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Mary, Annie best friend, came into my office, she wanted to talk to me.
Hot Basketball Player Chapter 2

I was in my office after practice and Mary, Annie best friend, came in. She said, "She would

like to talk to me about what Annie had told her ". I said , "What did Annie tell you?" She

said, "What you and her did last night in here. I want to get in on what you two were doing." I

said, "I don't know what you are talking about." She just smiled at me and started pulling her top

off. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, I want what Annie got last night". Then took off her

bra and let her big tit out for me to see and right away I started to get aroused. With my 14" cock

and with me not having on any under ware. Like I said before, I do not like under ware. She sees

right away that I was getting aroused and she wanted what I had in my short. She pulled her

short and panties down at the same time. Then stepped out of them. She was naked right in front

of me and my cock was making a tent in my short. She walked over to me an took my cock in her

hands and started to play with it. She take it out the leg of my short and bent down to take the

head of it into her mouth. She sucks on the head a little then she pulled my short down and I

stepped out of them. I then pulled my shirt off. We are both nuked now.

She pushed me down on my couch and get on top of me. She takes my cock in her hands and

starts sucking on it. She is trying to see how much of it she can get in her mouth and down he

throat. She suck on my cock for about 5 mimutes before she stopped and put her pussy right

in front of my mouth. So I took my tongue and started to lick the lips of her pussy. She started to

purr like a cat. Then I sucked on her clit and she came all over my face. It was so good and sweet.

She stopped just before I come. She moved so she could put my dick in her HOT wet pussy.

She is still on top of me. She put the head of my cock at the mouth of her pussy it is so HOT. My

cock is so hard it is throbbing. I did tell you I have a 14" dick and it is 7" or 8" around. She put about

4" in and stops for a minute. Then she put in about 5 and stops again. Then pulled out 8" and then

put back in 8 a long with 3 more. Then she pulled out 10 then she shove it all the way to the hilt. It

was so good I all most came, but she came. She came so much I though she had peed on me.

When she had stopped comming she started riding me like a horses. I new I would not last long

the way she was riding me. I could fell my come starting to rise. I new I was about to explode. I

called out, to her I was going to come. She just keep on riding me.

I called out I am CCCCOOOMMMMIIINNNGG and I did. When I esplode, she explode at the same


I'M CCCCOOOMMMIIIINNNGG TOOOO. We rest for a little and she started sucking me back to a

good hard. Then she been over my desk and ask me to fuck her hard and fast with my big dick.

I did as she said, I put the head of my cock in her pussy and started to push it in a little at a

time but she said she wanted it in all at once. So I pulled it in to the hilt and when it hit bottom she

came as she did when I though she had peed on me but this time it hit the floor. I had heard of

women coming like that but this was my first to make one come like that. All the time I was fucking

her as hard and as fast as I could she was coming and was calling out all the time she was

coming. I new I was a about to blow my load again. I told her I was going to come to hold on.

When I exploded again she explodes like she was peeing again.

We took a shower together and she started to play with my cock when she was soaping it up.

It did not take long before it was back rock hard agian. So I fucked her under the water of the

shower with water running down our bodys. She came so much it was running down our leg.

As I came she said, "I am going to tell all of the girls on the team so they would not be left out. I

told her not to, because they would fuck me to death.

To be continued

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2012-02-12 11:22:47
vd4SCb The Author is crazy..!

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2011-10-27 06:44:02
you should be shot for that story booooo!!!


2005-07-05 14:48:13
Yo, you stink! I agtrr with Aya and Cprky. Besides, I couldn't even read it! I'll give this fuckin' shit story a 0/10! Shit!


2005-05-16 18:36:04
Unrealistic, too fast, boring.


2005-05-16 03:33:06
Poorly written. Appalling spelling. Dreadful plot. Get a spell checker!

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