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The PGA at Louisville

Way back in the Seventies....pre AIDS days....I
returned to college (on the advice of two very close
friends) where I picked up a degree and a wife. I was
struck immediately by quite possibly, the bluest eyes I
have ever seen. Framed by long, loose coils of dark wavy
hair, her face looked "cute" tilted one way and quite
beautiful when viewed at another angle. 5"6" and 125
pounds of soft curves over a very fit body, Laurie has
wonderfully firm breasts, a flat stomach leading to a
very sparse feathering of light brown, over long dancer's
legs. My wife and I have been married for seventeen
years now. Our two kids are nine and eleven, so we've had
plenty of time to ourselves. .A year after we married, my
job took us to Asia for what turned out to be a ten year
adventure. From our homes in the various Asian capitals,
we were able to travel around the world once a year (at
company expense) and we took short vacations in Asia
every three or four months. We never failed to have a
more than memorable time.

We've been back in the States for five years now,
and although Laurie's adventure's have become less
frequent, they are still quite intense when she's "in the
mood." After two children, my wife's figure is still
quite arousing. Her long legs remain her flawless and
featured attraction (and she knows this better than
anybody) and, if her tummy is not quite as flat as it
once was, I think her "belly" is even sexier. We had
spent the last eight days on a "family" vacation in
Atlanta. We took the kids to the Olympics and stayed with
Laurie's folks in their suburban home. Then a couple days
hiking and hanging out in the Smoky Mountain National
Park. Now, we were headed home and planning to stop for
the night at a motel outside Louisville. So while it was
a whole lot of fun for everyone, it wasn't really
conducive to the kind of vacation "adventures" we've had
before. And we were all kind of hot and tired when we
checked in to "the last two rooms from here to

Driving towards Louisville, I had noticed signs on
the Interstate - PGA VIP PARKING - PGA PARK & RIDE -
etc., but I had completely forgotten about the
championship scheduled for this week. The motel we
picked out was nearly full but there was a pool and
Jacuzzi. The girl at the desk assured me we couldn't find
anything else because all the local rooms were filled
with PGA golfers, television crews and all the various
folks that travel on the Tour. The kids were hounding us
to let them swim, so we checked in to the last two rooms,
got our stuff squared away (we gave the kids the room
with separate beds, we had a "double" bed in a terribly
small "handicapped" room) and we all changed and met
outside to walk to the pool. Laurie had changed into one
of her more conservative suits, a one-piece tank suit cut
high up over her hips on the side and almost up to her
neck in the front. Two straps over her shoulders kept the
front in place. The kids swam hard, playing games with
each other, having a loud, fun time.

The sun was setting quickly, and pretty soon I
couldn't read the book I had with me. I grabbed Laurie
by the hand, and by the time it was almost dark, we sank
into the warm Jacuzzi, letting the bubbling jets start to
soothe away the long hours in the car. Laurie moved in
front of me and asked for a shoulder rub. Happily, I
started massaging her stiff neck and gradually widened
the area, working her shoulders and upper arms. As she
started to relax, I looked over to see the kids still
playing, and started to roll her nipples between my
fingers through the front of her suit. "Don't, baby," she
murmured "the kids will see." "They're not even looking
this way," I said softly in her ear, "besides, I can tell
you like it!" As my wife's nipples started getting really
hard, she started moving her ass back into my crotch,
wriggling around, making me harder and larger by the

"Ahemmm, uhhhh, excuse me."
The voice, though soft and gently southern, startled
us both and Laurie kind of burst off my lap and over to
the side of the hot tub in "Olympic" time. I looked up to
see a young man (late 20's - early 30's) smiling
pleasantly, looking from Laurie to me and back, his gaze
finally resting on Laurie's erect nipples, pushing neatly
through the thin nylon of her tight tank suit. "I'm
sorry, I didn't mean to startle you folks. Mind if I join
you?" The voice was a little more southern this time, and
without waiting for a reply, he climbed into the hot tub
next to my wife. Still smiling, he reached his hand
across Laurie to me. "Jim," he said by way of
introduction, "I'm with the Tour."

I sat back against the side of the hot tub and
looked at our new friend. I have seen enough golf on the
tube to recognize most of the top players, but I had
never seen Jim before. Jim closed his eyes and sank into
the tub, coming up with a rush and a little splash. Water
covered his torso, and I could see Laurie starting to
appreciate what was sitting next to her.

The water he splashed seemed to "hilite" one of her
nipples, and we could both see Jim making no quick effort
to look away. "This is Laurie," I said and introduced
myself as well. "Are you a player? I don't really
recognize you."
"No," he chuckled a little at the suggestion.
"Maybe if I practice enough I can make the Seniors..."
Laurie half-turned towards Jim. "What do you do,
then?" I started working on her neck again as moved back
into position.
"Well, actually," and Jim started laughing softly
again, "that's what I do." And he pointed at me! "I'm a
Physical Therapist. I work on the players when they're
not on the course." "What do you mean 'work on them'?"
As Laurie said this, I started to notice the little
things. For one, she had changed her posture again, just
slightly, but her breasts were now pushing out through
the front of her suit, and two, she let her hips slide up
towards the surface of the water, making sure Jim could
see the tight Vee of material stretching from her hips
down over her mound.

And Jim was looking at her as he replied.
"Massage...just like your husband. Well, truthfully, a
little different than your husband, I'm sure,
know what I mean." The third thing I noticed was that my
beautiful wife's breathe was a little more shallow and a
little more rapid. "Mmmmmmmm......" Laurie moaned as I
hit a sensitive spot on the side of her neck. "He makes
me feel pretty good." The fourth thing was the subtle
change in the tone of her voice. Almost like she was
offering up a challenge. "I'm sure he's very good." Jim
said pleasantly, leaning back into the hot jets, not
reacting to Laurie's little verbal joust. A moment later,
he looked over at me and said "you know, you really don't
have to rub that hard to be effective... mind if I show
you something?" "Sure," I replied, "that is, if my wife
doesn't mind being a 'teaching assistant.'"

Without a word, Laurie slid over so that she was
now right next to Jim, facing me, and leaning slightly
back into him. I saw his left hand cup her left shoulder
and he put his right hand on her neck. After about five
seconds of serious probing with the fingers on his right
hand, he grabbed Laurie's shoulder with his left and gave
her neck a half-twist with his right hand. "OH MY
GOD!!!!!!" Laurie hissed and then let herself sink under
the bubbling vapors. She came up rubbing her neck, her
eyes glazed over, mumbling that she had "never felt
anything like that before!!!!" "That was did you....can you teach him?" Laurie
was all over Jim in her new-found appreciation of the art
of massage. "Sure," Jim replied, starting to chuckle
softly again, "I can teach him how. But it'll take a
while. I do have a massage table set up in my room...."

My wife turned to me and scooted close on the
Jacuzzi bench. With her hands running up and down my
thighs, and the look in her eyes I have come to know so
well, Laurie told me to take the kids to their room and
get them into bed, and then meet her and Jim down in his

As she mentioned his room, Laurie softly raked her
nails over my cock, hardening as she knew it would be in
my swimming trunks. "Be good, baby," she hissed into my
ear. "Maybe we can all learn something new tonight." I
know it was hard for my wife to contain herself until I
had collected the kids and brought them by the hot tub to
say goodnight to their mom. "Room 153," she whispered. I
kissed her lightly on the lips, and left with the kids.
I got them changed and into bed in about ten minutes.
Then, stopping off in our room, I took another five to
change clothes and roll a couple joints. Soon enough,
with my heart pounding so hard I thought it could be
heard, I was standing outside the door to Room 153.
Making a final adjustment to my hardening cock, I knocked
twice, opened the door and walked in to Jim's room. I
looked around quickly...Laurie wasn't in sight...her
swimsuit was in a pile on the floor....the bathroom door
was closed and I could hear the shower running.

Looking up from an assortment of small bottles, Jim
motioned towards the closed door. "Laurie's washing off
the hot tub water," he said. "Why don't you get
comfortable." Smiling gently, he waived his arm towards
a nice large chair across from the massage table. As I
walked towards the chair, I picked my wife's suit up off
the floor. Clearly, she had already been nude in front of
Jim, so she had made her decision to play. All I could do
now was, well, pretty much whatever she wanted me to do!
"Mind if I smoke?" I pulled a joint out and help it up to
"Go right ahead. Mind if I take a hit or two later?"
"No problem," I replied, "I have plenty. Do you have any
white wine? I know that's what Laurie will want after her
shower." "Right here," Jim had turned to his mini-bar to
pull out a bottle and poured himself a glass. He sat on
the bed as we both listened to my wife in his shower.
"She's a beautiful woman, your wife," our newest friend
said, and he broke into a big grin.
He wasn't at all arrogant, but he just had that
attitude that he KNEW he was gonna get laid. "How often
does this" I said, sweeping my arm from Laurie's suit to
the bathroom door "happen?"

"Hey, don't be pissed at me," Jim was laughing and
trying to be quiet. "Really? Well, the truth is, it
happens about as often as I want it to." "Oh
...sure..right..." I was brilliant in my replies.
"No...c'mon soon as I said 'massage'
it was as good as done..." Jim reached across for his
first hit of the joint " and if not then....when I do
that 'neck' thing....well...." Long exhale, then "It is
better than any 'line' I've ever heard or used." My
voice must have tightened up a little because Jim looked
at me funny when I asked what happened before I arrived.
He said he and Laurie came in and talked for a few
minutes. He said he asked her about our marriage and
about me. "What about me?" my voice was a little scratchy
from the pot, but it sounded like I was getting excited.
"What do you mean 'as good as done'?" " are
getting excited, aren't you?" Jim looked closely at me,
taking the joint out of my hand again for another long
drag. He leaned back again on the bed, his eyes half
closed. "Laurie told me that you would pick her suit up
and fold it over the dresser when you came in." I started
turning red, feeling my face get hot.

"She said I would be surprised by you tonight." He
handed me back the joint, putting his hand on my thigh as
he leaned towards me. My cock jumped visibly, even though
no contact was made.

"No, I don't think I'll be surprised," he chuckled
again and as we heard the shower go off, Jim rose from
the bed, turned to his dresser and pulled out a pair of
white cotton running shorts. He slipped his swimming suit
off, and I could see his cock reflected in the mirror as
he toweled off and slipped on the shorts. Very nice, not
too long, not too thick and a heavy looking set of balls,
his sac much larger than mine. He turned around as my
wife came out of the bathroom, turning off the room light
and switching on a small table lamp near the bed. "God,
that felt good...." she looked down at me and the fire
was definitely in her eyes, "where's my wine, baby?" I
got up to pour her a glass, watching as she walked
towards Jim.

Her hair was wet, combed strait back from her
forehead and over her shoulders, and she had a motel
towel wrapped around her, covering her from just above
the nipple to just under the lips of her pussy. She gave
him one of her sweetest smiles. "Where do you want me?"
she purred. "I want you everywhere, pretty lady." Jim
moved into Laurie so smoothly, he had his arms around her
and his lips locked on hers before I had even finished
pouring her wine. He kissed her long and hard enough for
her towel to come undone between them before she broke
the kiss. Holding the towel together at the top, it
opens all the way as she walks over to me for her wine,
exposing her pussy completely. I can't breathe. I hand
her the glass and making no move to readjust the towel,
she turns and faces Jim. "Don't I get a little massage
first?" "Sure," he grins at her "if that's what you
want. Come here." And he pats the massage table.

Laurie turns back to me. "You don't mind if Jim
gives me a little rubdown, do you baby?"
This was a tone I hadn't heard since our days in
Asia. I just shook my head and moved back over to the
chair. Laurie turned again towards Jim, handed him her
glass with one hand and the towel with the other. (I had
gotten used to, over the years, seeing Laurie in very
revealing clothes in front of strangers). I have seen
her being stripped as a prelude to making love. But I
can't ever remember her being quite so bold...being so
quickly and totally front of a stranger so
quickly. I was having a hard time breathing and keeping
the joint lit...both necessary for my survival.) Jim put
them down and moved within inches of my wife's body. With
his hands hovering just a fraction of an inch from her
skin, he started tracing the outline of her face and
hair, moving slowly over her shoulders and circling her
breasts. I swear I could see her nipples grow as he did

Slowly moving his hands lower, he dropped to one
knee as he traced around her hips and her ass. His mouth
must have been only an inch in front of her moist
cunt...she was feeling his breath through the wet curls
of hair on her mons... her breathing was getting
shallower and I could see her skin start to flush. "You
better lay down, darlin', before these gorgeous legs give
out." Jim raised up, putting an arm around Laurie's
waist. She leaned into him to give him a kiss. As her
nipples grazed his chest, Jim took her right hand and
placed it over his shorts. Laurie gave him a squeeze and
giggled. "Un massage me first, remember? Then,
you teach him something (pointing at me in the chair).
Then, you'll get your massage. Deal, lover?" "Let's get
started, then," he said "get comfortable up here." Jim
helped Laurie onto the narrow, towel-covered table. It
was about six feet long and two feet wide. The table was
angle away from me so that I could see Laurie's right
side if I moved a little to my right, and I could see
between her legs if I moved a little to my left.

Jim moved around to Laurie's left side to start his
massage. He poured some oil across her shoulders and
down her spine, then started to 'work.' In only a few
minutes, Jim's fingers were through with her shoulders
and upper back and were working their way down to my
wife's ass. He stopped for a moment, poured some more oil
on each cheek and then a few drops into her crack. Then
he grabbed a handful of each cheek in both his hands and
really started rubbing hard.

Laurie started moaning, then sounded like she was
getting hurt a little. Jim leaned close to her, whispered
something in her ear and she started moaning again in a
big way. I leaned to left, staring intently, watching as
his hands pulled on her ass cheeks, lifting them,
separating then kneading the flesh, working her ass in a
strong rhythm, established by his thumbs, sliding
alternately over her dark pink little puckered hole. As
he continues this, Laurie unconsciously starts lifting
her hips off the table, trying to 'catch' his thumb in
her asshole. Every time she bucks like this, I can see
the lips of her cunt start to swell more and more.

Soon, I can see little drops of moisture seeping
out, her lips now a full lush pink. Laurie started
moaning more loudly now and I noticed that she has
started leaving her ass up in the air an extra few
seconds and I noticed the trembling of muscles being
squeezed along her inner thighs.

Jim let his thumb get 'caught' in her hot, flexing
anus and he used his other hand to lightly rub Laurie's
slit. I heard my wife moaning louder now, incoherent but
very intense. As I took a deep hit, Laurie trembled from
her curled toes through her upraised ass. He let her get
off on his fingers and then get comfortable again on the
table. Jim excused himself and went into the bathroom.
"Baby," Laurie mumbled to me, "bring me my wine, okay?"
I walked over to the dresser to get her glass.
" are so hot....I don't think I've ever seen
you..." I put the drink in Laurie's hand as I stood in
front of the table. Laurie reached out with her other
hand and gave my cock a healthy squeeze. "You seem to be
enjoying yourself, baby," she smiled lazily at me. "Why
are you still dressed? Don't you want to play?"

"What did you tell Jim before I got here?" I tried
to sound angry. "Nothin, baby," Laurie took a long drink
of her wine, "now get out of those clothes." I pulled
off my shirt and slipped my shorts off, getting back
into the chair as Jim came back out from the toilet. I
lit the second joint as he poured some more oil over each
of Laurie's legs, and as I took a nice long hit, I saw
Jim lean over, spread Laurie's ass cheeks one more time,
and stick his tongue into her little hole.
"Aahhhhhh......God, that's good." Laurie moaned again
from the table. "Oh, baby, that reminds me...I did tell
Jim all about Lupe and Rey..." Jim looked up, smiled at
me, and saw me sitting in the chair, one hand holding the
joint and the other wrapped around my stiff prick. He
laughed softly back at Laurie, "Oh yeah, he remembers
Lupe and Rey."

Jim continued his massage, working Laurie's long
legs. Finally, they were coated lightly with oil, and Jim
was sitting on the end of the table, with Laurie's left
knee resting in his crotch. He was working the back and
sides of her thigh, rubbing up and down with his thumbs
in the middle and his fingers on the sides. After a few
minutes of hard massage, he started to move more
gingerly, especially along the insides of my wife's
thigh. From my vantage point, I could see first one then
two fingers of Jim's right hand slide between the lips of
Laurie's pussy. He left his fingers inside her and
deliberately started to move them in a circular motion,
massaging the walls of her cunt. After a minute, before
Laurie could get too worked up, he started the process on
her right leg.

Five minutes later, two fingers from his left hand
were making circles in her cunt again. This time, he
didn't stop as Laurie started to moan and buck her hips
in time to the rhythm of his fingers.

Jim got off the table, his fingers still buried in
Laurie's box. He slowly inserted his left thumb into
Laurie and withdrew his two fingers. He slid his hand
underneath so he was cupping my wife's cunt with his
palm, playing with her clit with his fingers and probing
her cunt, massaging her G-spot with his thumb.

With his right hand, he spread Laurie's ass again
and started to rim her hole with his tongue. When it was
nice and wet (I could see saliva drip from his tongue to
her ass) he eased in the thumb of his right hand. I
watched, almost unable to breathe, my cock hard as steel,
as he fucked Laurie's ass with his right thumb and her
cunt with his left. Laurie was in another universe,
babbling incoherently, flopping her head from side to
side on the table, until with a keening shriek, and about
a million "Oh God...I'm cumming" Laurie rode his fingers
to orgasm again.

When she calmed down, and we could all breathe
again, I lit the joint and saw, in the flame, that I had
cum all over my thigh. Returning from the bathroom, I
noticed the massage table empty and the bed almost full.
Jim was on his back and Laurie ws kneeling over him, her
left hand rubbing lightly over his chest and her right
grazing softly along his thigh. Seeing me, my wife leaned
over further and kissed Jim fully on the lips. Then she
looked up at me, motioning me over to the bed. I sat
opposite my wife, separated from her by about six feet,
190 pounds of thirty -year old, good looking southern
male flesh. Laurie reached for my hand and started
stroking it along Jim's thigh with her hand. Her eyes
were getting very liquid and dreamy and her voice distant
as she hissed at me, "Jim really liked the story about
you and Rey." Laurie kissed Jim again. "Didn't you?"

As Jim moaned in reply, my wife directed my hand
towards Jim's thickening prick. As my fingertip brushed
across his balls, his cocked twitched upwards, adding
another 1/2 inch of length and girth.

Laurie took my hand in hers and wrapped my fingers
around a now nicely swollen and very hot cock. Jim pulled
Laurie up to him with his right hand while pushing on my
neck with his left. "C'mon.." Jim broke a long kiss to
mumble to me, "do me like you did Rey...she told me it
was so hot..." And as I slipped my mouth over the head of
his cock, licking the pre-cum out of the hole in the tip,
Laurie started moaning into Jim. My own cock was
rock-hard, leaking pre-cum as well, as I used my tongue
all over Jim's smooth cock. Adjusting my position, I
could tilt my head to the side and take all of him on the
down-stroke, with my lips almost on his swollen sac. "Oh
my, too good.." Jim was moaning while kissing Laurie,
still keeping a grip on the back of my neck, "God...too
good...I'm gunna cum...I'm gonna..."

"No, baby..." Laurie pulled me off Jim's cock.
"Wait for me...cum inside me..."
And with that, I watched my wife roll over and
impale herself on Jim's hard, spike-like, cock. I sat a
foot away, hypnotized as Laurie kept raising and then
lowering her creamy cunt on someone else's prick. Her
eyes glazed and distant, I watched her skin flush and
turn a dark hot pink. Jim had her in a death grip around
her hips, pumping her body up and down on his thick
prick, then holding her still and fucking her from
underneath. Harder and faster, his hips were a blur as he
"pile drive'd" his cock into her, finally clenching his
ass, moaning and groaning as he spurted shot after shot
of warm sticky cum into Laurie's spasming cunt. " Oh
God...oh Christ...that was the greatest..." Jim, all
excited, kissing Laurie, trying to hold on to her as she
moved off his wilting prick.

"No," my wife smiles sweetly into her newest lover's
face, "that was really good...this is the best part.."
And she motions to me once again. "C'mon, baby...get on
your back for me, pleeeaaasssee...." With my cock pointed
to the sky, I walk around the bed and lie down on my
back, my head even with Jim's hips. "Thanks, baby...."
Laurie hisses at me as she moves off Jim and straddles my
face with her knees. She leans forward gripping the
headboard and turns her face to Jim. "Go ahead...look
real close...he loves this part.." And Jim leans down
just in time to see Laurie's stomach muscles start to
contract downward, slowly moving to her cunt, where her
clenching cunt muscles releases most of Jim's warm cum
directly into my waiting mouth.
Laurie presses her pussy down, forcing me to swallow
it all.

"Jesus," mutters Jim, "you weren't kidding, were
you?" As I finished licking my wife clean, she turned on
her back and leaned against the headboard. Jim sat up
next to her, his arm around her shoulders and his fingers
playing casually with her nipples and rubbing the sides
of her full breasts. "My turn now?" Jim's mild southern
accent had reverted to a drawl. "Y'all gonna tell him to
suck my dick again or what?" Laurie kissed him fully, her
breasts crushed into his chest. "No, lover.." and before
Jim could get too disappointed, "you tell him what you
want." Laurie giggled and slapped at me with her foot.
"Well get to it," he said to me "....clean me!"
Again, I bent over the physical therapist, licking their
combinrd creme/cum off the shaft and around the crown of
his cock, enjoying the feel of the blood coming back into
his cock and stretching the smooth skin. I sucked on the
mushroom head, cleaning around the ridge with my tongue,
listening to my wife and her lover discuss my technique.

"He is really into this." The drawl was soft and
lazy now. "Seems you are too," Laurie giggled in reply.
"I loved it when you ate my ass," she continued
conspiratorially. "You wanna try it?" And she giggled in
my direction again. "Oh yeah," Jim was instantly excited
at the thought. "C'mon me like she said,
man...rim me..." And as he turned on to his stomach,
Laurie came over to me and kissed me full on the lips,
sucking my tongue into her mouth. She grabbed me by the
balls and squeezed ever so slightly. "For me,
it for me..." she hissed in my ear then leaned over Jim's
torso, holding his butt cheeks apart, presenting his
brown hole to me.

Starting where his sac was drawn up, I licked my
way, flicking my tongue back and forth, up his rear
crack. Jim started moaning as I closed in on his asshole.
Laurie moved to the side, grabbing both of our cocks,
squeezing in time to my thrusting tongue. As I got closer
and closer to his anus, Laurie moved her hand from my
cock to my sac, still squeezing in rhythm. I dipped the
tip of my tongue beyond the first hard ring....Jim moaned
loudly...his muscles relaxed and before I knew it, my
tongue was buried deep in his ass.

"Oh God... baby...he's in me...he's fucking my ass
with his tongue!" Laurie started applying real pressure
to my balls - my cock was hard as steel, draining pre-cum
onto the sheets. My wife leaned close to me. "Let me see,
baby," she hissed in my ear, "let me see you tongue-fuck
my lover." I drew my tongue out, rimmed his hole and
plunged it back in. Laurie moaned along with Jim.

"Again, baby...keep fucking him..." And as I plunged
my tongue in and out, Laurie squeezed us both once more
and Jim and I came simultaneously, erupting in spurting
spasms all over the sheets. After a few minutes,
everyone catching their breath, my wife turned to me.
"I'm gonna stay with Jim tonight, baby. That bed is just
way to small. Come get me before you wake up the kids."

I dressed quickly, left Laurie with her lover and
went back to our small room to roll a joint, stroke my
dick and think about what was happening with Laurie and

-=[ THE END ]=-


2007-04-11 18:22:25
Good cocksucking story. The guy really gets into it with his wife fucking the other man and then he eats the cum out of her pussy. Fucking hot.
The only thing better would have been if he went back and fucked his two kids.


2006-04-12 08:52:33


2006-01-08 06:20:27
Wimp cuckcold stories are piss poor.
Geez Snave, give the guy some backbone,
At least let him shoot a load in the other guys mouth and the wife tell him she will do a woman for him. 1/10


2005-06-16 14:15:25
This was A great story except I would have liked the guys to have fucked each other.My husband likes cum straight from the source and out of my pussy or ass.there has been times when I made him watch and would not let him touch himself.Like when I get gangbanged,and then he is allowed to keep me clean with his toungue.Then when I think he can not control him self any longer I make him leave so he can go jack off or go to A porn shop and get (or give) A blowjob,while I finish with my lover(s). Sometimes he gets in the way. Keep it up.


2005-03-01 01:27:05
come on man.....he fucked your wife you rimmed his least fuck him and get some more pleasure for yourself,don't be such a fucktoy

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