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My third story; hope you like it!
"You know, I can see your ... hair," whispered Gina, before dissolving into giggles.

"GINA! You are AWFUL!" Kaylee clapped both her hands over the front of the yellow bikini bottoms. She stood still for a moment, holding back a giggle, chewing her bottom lip.

"Ummm ... Can you really?" Kaylee slowly dropped her hands from her swimsuit and peered down at herself. Past her swelling breasts and flat tummy, Kaylee indeed did see a few blond wisps curling out from the top of the bikini bottoms.

"Oh yeah, you are so busted!" Gina teased. "You can't buy that suit without taking care of your little, ah, pelt problem."

Kaylee punched Gina in the shoulder. The 15-year-old best friends stood next to each other in the department store dressing room, looking at themselves in the full-length mirror. Both had on teeny swimsuits; Kaylee's yellow, Gina's white. Kaylee's bikini complemented her blond hair, while Gina's long golden-brown ponytail looked great against her white suit.

"I don't have a PELT problem!" cried Kaylee, laughing in spite of herself. "If you hadn't talked me into trying on a swimsuit a size too small, I wouldn't be, you know, peeking out."

"Well, we both vowed to get the sexiest suits we could find," said Gina, adjusting the strings holding up her skimpy bikini top. "Less fabric means more skin."

Gina's top consisted of two small triangles of thin white fabric attached to strings. The triangles barely covered her nipples. Gina smiled at herself in the mirror. She liked seeing her full breasts so exposed.

Kaylee tucked her rogue curls back into the top of her suit bottom, before smoothing the slinky fabric over her mound.

"There! I think I'll be OK if I'm careful," said Kaylee, hand on her hips. "I hope my mom doesn't freak out when she sees this bikini. She's so old-fashioned!" The blonde looked over at her friend. "What about you? Are you showing too?"

"Me?" Gina laughed. "I never have that problem, girlfriend. See?" Gina pulled down the front of her bikini bottoms, revealing her mound down to the top of her slit. Gina was satiny smooth and perfectly hairless.

Kaylee gasped and looked around, as if someone could actually be spying on them in the private dressing room. "You ... SHAVE yourself?" Kaylee whispered. She had a sudden irrational urge to reach out and touch her friend's pale skin.

"Yep," said Gina nonchalantly, as she turned around and looked back over her shoulder, trying to see how her rear end looked. "Ever since last month, when I started dating Jon. He likes my pussy smooth," said Gina, smiling at her friend. "Sometimes Jon shaves it for me."

Kaylee's face was one big blush. Even her chest was pink. She pictured Gina lying back on her bed, legs spread, while her cute blond boyfriend shaved the dark curls from her pussy. "Oh. My. God. Jon does THAT!"

"Yeah, hot, huh? I leave myself furry for him before we go out. He'll reach into my panties, and check me with his fingers. Then we go up to my room. I lie back on my bed, and he shaves me smooth, then rinses me off," said Gina. A wicked grin grew on her pretty face. "While I'm still spread-eagled, you know what he does?"

Kaylee put her hands over her ears. "Don't tell me, don't tell me! Don't tell me!! ... OK, tell me."

"He eats me."

Kaylee let out a little squeal. "Jesus! I have GOT to start dating!"

"Well, you could if you weren't so picky! You've been asked enough times," said Gina. "You keep looking for a guy as hot as your stepdad, and he DOESN'T EXIST. Hey, how does my rear end look?"

Kaylee flushed at the comment about her stepdad, and looked down at her friend's butt. The white suit was so small both smooth cheeks were nearly entirely exposed, and the crack of Gina's ass was almost showing.

"It looks awesome! Jon will love this suit," said Kaylee admiringly. "And leave my stepdad out of this! I don't think he's HOT. Jesus, he's OLD! I think he's handsome, that's all."

Gina cocked her head and threw her friend a sidelong glance. "Yeah, right. And those nipples got hard thinking about... what?"

"GINA, Jesus!" Kaylee cried, covering her breasts with her hands. The stiff nubs poked against her palms through the flimsy yellow fabric.

"Speaking of Mr. Handsome, he'll be here soon to pick us up," said Gina. "I say we get these bikinis. They're perfect!"

* * * * * *

Half an hour later, Joel Henderson waved at the girls as he pulled his Jeep to the curb.

"So did you girls find the ‘perfect' bikinis you were looking for?" he asked as Kaylee and Gina climbed in the backseat with their shopping bags.

"Yes, we did, Mr. Henderson," said Gina. "Thanks for driving us here so we could shop."

"Happy to do it, Gina," said Joel. He smiled at her in the rear-view mirror, his eyes very blue in his tanned face.

Ever since Joel had married Kaylee's mom the previous year, Gina had been Joel's favorite of all of his young stepdaughter's friends. Quick with a dirty joke or suggestive remark, Gina almost blatantly flirted with him. Joel liked it. Plus the brunette had a ripe body he couldn't help but notice, and she seemed to like showing it off.

"I got a yellow bikini, and Gina's is white," said Kaylee. "They're a little on the small side. I hope Mom doesn't have a panic attack when she sees them." She glanced up at Joel through her lashes.

Gina was right about one thing; Kaylee had a passionate crush on her stepdad. She thought he was unbelievably sexy. His longish brown hair, dimpled cheeks and easy smile never failed to weaken the young blonde's knees. He starred in all of her secret fantasies.

"Kaylee had a little trouble keeping herself in her suit, Mr. H.," giggled Gina. As Joel glanced up into the rear-view mirror, Kaylee punched Gina in the arm and hissed, "GINA! Shut UP!"

Joel shifted in his seat and adjusted the erection that suddenly strained against his jeans.

"I'm sure the bikinis look great, girls," he said mildly. "Your mom means well, Kaylee, even if she sometimes seems a little strict.

"I know, I know," sighed Kaylee. "Oh, Dad, Gina is staying the night. That's OK, right?"

"Sure, as long as it's fine with her parents. With your mom out of town, we're having pizza delivered for dinner."

"Mmmm pizza! I love pizza! There's nothing like eating a yummy slice for dinner," said Gina, smiling at Joel.

Why does everything she say sound so nasty? Joel adjusted himself again. He was harder than before.

When they pulled into the garage a few minutes later, Joel told the girls to go ahead while he got some things out of the trunk. Kaylee and Gina went inside, chattering and laughing, carrying their bags. Joel sat for a moment with his eyes closed, willing his erection away. He knew his thoughts were wrong. My God, they are 15 years old! 15! Nearly little girls! And Kaylee's my stepdaughter!! The devil on his shoulder kept whispering in his ear. Did see their tight little asses when they walked inside? Don't you want to see their bouncy tits in those new bikinis? Don't you bet Kaylee gives incredible head?

Joel resolved to ignore the devil, took a deep breath, and walked inside.

* * * * * *

"Mmmm, pepperoni! My favorite," said Gina, selecting a slice and putting it on her plate. A couple of hot pizza boxes sat on the bar, along with drinks and napkins. She and Kaylee stood in the kitchen, eating their pizza and sipping sodas. Both girls wore loose T-shirts and shorts. Joel sat on a barstool, eating his own slice and drinking a cold beer.

"The only thing bad about pizza is how fattening it is," complained Gina. "I can't afford to gain any weight, especially if I'm going to fit in that bikini!" She paused, looking up at Joel.

"You're a man, Mr. H.," teased Gina. "What do you think? Do you think I need to lose weight?"

Gina pulled her white T-shirt tight against herself, allowing Joel to see that she was clearly bra-less. Although she had no discernible tummy bulge, her breasts stuck out high and proud. Her nipples hardened as he watched.

"What do you think? Is my belly too big?" asked Gina, mock-seriously.

"No, Gina, you're not overweight. Your belly is, ah, flat," said Joel, taking a deep drink from his beer.

"Well, what about my bottom?" Gina turned around, holding her curvy ass cheeks in their cut-off shorts. She gave her bottom a little wiggle as she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Joel. "Isn't my rear end too big?" Joel could clearly see space between Gina's legs; the mound of her little pussy was visible as she bent over.

Flustered, Joel nearly dropped his pizza.

"No, Gina, don't be silly. You aren't fat," said Joel. "Both of you are beautiful, sexy young girls." Why did I say SEXY, he instantly thought to himself.

Gina looked back at him silently, smiling. "Thanks Mr. H." She and Kaylee exchanged a look.

"Well, we're going to turn in, Dad," said Kaylee, her voice husky. "Thanks again for taking us to the mall. Good night, sleep tight." She leaned up and kissed his cheek. Joel gave her a quick hug, and kissed her hair.

"I'm going to turn in, too," Joel said, smiling into her eyes.

"Good night, Mr. H.," said Gina, hugging him tightly, her arms around his neck. Joel could feel her soft breasts pressing against his chest. She, too, kissed his cheek. "Don't let the bedbugs bite." They smiled at each other over the childish rhyme.

* * * * * *

The girls sat on Kaylee's bed, facing each other.

"Did you hear?!" said Gina. "He said we were SEXY!" She hugged her arms to her chest, tingling all over.

"Jesus, Gina, you acted like such a slut to him!" said Kaylee, her eyes shining. "Showing him your tits, and shaking your butt at him. His eyes were glued to your nipples!"

"You're just jealous," Gina laughed, hopping off the bed. She shook her breasts, then turned around and wiggled her ass at Kaylee. "He'd look at you, too, if you did this."

Kaylee couldn't help it; she burst out laughing at her silly friend.

"Let's try on our bikinis!" said Gina, grabbing hers out of the shopping bag. "I want to convince you to shave."

"No way! Yikes!" said Kaylee, getting off the bed and lifting her tiny yellow suit of out its bag. "Normal guys don't like that. I'm going to keep my ‘pelt problem,' as you call it."

The girls changed into their bikinis, and stood in front of Kaylee's mirror.

"Look! You're so close to showing your fur," said Gina, touching Kaylee on the belly.

"I am NOT, you slut!" cried Kaylee, jumping back from her friend's touch. Her stomach felt all fluttery.

"Hey, I've got an idea! Let's sneak into the kitchen and get some beer!" whispered Gina. "I saw your stepdad had a bunch of bottles in there. He wouldn't miss it."

The girls turned out the light, snuck out of the room, and inched down the stairs to the quiet dark kitchen. Kaylee carefully opened the refrigerator, and nabbed a couple of beer bottles. She and Gina scampered back up the stairs, their bikinied bottoms joggling as they ran.

Back in Kaylee's room, the girls cracked up, trying and failing to laugh silently. They opened their beers and swigged them, making faces at each other over the icky taste.

"Let's see who can drink the fastest!" said Gina, grinning at her friend.

The teenagers upended their beers. A few minutes later, the bottles were empty. Lightheaded, the girls looked at each other.

"God, you are so hot," said Kaylee affectionately. "Your bikini isn't covering your nipples, you whore."

The girls laughed uproariously, hugging each other.

"You're right! Look at that!" said Gina, thrusting her breasts up. Her bikini top was askew, and her red nipples were clearly peeking out. Gina reached up and started covering herself, but Kaylee reached out her hand and stopped her.

"Here, let me help," whispered Kaylee. She drew the white fabric over Gina's nipples, covering them. Her fingers lingered, stroking the tips and pulling until they stood erect. Gina closed her eyes, and sharply inhaled. "There you go, now you're decent."

"Oh my God, I need another beer," said Gina after a pause. "Why didn't you get more while we were there? I'm going to have to punish you."

The girls looked at each other, then burst out laughing again.

This time when they snuck out of the room, the tipsy girls were slower, and kept bumping into each other. Kaylee and Gina reached the kitchen and retrieved the beers. They began creeping out, trying to keep from giggling.

Suddenly they heard a deep voice.

"Your mother is never going to let you wear that suit."

The girls stopped, frozen. They looked toward the voice in the dim light.

"So, sneaking beers, huh?" said Kaylee's stepdad. He was sitting in a barstool, a freshly opened beer in front of him. He still wore his jeans, but his chest was bare.

"Oh Mr. H.!" cried Gina. "We're sorry for waking you up. We were just ... thirsty." The girl tried and failed to suppress a giggle; Kaylee joined in. Joel smiled back at them.

"If you're going to drink, drink here with me," Joel said, patting a barstool next to his. "You should both learn how to handle yourself while you're tipsy."

Joel was a little tipsy himself. His eyes traveled up and down the girls' bodies in their skimpy bikinis as they sat down in the barstools next to him. Joel noticed how Kaylee's breasts joggled when she sat down, and Gina ... Oh my God, I can see her nipples! The brunette's bikini top had slipped, and her rosy nipples were barely, just barely showing.

Emboldened by the alcohol, Gina looked at Joel and decided to ask something sort of, well, inappropriate. "I have a question for you, Mr. H.," the girl said as she took a swig of her bottle.

Joel looked at her with his eyebrows raised. "What's that, Gina?"

"What's sexier to a guy, hair or no hair? What I mean is," Gina said, blushing, "do guys like hair on a girl's, you know, private parts, or do they like it smooth?" She giggled nervously. Kaylee gaped at her friend, not believing that Gina actually asked the question. Kaylee started giggling along with her friend.

Joel sat still for a moment. He smiled at both girls.

"That's quite a mystery," he said, calmly. "Some guys like one way, some the other. I've never decided, myself."

Tucked into his old jeans, his cock was as hard as a steel rod.

"Well, Kaylee and I have a disagreement," said Gina, eyes sparkling. "I shave and she doesn't. Maybe you can help settle which way is sexier."

Joel slowly got out of his barstool, and stood in front of the girls.

"OK, first let's see which looks sexier," he said quietly. "Nudge down your suits and I'll take a look."

Kaylee and Gina looked at each other. Both girls were more excited than they had ever been before. And wetter. Kaylee was dimly aware that she might soak through her suit and leave a wet mark on the leather barstool.

Both young girls grasped the edges of their bikini bottoms and pulled down, exposing their teenage mounds.

"A little farther; I need to see down to your slits," said Joel patiently.

The girls tugged down, both giggling. Joel leaned in to both girls in turn, looking directly at their exposed pussy mounds. Like twins, both girls were trembling. He inhaled their different aromas with his nose nearly touching the girls' skin.

"This might help," he murmured, untying the strings on either sides of the two bikini bottoms. The slight triangles of fabric slipped off Kaylee's and Gina's hips and onto their barstool seats, revealing their entire pussies. Joel touched each bikini bottom, fingering its wetness.

"My, my, what an interesting question," Joel said breathlessly. "Both of you smell equally delicious, so that isn't different. Kaylee, your blond bush is so girly, with delicate little curls. Gina, your mound is smooth as a baby." Joel cleared his throat. "I can't decide which is sexier; we'll have to have a tiebreaker."

"Maybe you can decide which pussy feels sexier," whispered Gina.

Joel looked at her. "Good idea, Gina. I'll stand between you and touch you both at the same time."

He faced Kaylee and Gina, and slid his hands gently over the girls' pubic mounds. His fingers played in Kaylee's feathery curls, and caressed Gina's sleek skin. Hesitating just a moment, he reached farther down, into each girl's wetness. Both opened their legs for his expert fingers, as he stroked each pussy, exploring the slippery slit. Joel slipped his thumbs up to each girl's clit, rubbing and swirling the hard nub. The girls gasped nearly at the same moment, and his fingers were awash in fresh girl juice.

"Another tie," he whispered, panting slightly. "Both pussies feel incredibly sexy; Kaylee's silky hair and Gina's satiny skin. Your slits are both slick and ready, and your clits are equally stiff under my fingers."

All three were now breathing hard, the young girls sitting with their legs wide open, the tall man standing before them.

Gina pulled her bikini top aside to pull on her red tips. Joel had never seen such long nipples on a girl, whether a young teen or a grown woman. He watched as Gina rolled the tips between her fingers, squeezing and pinching.

"Tiebreaker time," breathed Kaylee, her hands busy between her legs. "You'll have to see which is sexiest to taste."

"Me first," said Gina, pulling him close. "You can eat your little girl next." She spread her legs obscenely wide, so her inner lips were pulled open, revealing a wet pink slit. Her erect clit was visible at the top of her snatch.

Joel got on his knees, and again breathed in Gina's scent. The girl, however, eagerly put her hands behind his head and pulled his face into her sex. He was enveloped in her wetness, and hungrily began licking her folds. He thrust his tongue deeply into her hole, drinking her juices. Gina moaned, her head thrown back. Joel rooted his way up to her button and began to suck, hard. Gina began gently humping Joel's face, clenching her ass rhythmically in time to his suckling. She began grinding faster, and then cried out, pulling Joel's long hair. Joel didn't stop his intense sucking until Gina became limp, and slumped in her chair. Even then, he took his time lapping up her pussy, and finished with a leisurely tongue bath of her quivering mound.

Kaylee had watched her stepdad eat her friend in a daze, her small hands working on her own cunt. She had never been so turned on; her entire body was one live nerve. Her nipples and clit were hard as diamonds.

Joel raised his head from between Gina's legs, and looked Kaylee in the eye.

"Your turn, honey. Let's move somewhere more comfortable." Joel gently picked up his stepdaughter and carried her to the adjacent family room. He laid her carefully on the couch, and untied her bikini top.

"Let's get rid of this. I want to see your beautiful body," Joel whispered, as he pulled the swimsuit top from Kaylee's breasts. Her pink erect nipples pointed at him. Kaylee's chest heaved; her tummy trembled.

Joel lowered his mouth to Kaylee's breast. He stretched out his tongue and flicked the puckered tip. Kaylee inhaled sharply and thrust her breast up to meet his mouth. Joel slipped the quivering nipple into his mouth and sucked deeply. He nursed on the young girl's breast while his hands spread her thighs. As Joel's lips moved to Kaylee's other tit, he firmly palmed her pussy, rubbing her little bundle of nerves.

The young blonde began making soft sounds, contented, like a cat's purr. She caressed Joel's hair as his lips worked on her nipple.

"Make love to me," Kaylee breathed. "Fuck me! Please."

"I can't Kaylee, it wouldn't be right," Joel said, groaning. "Let me make you feel good, though."

He slid down Kaylee's body, kissing as he went. As his face reached her furry pussy, Gina's sleepy voice interrupted.

"At least turn around, and let her suck you while you eat her. Then everybody gets a happy ending," said Gina with a smile, still slumped in her barstool.

"Yes!" said Kaylee with an aggression she hadn't felt before. She sat up and pushed Joel down on his back onto the couch. Turning around, she eyed his jeans before unbuttoning them and pulling them down. Joel lifted his ass to let his stepdaughter pull off his jeans and toss them aside.

Kaylee grasped Joel's thick cock in her little hand and immediately began licking it. As she did, she lowered her blond pussy directly over Joel's face. Joel closed his eyes and began to feed, sucking and licking Kaylee's soaked slit. At the same time, Kaylee focused on Joel's erect prick, flicking her tongue over its firm head and sucking it deeply in her mouth. Loud slurping noises were interrupted by groans and grunts.

When Kaylee's humping on his face grew more urgent, Joel began pulling hard on her clit, sucking hard and fast. He thrust repeatedly, fucking her face. He shot his cum deep in Kaylee's working mouth. Both shook with their climax, and continued sucking through the orgasm, swallowing and lapping up each other's thick juices.

As the two lay panting, intertwined, Joel began to laugh softly.

"We still need a tiebreaker!" he whispered.

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