’m still not sure how we are going to pull it off, but I think once we get to know her a little it may make our path clearer. I’m hoping that will also give us some ideas on who to look for as a date for her too, because that is no small feat. I looked a little earlier in the week, but I have no clue who would actually be interested in her to start, much less willing to put up with the possibility of her constant cruel commentary.”

“Well, I’ll be able to help you more once she opens up. Now, however, I have a side mission I thought I’d try. It’s also one that may also take away something that was bothering you a little.”

He tried to grill her a little as to exactly what her intent was, but she just smirked and evaded every question. He started getting a little clue as they pulled into the mall, and then when they headed right for Sandy’s store, he couldn’t help but groan and move slower.

“Oh, stop being a baby. The mall is too packed for that now anyway. I just wanted to show you something. Now, c’mon and be an adult.”

She grabbed his hand, and they entered the store. Sandy was indeed there, and her eyes went wide and lit up. She glanced around a little self consciously, but couldn’t hide her massive smile to save the world. They walked straight up to her, and Jeannette matched Sandy’s smile with a quirky grin of her own.

“Hey Sandy, good to see you again. I think there were a few other outfits I wanted to take a look at. Do you have a minute to help us?”

Sandy’s eyes went even larger, and she nodded rapidly, and Brandon was afraid her neck would snap with the movements of her head.

Jeannette led them back, and continued, “There are some things I saw last week, but I got distracted and forgot to take a closer look. For example, what do you think of this...” The girls started yammering on about clothes, and Brandon zoned out and looked around the store, starting to get slightly bored, and being quite a bit uneasy at the glances Sandy would give him, and the way her eyes seemed to wander over his body. He felt almost naked in front of her in those moments, and it was a bit disconcerting. Then again, he had seen a quite a few bits of her body that night also, but somehow it just wasn’t the same.

At one point, Jeannette contacted him through their mental link.

Hey, pay attention here. Have you been looking at her fantasies?

No way on earth. I don’t have any desire to see what she wants to do to me, or what she wants me to do in front of her. I’m self conscious enough as it is, I don’t need to seem my imperfections through her eyes.

Stop it. You are absolutely wonderful, and you need to get over yourself. No, I mean you need to take a look. I think you will understand more once you do.

Brandon looked up then, and watched the flickering images that were her fantasies. He was right, he did see himself added into a few of them, but there were a few new ones as well. He glanced at Jeannette, and she nodded.

So, think we should find someone to help her fulfill the new ones?

Sure, I guess it can’t hurt.

Yeah, and it may give her a replacement for you in a few of her dreams.

Jeannette took the opportunity then to start her new plans into motion.

“So, Sandy, I have to ask, did you enjoy the other night as much as we did?”

Sandy smiled, “Well, almost as much. You got to have something a little more fulfilling I think.”

“Well, I can’t complain about that. Although I hope you felt properly satisfied.”

“Absolutely. It’s just that you have something that offers additional... features.”

Brandon didn’t love being talked about as if he wasn’t there, but then again, they were all compliments, so he couldn’t be too angry.

“Well, I was wondering about that. I was thinking that since you got the view from the outside, how would you like to have the experience of being on the inside?”

Brandon shot her an extremely dirty look, and he could see exact opposite expression on Sandy’s face out of the corner of his eyes. Jeanette caught his glance, and backpedaled quickly, realizing how she had been interpreted.

“I mean, what if I could find someone with also liked to look? How would you like to be the one they saw?”

Brandon could see the gears turning in Sandy’s head. He already knew she was intrigued by the idea from the fantasies she had, but she didn’t know about their abilities, and needed to decide if this was a safe thing to admit to. Eventually, she grinned, and nodded. “That might be interesting to try. Who do you have in mind?”

“Oh, that will be a surprise. I will promise you that he is not sketchy in any way, he just happens to have some similar interests. And if he likes it, maybe we can set it up for each of you to watch the other. Even if you don’t want a relationship, someone to share that part of you with and satisfy those cravings might be rather nice.”

“Well, I’d prefer to know, but I guess I can trust you at this point. I guess it’s too much to hope it’s Brandon?”, she winked as she looked straight at him.

“Sorry, him I claim as my own for now. Although if you really wanted him to watch sometime, I’m quite positive that it could be arranged. However, I keep him a little too busy to give you the outlet you’d prefer to have adoring you from afar and having them at your beck and call.”

They chatted some more, exchanged phone numbers, finished up with their selections, and then finally checked out, everyone lost in their own thoughts of fulfilling Sandy’s dreams. Brandon glanced up at her fantasies, and the one of being watched was almost three dimensional now, and occupied the vast majority of the time. He still noticed the one of watching them still occupying a significant place in her queue, but her imagination was quickly adding more details to the new one to drive her desires.

“So, who is it?” Brandon finally questioned once they had left the store.

“Ray Ellis.” Jeanette replied simply.

Brandon pondered the selection. He was another member of the fringe at the school, but like him it seemed to be because he had never had a breakthrough into any of the groups. He was well liked, and respected for his intelligence, but he didn’t flaunt it. He figured it would be a workable choice. It would elevate him to a new social group if Sandy did decide she liked him, but wouldn’t damage Sandy’s standing any. He realized that while he hated the idea of cliques, he was very thoughtful that others believed them to be of prime importance in defining who they were, so he was sensitive to not upsetting their social standing.

“Not bad at all. Any ideas on how we let him onto this?”

“A simple note with a time and address should do the trick. Anonymous, but with his proclivities, it should make him curious to take a look. Now, a quick detour.”

She typed in an address to her GPS, and they soon ended up in a middle class neighborhood. They drove by the house a few times, then Jeannette filled him in, although he had pretty much figured it out. “Google is a wonderful thing. That’s her house. I tried to do a street view, but they didn’t seem to do this area. The overview was a start, but I wanted to get an idea of where we might be able to place someone. I assume her room is over there, but I’ll ask her on Monday. That is, unless you want to take a peak tonight....” She smiled at him, both letting him know that she was ok with it, and that she almost expected it of him.

“If you want to come back to ‘do research’, that is fine by me. As long as you are with me, I don’t care. However, I want to pick out your stealth outfit. I have some requirements.”

She smiled at him, well aware of his thought process. She turned to head to her house, so they could relax for a while before they went scouting that night. They had only gotten a few miles when Brandon put his hand on her knee. He was happy she had decided to wear a skirt that day, it make this so much easier. He caressed her knee just below the hem, and started running circles along her inner thigh, moving ever so slowly upward on each revolution. She glanced at him, and he smiled. “Revenge can be a good thing dear. And you certainly deserve it after last night.” He moved his hand father up her leg then, hitting the sweet spot in the center of her thigh, and she audibly sighed. but kept her eyes focused on the road in front of them. He continued to move his hand farther up, until he finally hit the smoothness of her satin panties. He loved the feel of running his fingers over the satin, the ease with which he could swirl his digits over her sensitive areas.

He decided to take it up a notch, and play the game she had last night. He whispered to her , “You like that? You like it when I play with your pussy? When I tease your clit, and make you so wet it soaks through everything? You like it when I slip my fingers into your tight pussy and fill it up?”

His words were definitely having an effect, and she was moaning heavily, and he wasn’t even past her panties yet. She was definitely aroused, her lubrication evidently overwhelming the material of her panties. He had a moments hesitation that maybe this wasn’t the safest thing to do, but that only added to the excitement, and turnabout was definitely fair play in this case.

He slid aside her sopping wet underwear, and slid his fingers along her slick crease, enjoying the ease which which he could tease and stimulate her with this much moisture aiding his movements. She grabbed his forearm tightly with her free hand, stuck between wanting to stop him and wanting him to continue to satisfy her. She luckily found a place to pull off the road soon after, and she tilted her head back, the feeling of Brandon’s ministrations overwhelming her and thrilling her body. She went rigid, a powerful orgasm ripping through her body, as he teased and coaxed every aftershock to its maximum level.

Once her breathing had calmed, she smiled at him, pulled her skirt back down, and and started driving again. “There, feel better now that I had to suffer as well? Let’s not make this a habit on long road trips though, that could be kinda dangerous.”

Brandon loved how nonchalant she was about it. It showed an acceptance of her sexuality and a willingness to enjoy the moment that Brandon truly appreciated. They made their way back to her house, and planned out the upcoming night. They assumed ten thirty to be a good time to return, making it late enough to not have people on the streets, and giving her time to get home in case she had to close at the store. Brandon picked out a slinky outfit for Jeannette - extremely tight black leggings, and a close fitting black long sleeve top. He loved the fact that he was able to watch her every catlike move in it, and that her beautiful was so accented by the skin tight material. They stopped by Brandon’s house on their way, and he emerged in a much less fun pair of black jeans and heavier black sweatshirt. He was happy to be a guy at that moment, as he knew he could never pull off Jeannette’s outfit, and the fact that she still regarded him as sexy without it was a definite plus to being a male.

They got to Sandy’s street, and found an out of the way place to park, and hoped no one would notice them. The made their way to her house, and Jeannette pulled out her phone. She texted Sandy to let her in on the idea: Quick test. Outside now. If your home, can you open a shade?

The seconds ticked by slowly, then they saw a shade slide up. The light blinked several times on Jeannette’s phone: Sounds fun, want a little show? ;)

A quick reply back: Practice makes perfect. Im sure both of us will enjoy the view.

A shadowy form moved across the window, until another light was turned on it the room, between her and the window. At that, they were able to make her out far more clearly, and she started swaying slowly to a natural rhythm. Her eyes were closed, and they watched her through the bushes. She splayed her fingers through her golden hair, and let it slip in front of her, framing her face beautifully. She began to undress then, grabbing either corner of her shirt in her hands, and pulling it seductively over her head. She then took off her skirt, leaving her in a sexy pink ensemble that perfectly accented her skin. She began running her hands over her body, every once in a while stopping to caress herself. She than took off each side of her bra strap, and slid it down her arms, then reached behind herself to unclasp it, finally allowing her breasts to spring free, and her already erect nipples jumped out, finally released from their restraint. She slid her panties down, inching them down side to side, prolonging the striptease. She finally got them all the way down, and then she stood up, pinching a nipple in one hand, and stroking her clit rapidly in another.

The massive mental orgasm shocked both Brendan and Jeannette out of their reverie. The looked at each other in amazement, neither expecting this result. They had meant to have this happen when Ray was watching, not them. They stumbled out of the bushes, and received a text soon after: That was amazing. Let me know when you want to do that again.

The premature effectuation of her dream was quite the stunner for the couple however, and they quickly drove off to decide how to deal with this new development.

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2016-07-27 00:14:51
I don't suppose you will read this as it is so long since you wrote the story, but I think it is very romantic and erotic.

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2013-09-26 05:55:11
To be honest I started to loose interest after the first 3 parts
Good but not as good if that makes sense


2012-02-21 12:17:25
All comments are appreciated. Actually, an interaction I just wrote for part 6 helps explain some things, but I will allude to it here:
1. She is the daughter of a sex genie. For her, she is exploring a natural side of her.
2. He is still very unsure of himself, and is still growing here. He is a romantic at heart, and wants to make sure his intentions are viewed properly, but he also has baggage from being shunned so many times, baggage Jeannette does not carry herself.
3. The beginning of the next part (5), helps tone down Jeannette a tad, but part 7 as I am thinking it is leaning will do more so, as the focus shifts a bit.

In essence, you are absolutely right. He's still awkward, and trying to figure himself out. She is completely in her comfort zone.

And Part 6 starts having her reacting a bit more to him learning things as well. I only have 7 pages of it done, but I am waking him up. Last scene of part 5 is setting that transition...

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2012-02-21 11:04:05
Cryonic, you had asked for critique earlier so I thought I'd suggesttwee something (although I'm still giving you positives). ;)

The interacctions between Brandon and Jeanette seem very one-sided, almost as if he's her dildo for sex. What I mean is Jeanette always initiates sex, always figures things out, serves as exposition and moves the story along while Brandon provides all hesitation and self-doubt. His character started out a unexceptional, and that's ok but he's turning out so sheepish like he's was the most bullied, picked on person in school.

The right story elements are there but the characters are one sided, Brandon always reacting to Jeanette. If he were more creative, she would be forced to react I think the problem would work itself out. Thats just my fan-reaction, I know I can't see the big picture.;)

Keep up the good work!


2012-02-18 09:40:09
If I can only get 800 reads in over a week, I don't think I'm likely to get millions to read it. Just finishing up part 5 now, which is far a far more relaxing episode.
Happy you enjoyed it.

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