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Bobby and Sara get together
That’s when things went back to near normal for the next two weeks, as Sara’s leg healed, at ten days the stitches were removed and so were the pain killers. Without them her leg gave her more pain then she had ever known, we used over the counter pain relief but it wasn’t near as good. But she got stronger, and the leg hurt less. She walked around the house with a cane now, not needing as much support.

Like I said near normal, Sara moved to my bed that first night home, she had a valid point here's the argument she made. “What if my stitches open during the night, I may not be able to walk here. It would be better if I slept beside you that way if something happened you're here to help.” Truth is I found out I literally loved sleeping with her in my arms. As I come to realize that the love I felt for her was hers and hers alone. No transference, just honest to God love. Not to say it was easy, for those weeks were the most tempting in all my life. Only the thought of how much hurt I would cause held me back. Her birth control was not effective yet. So we waited at my insistence.

On the third visit to Doctor Maris, He gave her some exorcizes to help make her leg stronger and speed the healing. Sara asked me to wait outside the room. There’s a nurse in the room anyway.

Sara asked for a change in birth control, she had been looking on the internet and found a contraceptive injected type that is good for up to three years. Sara said. “Doctor I think it would be better than the pill, due to the oops-factor.

Doctor Maris laughs at that saying we had about three oops-factor babies up stairs right now. It’s good that you have chosen the injections we had just introduced them, and made an appointment for her. Asking some medical history about her mother, she hadn’t a clue about. She told him that her mother had left us when she was only three years old, so ask Dad he should know more.

Doctor Maris asked about her sex life. “How often do you have sex?”

Sara laughs at her reply. “Not yet, got the right man, but he is waiting till my leg is better.” Then she asked the Doc a question of her own. “Doctor, when will it be ok to start having sex?”

Doctor Maris looks to the nurse, who is more into the game on the iphone than what is happing there. “Well because you’re not having sex, and changing birth control as your Doctor I have to tell you it’s best to wait till after your appointment for the injection in 26 days. Give your body about two to three days for it to take effect.” A quick look at the nurse, no change, he leans in to whisper in her ear. “Any time you want to get together.” Pulling back with a smile, hands on his hips pulling his pants tight to show off his erection.

She had been hit on, I was disgusted by it Sara known he was married to Jill. She debated about going on her cell phone and giving Jill a call that instant. She also knew he would deny it. She wanted to protect her friend from such a bastard.

She had aged beyond her years, being more mature than most college students. The way she now looked, and acted, just the right amount of makeup, the way Sara dressed all said mid twenties. By the calendar she is short of her sixteenth birth day by 32 days. Her wit is sharp, mind fast, and yes the red head in her, is thinking he can’t please he shouldn’t tease. But two can play this game, and I’ll find a new doctor, before I need a second birth control injection.

On the Drive home Sara is all most ecstatic, we hit the top of the rise that as Sara put it separated our house from the rest of the world. “Dad, stop here at the top.” Stopping the SUV, I looked her wanting to know why she needed to stop.

Sarah continues. “See her house it’s separate from the entire world. Out there the world can go do whatever it wants. What I want to do tonight the world says I’m too young, by only 32 days, so it’s illegal. It’s that or we move to Europe where I am old enough. I don’t care; I feel I’m old enough to make my own choice. I want to make love to you Dad.”

I chuckle and say. “If you think you’re old enough to make that choice, and I think you’re old enough to make that choice. Why should we listen to some idiots that don’t even know that their daughters and sons or having sex when they were twelve.”

Sara chuckles. “And how would you know?”

“I never told you, but I grew up in Washington DC. I played with a lot of Congressman’s daughters. Not one was a virgin after age thirteen. I wasn’t their first, but I was their first boyfriend. ” Sara laughs at this. I continue on to our home.

At the front door I opened it grabbed Sara and carried her inside, she is giggling merrily I kick the door shut behind me. Carry Sara into our bedroom. I’m kissing her passionately as we go. I set Sara upon our bed and step back to absorb her beauty. Our gazes locked to each other as each removes our clothing in erotic striptease for each other.

Soon we both stand nude; I step closer to her and hold out my hand for her to take. She takes my hand and I pull her into my arms. Her body is fully against my own her warmth excites me even more, my erection is throbbing painfully. If I do not control myself I will just create a negative image of sex for Sara. I remind myself this is for her, it’s something I been wanting since she left the hospital about a month ago. I want to make it perfect for her. So I pull her back into a passionate kiss and lightly run my hands from her cheeks down her shoulders and onto her arms and then backup. She pulls into the kiss making it more urgent, wanton, and lustful. Her hand runs down my chest and over my stomach to my cock, grabbing my harden cock in her hand, she begins to stroke it. This sends waves of pleasure through my entire body her touch is electric, and warming. It’s been so long since I’ve had a woman do this to me I didn’t realize how much I missed this. How much I need this.

Sara still stroking my cock steps back onto our bed pulling me along. She lowers herself into the center of the king-sized bed. I move to lie down beside her. Her hand has never left my cock, and our gazes are still locked. My mouth needs to feel her tongue her lips against it, I move back into a kiss and it’s eagerly returned. I right hand gently supports her neck while my left wonders over her beautiful body. Running over her flat stomach and onto the mound that is her right breast, I rub squeeze and massage her breast. Moans escape her throat and resonate in our mouths. I break the kiss and move to gently nibble her left ear lobe her moans are louder due to not being muffled. I move onto her neck and gently nipped again, this time slightly below her ear which sends small spasms throughout her body.

“Oh how did you know to kiss me right there?” it’s simple it’s an acupressure point but I say nothing. Just keep moving my mouth on down toward her left breast. Her breathing is getting at here with each breath, so I latch onto her left nipple sucking it into my mouth I play with it between my teeth like nipping at it as it grows harder. Once it’s fully hard I suck her Areola along with the nipple deep into my mouth, she arches her back and pulls my head into her chest.

She moans. “That feels wonderful I’m tingling all over.” With that I move my hand from her breast and let it roam on down to her pubic mound, playing in her hair. “I love you.” I say as I move my mouth to the other breast. I’m giving it the same treatment as the first. My fingers gently part her sex, as my finger glides between her lips she moans. “That feels so good.” I tease her lips running my fingers lightly over them and down her slit then back up, just avoiding full contact with her clitoris. Running my fingers back down I found the opening to her vagina I gently circle her opening. Not yet pressing a finger in I simply rubbed across it several times each time adding a little more pressure I feel it open a little more with each pass. Now just placing the tip of my center finger in her opening, I move my finger in a swinging motion pressing the pad outward sliding gently across the opening stretching it slightly. I press slightly deeper and add my forefinger. My thumb gently makes contact with her clitoris, Sara’s breath is rapid, Sara’s hips lung forward into my hand her head falls back; her moans become screams of ecstasy. She is climaxing, as waves of bliss run through her. She goes limp and I lower myself to the bed, and cuddle in next to her.

After her breathing has become normal I asked. “You never had an orgasm before? You know when you masturbated?”

“I didn’t do it that often, and when I did I get a strong urge to Pee. But when you were, she blushes; you playing with me the urge didn’t last but for a second before my orgasm happened. That was so good, intense, and awesome, and Wow. How’d you do that?” Sara is looking at me lovingly.

“I put my love into ever touch I made. That’s why it’s called making love.”

“I want to make love to you right now, I want you to be my first, and only lover. I love you.” Sara’s eyes are full of love.

I pull her into a loving kiss, and then whisper into her ear. “That would make me the luckiest man ever.”

Sara’s reply. “I’m the luckiest girl ever. Please stop teasing me and make me yours forever.” Taking my cock and pulls me on top of her, she rubs it up and down her slit and stopping over her entrance to herself. “Now Dad, make me your woman.”

Seeing the wanton look in her eyes I know I would do anything for her even this, even if I hadn’t wanted to I still would just to please her. I want to. I need to just as badly as she, if not more. “I love you. This may hurt; if it is too bad tell me and I’ll stop.” I pushed into her as her lips both sets my mouth or her upper set and cock into her lower set, both part as my tongue started to probe her mouth my head of my cock began to push in her vagina. Feeling my head move deeper into her as the rim just got inside, I break our kiss. Sara is so wet but all so tight. I push in slow till I stop at her hymen. I pull back till the tip of my cock is all that is in her, and press in again I start a very shallow stroke to get her relaxed and stretched, “Sara this is all I can do till I break your cherry. This will hurt some when you’re ready…”

Sara looks up into my eyes. “Don’t stop till you’re all the way in.” her opening is wet and still tight around me, but she is relaxed I take four more strokes on the fifth I push hard her hymen breaks, and I push deep in her till I’m touching her cervix. Sara cries out in pain from the fast impalement of her body, and loss of her hymen. I hold still, in a few seconds her eyes open, and her breathing is near normal.

“That hurts but not as bad as I’ve been told. I’ll try to relax it should stop hurting soon.” Sara held me tightly looking into my eyes love shown in them as it did in hers. I could have stayed like that forever, in that moment I was in heaven. Sara pulled her hips back and a smile spread across her stunning face. She pushed forward and ground her clit into me. “Oh yes, that is more than worth the pain.”

I pull out about two inches and start a slow rhythm, Sara moaned each time I touch bottom. Just a small Oh or Ah with each stroke I gave her. As she got louder my strokes got longer and faster. Finally her moans are loud and high pitched. She shouts “OH YES IT’S SO GOOD I’M CUMMING” her tighten up and strong spasms shook her, her eyes roll back in her head. I had been holding back but now I can’t any longer. I’m fucking her as fast and hard as I can. Her orgasm doesn’t stop as mine is building fast in a minute I’m over the top; I shoot my load into her deep. With each of my spasms I’m shooting into her it feels like forever.


The next days and weeks were like a dream, so blissful, we felt like newlyweds acted like that too. I worked a little maybe two or three hours four or five times a week, mostly answered emails or a half dozen calls. One day she dresses up like my Aid, in sexy office outfit. Fun day, we made love in my office that afternoon.

During the time I worked Sara would spend her time speaking on the phone to Jill, or her daughters. Sara read some of her favorite works, or a cookbook. She had discovered she truly liked to cook, finding it as an artistic outlet. She also spent some time on the Internet; she found a site with erotic stories which she enjoyed greatly. Reading from this site turned her on, so much that she would initiate passionate lovemaking, so I encouraged her to read more. Some of the titles she read were, Dad I Have a Question, Loss and Gain and Bait And Switch.

In the twenty-six days between Doctors Appointments we make love three to five times a day. We talk, played, swim and sleep together, nude every day and night. We were nude so often I had to do laundry only once in that time, if you don’t include the sheets.

On the Day of her last appointment with Dr. Maris we dress not want to lure ourselves into leaving a mess for the Doc to find, not that we cared of he found out about Sara being sexually active. “If the Doc is a nark let’s not give him the evidence to put you in jail Dad.” Sara said in the shower that morning.

Later when Sara was inside the exam room and I’m in waiting area, just nervously waiting.

The Doc comes on to her again, but Sara is more confident these days. She turns the tables fast on him.

Cupping her now 36C cup tits with her nipples hard as rocks, she playfully asked “Doctor did the birth control pills cause them to grow so much? Will the injection make them get any bigger?” It’s very cold because Sara is under the air conditioner vent; the Doctor had set the room up so the exam table would have this effect on his patients.

The Doctor looks hard at Sara’s breasts as she gives herself a self exam. He is a little shaken by this, but recovers faster than Sara thought he would. “Most likely they do play a part in their rapid growth, and no the injection wouldn’t change anything.” A tent has form in his pants.

“That’s good Doc. I would hate to lose them.” Sara giggles still working her tits. “Doctor, am I doing myself exam right?

“Normally you don’t have anything on when you give yourself one, do you?” The Doctor is fighting to stay in control, his will over his body and mine. Failing miserably he is taking into fantasy about Sara and himself. If he could he would fuck her in the stirrups and pound away until he cums.

Sara thinks about pulling off the hospital robe, and giving the Doc a great show, but there is no need. “Yes Doctor I normally do them when I’m nude, when I give myself one or my boyfriend does it for me.” Then she put her hand over her hard nipples hiding them.

Dr. Maris readies the injection for Sara while he still can thank clearly. He utilizes the large needle to inject the birth control in to Sara’s arm. The injected birth control takes a minute or two to complete once over Sara looks over at her arm now bruised a little but I’m safe to have fun with Dad for a few years now.

The doctor’s pants show a wet spot at the top of his tent from the large amount of pre-cum he is putting out. Sara hopes she hadn’t pushed him too far. She drops the little girl act in a voice that shows her maturity not her age. “Doctor I have no more questions. I would like to dress now. I’ll see you at my next appointment.” Sara knowing full well this is her last appointment with him.

The change is so great Doctor Maris is taken aback, more than the way she acted previous to now. “Ok then, I’ll see you then. Please excuse me I’ll be back soon.” With that he basically runs from the exam room to the nearest rest room hands in exam coat.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Sara and the Nurse both broke out giggling. After a minute of giggles the Nurse told Sara. “I’m glad to have seen that someone had gotten the best of that pervert.”

The Nurse watch as Sara put on the bra. “Sara that bra is way too small for that body of yours.”

“I know but my tits grew over the last two months I was hoping to get new bras as soon as the stopped growing.”

“Sara you don’t have much of an option you get new ones or get cut in half. Well just leave it off till you can get to a good store for a fitting for a few new ones till you complete your growth. Have they gotten any bigger in the last week?”

“No I think they’re about the same.” Sara smiles.

“Then you may have finished, or maybe not it tough to say at your age.” The nurse replies.

Sara finished dressing without putting the bra on, her top shown the outline of her nipples as they still pocked at the cloth.

The nurse said. “Don’t worry about them, it will make a lot easier for you to get your Dad to buy new clothing.” Then giggle a little.

I was still waiting when the Doc ran pass. So I set back down and waited for Sara to get out. As I set there Jill came by.

“Robert, have you seen my Husband?” Jill is less than her cheerful self.
“Hi Jill, he ran toward the restrooms just a few minutes ago. Good to see you again.” I can’t shake the feeling that she reminds me of someone.

Sara came out before Jill left. “Hi Jill” Sara came up to her gave a hug. Jill had befriended Sara over our many coming and going to the hospital of late. Sara really liked having an older woman to talk to now. I was happy it wasn’t a fight to get her to the hospital because she hated hospitals. Jill had two girls of her own and I knew that Sara had started to call them as well as Jill.

Sara when she was in the second grade of her private school, she was taking advanced classes, but started being uninterested finding it boring, caused her grades to drop. I took her out, and began to home school her, she soon took off her grades went up, and then passing through the grade levels faster than set minimum times. So now, having finish High School at thirteen, she is taking online college courses nearly finishing her Associates degree. This gave her little outside contacts, her making friends made me feel good.

Jill looked at Sara closely then started to laugh then turned to me. “Robert, I thought you had money, and could buy this girl some clothes to fit her.”

I try to defend myself; I start as I turning to look at what is the problem with Sara’s outfit. “Jill that top is only. Two sizes too small for her now. Well off to a mall to get her some new clothes.” The top was too small now, but not eight weeks ago. The last time she had it on it fit fine, but we go nude mostly so I had no idea.

Sara looks at me then at Jill. “Dad I love you, but you suck at getting me clothes.”

Jill kindly comes to my defense. “Most Dads do suck at shopping. Tell you what if you don’t mind two fourteen year old coming along. We can go now.”

Sara is all a sudden ten again. “Oh Please Daddy. Please” With the pouty lips and eyes. That girl knows how to work me.

“Ok if Jill doesn’t mind me buying dinner for all of us.”

“Let’s not include the doc.” Jill said. “He has something he has to get a hold of.” Jill giggles to herself.

Jill went into the Doc’s office dropped off the car keys so he could get home. He’ll be an hour or two before he gets out of here.

If you don’t mind giving me a ride to get the twins, we’ll pick them up at my house.

“Ok sure no problem, if you don’t mind my SUV.” As we start for the parking lot.

“Did they get it all cleaned up?” Jill remembers the mess that it was.

“Good as new just like me.” Sara said brightly.

We got to Jill’s house about fifteen minutes later and the Twins were waiting on us. Jill wanted to change out of her Nursing uniform so we went to her living room to wait for her. This gave me time to talk to the Twins. It takes me about five minutes to find some of the small things to tell them apart. The Twins are not identical, but I see that Anna nose is just the tiniest bit more of an upturn than Eve. Eve earlobes are just little longer. Both girls stand 5 foot 2 inches, with nice teen bodies 32 or 34 B cups tits with a slim hard body to match their height. They are beautiful, with strawberry blonde hair pass their shoulders, and cut the same. Their birthdays about three mounts pass Sara’s first birthday. They didn’t have a boyfriend. The School they went to, I found out about everything about them in that short time.

After talking to them a few more minutes I told them I should be capable to tell them apart. So started a game of guess who.

After each try each of the twins, Anna and Eve, would ask how I know who was who, and I give them the best answer I could. It was usually something they hadn’t changed, so with each round the girls looked more and more alike. On the sixth round Jill was ready, and came up behind me as quiet as a mouse. I called “Hi Jill” without turning to see who it was. She nearly jumped out of her clothes.

”How you do that!” she asked.

“Well I had only one person in my life that could get closer to me than you just did. That's been fifteen years ago.” (Jill is thinking I'm out of practice.)

The girls came out of their room, look so much alike Jill asks. “Now what is going on with you two?” We told her of the game we had been playing. So I ask Sara and Jill who is who. Sara “I couldn’t tell after the second round.” Jill looks closely at both girls “I’m their mother and I couldn’t tell right now.” The girls giggled a little at this. “Ok my turn. Then we have to go.” Holding my hand out to Anna “Come on Anna let’s go and you too Eve,” raising my other hand to her. Robert you did it again. “How?” Both girls want to know. “This time it’s my secret. Now let’s go.”

Fifteen minutes later we’re on the city’s beltway and on our way to one of the three malls in town. Jill is in front as I drive us the girls are in the back, they girl talk and giggle, the whole way there. I smile at them as we stop. Jill please wait I’ll be around in a second, then hold the door open for the girls to get out on my side, and then move to Jill’s door. There always little thing that people do that tell big stories, like Jill when she got out of the SUV, she no longer had her wedding ring on. She was a puzzle I still hadn’t gotten all the pieces in place too.

We all started to walk to the Mall, not five steps and Sara had cuddled into my left side. Jill took my right hand, interlacing our fingers. I turn to Jill a smile is on her face. My memory flashes back sixteen years, to near this very spot, I have Janet (Sara’s mother) walking on my left, and holding my hand is Jewels (Janet’s little sister). This memory is powerful, a tear comes to my eye, and I bat it away. Jill sees and asks if anything is wrong. “It’s just the memory of a love lost.”

“Oh, I got to hear this story.” Jill said.

“It’s a long sad tell, not suitable for outing like this.” I hope not to relive it truly.

“Ok you can tell it to me as the girls shop.” Jill has hard tone to her voice.

“Well if you must know it started over seventeen years ago.” Sara stops me. “Dad, this is the one about Jewels.”

“Yes it is Sara.” I told her this story many times before and always makes her cry.

“Oh Dad can I go shop, I don’t need to hear it again.” Sara bats a tear away.

I get her card out of my wallet and hand it over to her. “Now go get what you want today.”

Sara turns to the Twins then back to me wide eyed and says”Daddy you said want not need, right?”

“Right now go and buy the Twins some things too.”

“That will keep them busy for a few hours. Just hope the SUV can hold it all. Let me get back to the story.” We find an empty bench across from the girls as they shop, and we can keep an eye on them.

So I start the story of my lost love.

Around eighteen years ago I started dating Janet, Sara’s mother. We were in Collage together. I was a year ahead of her there. Be had two classes together, because I had changed my major. School was easy for me but Janet was having difficulty with one of the classes. I offer to help her in that class, that she was beautiful made it hard for me to concentrate. We studied together after the first week; she got a B in the class, she was very happy, I ask her out on a date as long she was in the good mood I may have a chance. Not too sure why but she said yes and for me to pick her up at her home at seven that night. I wanted to be there as soon she was ready. I found her home at 6:10 pm. I didn’t have anywhere else to go so I parked to wait for her, knowing full well I was there way too soon. About five minutes later out came this beautiful little girl about thirteen years old. She asked me. “It’s hot out here, would you like to seat on the porch and have a cool drink?” I replied “Yes thank you.” “I am Jewels.” She held out her hand for me to shake, I took her hand and kiss it on top of her fingers. She blushed, and giggles, then ran back in the house. I sat down in the shade of the porch. A minute later here comes Jewels with a pitcher of lemon aid two glasses on a chess set.

After giving me a glass of the best lemon aid I’ve ever had. She asks if I played chess. I know the rules, and have played before. Good, she took two ponds in her hands and puts them behind her back, then puts out her hands for me to pick my color. I get black, but she doesn’t open the other hand. Just started setting up the board. We begin to play; I’m looking around and not paying too much attention to the game, before I know it Jewels calls checkmate. I look at the board and its checkmate. One more game? The next game is the same. Want to play one more game? Ok sure. I pay more attention this time watching from the corner of my eye see what’s she is up to. If I looked away, she would do extra moves, two, or even three. So that’s it, now I have the game, she is playing. I do things to get her to look away, and move myself like she had been doing. Won that one and the next game she caught me. Hey you’re.. I cut her off by saying. Playing just like you. Jewels smiles at me, like a cat caught with feathers all over the place.”

Jill is smiling at the story so far. That was the first time anyone, but my mom had kissed me.

Jewels looks me in the face starts to giggle which start me to laugh. At that point I think me and Jewels are friends. You want to play again without the bonus moves? “Ok.” I smile back. Jewels is real good and she has me in four more moves when Janet comes out at 7:20, “Wow Janet you look gorgeous.” I jump up so fast I knock over the chess set accidentally. “Sorry Jewels you had that game any way.” Janet is unkind to her sister. “Jewels pick it up, we got to go.” I’ve started help Jewels to pick the pieces and put them back in the set. Janet is walking down the steps calls to me. “Are you coming or you going to play with the kid?” I look at Jewels who smiles back. “Get going or she will have a fit.” I tell Jewels “Sorry” and follow Janet to my car open her door to let her in.

We go to the movies and are 30 minutes early, “See I could have helped her finish picking up the set.”

Janet smiles and replies, “Well your right but I wanted you all to myself.” I just smile back.

Jill remembers. She was the one who sent me out there.

The movie is good, a little long, half way I hold her hand that felt good. I kiss her as the credits roll; I don’t want her to see my name on the screen as the producer is shown.

There it was Robert “Bobby” Windfield. It’s surprising how many people read the credits, and know who they are. By the time I got to my car five people had come up to me to ask if that was me on the credits.

I hate to lie, I hate liars. So I told the truth. “Yes it was me.” Takes us two minutes more to get to the car, with all the questions that were asked, I try to be as truthful as possible. What I get asked the most was. “What will you make off a movie like that?” This one is easy. “I don’t know.” Janet is looking at a lot differently now. I think well that seals it this is the last date for her. That kiss wasn’t bad, not great, body is great, but dollar signs in her eyes as she looks at me.

On the way back to her house, I wanted to test her, maybe I was wrong. When we were stopped at a long stoplight I asked her if she had really liked the movie.

“Well it’s a romance; I’m not too in to them. But it’s not bad just not my cup of tea.” Janet looks at little off to the right side as she talked to me.

That is a signal someone is dishonest, and I hate that. I guess it shown on my face, as she was looking at me.

“Oh hell I didn’t want to look like a suck up. The movie is great, I loved it, it was funny and romantic, and the ending was so good too. Now don’t let it give you a big head.”

The light had turned green I hadn’t even seen it, but people hit their horns for me to go. I took off fast, and soon we got to her home, I parked in the same spot. Walking around to her door, I wasn’t sure of what to say to her. To make a second date or end it, it was about 10:00 pm but Jewels was watching from the porch still with a chess board all set up. She was looking at us, so I waved at her calling “Hi Jewels.” She calls back. “Hi Robert let’s play one more, please.” I’m opening the door for Janet, and offer her my hand to help her out. As we are walking to the porch, “Janet you mind if I play one match with Jewels.”

“Ok, but just remember whose date you are.” Janet pulls me into a kiss, a much better, with more passion to the kiss. We kiss for a minute or two.

Jewels warns us. “Mom is watching so break it up or she will make us come in.” we break just in time to see their Mom step back from the window.

On the porch we sat on a bench across from Jewels, Janet is holding my hand and cuddles into my arm. That felt good, the three of us there. I was an only child, and it was just my Mother and I. I had several girlfriends growing up but not a lot of family contact. Jewels and I played two or three games before Mom caught Janet and I kissing. She said. “That’s all for tonight you two.” Janet got up and when in the house to talk with her Mother. Left Jewels to pick up the chess set, we talk as we put the pieces away. Jewels looks at me as we finish, I can’t tell what is on her mind, but the look on her young face is like she has made her mind up on something, and nothing is getting in the way of that.

From inside I hear “He’s What?” I see both Janet and her Mother come to the window. I smile and wave at them, they step back and for an instant I hear giggles.

I look at Jewels and her face has the same look on it. She places the set back on the table, jumps up throws her arms around my neck and kiss me hard, I’m in shock at first, but she is kissing me better than Janet. I can’t help but to kiss her back. It’s doesn’t last long, she steps back snatched the set up and runs into the house. That must have been her real first kiss; I’m not sure what to think.

Jill shakes her head remembering that when I kissed him, and he made the funniest face for a second, when he finally kisses me back it felt really good.

Janet popped her head back out and said. “Pick me up at seven tomorrow night, see you then Bobby.”

“Ok but I’ll be a good half hour early so I can get a rematch with Jewels.” I tell her from where I was still seated on her porch. I get up to start to leave Jewels’ head popped out a little under her sister. “Ok I’ll be ready. Good night.”

As I drive back to my place, I’m thinking did I just agree to a date to play with a kid or the big sister? We did this for few weeks me half an hour early to play a game or two, then an hour, when the weather was good an hour and half. As soon as I get there Jewels has the set and setting it up. Over this time I get closer to the two sisters. Janet and I have been lovers for a while, but Jewels and I are the best of friends.

One night Janet asked? “Did I come to play chess or to date her?” “I’m dating you.” I’m playing with a ring box in my coat pocket. We’re driving to my place, I got the house all set up, rose petals make a path to the Living room where I have candles alight, a fire burns in the fireplace, the petals form a heart before it. The living room was filled with roses. I know corny right. We get there I get out as she waits for me to open her door, but I open the front door first, and then come back to open her door, Janet stepped out and takes two or three toward the house I pick her up caring through the opened door placing her on the path of rose petals. Setting her on the path, I tell her wait a second then to look down and follow the path, keep looking down please. She came into the living room as I had planned got to the heart to find me there with the ring; Janet saw the ring, with me in the heart, screamed “Yes!”

Everything went well, some fights like all lovers have, but when we had one it Jewels was the first to talk to me. I guess she wanted us to work everything out.

(Better to be a sister-in-law, than not to be in his life at all, that’s what I was thinking.) Jill is looking away from me.

After a short engagement, we have a wedding, honeymoon; everything is very good, after a year Sara is born. Jewels helped us to no end, when Janet was feeling bad, she would cook, clean, even take care of Sara so she lived with us from just after Sara was born till Sara’s first birthday.

During that time we had plan a vacation in the Rockies, I was hoping that it would help Janet get back to her old self. A week before the trip Janet, had a break down and tried to kill herself. She is hospitalized, looked like the trip was off. After four days of treatment Janet seamed more peaceful. She needed to stay to work things out. With her doctors help Janet came to realize what was bothering her. Janet felt if she stated she may be able to cope with it all. But I should go on the trip. She told me that she wanted to be at the hospital, and by the way I look the vacation would do me a world of good.

I look at Jill; her face is a mixture of sadness at this point. “Would you like to get a drink? I’m need one I’m a little dry.”

I send a text to Sara; ask if she wants anything from the food court? (Food any?)

I got a fast reply of (no Luv U XO). I sent her one back to her. (Luv U 2 XO)

“Hey you know this mall has a great smoothie place. And I’m in the mood for one.” Jill says as she is walking away. I have to move fast catch up to her then keep pace staying beside her. After a second she asks if I could skip the rest of the story. But she had just one question. “What happen to Jewels?”

I feel that I could tell Jill anything, like if I had known her most of my life. We been walking as I was thinking just how to tell this woman about a painful mistake I made as a nineteen year old. She stops and breaks me out of my thoughts. “Oh I’ll have a strawberry banana smoothie”, I order a black cherry. Jill giggles, but I don’t know why.

We walk back after we have our smoothies. As we sat back down, Jill asked again about Jewels. “Is she alive and well you just not caring what happened to her?”

I turn to her showing all the hurt in my heart as it play in my face and tears in my eye. No I was told by Janet she died trying to give birth to my child both didn’t make it. A month later she took me to the grave site. But for some reason I never believed her. I’m still looking for her today. Then I turn away not wanting to see, or be seen. Jill is taken aback and is quit for a few seconds.

That bitch told him that we died. Janet you did everything you could to keep us apart. How do I tell him I’m Jewels?

“Bobby I love these smoothies, the first one I had was in Denver when I was only fifteen; I was with my first lover and his baby girl. I came along to take care of her. She was only about four months old at the time. As I remember she loved mine but didn’t like his black cherry one at all.”

My memory kicks into high gear, my mind is racing; Janet did lie to me. I knew her parents would lie for sure. They hated me. It’s a damn good thing I’m seated. I’m sure I would have fallen if not. My legs would not hold me up that second; she called me Bobby in the same voice I know oh so well. I turn back as more tears flow down my cheeks, I’m so happy I could fly. “Oh my God, Jewels I missed you so much!”

I'm not sure how it happened, but I’m holding her in my arms; I kiss her for the first time in all most fifteen years. I’m so happy to have her back in my life, I’m not thinking of anything for the moment. I finally set her back on the ground.

“Jewels before, why didn’t you say anything to me?” I’m still happy but confused.

“I wanted to. Would you have believed me, if out of the blue I would have said Oh hi Bobby good to see you after all this time?”

“You have a point how would I know for sure you’re her?” Knowing Jewels she would do something only she would do in a mall.

She gets a devilish look in her eye, that’s Jewels all the way. “Oh you think I’m not her?” Jewels turns around and bends over as she pulls the short dress up over her ass, there just below the break of the curve is her birth mark, a strawberry as gorgeous as the last day I saw it.

“Stand up Jewels before I take a bite of strawberry.” She giggles as she stands up turning back to me.

Jewels looks at me, and joy has left her face she says in a calm but firm voice. “Bobby, I’m going to need your help.”

“Jewels I’ll do anything for you and you know it. Please let me help.” The joy of being with her still fills my heart; her request has taken center field in my mind.

“Ok, first I need a safe place for the girls.” I nod so she continues “You still have that law firm on retainer. I need to get a divorce from an asshole. It’s not because of you, but with your help I am able to do it.”

“From your tone I thought you’re going to ask me something hard. I’ll have no problem getting that done for you.” I smile confidently to insure her.

“I will be asking you if I can stay too, in a week or so.”

“That maybe hard Sara has been sleeping in my bed for a few weeks now.” I’m not sure if I should open my big mouth, but out it came.

Jewels giggles. “I know, I told her too.” I must have a shocked look on my face.

“I know that too, but that going to change soon.” Jewels is giggling because I must have gone pale.

“Sara and I talk about ever thing, it take some time to get her to open up about that too.” Jewels pushes me back to the bench. I set down, looking up at my Jewels. “Does she know who you are?”

“No let’s keep it that way for the time being.” Jewels says with a smile.

“Jewels the Twins they are at the right age, are they?” I know they have to be ours.

“They’re my girls, got that Bobby.” I got the feeling there is more, but didn’t push. The look in Jewels eye said not to.

“They can stay with me as long as you need them safe. You better stay with me; I’ll make sure you’re safe. I would like to know what is going on.”

This is a small town after all, with only a few people controlling everything. I know if I tried to divorce the Doc he would have them make it go very bad for me. That’s where you and your lawyers come in.

I’ll get some things set up to make it happen. First we get the girls out of his reach. Does he know how to track someone using their cell phone?

“I don’t think so.” Jewels looks confused.

Let’s not chance it. I’ll get new phones for you and the girls. I show you how to track them. I’ll setup some blocks so they can use them without getting a call you don’t want them to get.

They been asking for cell phones for a year now but I haven’t gotten them one yet.

There’s a phone kiosk my cell carrier just a few feet away, bringing Jewels with me I pick up three new smart phones. Adding them to my family plan, three new numbers one for each of them.

“You remember the place in Colorado.” A smile then crosses her beautiful face. “I could take them there, but you would have to come with us. A Crossing state line with minors without parents’ consent is one bad idea.” Now that I have her back, I do not want to lose her.

“Yeah this of time of the year it lovely there. It’s been years since I’ve been there but I’ve a caretaker watch over the place. I have more supplies laid in for us. That will take a week to do. The lawyers will take about the same time to have all the paper work ready. Knowing you, you want to hand them to him yourself. So when can you make an appointment for Monday to get started.”

Once the divorce is started that would be the remotest place to go. As I remember it’s a long way from anyone. And it will be easier if he does have any claim to your girls.

“He doesn’t.” Jewels said

Jewels just smile. “I want you to take the girls starting tonight, and tomorrow I want to get my pictures and anything I can’t replace out of the house. Then I can see the lawyers.”

Ok, we can call the lawyers first thing tomorrow so they will have the paperwork mostly ready.

I couldn’t hold back any longer so I pull Jewels in my arms again, Kiss her on the forehead. “I missed you so much; you’ll never know how much this has changed my life.”

“I missed you too. Bobby did you ever try to come for me?”

Yes, but Janet always found out and stopped me. On the third try I had disconnected the phone so she could not warn them I was coming, had Sara with me, I was going to get you and run off to South America, then anywhere you wanted to go. As the sleeping pills I doped Janet with started to work she told me that you were dead, and they were planning to kill me. That hit me like a truck. I started to leave Sara and go to be sure, and if you were gone, I didn’t care if they, but Sara keeps crying for me so I stayed with her, I'll never know what may have happened otherwise.

Janet the next day as the sleeping pills wore off she started to apologize for her part in all of it. I wouldn't forgive her, and told her if I ever caught her in a lie again, she wouldn’t see me, Sara, or my money again. She cried for three days, but I didn’t, I couldn’t, if I fell apart once, I wasn’t sure I could ever pull myself back together. I changed the will cut Janet out, with only the smallest amount that the law would keep her from having any legal recourse. So I lived for Sara, who is everything, till now.

After I hounded her for proof, Janet took me to a fresh grave with a temp place marker with your name. I stood there for hours just staring to space. Till Sara crying got me out of it. Janet said I was never the same.

Janet cut herself off from her parents; if she had any contact with them before they died I would have known. Till the day she ran off, she maintained that you had died. Her leaving was the best thing she could have done for Sara and I. Then the divorce came in the mail, it didn’t ask anything of me, it did give me full rights to Sara. I signed and mailed it back to her lawyer the next day.

Bobby, Janet died last year, it was cancer. It hit her hard and fast, she did write you one last time, but she had no idea how to find you. She sent me your and Sara’s letters, and a letter for me; told me how sorry she was. She wanted me to find you, she didn’t have enough time.

“Jewels I’m so happy I got you back in my life; I can’t tell you how much that means.” I pull her tight in my arms again. Jewels of course cuddled herself right into my arms.

Sara’s voice carries from not too far away in the mall. “Why is your Mom hugging my Dad?”

The Twins are giggling.

I set Jewels down. “Remember Robert I’m Jill.”

I turn to where Sara and the Twins are, there they stand three beautiful young women, you would never think of them as teenagers, by the way they are dressed and moved. My face shows the stunned look of a man, who has just had a dream come true.

Jewels is as shocked as I, but her face is of a mother looking into a future made to happen too fast.

“Jill have we missed ten years, I didn’t think we had talked that long.” My shocked look is replaced by a wide smile.

“Oh my god, you girls are going to make me feel old.” Jewels (Jill if you forgot) is beside herself. It’s good that Bobby is taking them home with him; if the Doc saw them like this he would likely rape them tonight. Bobby may not be the most rightist man in the world, but he would never hurt anyone, that didn’t ask for it.

“Wow Sara you’re so hot, that dress looks incredible on you. Anna and Eve you’re so hot too.” I’m at a loss for words, but the truth is for their age they’re too hot.

Three young men about twenty or so have been following the girls through the mall. Sara says. ”Those assholes wouldn’t leave us alone.”

I order. “Ok, Sara get your phone out and tape this.”

I step around the girls to face the three. Sara moves off to the side to get a better shot of the action.

I face the three men. “The young ladies don’t wish for your attention, so be so kind as to leave them alone.”

The three look at each other as if asking each other if they can take me. I draw myself up into a more dangerous looking pose. “The Law requires me to inform you that I’m a black belt and that I’m a deadly weapon.”

Again they look at me; my face looks like I could bite steel and spit nails. They turn to leave take two steps then the Twins giggle. I see them tense up, the center one is the first to turn and though a punch, I caught his hand stopping his punch; the look of surprise is priceless. The next is the far right; I just pull the center one in the path of his punch. The punch lands on the back of the first ones head, and he goes down holding his head, falling into the second taking him down too. The last of the three thinking he has an opening comes in with a kick aimed at my ribs, but he is too slow, I all most laugh, his kick is too easy for someone with my training. I step out of the way; grab his ankle pushing his leg skyward. A few on lookers laugh. The second is trying to get back up, but seeing is friend hanging by his ankle makes him stop. I hold to his ankle, pull him off his feet and hold him six inches off the floor. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Fu..” he started to say something awful about me, I just drop him seven inches, then raise him back up.

“Now what was that?” I put to him again, his friends watch wide eyed from the floor. “Sorry I wouldn’t do it again.” Now I’m going let you down, and you and your friends are to apologize to the ladies.

“Yes sir.”

Apologies given, we leave.

Do you ladies want something to eat? I ask on the way out.

Oh! Yes that would be great they all say, Sea food, Italian, are the two choices. Good thing I know of a great place that does both. I get a great table, large tip works every time, Semi-private Booth at the back. The girls may look like they’re twenties something but still acted closer to their age.

The food is always great here, service outstanding, and large wine list. We ordered each something different, servings are large so sharing with each other is no problem, Jill ordered wine it was one we drank about fifteen years ago. I gave her a look to say are you sure? Tomorrow is Saturday, right? I want to let off some steam. Ok, I have the waiter bring four glasses, I’m driving so. He smiles your Tea is on the house. The wine and food come together; Jill is offered the bottle and cork, and she poured half a glass for the girls, a little more for her. I all most wish I could join them, but someone has to be the adult.

Sara is setting next to me, then Jill, Anna, and Eve is across from me. The first bottle is gone and waiter brings a second. Jill is drunk having finish most of two bottles, the girls had about a glass and half each so they’re buzzed.

Sara is rubbing my cock through my pants, which is as hard as iron. I bent to her ear and whisper. “You’re getting it when we get home.” Sara looks at me not having got it yet. So I whisper. “What you’re rubbing.” Sara eyes light up, our lips meet in a soft kiss. There a lot of giggles coming from the far side of the table, causing us to break the kiss. I look over at the twins they’re all smiles at us, but one of them has their foot on my leg under the table.

The food is eaten, I call for the check. Bill and tip comes to around two hundred total.

I have a drunken woman and three buzzed teenagers, Jill between Sara and I as we head for the SUV, we poor in and go to my house. I don’t want Jill back at her house alone with the Doc or even to get near there.

After five minutes, Jill in the center and twins on each side of her are asleep, they are beautiful. Sara is next to me, speaks and I jump, the lights green. Oh, sorry just look at the three of them. I put my mine on the drive home. Once out of the city it’s only forty minutes we’re home. A full moon lights up the drive way to the house, when I pull off the highway onto gravel of my drive the twins are awake.

“Robert where are we at?” Anna asked.

We’re at my house, your Mom and I talked as you shoped and she wanted you two to spend some time with Sara and me.

“I don’t see a house.” Eve states.

“It’s just over the little rise; you’ll see it in a minute.” I reply.

Sara looks at them “You’ll love it. Dad, stop at the top so we can look.”

At the top of the rise I stop. “Oh we didn’t leave the lights to auto on.”

The twins “We don’t see it.”

“Sara is turning on the lights girls.” Just as I finish saying that the outside lights come on.

Jill is awake too. So the lights show off my place. She is still drunk. “Oh my God Bobby that is the biggest house.”

“It’s real big Mommy” Anna return.

“It’s all mine six thousand square feet of home, with a pool and more.” I put the SUV back in to drive and cover the last half mile to the house.

“You got your own pool?” Both Anna and Eve say together.

Sara “Yes I swim every day.”

I pull to the front door open the door for the twins and Jill, Sara helps with Jill to get her out and to one of the guest rooms. It’s about ten. Jill is put into bed to sleep it off. Across the hall from Jill’s room is the other guest room with two full beds in it. This will do for you two for a few nights; I show it to the twins.

Sara will show you around if you want to or we can go to sleep now and have all of tomorrow to see everything.

“Robert, we will go to sleep now. Sara can show us around tomorrow.”

“Good night then.”

After the door is closed, it opens Anna step out. “Where is the bathroom?”

Sara “I’ll show you.” Anna is confused as Sara steps back into the room, and then opens a door on the far side to show the bathroom.

The twins were giggling. “This room is great it has its own bathroom.”

“Sara, did you show them the doors to the patio?” I asked.

“Dad, well we may go swimming tonight and you know I forgot my suit.” Sara giggles.

I pull Sara to me for a passionate kiss, and then walk hand in hand to our room. “That would give us a chance to burn off some pasta.”


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Another ignorant Yank! What's wrong with you guys? Obviously never been near a virgin sexually! Don't you know that the hymen is also called the "Vaginal Corona"? And it's called that because it is at the vaginal Introitus, the opening. Which means, everyone, that to get your stiff pricks inside your ladies, you have to get past their hymens, rather than go wondering where to find them, and they are not half way up the love tube, silly!


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Every thing explained, BUT, a complete mess up in the writing of it, half the time translating the bloody mistakes and trying to work out what you are trying to say, DEFINATELY NOT your best work, whole story should be wiped and rewritten CORRECTLY.. giving up on the rest of it....


2014-03-24 00:40:19
"Sara's Protective Dad - Part" - Robert & Sara Winfield, Jewel, Anna & Eve - (Father/Daughter; Sister-in-law, Jewel's Twin Daughters--Fathered by Robert)

The story has taken an amazing turn for the best that could ever happen--Robert Winfield and his (now deceased) wife's sister, Jewel, his Sister-in-Law meet--with twin daughters Jewel was pregnant with when he last saw her, she having disappeared from the hospital after the girls were born!

Their lives have come full circle! They meet at the hospital where Sara, Robert's first daughter with wife Janet, is taken after a serious leg wound. Robert and Jewel (nka known as Jill Maris) click, over the next couple weeks. Sara's leg heals after a few months; Robert and Jill, talk and discuss the past, confirming their prior love of fifteen years ago.

Sara and her unknowingly half-sister twins, Anna and Eve, get along great, as Robert and Jewel (Jill) rekindle the long-lost love for each other!

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