Lena's uncle is begining to get rough.
Next of kin 2.
I needed more supplies, that was certain. My tiny Niece Lena was coming along swimmingly, soon I’d be able to turn a REAL profit. Today I would test her obedience; tonight I’d rip her. I licked my lips at the thought as I emptied her regular 2 quart bag into her little bottom. As I slipped the tip out I plunged a 3 inch thick butt plug into her anus, stretching and pulling her tight skin until I popped into place. She cried real tears but did not move from my lap. “good girl Lena. Today I must go out of town. I will be gone nearly all day and will return tonight around five pm. You are not to remove this plug from your butt. She nodded in compliance and I left immediately.
In a few towns over I had placed an order to be shipped there for me to pick up. My cock tingled knowing the contents: 4quart bag, ring gag, whips, nipple clamps, and machines. After paying and loading my contraptions I was in no hurry to rush home, to relieve my niece. Instead I drove slowly through town, stopping to get a bite before taking my leisurely drive back to my home. When I walked in and saw her sitting on the couch watching tv I knew she’d been unfaithful. I strode to her, enraged picking her up by her hair. “you have one chance to tell me the truth!” she shook her head no saying she hadn’t lied.” I bent her over and spanked her several hard times, not pausing between strokes. When she was sobbing I stood her up and pinched her nipples through her shirt. I ordered she strip and meet me in the den. I moved the things I had bought into my living room, setting up the machines and taking the other toys with me to the den. I bent her over to remove the plug but it was already gone, she had hidden it; tricky little bitch. “I’ll show you! You little filthy bitch!” I popped the ring gag into her mouth, holding her mouth WIDE open and dragged her to the bathroom and shoving her in the bath tub. I undid my pants and she brought her mouth closer to my penis. I beat her face before I started to urinate on her, sending squirt after golden squirt of my warm piss in her eyes and down her throat. She gagged and wiggled but I’d been waiting for this and just continued to piss all over her, that filthy bitch was gonna give me mine tonight.
As soon as her filthy urine shower was finished I drug her out of the tub and onto the floor. I ordered her onto her knees. I slapped her ass until my hand stung before I glopped some lube onto her tiny asshole. Through her tears and sobs she begged me not to hurt her. This only turned me on more, making my cock stand and thick. Without any prep time I mounted her ass. Pressing my thick cock into her tight star. She screamed while I groaned in pleasure. I thrust 2 inches in before I was met with resistance. She was choking on her own saliva by now so I pulled out completely before I shoved better than half of my cock in her pretty little butt. I began to rape her frail little body as rough as I could, pounding my hips into hers, taking her little asshole, teaching her a lesson for disobeying me. Suddenly her loud screams gave way to ear shattering screams when her ass loosened around my throbbing cock. I withdrew to see blood covering my piece, and trickling out of her ass. “mmm natural lubricant!” I shoved deep back into her to the hilt, hitting the bottom end.. of her bottom end. A few more strokes and I was ready to cum. I pulled her head up by her piss-covered hair using gravity to reach new depths inside her while I sprayed my load into her. I swirled my cock in her ass a few times before removing it and allowing the flow of cum and blood to exit her. I pushed my cock through the circle gag and into her pretty mouth. I left it there until I wilted, making her lick all the cum and blood from me.
I left her there on the floor and went to clean up and get a bite to eat. When I returned she sobbed. Her fear of me made my cock twitch in anticipation. She would learn many lessons tonight; as tomorrow she would pleasure many. I ordered her to wash up and meet me in the dining room. I told her I would pick out her outfit and leave it on the floor for her. She hopped in the shower tenderly and I listened to her painful moans as the hot water hit her little body before I left her only a large plug and left to make supper. When she finally hobbled down the stairs her food had gone cold. Furious I sat her plate on the floor instructing her to lick it off her plate, like a dog. Seeing her in this submissive position was just enough to strike my interests. I circled her as she ate hungrily, stopping when I viewed her asshole being stretched by the plug. Mmmmmm.. once she finished I instructed her to suck me, and as she did I explained to her tomorrow would be a huge day for her. She would learn to pleasure men, many men. And tonight I would teach her to pleasure me. With that I instructed her to strattle me on the couch. I rubbed my hard, wet, thick cock over her warm virgin pussy lips. I had to slow down or our time together wouldn’t be as perfect as I’d hoped. Pausing to rub her clit between my fingers, she moaned in pleasure. Eventually she was rocking her hips on my fingers bringing herself to her first orgasm, squirting a small amount of liquid onto my shaft.
I could wait no more; I slipped the head of my cock past her now wet pussy lips and into her canal. Her sweet, tight canal stretched easily to accept my head. I pulled her hips down onto me, making her accept my full length. She paused at half my shaft but I thrusted, breaking through her hymen; just another piece of her innocence, torn away. I promised that if she behaved, and worked her body on mine that I would pleasure her. She did so, learning quickly how to ride my big cock. Feeling close to orgasm myself, I took my hand to her ass many times turning it red before I pulled the plug from her. As if to thank me she humped me harder, squeezing her tight pussy milking my cock. I gave it to her, atleast four ropes of my cum into her eight year old pussy.

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2014-08-20 15:33:14
Loved the Dr. Bull scene! Please keep doing the straight and bi sceens. They're fun. Your hotel pic is red hot dude!! I could lick that stomach all night long. Could you post a pic of you taking a piss? Would be awesome to see it. Thanks!!

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