I'll neve forget my senior year.
Hope you enjoy.

During my senior year, things happened that were the best moments of my life. I was
18. I am a white male. I had learned spanish already from some friends, so I knew I was
going to pass my semester 1 spanish 1 class, which was required for graduation. As I walked
in Room 17, I immediatly noticed the pretty girls, as I always did, being a teenager and
all. There was Stormie; who was a black-haired junior, Ellen, a skinny brown-headed girl,
Alexis, a girl of spanish decent, Tara, a blonde, and there were others, but no one that
I knew, as I had been home schooled until now; my parents thought it would be a good
experience for me. I took my seat and waited for the bell to ring. When I saw Miss Hamock
walk in, pleasure flooded my brain(not unlike when I saw other attractive girls). There
were lots of attractive females at the school, teacher and alumni, and she was one of them.
She was not the most attractive woman, nor the least, but she sure was pretty. She
introduced herself to the class. She had a really high voice, and often joked about it.
I thought it was great and unique. She was white, 26, and after inquiries by my classmates,
I found out she was a senorita. "Try to keep all work you turn in very neat," she
said, "I'm very anal about my job." Days and classes went by, as I admired girls at the
school at every chance. One night, I was feeling kinda horny, so I was about to go to my
usual porn site to wank off, but I was thinking of jerking off to something different.
I thought 'what about the spanish teacher'. She had a picture on the school website, and she
was a teacher; and a spanish teacher at that. Also she was a person in MY life,(kinda) not
a porn star, or a woman that I would never know. So it was kind of arousing to me. I went to
said website site, and soon the deed was done. The next morning at school, I felt ashamed;
what a freak I was, she didn't know, and I was thinking most women would not like people
to do such a thing. A couple days went by, as I grew more ashamed. One day, after the bell
rang, and class dispersed, I stayed behind. I waited for everyone to leave, and made sure
no one was outside the room and the door was shut. "Miss Hamock," I started. "Yes?" she
inquired. "I have something I need to tell you." "Uh-huh?" It was very hard for me to say
such a thing, but I needed to, to clear my conscience. "I.....uhh..kinda....sorta," I felt
very warm and weird, as I have before when reading a paper in front of the class in earlier
grades. "went on the school website and....pleasured myself to your picture." I had said
it. A few moments went by. "Why did you do that?" she asked. Fearing what would come next,
I answered: "Well,'re a very pretty woman...and I did it with the utmost respect, but
I feel terrible, and I apoligize." I looked for the disgust on her face, but found nothing.
"So why did you decide to tell me?" "Because I felt really,really ashamed, and I just had
to clear my conscience." Another pause. "Well," she said, "That's very noble of you to
admit you did it. I understand how teenagers are and everything, so you shouldn't feel bad,
since you told me and apoligized." I was very relieved. "So I'm forgiven?" I said, just to
make sure. She smiled. "Of course." "Thank you for understanding, Miss Hamock." I started to
leave, but she called my name, in indication to stay for another moment. "Yeah?" "
think I'm attractive?" "Of course," I smiled. "You know," she said, looking at her computer
for a moment, "I've been looking for a sexual partner, but I haven't had any luck lately..,
and I have noticed you are an attractive person. So... maybe we eachother
out?" "I was stunned. "...What? You mean, like, have sex?" "Yeah. If you want to." Wow! A
woman, my teacher, just asked me to have sex! "...Are you sure?" i asked. "I am." I paused,
then replied, "I would love to." "So... you wanna start?" "Now!? In this room!?" "Why not?
I've worked here for a couple years; I know the schedule. We won't get caught." "...Okay. If
you're sure." She walked up and kissed me, and put her hands around me. I let go, and
caressed her hair, feeling it's softness. I had fantasized about being with a woman...but
my teacher! We removed our clothes, and I gazed at her naked form. I rubbed her skin up and
down, as she did the same. Her hands eventually came to my cock, which was hard. It felt
good...and it was going to get better. She bent down and put it in her mouth. She sucked on
it over and over again, sometimes swirling her tongue around it. This felt phenomenal. She
alternated between sucking and caressing my genitals, all the while I was feeling so very
good. All of this happened slowly. She cleared her desk off; not in one passionate sweep,
she still wanted to keep her job. I helped her put the stuff away. "Is this your first
time?" she asked. "Yeah." "Just lay on your back on the desk, and I'll show you." So that's
what I did. She climbed up on the desk, then slowly relaxed my penis inside of her. This
was a novel experience for me, and I was now having sex. She used her legs to push herself
up and down, as she faced me and I looked at her nice body. Up and down, as the pleasure
increased. "Me gusta la sensacion de que dentra de me." she said, in spanish. I had seen
how people get during sex in pornos. I went along with it. The pace slowly picked up,
until she was going very fast, her muscles tightening as did mine, us both getting ready to
cum. "Me llenan?" "Si!" I could feel my breathing become irregular. Faster and faster, until
my semen burst into her. That's how it felt. We were breathing hard, as she pumped my
dick. "Siiiii!" She came on me, as I shot another round in her vagina. The fluids poured
out, and she kept going a moment after we were both spent, then stopped. She got down and
sucked and swallowed our mixture of liquids off me. "That was amazing!" I said. "Yeah, you
get an A."


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Longer and make into paragraphs. Give more details. Which is more exciting? "I came." or "My cum rushed up from my balls and began to savagely pump into her womb, coating it with my energetic and eager baby-makers."

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