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laddies please read
You are the hottest women i have ever had the pleasure of pleasing.I have never enjoyed the tasteof a women so much just the thought of my thounge spliting the soft wet lips, of your pussey makes , my cock hared!
I love sluty women,and i married the queen. I think that professionaly desires a film if for nothing more then to see how people should love each outher. this was written by my very handsome husband who has the nicest ass and the charming smile. hes 53 and t m 36 he is naughter and i am not , so he knows what it takes to make me be willing to plublish this one and only note i have ever recieved from him. but the best part of all is i deserve it,

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2012-06-03 00:23:42
36 & 56? Girl you must be a dumb ass white broad! First you like wrinkly dick and second you can't write to save your damn life!"!!

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2012-02-26 22:14:58
uuuuummmmmm...... what the hell was that?

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