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You know what they say about living in a glass house. Try a glass table, a beautiful woman, and a very short skirt.
Fbailey story number 707

The Restaurant’s Glass Tables

My mother fixed me up with a weekend job. It was to keep me off the streets as much as it was to provide me with spending money. That way I wasn’t bumming money off my mother constantly. I only worked on Saturday and Sunday but that was more than enough.

The best part about that restaurant was that the tabletops were made of very thick clear glass and highly transparent. I often overheard guys asking their dates to spread their legs so that the guy could look up her skirt and see her panties, that is if she was wearing any.

I got my share of up skirt shots too. Sometimes it was the girl or lady that wanted me to look and sometimes it was their boyfriend or husband that wanted them to show me what was between their legs.

A girl that I went to school with came in late one Friday night with her mother. They were both dressed to kill in very short strapless dresses. Tabatha wore white and her mother wore a pale yellow.

Tabatha said, “Hi! This is my mother Sylvia. We just came from a mother daughter beauty contest. We came in second place.”

Sylvia said, “And we are hungry. Can you bring us two tossed salads with Thousand Island dressing right away, please.”

I replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

I went into the kitchen and took two salads off from a friend and asked him to make two more for his customers. I grabbed two cups of dressing out of the cooler and rushed back to their table.

Sylvia said, “Thank you so much.” Then she spread her legs for me. “I figure that you deserve a special treat for such quick service.”

She knew that I could see through the table and she kept her legs spread as she poured her dressing on her salad and shoved a big fork full into her mouth. Her pussy was shaved bald.

Tabatha said, “You can look at my pussy too. We had to shave so as not to let our dark pubic hair show through our light colored dresses. We couldn’t wear panties because of the lines and of course a bra was out of the question too.”

I moved over enough to get a better view. I stared at her beautiful bald pussy as I said, “You two should have won that contest.”

Tabatha said, “We would have. I sucked one of the judge’s cocks but the girl that won let him fuck her. It just wasn’t fair.”

Sylvia said, “I wouldn’t let her give that bastard her virginity…so the little slut and her mother won.”

I asked, “Was he the only judge?”

Tabatha laughed and said, “No! The other two judges were women and they were not the least bit interested in having sex with us.”

Sylvia added, “But I know for a fact that the winner’s husband fucked the fat chick. That’s why she voted for them instead of for us.”

I had been there a long time so I had to tend to my other tables for a while but I rushed back to take their orders. After they ate their meal and had desert Sylvia invited me to spend the night with them. I said no but she pointed out the fact that they had both been letting me look at their pussies and that I had had a hard-on ever since they had come in. Then Sylvia told me that if I spent the night with them that I could not only see their titties but that I could play with them all that I wanted too, plus I could fuck her if I wanted. I was going to say yes, but then Tabatha told me that I could have her virginity if I wanted it. Well, that did the trick. I said yes quickly.

It was close to closing so I called my mother, made up an excuse, and went home with them.

I sat in the backseat while they sat in the front. I sort of wanted to fool around with Tabatha while her mother drove, but that didn’t happen.

When we got to their house they took me up to their bedroom, yes their bedroom. They slept together in a queen-size bed. They told me that they normally took care of their own needs but on occasion they helped the other one out. Then on rare occasions Sylvia would go out and find a one-night stand. She never brought them home though. I was the first boy that Tabatha had shown any interest in and her mother was all for it. She made it quite clear that I could have her too. Tabatha was willing to let me fuck her mother, but only after I had fucked her first. Wow!

Well I certainly did get to look at their titties and play with their pussies. Sylvia was very nice to play with but I knew that she would let anyone fuck her. So it was Tabatha that excited me the most. She was sixteen like I was and we were in the same grade in school. The fact that we were both virgins was just a plus. She was sweet and I had had a crush on her for years.

Tabatha was not at all stuck up but she came to school dressed to kill. She always wore nice clothes, her makeup was perfect, and her hair and fingernails were always nice too. The other girls were jealous of Tabatha. She never had a boyfriend and she never tried to steal theirs either. She kept her grades up and never caused anyone any trouble.

And there she was ready to let me have her virginity. I was honored but I just had to ask, “Why me?”

Tabatha took a deep breath and said, “Because I have had a crush on you for years. I never wanted another boy. I made my mother take me to that restaurant because I knew that you worked there. The part about no bras, no panties, and shaving our pussies was all true. So was the part about not letting the judge fuck me. I’m surprised that we came in second.”

Sylvia added, “Your father told us about the glass table tops and you getting looks up lady’s skirts. You father is jealous, he wishes that he worked there.”

Then Sylvia said, “I can go over to your house if you want to be alone with my daughter. I’ve had threesomes with your parents before.”

I stammered out, “Really?”

Sylvia laughed and said, “Yes, really. If you don’t mind I could stay right here and join you two in a threesome.”

Tabatha stroked my cock and said, “Oh, please let her stay. It’s about time that she gets to suck cum out of my pussy. Usually that’s my job. By the way if your cum is as good as your father’s, Mom will really like it.”

I gave Tabatha a funny look and she said, “I’ve sucked your father’s cum out of my mother’s pussy many times. In fact I’ve sucked lots of men’s cum out of her pussy over the past few years…but I’m still a virgin. Care to change that. It is a condition that I could live without. Besides if I tell the girls at school that we are going steady they might leave me alone.”

Again I gave Tabatha a funny look and she added, “Oh I didn’t mean it like that. You don’t have to go steady with me. I’ll still give you sex when you want it.”

I kissed her and said, “Tabatha I would love to go steady with you. Making love to you will be a pleasure.”

I kissed her again, and then I kissed my way down her fabulous body. I kissed her neck, her shoulders, and her breasts. I kissed her belly, her hips, and down both of her long legs. Then I settled in on kissing her pussy mound, her outer lips, and her clitoris. I kissed her virgin hole, her asshole, and then I licked up her flowing juices. I had given her a couple of orgasms. Then it was my turn to please myself with her body.

As I eased my cock into her tight sheath I started cumming. I couldn’t help it. I had been on the verge of cumming all along.

Tabatha smiled and said, “Good! At least you got that first one out of the way. I must really excite you. I guarantee that the next few will be a lot better for you.”

I mumbled, “The next few?”

Tabatha kissed me and said, “We have all night. You can do it as often as you want too. My mother and I can help you get it hard again if you like.”

I looked down and it was still hard.

Sylvia giggled and said, “That might not be necessary for a few more times.”

I was still in position so I slipped it back into her well-lubricated hole. I got it all the way in that time before I came.

By the time I had to go to work that Saturday afternoon, I had cum in Tabatha a total of seven times and I had watched her mother suck most of it back out six of those times. I never did let her get in there after that first time.

That evening Mom, Dad, Sylvia, and Tabatha came in to eat. Tabatha made sure to sit next to Dad so that he couldn’t look up her skirt. However, I certainly got more than a few looks up my mother’s skirt.

Every time I served the next course Tabatha had something to say to me:

“Your mother wants to join us in a threesome sometime. I wouldn’t mind.”

“Your parents want you to join them in a threesome. Your mother wants to try double penetration. You get to fuck her ass.”

“How would you like a foursome with us three girls? Tonight!”

I could barely wait to closing. I almost quit. I will tell you that the wait was well worth it. My mother could do some incredible things with her pussy muscles.

The End
The Restaurant’s Glass Tables
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