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My math teacher gives me extra lessons at her home.
I arrived at the house of my math teacher for the extra lessons. I found her really sexy because I l like mature women like her. Ms.Long had a nice body, she always made me a bit horny. I rang her door bell. She came to the door and said come in. I came in and she said take off your shoes. After I did that I followed her to the living room and I could not help looking at her ass.
We sat down on the couch and I got out my math book and something to write with. She said good then let’s start with last lessons material. I put the note book on my lap and the math book in between her and my lap. We did a few math questions that even I could do before we got to hard ones. I said I can’t do that one. She said ok let me help you and took my pen and erased all of my tries for the question I was on. I could feel the erasing movements on my cock and I started getting an erection. She said I’ll do this one for you and you will look do the next ones ok? I said yes. She started writing and I could feel how she moved her hand over the paper with my cock.
I did not know if she felt my cock but I doubt it. I got harder and harder while she moved her hand over the paper. Then I got so erect that the notebook started lifting bit by bit. Not much but she noticed, she held in writing for a moment because she was irritated and surprised but then she continued and pretended not to notice. A minute later she said ok go and do these questions. I will have a shower, just keep working ok? I said ok. She left and I could hear her going up the stairs. Shortly after I heard a shower turning on. I put the notebook aside and then got my cock out the zippers of my shorts. I looked around and jerked mu penis. I stood up and walked around and looked into the rooms while stroking my cock.
I decided to go upstairs and look through the key hole. I did so but I could not see her because the shower was next to the door. I looked down the hall and saw an open door with a bed. I went in it and saw used clothes in a laundry basket. I went to the basket and took out a sock. I pulled the sock over my cock and then I took a little pink slip and jerked with that. I took a few slips and put them in my pocket to take them home. I stood up with the pink one covering my cock and jerking. Then I opened drawers from shelves. I wanted I opened the bottom one of the shelve next to her bed. It was full of dildos and vibrators. She had about 40 different toys, vibrators, dildos strap-ons and things like that. I smelled them to see if they smelled like her pussy.
I didn’t notice that the shower had turned off and then she was already in the room. She didn’t see me yet. She was completely naked and she looked beautiful. Her pussy lips were used and she was shaved. Then she noticed me, she was very surprised and shocked, she jumped and let out a short scream. I did not know what to say. She looked at me. I’m so sorry. She still didn’t say anything. I said, please, I’ll do anything if you don’t tell my parents. Anything. She had put a towel around her waist, and one around her breast. I stood up and now she could see my cock fully. She saw her panties around it. I was surprised to see her with a slight smile.
Anything?, she asked. I said yes, in a begging voice. She said put that away and go back downstairs. I did so. I also put my penis back in my pants. A minute later she came back downstairs. She had put on a dress that ended just over her knees. She said get off the couch. I did so and she got on it. She had a serious facial expression now. Kneel down. I did so. Now give me a foot massage. I was a bit surprised and she said go. I started massaging her feet. I massaged her beautiful small feet for a while and she closed her eyes a bit and I tried looking under her dress. I could see that she only wore the dress. She opened her eyes and said follow me downstairs. We went downstairs in the cellar. Then into a room. In it there was a table for massages and yoga or something like that. She said go in the corner and close your eyes.
I did so. Two minutes later she said ok come here. She was on the table naked. She had a folded towel over her breast and another one over her pussy. She said massage me. I was really happy because my punishment was touching her. I put lube on her that she gave me and started massaging her legs and hips and all that stuff. I got to the shoulders. Her eyes were closed, she was sleeping. I continued for a second and then went out the room quietly up to her bed room and to her sex toy drawer. I got out the whole drawer. Then I went back to her. She was still asleep. I locked the door and then I got handcuffs and a rope out the drawer. Quietly I cuffed each arm of her onto the legs of the massage table and then I did so with her legs as well. I took the rope and tied it under the table and over her belly so she was not able to lift her back.
Then I took the towels of her. I undressed and went over to her feet. I rubbed my penis on them. Then I got over to her face and kissed her that woke her up. She said what the fuck and noticed that she was bond so she couldn’t do anything. She looked at me and saw that I was naked. I jerked my hand with one hand and touched her one of her tits with the other hand. She asked can you at least untie me? I said no and got a three vibrators out her drawer. I put two into her pussy and one in her ass then I turned them on. She started moaning loudly and I said shut up bitch. I went back to her face and slapped her with my cock then I stuffed my cock into her mouth. She didn’t look angry or scared she looked as if she was enjoying it. I pushed it in all the way and made her gag. Then I went a bit softer like it was a blowjob. I was very surprised when I felt her tongue working away on my cock. She had her eyes closed and looked like she liked it. I went to lay over her and do the 69 sex position. I took the vibrators out and started licking her clit. She was extremely wet and kept using her tongue on my cock. When she felt me licking her she made a lout giggling noise of enjoyment. I kept licking her for a few minutes then I stopped got my cock out her mouth and stood up.
I asked her, how did you like that bitch. She said, a lot. I was surprised. I went to her pussy and put my cock into it. Uhhh she moaned. I started sliding in and out faster and faster. Your pussy feels so good Ms.Long, I said. She just kept moaning. Then she started yelling, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I got my cock out and went to my shorts and got my cellphone and turned on the camera. I went back and started fucking her. She noticed that I was filming us and begged, please don’t please do not film it. I said, but then I have something to threaten you with and can fuck you if you do not want it to get public.
I fucked her really hard and she had her orgasm, still begging and also moaning, we can have sex just like that too, please. I said I’ll keep it anyway, I can’t be sure. Ok fine but do not show anyone please. I said I won’t while I kept fucking her. Now I could feel that I was getting closer to my climax. I said I’ll cum in your ass. I pulled my cock out her pussy and tried getting in in her ass but she could not lift her legs and the table was in the way. She said untie me, I said yeah right, sarcastically. Then she said I will not try to stop you, I liked it and we can do it more often.
I said you better do not try stopping me. I Untied her and uncuffed her. I thought she would try do attack me or run or so, but she got into doggy position and put her breast and head down to the table and looked at me really horny. She said common fuck me, I wanna have you cum in my face. I said ok Ms.Long. Call me slut she said or Rebecca. I put my cock in her asshole. It was surprisingly tight. I fucked her her hard and then I came, the jizz was squirting out between her ass and my cock. After I fully came I pulled my penis out. She said wow that was a big load. Want me to suck you clean? I said sure. She started sucking the jizz of my cock. Then I put my shorts back on. She said next time do not tie me up, just ask me.
Really I asked. Yes she said. I liked it, your cock is awesome.
The end
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