My First Taste of Cock!

My adolescent years were probably no different than most kids back in the
40's. At Scout Camp, there were the customary "circle jerks" when the
Counselors finally turned in and even some of them shared in that ago old ritual. I
had several friends who shared with me their escapades of exploration with either
a brother or sister, We would listen to their talk and rub our cocks as the various
scenarios were related and hear about sisters or brothers talking about a friend
sucking cock or licking a pussy and some time "actually doing-it." I recall how
excited I would get and that "special feeling" I got from stroking my cock while
listening. The older guys seemed to have all the "stuff" they wanted and delighted
in telling the stories, and seeing a "kid": cum for his very first time. Most often,
we would return to our cabin and continue to talk and stroke our hard excited little

My best buddy live on a hill overlooking the town and his parents owned
and ran a restaurant. When I would sleep over at his house, we would horse
around and play games till late into the night. His parents bedroom was at the
other end of the house and we had some privacy. We'd talk about the older guys,
and what they had said or one of our other friends who would share a story about
watching his sister undress or suck her boy friends cock at night on the front porch
of their house. We would watch each other as we stroked our cocks and talk
about our differences as my cock was "uncut" and his was circumcised. He would
ask me if he could touch my cock and stroke it, then telling me I could do the
same with him. So we did play around some and experiment to see what would
get us hard. He was the first to actually cum and I was able to get some goo out, a
few weeks later. The night time talks were really exciting and the morning we
really cut loose horsing around a s the house was empty because his parents left
early each morning for the restaurant. We were both on the JV wrestling team at
school and the "rough house" that we did would usually end up in his bed or on
the living room floor. He was bigger and stronger than I was and he usually
(always) ended up pinning me! He would frequently straddle my chest with his
knees holding my arms down at my side. The play and wrestling we did would
sometimes get us excited and oftentimes our pj"s or undershorts would have come
off and our cocks would be semi hard from the workout. Phil liked to boast and
would show his complete dominance over me by rubbing his cock across my lips
and face. I would fight like hell to get up and tell him to stop, but he would hold
me down and again and again humiliate me by flaunting his circumcised cock in
my face.

I would fight as hard as possible and my face would be beet red. When
he finally released me, he would tell me he just knew I enjoyed it probably more
so than he did doing it to me and then, we would go on to other things.
Afterwards, when I was back home or in school, I would recall the events vividly,
I'd think about what Phil had done and could recall with great
clarity, the soft velvet texture of his cock head against my lips, the erotic aroma
from his hard man sized cock. I liked it, no, I lived for it, I really did and I would
think about and fantasize about what would he do or how would he react "if" I
stopped resisting and just parted my lips, opened my mouth and sucked his cock
the next time he did that to me! My curiosity was short lived, I stayed at his
house the very next week-end. I was excited, and it was I, who initiated the
wrestling, knowing full well the outcome (pun intended). When Phil had me
pinned on the living room floor, he pulled his hard cock from his pajamas and
again rubbed his cock across my lips. I fought like before, but not as hard. He
literally bathed my face with his spongy cock head, the smell, Oh, that smell of
cock, drifted through my nostrils and I was "ready." I opened my mouth and his
smooth tube-like, warm cock slipped between my lips and into my mouth. It was
even better than I had even imagined and the expression on his face was priceless!
It was the first such sucking activity I had ever done. I thought I new the
rudiments of sucking cock from the typed written stories I had read and that were
being passed around at school. Also, the pictures I had seen on playing cards.
From the expression on his face, I knew too he was enjoying it very much.

I knew I enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth so much better than having
him rub it against my face. With his cock deep in my sucking mouth, I felt I was
in control. He was even more excited than I imagined and in just a few minutes,
his cock recoiled, jumped a bit and expanded as he was filling my mouth for the
very first time with his warm boy cream. He pumped and I swallowed to keep
from choking but I had to swallow several times before he was finished. He was
really pleased and I was to duplicate that scene several times in the next few
weeks. He finally reciprocated about 10 days later and I must say I enjoyed the
feeling of my cock in his warm mouth too. After that initial episode, there were
times when he would tie me up in his walk-in closet and make me suck his cock
or play with my cock until I would spurt my cum and he would catch it in his
hand. He would sometimes take some of my cum on his finger and coat my lips.
"How do you like the taste of your own cum?" he would taunt at me. I too had
my turns of tying him up and playing with his cock but I usually ended up sucking
him off as my prisoner! We continued our play for about 14 months I guess then
drifted into other things and not much sex play after that. We were jocks you
know and playing sports and that sort of thing wasn't good for athletes to be so
active sexually or so we were told.

The End

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2009-10-22 06:20:25
please taste my cock..
it's big..

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2009-08-10 15:08:46
i wish i had a friend that would let me suckhim off. i just dream about itt

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2009-08-10 15:08:33
i wish i had a friend that would let me suckhim off. i just dream about itt


2009-06-13 15:00:17
im a 51 year old woman and i love a cock in my mouth and to swallow all that delious cum mmm


2009-06-01 22:07:44
Just like you... I never imagined a cock could taste so good, especially when the cum starts spraying out into your mouth.
I love the taste more every day.

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