This is a continuation of my stories about Jess. They are all pretty short, and you should be able to figure out what happened, but if you can't, or if you just want to read something else that I wrote, go back and read the earlier ones.
Daddy hadn't touched Jess for several days now. Jess wasn't really sure why. He kept giving her knowing smiles, and “accidentally” bumping up close to her, but never anything more than that. He never came to see her at night, not like in her fantasies.
Jess would lay awake at night, silently listening to Daddy and Mommy move around the house. Then go to bed. Then wait, hoping that Daddy was just waiting for Mommy to go to bed, so that he could come see her. But he never did, so she would have to spend the night fantasising and touching herself till she fell asleep.
It was probably because of Mommy, Jess thought. That's why he doesn't come to see me. He is worried that Mommy will find out he broke her rules and then she will get mad. Jess wasn't quite sure what Mommy would do, but it would probably be bad.
Then one day it happened.
Jess came home from school, wandered around the house, sat down to watch some tv. Usually she had the house to herself for a while, at least an hour, until Mommy got home from work. She was getting herself some juice when the door open and slammed shut making her jump, no one was suppose to be here.
“Hey, honey.” There was Daddy smiling at her from the door way.
“What are you doing home so early.” She tried not to sound nervous. She knew what she wanted the answer to be, she knew what she wanted him to say, but she didn't want to get her hopes up.
Daddy smiled mischievously. He stepped forward, took Jess in his arms and kissed her. She couldn't help it, she let out a moan from feeling herself pulled against him.
“I wanted to see you.” Daddy said, smiling. “So I got off a little early today.”
Jess's heart was going crazy, she didn't know what to say. Fortunately for her, she didn't have to say anything, Daddy pulled her close to him again and kissed her deep. He reached down and lifted her up, grabbing her ass so her legs wrapped around him. Still kissing Jess, Daddy moved so that her back was pressed against the fridge.
Jess could fell his cock pushing against her through both their pants and it was driving her crazy. She couldn't move well, but she used what little range of motion she had to rub herself against him.
Daddy's kissed became stronger. He pulled away from her mouth and began to kiss and suck and nibble on Jess's neck, while pushing his crotch against her, humping her against the fridge. The feeling was tormenting, Jess wanted so back to rip off her clothes and feel Daddy force his way into her.
Just when she thought she could take it no more, Daddy dropped her down so she was standing in front of him. Reaching forward he began to struggle with the button on her jeans. Jess did the same, unbuttoning and pushing Daddy's pants down, and watching his cock pop out, hard and ready for her pussy.
Daddy was having a bit more trouble with her pants, so Jess undid them herself, pulling them down and kicking them off. They were tight though, so to get them off she had to wiggle her ass back and forth, something that made Daddy smile a lot.
When her pants were off, Daddy leaned forward, putting his hands on her pussy, a finger slipping inside.
“No,” Jess said, though it came out as a throaty whisper. “I want you inside me.”
Daddy didn't hesitate, grabbing her ass again, he lifted her up, maneuvering himself until his cock found the entrance. Pushing forward, he entered her. Together they let out a moan. Daddy looked into Jess's eyes and they smiled together as he began to pushing her back against the fridge. Gently pushing forward and pulling out, slowly, like he was savoring the feeling of being inside her.
The slow motion began to work on Jess. She moaned and twisted and tried to push herself back against him, wanting him to be deeper inside of her. Jess wrapped her arms tight around Daddy, pulling him in close, putting her head on his shoulder and moaning the way Mommy moaned.
“Oh God fuck me”
She knew Daddy liked those sounds when Mommy said them, so she moaned them loudly as Daddy began to speed up.
Daddy was pounding her hard and fast against the fridge, but it was fast becoming apparent that this was an impractical method of fucking. Daddy began to slow. Not a sudden stop, neither one of them could have taken that, but rather a gradual slowing in the speed of his thrusts, to help calm them both down. Then he moved them both to the table.
Laying Jess down, Daddy held her legs so that they were spread open. His hands closed tight around her hips. That's when he really began to pound, forcing his cock in as hard and deep as it would go. Jess scream out loud, begging him to pound her like a whore (something that Mommy always said when Jess could hear Mommy and Daddy doing it).
Jess sat up, using her arms to support her, she looked between her legs and could see Daddy's cock sliding in and out of her. She watched fascinated and he hammered into her small pussy. Watching turned her on even more and she could feel herself getting close.
That's when they heard the door open.
Daddy stopped right away. Jess quieted immediately. They both sat there, Daddy's cock buried deep inside of Jess, listening. Jess heard several sets of footsteps, heard one go upstairs. More moving into the living room. Keven? Keith? Mommy? Jess didn't know, but she did know she didn't want to get caught.
Jess was about to whisper to Daddy to stop, but seeing her mouth open, his hand shot forward and clapped over it. Jess's stunned eyes looked over at Daddy while he gave her a nasty smile and began to pump again. Slowly at first, making long strokes out and then deep in. Pushing forward all the way, enjoying every bit of her pussy that he could get into.
Jess was worried, but that began to fade as he sped up. Daddy was careful, not as wild and crazy as he had been when then where alone, but still he went faster.
She didn't know what it was, the fact that they had been fucking for so long, that they were so close to getting caught, that Daddy's hand was still over her mouth, or that she could still see the shaft impaling her, but she was suddenly so close to cumming. As Daddy continued to work inside her, she could feel it growing until it burst within her.
Jess tried not to scream out while she came, but it was hard. A little whimper managed to escape, but lucky that was stifled by Daddy's hand. Daddy gave her a triumphed grin, then after a few more thrust, unloaded inside of her.
Jess loved that feeling, and it almost made her cum again.
But then it was over and Daddy was scrambling off of her, pulling up his pants and walking out of the room. Jess jumped up too and pulled on her pants. She almost made it out when she realized her panties where still on the floor. Grabbing them, she stuffed them in her pocket and walked out to the living room.
Keith was sitting on the couch, watching tv. He looked and leered at her. Kevin and Keith leered at her a lot now, and Jess wasn't really a fan. She wished that they would stop looking at her like that. It made them even more disgusting.
She ignored him as she walked up to her room.

That night, Jess was up in her room, her hands under her pjs. She hadn't showered yet and the thought of still being dirty from Daddy excited her more. Then she heard it.
“Jess!” Mommy called. “Jess could you come down her for a moment!”
Jess heart skipped a beat. Mommy knew. Jess sat there froze, unsure if she should really go.
“Jess, honey, we need your help.”
Jess got up and walked down stairs, hoping that there wasn't a wet stain on her pjs. When she got to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom, she found Daddy naked and Mommy in just her panties, laying on the bed. When they saw her, they both smiled. Mommy's hand was on Daddy's cock and she was lazily moving it up and down.
“Come closer, dear.” Mommy said, still smiling. Jess walked up to the edge of the bed.
“Well, go on, take if off.” Jess looked at both of them, then reached and pulled her shirt over her head. Daddy looked and her young, perky breasts and smiled. Mommy began to jerk him faster. Jess pulled down her pants, stepping out of them, standing there naked in front of her parents. Daddy reached up, towards her pussy, but Mommy slapped his hand away playfully.
“No, no, we talked about that. You get her mouth and that's it. Everything else is for looking only.”
Daddy rolled his eyes and gave a fake exasperated sigh. Then he swung his legs off the bed and stood up. Mommy got up next and stood next to him. Reaching forward, she put her hand on Jess's head and gently pushed it down until Jess got on her knees, staring straight ahead at Daddy's cock.
Jess looked up at both of them. She knew what was going on. Daddy couldn't get inside of Mommy because Mommy was “broken” as Daddy called it.
Mommy reached down and grabbed Daddy's cock with one hand, the other hand wrapped itself in Jess's hair. Jess watched as Mommy began to jerk Daddy off right in front of her face. Daddy leaned over and kissed Mommy, one hand on her breasts, working them around. Mommy's hand held Jess's head firm in place, right in front of the head of Daddy's cock.
Breaking from the kiss Mommy looked down. “Open your mouth dear.”
Jess opened her mouth and waited.
Mommy's hand got faster.
Daddy began to moan while he kissed Mommy.
Daddy's hands began to move faster over Mommy's breasts.
“I'm cumming.” Daddy moaned, breaking the kiss. Jess saw the first blast of cum shoot out and felt it land on her cheek, then Mommy shoved her head violently forward, forcing Daddy's cock down her throat.
She tried swallowed the rest of the load, but she couldn't get her mouth closed in time and some of it slipped out and started to run down her chin.
When Daddy was finished he pulled back, and Mommy let go of Jess's head. His cock popped out and Mommy let go of that too. Some cum had ended up on Mommy's fingers
“Open.” Mommy commanded, then put her fingers in Jess's mouth for Jess to lick off.
“How was that?” Mommy said, looking at Daddy.
“Oh, that was amazing, I can't believe you did that.” Daddy said, climbing back in bed.
“Why not? I'm always trying to make your fantasies come true.” Mommy climbed into be with Daddy, and, reaching over, turned off the lamp.
Mommy and Daddy talked quietly to each other for a while. Jess sat there on the floor, unsure what to do. Finally, after a few moments of nothing from Mommy and Daddy, she picked up her clothes and went to bed.

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2013-05-22 15:17:23
Oh my! Words are hard to come by to describe how this ltitle boy fills my heart. I've been blessed with three children and the love experience of heart filling etc. with each child and now this grandson that gives me unspeakable joy at a time in my life where I need such a shot in my heart. This ltitle being is so full of personality, humor, love, character and charisma! I love to watch strangers gravitate towards him when we are out and about. He just has this way about him, like a magnet. People are drawn to him and he makes them smile and yes, even laugh out loud. I am very blessed to have him as my grandson and his mommy as my daughter and his daddy as my son. Thank you God for this gift of heart filling love! This family reflects your image in so many ways.

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2012-10-13 04:34:28
I thought it was fucking awsome


2012-09-17 02:03:52
write more, maybe a one where u invite friends to share her with.


2012-02-19 02:26:09
My reaction was that I would have liked to punch mommy in the face.

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2012-02-14 02:37:36
Kinda sucks...
maybe if it had more detail and a little more energy in the story, it would be better.
I'd rate it a 3.8/10

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