Chapter 6 On my Way to Hell, things go wrong in the negihborhood
In my last chapter, I had finally told Terri that I loved her. Terri even considered us boyfriend and girlfriend. However, I had some issues as well. One was Carrie had told me that she could not believe that Terri was in love with Paul. When I asked Carrie about it she changed, it to she could not believe Terri was having fun with Paul. The other issue was Carrie herself.

During one of our fun sex romps, I did not put a rubber on my cock. I ended up filling Carrie’s pussy full. In addition, we both had lied to Terri when we told her we had used one. I also was having trouble-keeping Carrie out of my mind, and it did not help that she kept telling me she loved me when Terri was not around.

The four of us Terri, Carrie, Paul and I pretty much hung out together the whole summer. We had some good ass times. However, we also had some bumps in our road as well. The first one I had to deal with was when my mom and dad came back from their little getaway weekend. They had left me stay alone while they went to New York. I was sure that I was in the clear as all of us cleaned the house from top to bottom. My dad called me out into the garage that Saturday my uncle was with him as well.

“Son you have better keep your ass out of our beer,” My dad said giving the eye to me.

They did not lecture me to much about drinking, dad told just not to let my mom find out. My uncle told me that I was going to have to chip in on their next beer run. I stood there thinking that was not too bad, as I did not get in big trouble over it. I was getting ready to walk out the garage door when my dad stopped me.

“Hang on there son I am not through with you yet,” Dad said as he reached into his pocket.

“Have any idea whose these belong too?” Dad asked holding up a pair of pink panties.

They were Carrie’s from when she was on the sofa playing with the vibrator. I could have sworn I picked them up; they must have slipped under the sofa. I stood there trying to think up something to say, however I decided to tell him the truth, well half the truth.

“Those belong to Carrie she must have dropped them out of her purse or something,” I replied as I looked to the garage floor.

My uncle busted up laughing as he replied, “I never used that excuse.”

My dad looked at me shaking his head as he said, “Son your lucky your uncle dropped his lighter under the sofa finding these and not your mom.”

“So was she any good?” my uncle asked raising his eyebrows.

“BILL, damn it don’t encourage the boy,” my dad said. “Son, don’t become a disappointment to me and your mom,” dad added giving me a stern look.

About that time Paul came walking up to the garage my dad turned to him as he said, “Stay the hell out of my beer boy or else,” as he tugged at his belt.

Paul turned and he ran from the garage. My uncle told us that fat boy could move when he wants too. We all had a little laugh as my dad came over to me putting his hand on my shoulder digging his fingers into it.

“Keep it in your pants son,” my dad said to me. Dad dug his fingers a little harder into my shoulder as he gave me the lecture of getting a girl pregnant. When he had finished lecturing me he asked, “Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir,” I replied quickly just to get his fingers out of my shoulders.

My dad walked into the house as my uncle Bill came over to me and he said, “Always use these,” as he reached into his pocket pulling out three packs of rubbers and giving them to me. “You need more just let me know,” Uncle Bill added as he got into his truck.

“Thanks Uncle Bill,” I replied as he backed out of our driveway.

I stood there alone in the garage. The lecture from dad made my mind drift to Carrie. If Carrie was pregnant, my life is ruined. I probably would not even finish High School let alone go to college. I stood there thinking just how big of a disappointment I was going to be especially to Terri.

I looked at my fishing pole on the garage wall. I grabbed it and my tackle box. I walked up to the lake to do some fishing as well as some thinking. The fishing was not that good as I ended up just sitting under a tree lost in my thoughts.

I concluded that if Carrie was pregnant. I would do the honorable thing and marry her. I would have to quit school and probably go to work for my Uncle in construction. It would mean goodbye to all my dreams with Terri. However, a man has to do what a man has to do.

I got up from under the tree as I made a cast into the lake with my fishing pole. I remembered that I was supposed to have gone to the movies with Terri, Carrie and Paul. It had sort of slipped my mind and now as I looked at my watch I realized that would have been three hours ago.

“SO THIS IS WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN,” Terri cried out as she came up behind me.

I dam near jumped into the lake as she had scared me. I turned to see her, Carrie and Paul standing there all of them looking at me. I reeled my pole in and I turned toward Terri.

“Sorry I just lost track of time,” I said as I threw out another cast.

I was watching my line as I reeled it in. I was still running what if through my mind about Carrie as I fished. I threw out another cast not even looking back to them.

“John, is something wrong?” Terri asked.

As I turned to her Paul said, “Hell yeah, his dad probably gave him the belt for stealing his beer.”

“No, that’s not it,” “I just lost track of time that was all,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her giving her a big hug.

My eyes looked to Carrie who was looking at me. I gave her a smile, which made her smile back at me. I guess if I did have to marry her she would make a good wife I thought as I broke my hug with Terri.

Terri threw her arms around me as she said, “If I did not love you so much I would be mad at you,” as she kissed me deeply on my lips.

We all sat down by the lake as they told me what I had missed by not being at the movies. Terri was hugging, kissing at Paul as they both told me she did that he did this. Carrie was sitting beside me and I felt her hand creep into mine. I felt her tongue licking at my ear as I squeezed her hand tightly.

Terri said, “We can party and play at my house tonight.” “My aunt, my mom and dad were going to a house party,” as she smiled at me.

“Works for me,” I replied turning toward Carrie and giving her a wink.

We all returned home waiting for tonight. Uncle Bill joined us for dinner that night. After dinner, he told me to come give him a hand on his truck.
We were working under the hood and I saw Carrie come out the front door, she walked between our houses yelling hi to me as she headed for the swing out back.

“Damn I would have taken her panties too,” my uncle said as he hit me in my arm.

“Uncle Bill, can I talk to you?” I asked.

Uncle Bill told me sure and to talk away. Well that is just what I did. I told him about Carrie and I having unproductive sex. I also told him if I had to marry her, I would. I asked him if I needed a job could I work for him.

“In fact why don’t you just work for me now,” “You only have four or five weeks before school starts.” Uncle Bill said. “Besides it will keep your mind and yourself out of trouble,” he added giving me a wink.

I told Uncle Bill thanks and that I would help him the rest of the summer. I also asked him not to say anything to my dad. Uncle Bill told me that it was only between him and I. Uncle Bill told me to get and go sit with my girl.

I walked down to the swing to find Carrie on it alone I asked, “Where is Terrie?”

“Helping her mom,” Carrie replied as I sat down beside her.

I took a hold of Carrie’s hand as I told her just why I was at the lake the other day. I also told her that if she were pregnant I would marry her. I told her I was going to go to work for my uncle in construction starting Monday just in case.

“John, you would do that for me?” Carrie asked.

I told her yes I would, as I could not just walk away from her. I also told her I hoped she was not pregnant, as it would ruin both our lives. I also told her that it might not be too bad if she was, after all, I would have a hot wife and I told her that I just bet she would make a good mom.

“John, don’t worry so much about it but thank you,” “At least I know I could count on you if I am,” Carrie said to me before she kissed me then cuddled up to me on the swing.

I leaned my head down on hers as I rocked us on the swing. I saw Terri coming out her back door. Terri came down to us and she stopped in front of us just staring at Carrie.

“Your mom is looking for you, Carrie,” Terri said to her.

Carrie got up and she headed for the back door as Terri added, “I just told her that so we could be alone John,” as she cuddled up next to me.

Terri told me that she missed me today at the movies. She told me that she had a bad feeling today when I did not show up. I told her it had just slipped my mind as I had a lot on my mind lately that was all.

“Terri, I am going to go work for my Uncle the rest of the summer starting Monday,” I said to her as I looked into those lovely blue eyes.

“Why you can’t stand to be with me or is it because of Paul?” Terri asked looking up at me.

I should have told her yes, I hate the fact that you enjoy having fun with that fat bastard. I should have told her at least she could have picked a better male than him. However, I did not because I knew it would start a fight. I also knew she wanted him and she enjoyed herself with him. Another reason was that in reality, Paul was a decent friend and I enjoyed having him as a friend, I just figured he was a phase Terri was going through.

“No that is not it, my uncle asked me to help.” “What was I going to tell him, no?” I replied I dared not tell her the truth.

Terri told me that she supposed that she could give me up for a few hours a day. Terri told me to watch as soon as her mom and dad left I could come over. As Terri walked away I realized something; for some reason it was getting easier for me to lie to her. Something I had never done before.

I sat there on the swing wondering what I would do next to drive her further away from myself. Paul and I were going to spend the night with the girls as our parents thought we were camping out at each others back yards just another lie I had came up with for tonight.

I saw Terri’s parents leave and I walked up to the back door. Terri left me in and as we walked through the kitchen, she told me that she would be right back. She was going to go call Paul from in her bedroom.

Number one I did not know she even had his number. Number two why did she have to go into her bedroom to call him. There was a phone hanging on the wall in the kitchen. Terri ran into her bedroom as I walked into their living room.

“I should just dump that fucking slut,” I said quietly as I turned toward her bedroom flipping my middle finger.

“JOHN,” I heard Carrie yell out.

I was shocked and surprised to see Carrie sitting there on the sofa. I went over and I sat down beside her as I told her; you did not hear or see that. Carrie took a hold of my hand into her hand.

“Why don’t you just tell her the truth about not liking Paul being with her, John?” Carrie asked me as she rubbed my hand.

“Because if I do I may lose her,” I replied to Carrie as I looked to the floor.

Carrie turned my face back to her as she replied, “And if you don’t you will lose her,” giving me a serious look.

“Then maybe I do not deserve her,” I said to Carrie as I looked into her eyes.

I moved my lips to hers as I took her into my arms. I tried to stop myself as I kissed her deep and with passion. However, I could not it was as if some strange force was making me be untrue to the woman of my dreams. In a minute, all thoughts left my head as I felt my cock start to grow in my shorts.

Terri came out and she yelled, “Hey you two started without me,” as she jumped up onto the sofa throwing her arms around me.

Terri kissed me as I kissed her back. She settled down onto the sofa beside me. I was sitting between the girls with one arm wrapped around each of them. They took turn kissing me as well as each other as their hands rubbed at my now hard cock.

I smiled at both of them as I said, “Girls I must be dead because this has to be heaven.”

The girls cooed and gave me a smile as they told me that was so sweet of me to say. I did not even know where it came from as it somewhat just popped into my head. In a year or so, I would find out just how true this was.

Paul finally came knocking on the door. Terri left him in and he was carrying a small suitcase it looked like to me. I thought Christ he is moving in.

“What’s that?” Terri asked.

“The projector and those stag movies I told you about,” Paul replied.

Paul sat the projector up and then Terri turned the lights out as they joined Carrie and me on the sofa. The four of us watched the first stag movie as we smoked some pot getting high. It was an old black and white one. It was just a standard fuck movie with a man and woman fucking. In one part, the woman had her legs on the man’s shoulders and the man was really fucking the shit out of her.

“Mmmmmm John I want you like that,” Carrie whispered into my ear.

The movie soon ended and Carrie suggested that we watch the next one in the nude. We all started to take our clothes off, when Terri suggested that what ever they did in the movie we should also do. We all agreed that we would. The movie started with two women Paul and I gave each other a high five as we yelled, “Yeah!”

We put the girls in the middle of us. The girls did exactly what was happening in the movie. Terri and Carrie started to kiss each other as they hugged. You could see that they were swamping tongue as they did. Terri leaned down a little taking Carrie’s big tits in her hands. She ran her hand around her tits before she started to kiss and lick at them.

Terri had Carrie’s nipples rock hard as she teased at them with her tongue before she suckled on one then the other. In the movie, two men joined them on the couch; the two women in the movie kissed each of the men. Terri kissed me while Carrie kissed Paul quickly. Terri was still kissing me as I saw Carrie lie back across Paul’s lap just like the women in the movie had done.

Terri got her face between Carrie’s thighs as she too stretched across my lap. Terri toyed with Carrie’s pussy with her fingers. She would look to the screen to see what to do next. Terri was soon lapping at Carrie’s pussy just like in the movie.

Paul was feeling up Carrie’s tits, I started to stroke my cock as the other man was doing. Carrie started to moan as Terri was going to town on her pussy using her tongue. I reached my hand between Terri’s legs and played with her pussy as I jacked my cock off just like in the movie. Terri started to rub her hand over Carrie’s clit.

Ahhhhh make me cum Terri,” Carrie moaned out as she pumped her hips toward Terri.

Carrie pushed her big tits upward into Paul’s face. Paul was kissing and licking at them. Carrie started to moan and shake as she had a quick but short orgasm. I looked too the screen and saw that Carrie should be getting into a 69 with Terri.

Carrie played with Paul’s fat cock and I got behind her with Terri under her. Terri reminded me to put a rubber on. I reached into my shorts pulling one out and slipping it on my hard cock. I rubbed my cock at Carrie’s pussy before I slipped it in. As my cock entered, I felt Terri licking at my hanging balls with her tongue.

“Ahhhh shit that feels good Terri,” I moaned out as I started to fuck Carrie from behind.

I could hear Carrie slurping and sucking on Paul’s cock however, I could not see any of the action. I was soon fucking Carrie deep and hard in her wet pussy. Terri was still licking at my balls and every now and then, she would pull them aside to lick at my cock and Carrie’s pussy.

Paul had his head tilted back into the sofa, as he moaned, “I am going to …,” was all he got out.

Carrie raised her head from Paul’s cock as she cried out, “Fuck me, John fuck me hard, “as she looked over her shoulder to me.

I started to slam my cock in and out of her pussy. It was making loud wet sounds as I did. I finally felt my cock twitch as I buried it deep into her pussy. When I did, Terri sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

“AHHhhh shit,” I screamed as I felt my cock let loose.

My cock throbbed each time Terri sucked at my ball. I could feel my cock splattering out cum into the rubber each time that she did. I pulled my cock from Carrie’s pussy and got out from behind her. As soon as I did, Terri reached up and she pulled at Carrie’s ass.

“AHHhhhh,” Carrie moaned as Terri’s tongue lashed out at her pussy.

I watched Carrie have another orgasm right into Terri’s face. Carrie rolled off Terri and I had to catch her before she fell over, as she was weak in her knees. I pulled her into my body as I looked down to Terri sitting up with her face all wet from Carrie’s juices.

Terri rather flipped over so that her face was now at Paul’s cum covered cock. Terri rubbed her face all over his cock getting his cum onto her face. She crawled up to Paul’s face kissing him once.

Then Terri said, “Lick it from my face.”

Paul did exactly what she had told him. He kissed at Terri’s face first then he used his tongue to lick his own cum and Terri’s cum from her face. The two had a final kiss as he had cleaned her face all free of his cum however it was still wet with Carrie’s juices.

Terri turned to me as she asked, “John where did you get that rubber from?”

“My uncle,” I replied as I sat back down onto the sofa taking Carrie with me.

“Why did he give you rubbers John?” Terri asked.

“In case I got lucky with girls,” I replied just off the top of my head.

“What girls?” Terri asked each of her questions getting more serious.

“Terri stop, his uncle gave him protection that’s all; leave it at that,” Carrie replied to her.

Terri gave me one more serious look before she said, “I was just curious that’s all,” as she gave Carrie a long tight hug.

When Terri hugged Carrie, she was giving me her dagger eye look. I knew she was not satisfied with my answer. Terri broke her hug with Carrie as she stood up she told Paul to come with her to help her wash her face. The two of them walked down the hallway to the bathroom leaving Carrie and I sitting on the sofa.

“Thanks Carrie,” I said to her as I pulled her next to me.

I wrapped my arm around her pulling her into my side as she told me I was welcomed. Carrie also told me that she would always be there for me when I needed her. Even if it meant getting Terri, mad at her.

“I am getting to love you more each time we are together,” I whispered into her ear bringing a big smile to her face.

Carrie wrapped her arms around me as we sat on the sofa. I was thinking to myself that I had no idea in the world why I had told her that. I thought that maybe it was because I just wanted too or maybe I was in love with Carrie and I just did not know it. The one thing I did know is that I felt at peace with her in my arms just as I did with Terri in my arms.

I went to work for my Uncle the rest of the summer. Carrie also took a job at the local burger joint. That only left us Saturdays for having fun with everyone. It did not do much as far as getting my mind off my problems. Thank God an few weeks later Carrie had her period.

I was at the swing with her that early Saturday morning, Carrie said, “John you would have made a good husband and father,” as she held my hand.

I patted her hand as I replied, “And you would have been a loving wife and a loving mother as well.” “Someday you still will and the man who has you as his wife will be the luckiest man on this earth.

Carrie looked at me as she smiled she asked, “Are you feeling lucky today John?”

The summer was ending and every thing seemed to be going great. Carrie and her mom ended up moving in at Terri’s place. Carrie got her driver’s license and a car as well it was a 1967 Chevy Nova. We all went off to school that fall for our junior year. Carrie was in her senior year, she was an instant hit at our high school all the boys were after her.

Carrie dated from time to time. However Carrie only had one boy on her mind and I was to dumb to realize it. I knew she had feelings for me and she may have even been in love with me. However, I was just blind to her true feeling toward me.

Terri had finally talked Paul into riding to school with us as Carrie drove us. Paul and Terri had already gone into the high school leaving Carrie and I in the car. It was a beautiful spring day the sun was getting ready to shine and the radio was saying it might even hit the high 70’s today.

“To bad we have school would have been a nice day to do some fishing,” I said to Carrie.

Carrie looked over at me smiling as she asked, “Is that a hint to skip school today?”

“I will if you will,” I replied giving her a big smile.

Carrie and I drove back to my house where I made sure my dad and mom both had left for work. I grabbed a set of fishing poles from the garage and threw them into the trunk of Carrie’s Nova. Carrie had a sweet car; her mom got it for her for when she would go off for college next year. The car did not run right at first however, Carrie and I fixed it up together.

“Let’s not go to the neighborhood lake.” “I know another one close by and the fishing is good at this time of year,” I said to Carrie as she backed out of the driveway.

“What are we really going to fish all day?” Carrie asked smiling at me.

I slid over next to her as I replied, “Probably not,” as I ran my hand down between her legs.

We stopped at a store and picked up some lunch before we arrived at the lake and I found us a good spot. Carrie had become rather skilled at fishing with my help. I had always thought she just wanted to learn from me. I was too stupid or to hung up on Terri to see that she did it just to be with me.

That girl could fish as well we had no sooner started fishing than she was reeling fish in one after the other. We were having a great day as well as a fun day. We were kissing, laughing and joking around with each other. It was after one in the afternoon. Carrie stopped fishing as I saw her go sit on the blanket we had brought with us.

I reeled my pole in and as I sat down beside her. Carrie threw her arms around me kissing me deeply and passionately. I kissed her back as I fondled those huge fucking tits of hers. Carrie slipped her shirt, bra, jeans and panties off. She then helped me out of my clothes before she laid me down onto my back kissing me.

Carrie kissed her way down my chest using her tongue on my nipples. She kissed down my abdomen working her way to my hard throbbing cock. Carrie took my cock into her hand then into her mouth. She worked her hand up and down on my cock pausing every now and then to lick at just the head of my cock.

“Carrie, swing that pussy up here onto my face,” I said to her.

Carrie swung her body over mine until we were in a 69. Carrie went back to sucking on my cock as I tongued at her pussy. I was pulling her butt cheeks apart as I lapped wildly at her pussy. I saw that asshole of Carrie’s winking at me as I slipped my tongue up to it.

I ran my tongue around her asshole a few times before I plunged it deep into her ass. I never knew why but Carrie’s asshole tasted so much better than Terri’s did. All I know is that any chance I had to lick at her asshole I would and I loved it. Carrie was moaning as she pumped her ass back toward my face. I was jabbing my tongue in and out of that lovely asshole of hers. Carrie started to spit onto my cock, which she rubbed in with her hand.

“Fuck me in my ass, John you don‘t have to use a rubber then,” Carrie said as she got off me then onto her hands and knees on the blanket.

I got up behind Carrie as I took my cock running it up between those lovely fleshy butt cheeks. I smacked my cock against her asshole a few times before I lined the head of my cock up with it.

“Ahhhh,” Carrie moaned as I slipped the head of my cock into her ass.

I just left my cock still in her asshole for a minute or two. When Carrie started to push her but back onto my cock, I started to push my cock forward. My cock slowly eased all the way up into her asshole as she reached under herself grabbing at my balls.

“Fuck my ass,” Carrie cooed out loudly.

I slowly pulled my cock out until just the head was up her ass. I then pushed it slowly back deep into her ass. Carrie moaned again as she worked her butt toward me. I did that about seven or eight times until I had worked up to a steady pace going in and out of her ass.

“OH John your cock feels good in my ass,” Carrie said as she looked over her shoulder at me.

Her asshole was clamping down on my cock each time I buried it into her. I was soon driving my cock hard and deep up into her ass. Carrie moaned and pushed her butt back against me staying in perfect rhythm with my cock. My balls where slamming into her hanging lips as well as her clit as I fucked her up her ass.

I could feel my cock swelling as I slammed it deep into her butt. Carrie moaned loudly as I felt her pussy letting go with a squirt onto my balls. My cock twitched then throbbed as it shot cum deep into her butt. I filled her butt her butt full with cum as we both fell forward. My cock still buried in her ass when we did. I lay there on her back kissing at her neck as my cock went soft and slipped from her asshole. I rolled off Carrie and onto my back. I lay there for a moment as Carrie sat up and she looked at me with a sad face.

“What is wrong Carrie,” I asked as I sat up next to her.

Carrie told me that all of this would end soon. She told me she was going to miss me when she went off to college as she rubbed her hand along the side of my face. Her blue eyes looked lovely as she did. I told her she could come home on weekends to be with Terri, Paul and me.

“John, you just don’t get it, do you?” Carrie said as she shook her head at me.

“Get what?” I asked not knowing what she was getting at.

Carrie stood up and she started to put her clothes back on as she looked down at me she replied, “Just never mind John.” “We better be getting back as it is getting late,” Carrie added as I saw her wiping a few tears away.

We gather up the fishing stuff and the blanket pulling it into the car. The ride home was a quiet one. I had no idea what I had done to make her mad at me. When we got back to my place, I asked Carrie if we were going back to school to pick Terri and Paul up.

“Let them fucking walk home,” Carrie said as she drove away, she did not even go home she just drove away.

I was to dumb, maybe just stupid or blind to see what had just happened. It never entered my mind that Carrie was as deeply in love with me as I was with Terri. All I was thinking about was that Terri was going to be pissed when Paul and she had to walk home.

I went into my house trying to think up something to say to her. I knew I could not tell her that Carrie and I had skipped school today together. I sat there wondering what I had gotten myself into this time. I watched the clock as time ticked away until it was time for her to get home.

There was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it, as it was Terri and Carrie. I left them in sitting back down in the chair not feeling to well. Terri came over to me and she looked at me.

“John are you alright, Carrie told me that you went home from school sick today,” Terri said to me.

I looked up at Carrie looking into those lovely blue eyes of hers. I just shook my head yes, as I told her I would feel better tomorrow. Terri told Carrie that they should go and that I should be in bed. I walked them to the door with Terri going out first. When Carrie started to leave, I grabbed her hand and smiled at her. Carrie smiled back as she told me I had better get to bed.

I sure wish now that someone would have told me just how blind I had been toward Carrie. I sometimes wish that I had gotten her pregnant. If I would have, I may not have had to endure what I was about too.

The school year even went faster than summer it flew by quickly. Soon the four of us would be up to our old tricks of having fun at the lake and in the woods. I was looking forward to it especially in that Carrie would be off to college in the fall. The last day of school arrived. As I ate dinner that night with my mom and dad, my summer was ruined.

My mom and dad told me they had a surprise for me. They told me that we were all going to spend the whole summer up on the lake with my uncle. My heart sank in my chest. After dinner, I asked my dad if I really had to spend all summer that far from home. My dad told me that after next year I would probably be going off for college and that my mom wanted this, so yes I had too.

That night I sat with Terri on the back swing. I told her what my dad had said about my mom wanting this. Terri told me that she understood and that it was not as if I was leaving her or anything. Terri also told me that I should go, as my dad was right about after school that we would be going to college.

Terri hugged me as she said, “I can’t wait to be with you in college waking up next to you each day.” “Beside Carrie has her driver’s license and maybe we all will come up and visit you,” Terri added before she kissed me deeply.

I still did not feel right leaving her however, I did. The summer went slow but as a family, we did enjoy our time together. I got into the best shape of my life while there as well. I lifted weights twice a day, ran and swam everyday. I had more than a few girls try to tempt me. However, I stayed true to Terri. I called her more than a few times. However, it was always the same maybe we will come see you next weekend; however, they never did.

One bright spot of being away was that I got my driver license that summer. I also helped my dad and my uncle fix up a Plymouth Barracuda that summer. I figured it was another car; my uncle was adding to his collection of muscle cars.

However, when the car was finished my dad and my uncle handed me the keys telling me that it was mine. I definitely could not wait to return home to show Terri my car and myself to her as well. We got back home with about a week before my senior year in school started.

I was soon to find that things had changed in the neighborhood as well. When I got back home mid morning the first thing I did was run over to Terri’s house. I knocked on the door and her mom opened the door.

“Hi Mrs.____ Brenda is Terri home?” I asked.

“John is that you my how you have grown,” Terri mom replied as she ran her eyes up and down my body smiling.

She was right I was now six foot two, blond long hair, muscular with a golden brown tan. Brenda placed her hands around my muscular arms squeezing at my bicep. I heard her give a little sigh as she did and she told me that I had a better tan than she did. I had a very hard time talking to her with out staring at those big tits of hers that were showing in the robe she was dressed in.

I swear her mom looked the same as she did when I was only 9 or 10. To me it looked liked she had not aged at all over time. It was then that I noticed just how much Terri looked like her mom. That included having those same big lovely tits.

Her mom did have a slightly smaller butt; however, she shook it just like her daughters. Terri’s mom was just standing there smiling and giving me the eye. I felt like she wanted to jump my body now.

“Is Terri home?” I asked again.

“No John she went some where with her boyfriend Paul,” Brenda replied.

I just stood there speechless, boyfriend what was she talking about; I finally just said, “OK thanks,” as I ran back home.

Later that day I was out in the driveway with my head stuck under the hood of my car. The engine needed a little more work done on it. However, I always had the skills to engines and I figured my car engine would be no different.

I felt a hand grab at my ass, which caused me to bang my head on the car’s hood as I leaned back up. I turned rubbing the top of my head. There stood Terri smiling with her hands hanging crossed in front of herself. Terri had done some growing of her own that summer I noticed as well.

Terri was 5 foot 10 inches, I know because my lips were right at her forehead as I turned around. I saw that her black hair had grown as it hung down past her shoulders. Her face and those eyes where the most beautiful thing I had seen all summer. I was about to feast my eyes on those lovely tits of hers.

I could see the tops of her breasts heaving over her low cut top. However, as my eyes fell to the cleavage between those lovely tits. Those big tits did not catch my eyes as much as did the class ring she worn hanging from a chain around her neck. Therefore, it was true I thought to myself as I looked back into her face not saying a word. My world came crashing down at that very moment in time.

“John, don’t I get a kiss?” Terri asked.

I lean forward as I saw her puckering up her lips. I moved my lips up to her fore head where I planted a quick little kiss. I gave Terri a little half ass smile. Then I turned back under the hood of my car and began to tinker with the engine. Terri took her hand and she grabbed at my shoulder as she spun me back toward her.

“JOHN, what’s wrong?” Terri asked with her head slightly tilted and a bewildered look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” “This is what the fuck is wrong,” I yelled as I flicked my hand at the class ring hanging between her cleavages.

“Don’t I even get to explain?” Terri asked.

“What is there to fucking explain?” I yelled back. “You’re happy and that is all that fucking matters,” I added before I turned back under the hood of my car.

Terri burst into tears; she stood there crying as I just stayed under the hood of my car. Terri finally ran home still crying her eyes out. I wiped the tears from my own eyes before I went back to work on my car. I felt hurt, betrayed and pissed at the world. The worst feeling was in my heart as it had been broken. I occupied myself by working on my car for most of the day.

Later that day as I stood leaning against my car door with my arms folded across my chest sulking. I saw Paul coming out of the door at Terri’s house. Terri was looking through the screen door as Paul walked toward me.

Well at least fat boy had not changed. In fact, if anything he had gotten bigger I thought to myself. I stood there watching him approaching me trying to figure out just what Terri saw in him. I could see that Terri was still watching as he walked toward me. I should just deck the motherfucker when he got in range I thought as I unfolded my arms from in front of me.

Instead, I held out my hand to Paul and as I shook his hand I said, “Hey Paul good to see you.”

“Nice fucking car, John,” Paul replied as he started to check the barracuda out.

I turned to see if Terri was still watching but she was not. Paul was checking under the hood of my car by then. Paul asked me about the engine and the horsepower. Paul told me that I had gotten myself a sweet car over the summer as he stuck his head out from under the hood of the car.

“Yeah, but not as sweet as the ride you got over the summer,” I replied giving him a pissed off look.

“John, it is not like that at all, let me explain,” Paul said.

“Hey, there is nothing to explain, I left you moved in and you took my life away from me, it is as fucking simple as that,” I replied as I slammed the hood of my car.

I walked over to my car door as I said, “I hope you and Terri are happy and you both have a long happy fucking life,” as I got into my car started it and got back out.

Paul placed his hand at my shoulder as he said, “Come on John give me a chance here.”

I looked at his hand on my shoulder then to his face as I replied, “I am going to give you a chance,” “Take your fucking hand off of me before you lose it.”

Paul removed his hand from my shoulder. I got into my car and I revved the engine up. I looked angrily at Paul as I did. I still could not believe that Terri was wearing his ring.

I looked angrily at Paul as I said, “Thanks buddy you were a true fucking friend,” as I back out of my driveway.

I looked up in my rear view mirror to see Paul standing there with his arms out stretched to the side of his fat body as if to say what. I also saw Terri running out her front door looking at me as I drove up the road. I drove around the rest of the day and night wondering where I had gone wrong.

I returned home later that night. My mom told me that Terri had been trying to reach me most of the day. I told my mom if she called again just tell her I had nothing to say to her.

“John is everything alright?” my mom asked me.

“Everything is just perfect,” I replied walking toward my room.

Thanks to you mom I lost the girl of my dreams I thought as I walked down the hallway to my bedroom. I entered my bedroom closing the door behind me. I sat down on the edge of my bed. I sat there thinking how and when it went oh so wrong.

I finally figured that there were two reasons for this to have happened. One was Terri herself she had betrayed me and I also blamed my mom. If she had not taken me from home to spend the summer at the lake none of this would have ever happened. I blamed them both for feeling so miserable.

I awoke the next morning got dressed and made myself some breakfast. I was cleaning my plate at the sink I looked out the back window. Carrie was sitting on the swing all by herself. I went out through our garage and into the back yard. Carrie smiled at me, as I got closer to her.

“Damn John looked at you,” Carrie said as she jumped from the swing.

Carrie threw her arms up pulling me down to her, as she was still only about 5 ft 3 in. She hugged me tightly pressing those even bigger tits into me. Carrie pulled herself back a little as she rubbed at the side of my face.

“John, I have missed you so much,” Carrie said before she kissed me deeply.

I did not kiss Carrie back I somewhat just stood there before I replied, “Well at least some one did.”

Carrie took a hold of my hand as she told me to sit with her. I asked her what happened while I was gone. Carrie told me that things went bad as soon as I left. Carrie told me that to start with her mom Cindy had ran off with Terri’s dad. She told me that Terri, Brenda and she had decided to go shopping a few days after I left. Carrie told me that when they returned there was a note telling Brenda to have a good life.

“Terri’s mom did not seem too upset over it,” Carrie said. “However Terri took it very hard John,” Carrie added.

Carrie told me that Terri just cried in her bedroom for about three days. Terri would not talk to her or her mom. Carrie told me that she finally got her to talk. Terri felt that not only did her dad run off but that I had left her as well.

“John I told her that you would never do that,” Carrie said. Tears started to run down from Carrie’s eyes as she added, “I told her I knew for sure you never would but she did not believe me.” “So I …,” Carrie started to say but stopped hanging her head down.

“So you did what?” I asked her as I turned her face toward mine.

Carrie told me that she told Terri about that night her and I did not use a rubber. She told Terri about me filling her full of cum and what I had told her about if she was pregnant. How I would do the honorable thing and marry her.

“I only told her to show her that she could trust you,” “I told her you loved her,” Carrie said as she cried.

Carrie told me that Terri did not see it the way she had meant her too. She told me that all she had done was to make Terri mad at her. Carrie told me that the two of them have done nothing but but fight since she had told her.

“John she felt I had betrayed her as well as you so she turned to Paul for comfort,” Carrie said as she brought her hands up to her face crying into them. “It’s my entire fault,” Carrie sobbed out.

I wrapped my arm around Carrie on the swing as I told her it was not her fault. I gentle rocked the swing as I held her in my arms. I did not blame Carrie as she had been just trying to help. I got Carrie clamed down to where she was not crying.

“John, what are you going to do?” Carrie asked looking to me.

I thought for a minute or two then I replied, “Nothing, Terri got what she wanted,” “Terri is happy that is all that matters.”

Carrie told me again, how sorry she was. I told her to forget it as I asked her what she had been up to while I was gone. Carrie told me that she would be leaving for college tomorrow as she wanted to find a job near her college. As we talked, I saw Terri looking out their kitchen window.

I asked Carrie if she and Terri were still friends. Carrie told me just barely, they talked some and that was it. Carrie told me that after I left there was no reason for her to join Terri and Paul for any fun. Carrie told me she told Terri that she was a fool to choose Paul over me. I looked up to see Terri coming out her back door. She walked down to us.

“John, can we talk?” Terri asked me.

“I will leave you two alone,” Carrie said as she got up from the swing.

I pulled her back down next to me as I said, “No stay please.”

I looked up at Terri as I asked, “Are you happy Terri?”

“Yes John, but let me explain,” Terri replied.

I stood up pressing my fingers to her luscious lips I said, “There is nothing to explain, all that matters is your happiness.” I looked to Carrie then to Terri as I took Carrie’s hand and placed it into Terri’s hand I added, “Don’t blame Carrie, you two have too much going for you to lose that over a disappointment like me.”

Both girls yelled out, “JOHN.”

I looked at them each again, as I said to Carrie, “I wish you luck in college and please stay in touch.” Then I looked at Terri as I said, “I understand what happened and it is OK, I hope you and Paul are happy together.”

I gave them each a quick kiss before I placed Terri onto the swing next to Carrie. I told them to sit out here and work their differences out. I told them to give me a few minutes and that we all would go out for some burgers or something and work this out. I turned my back and I walked away from them both as tears ran down my cheeks.

“John come back please,” I heard them both say countless times as I walked away.

I went back into my house and I saw that Terri and Carrie were talking to each other on the swing. I also seen that fat fucking bastard Paul walking up to them. Terri jumped up off the swing throwing her arms around his fat fucking neck. Paul held her tightly in his arms as I looked at them through the window. I turned filled with hate and anger and I walked to my bedroom walking past my mom.

“John is everything OK?” my mom asked me again.

“Great mom just going out with some friends to grab a bite to eat,” I replied as I walked to my bedroom.

I closed the door as I sat down on the edge of my bed. I sat there just shaking my head from side to side not knowing what to do. I wanted to get even with Terri and with my mom. I wanted them to feel my hurt; I wanted to get revenge; there has to be a way to hurt them both. The answer came to me as I sat there looking around the room. I looked over to where my brother’s bed used to be in my room.

I smiled to myself, as I knew how I could get even with both Terri and my mom. I would turn eighteen years old during the third week of September. I was going to quit school and go join the army. I had my mind made up as I went into the bathroom and I splashed some cold water onto my face.

I looked into the mirror not knowing who or what I was really looking at. The person staring back at me was no longer I. It was as if someone or something had entered my body. All I had on my mind was revenge against the two who had betrayed me the most. Those two were my mom and Terri.

The four of us went out to eat that night. I told them all that everything was OK. The four of us were back together at least until Carrie went off to college. I told Paul and Terri once again that I was happy for them and wished them luck.

When we got home that night as we got out of my car Terri came over and she said, “John I still want to talk to you and explain.”

“I know give me a few days that’s all,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her smiling behind her back.

Carrie saw that devil smile as she looked into my face. Carrie was not smiling at me instead; she had the look of concern on her face. We told each other goodnight. The next morning I got up and I saw Carrie was packing her car to go off to college. Carrie looked at me and she came over to me.

“John just what are you up too?” Carrie asked grabbing my hand.

I told her nothing everything was just perfect. Carrie told me she knew me better than that. Carrie told me I had a very strange look in my eyes last night one that she had never seen in them before.

“John your eyes were black last night they were filled with hate, anger and mostly just pure evil,” Carrie said looking into my eyes again. "John please don't do anything foolish or stupid," Carrie added as she ran her hand at the side of my face.

I took Carrie into my arms as I said, “You don’t worry about me young lady you just go study hard but have fun and party late,” before I kissed her deep and with passion.

“John, I will call you when I get settled so we can talk and maybe you can come see me then,” Carrie replied. “Remember John I am always here for you,” Carrie added before kissing me again.

I watched her pull away and I got into my car as well. I drove into the city and I walked into the army recruiting station. I talked to some person behind the desk and I told him I wanted to enlist. I told them I would not be eighteen for a few weeks.

“That’s OK son, we can work something out,” the man in the uniform replied to me.

I returned home and I did not tell anyone what I had just done. I returned to school and I make it as if everything was OK. I even managed to avoid Paul and Terri those first few weeks of school. I had gotten my enlistment papers already and I was set to leave on my birthday. As I had told, the recruiter that was how I wanted it set up.

I got up that morning and I packed myself a small bag. My dad was already at work and my mom was still asleep. I had written them a long letter telling them what I had done. I told my mom I hated her for suggesting we go to the lake and I told my dad I hated him for making me go that last summer of my life to the lake. I told them both they had cost me the girl of my dreams.

I got into my car and I picked Terri up just as I always would for school. That fat bastard Paul was back to riding to high school with his parents again. Terri had seen the small bag in the back seat as she got into the car. She asked me what was in it. I told her just some old clothes I was giving away.

When we pulled into the parking lot at school I got out opening Terri’s door for her as she said, “John can I please talk to you about us, Please,” begging me as she took a hold of my hand.

I looked at her as I said, “You and I is no longer Terri,” “Goodbye I am off to serve in the army,” “Nice to have someone like you break my heart,” I added as I got into my car and drove away never looking back at her and not caring.

I drove right to my basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I did my basic and my advance individual training right there. I also spent some time at Fort Benning, Georgia where I became a sergeant. It was late December 1971 that I was shipped off to Vietnam. I found out quickly that it was not like playing army in our neighborhood.

Within two weeks, I wrote a letter home to my mom and dad asking them to forgive me for blaming them. I told them it was not their fault me losing Terri. I figured that out with bullets flying past me. I was over here fighting; I should have stayed at home and fought for Terri as well. However as the old saying went, you have made your bed, now lie in it.

The days dragged while I was over in that hellhole, the nights were no better. My days were supposed to go something like 24 days in the field and 6 days at base camp. However, it went more like 48 days in the field and if I was lucky 2 days at base camp. I spent many days and night dodging bullets, rocket power grenades, as well as watching for booby traps.

There were three of us, a man named Jack and the other Jason; they called us the three J’s. The three of us were damn good doing our job in Vietnam. That was why we spent so much time in the field doing reconnaissance. We were to explore and scout for the enemy in enemy territory. These missions were dangerous in that we never knew what we would run into.

It was during one such mission that I forgave everyone for my miserable life including myself. It was the rainy season as I walked and crawled through that god-forsaken jungle with that overwhelming heat, humidity and the smell of this unknown country. The three of us were out on patrol that rainy night seeking to find the enemy.

The three of us split up to cover more ground as we sometimes did. We had only been apart for maybe twenty minutes. When I heard voices coming from the jungle; followed by the barrage of gunfire as a firefight broke out.

The gunfire had the sounds of an M16 mixed in with it. I also saw another set of muzzle flashes coming from not far where the firefight had begun. It had the sounds of an M16 as well. It told me that Jack and Jason were in trouble. I made my way toward the firefight when it suddenly stopped as the jungle returned silent.

I dropped to the ground lying motionless; I heard sounds approaching me as I lie there. It was a small group of Viet Cong soldiers; they walked right by me. One of them dam near stepped on me. I heard one of them say, “lính My chet,” which was Vietnamese for U.S. troops killed.

I slowly reached for my M16 as I was going to let them have my full clip. However, I heard more voices so I froze once again hugging the ground trying to plant myself deep into the jungle floor. There had to have been thirty to forty Viet Cong walking by me where I lie. To make matters worst they did not just keep moving. They decided this was a good spot to have their meal apparently or worst to make camp.

I slowly and I mean slowly worked my hand up to my vest grabbing one of my hand grenades. I worked my other hand under my body as well. I clutched the grenade in one hand as I slipped my finger through the arming pin. I figured that if they found me, I was damn well going to take some of them with me.

I lie there closing my eyes thinking of happier times. I thought about my first time with Terrie and Carrie at the lake. I could almost smell Terrie as I remembered kissing her while; Carrie rubbed her hands across my chest. I was lying beside the lake as the girls worked their magic on me. I opened my eyes hoping that I truly was at the lake.

Oh how I wished I had been at the lake. However, I was not, I was in the jungles of Vietnam surround by Viet Cong. I lie there thinking about what I should do. I finally decided that I have had enough; I was going to stand up throw the grenade and let rip with my M16.

At least I could avenge Jack and Jason I thought as I closed my eyes once more as I said a quick prayer. I finished the prayer and with my eyes, still closed voices entered my head.

“Lie still John,” Terri said as her voice filled my head.

Carrie followed her voice as she said, “Don’t move John.”

A vision of Terri and Carrie standing by the lake filled my head. They both had their arms stretched out toward me as they motioned for me to come to them. I walked over to them wrapping my arms around them as we stood by the lake.

“Lay with us John,” their voices said to me in my head.

“We are here John and we will never leave you,” they both said in my head.

A man has time to reflect on his true self and on others, as he lies motionless in the deep dark jungles of Vietnam. I lie there with the girls next to me. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder. I thought maybe I had done what I had planned on and now I was in heaven playing with Terri and Carrie.

I opened my eyes as well as opening my ears. I heard nothing but the jungle itself.The Viet cong had moved on. I lie there for a minute or two reflecting on what just had happened to me. If not for the voices of Terri and Carrie telling me to lie still with them I would have been returning home in a body bag.

I made my way back to our base camp; I had pinpointed the enemy movement before I returned. Our people sent in an air strike taking them all out. My Captain told me what a damn fine job I had done. He also told me that I looked like hell. I told him what had happened to me and about the voices of the girls from back home.

“Son, just how long have you been over here?” the Captain asked me.

“I don’t know what is the date ?” I asked in return.

A corporal near us replied, “Its Valentines day February the 14, 1973.”

“Been in this damn jungle for about two years and two month’s sir,” I replied to the Captain.

“My god son you have just earned yourself some down time I suggest you go back home and thank those girls properly,” the Captain said handing some paper work to the corporal.

I went back to the shack on base my home when not in the jungle. I was packing my bags as I was heading for home as my tour was up a long time ago. I was just about to hop in a jeep when that corporal came running up to me.

“Hey Sgt. J, glad I caught you before you got out of here, I thought you may want these now,” the corporal said holding up a huge stack of letters.

They were letters from Terri and Carrie; my mom had told them where they could write to me. Whenever I had gotten one, I had always told him to keep it for me, as I would read it when I was ready. I guess he thought that maybe I was ready now. I stuffed them into my bag as I got into the helicopter.

Our copter flew over that god-forsaken jungle once more. I realized I have seen stuff happen down there that will haunt me the rest of my life. I pulled that stack of letters from my bag. I looked at them as I thought about just throwing them down into the jungle, however I stuck them back into my bag.

I arrived back to Fort Knox an few days later. It seemed like it only took me a day to get to Vietnam so why did it take three to return me home I thought. I walked into the first sergeant office as he had been keeping my car for me while I served in Vietnam. I asked him for my keys.

He looked at me as he replied, “Sign these and I will give them to you,” pushing some papers in front of me.

The papers in front of me were to sign up for another tour of Vietnam. My First Sergeant told me that he needed me as he was going to be returning as well. I signed them without even thinking because if he needed my help I was going to be there for him. He got into his drawer and he tossed me my keys as he told me the car was out back.

“I pulled some strings and I got you 90 days of leave, we will be waiting for you,” he said before getting back to work at his desk.

I got into my car and I headed for home some 600 hundred miles away. I pulled into a truck stop to grab a bite to eat. I took the first letter that Terri had written me in with me. I ordered then sat there staring at the envelope. I sat there twirling the letter around in my hands. I was debating whether to open it.

“What’s wrong son afraid it is a Dear John letter?” this old time trucker asked me.

I turned to him as I smartly replied, “I know it is a Dear John letter,” as I rather laughed to myself.

In case some of you have never heard of a Dear John letter, I will explain. A "Dear John letter" is a letter written to a husband or boyfriend by his wife or girlfriend to inform him their relationship is over, usually because the author has found lovers. During World War 2, large numbers of American troops stationed overseas for many months or years. As time passed many of their wives or girlfriends decided to begin a relationship with a new man rather than wait for them to return. They would send them a letter that started “Dear John.” In my case I always got a Dear John as my name was John.

The old time trucker pointed to my chest as he said, “With all those medals I know you are not afraid to read it,” before he went back to eating.

I tucked the letter back into my dress uniform as my meal had arrived. I slowly ate my meal thinking what I should do. I was not sure if I even wanted to return home. I asked the server for my check, she told me that the trucker had paid for it. I turned to thank him however; he was gone.

I got up and I walked to my car. I took off my dress uniform jacket off; when I did Terri’s letter fell to the ground. I bent over picked it up as I got into my car. I turned my dome light on, as it was dark out. I opened the envelope removed the letter and I started to read it.

Dear John,
I fucking hate you. You left me when you promised me you never would. All of your promises that you made to me were empty ones. I know you feel as if I had betrayed you by wearing Paul’s ring. I was only wearing his ring. His ring may have been around my neck. Only you and you alone lived in my heart. You had been in my heart I believe since the day I met you. When you left that summer I was afraid I may lose you to some girl at the lake. Then my dad runs away with my aunt, which only proved that having a special bond might not be enough. Then Carrie telling me how honorable you were in the fact you would marry her if she were pregnant. I turned to Paul for comfort I know it was wrong now. Just as wrong as you breaking your promise, you made to me. John if I could do it over, I would. However, that still gave you no reason to break my heart as well as your promise. I can only hope this letter finds you safe. I am fearful that I may never see you again. Please be safe and come home to me. Please John, write me so I know that you are safe PLEASE JOHN.

There was more to that letter however; you get the picture sort of I believe. I sat there in my car reading every single letter that the girls had wrote to me in the last two years. Carrie pretty much ripped me a new asshole for what I had done. She told me that it was just about the stupidest thing I had ever done. Almost as stupid as never noticing that she was madly in love with me.

The letters from them both went that way for that first year they wrote to me. Terri would tell me how I broke my promise to her along with her heart. While Carrie told me, how she loved me and needed me. In each of their letters, they begged me to write back to them and for me to be safe. I was glad now that I had not read any of their letters while I was in Vietnam as I had enough on my mind over there as was.

I opened a letter from Terri it was from a little before Christmas 1972. Terri informed me that Paul and she were getting married. Terri begged me in the letter to write back to let her know I was still alive. She also told me that she had told Paul that she would not married him until she knew for sure.

Carrie’s letters had mellowed out somewhat as well. She told me she often thinks back to the fun we all had together. She also told me that she had found a person she thought was a lot like me. Carrie told me that it was nothing serious just a true friend. She told me that she was happy but that she could never be fully happy until she knew if I was OK.

I was about to just threw the rest of the letters out the window of my car. As I picked the stack up a letter fell to the floor of my car. I picked the letter up wrote in the upper right hand corner in big letters it said, “JOHN YOU HAVE TO READ THIS PLEASE,” signed Terri and Carrie.

I opened the letter and this is what I found.

God we do hope that you are safe. We both had this weird dream about you the other night. Terri was home and Carrie was in her dorm at college. We both had the very same dream John and it scared us both. We both were standing by a lake. We could see explosions and fire all around us. We both saw you just standing there in the fire. John you were right in the middle of the fire. You were not burning or anything you were just standing there looking at us. We both yelled at you to come to us. You finally walked out of the fire with this strange glow around you. You came over wrapped your arms around us both and we all lied down onto the ground as you told us “Thanks girls.” John, please write one of us so we know that you are safe. we both called each other as we are worried sick over the dream we both had. We are afraid of what this dream may have meant. Please John for the sake of our hearts we must know that you are still here with us.
Love from us both,
Terri & Carrie

I put the letter away as I wiped the tears from my eyes. I thought of how foolish I had been. I had rather ruined everyone’s life along with my own. I had put the girls through a hell of their own as I faced my hell in Vietnam. I drove straight home with the intent to set them free of their hell. That being myself.

It was about 5 o’clock in the evening when I pulled into the driveway of home. I no sooner opened my door to get out than my mom and dad were on me. My mom was kissing my face all over as dad shook my hand. Then they both were asking me why I had not called them to tell them I was coming home. I told them I wanted to surprise them when in reality I had thought about not even going home.

We all went into the kitchen where we talked for about an hour. Dad even told me that I could have all the beer I wanted. I got up to get one as I looked out the kitchen window. I looked to the swing back between our two back yards. It was laying on the ground in pieces.

“That girl took a sledge hammer to it that night you left,” my dad said as he placed his hand on my shoulders.

“Can I borrow your tools for a while?” I asked looking at him.

Dad told me I knew where they were. I walked out into the garage got his toolbox, some wood and some nails. I walked down to the swing still in my uniform. I removed my cap and jacket before getting to work fixing the old swing. I had only placed about two nails when I heard the back door to Terri’s house open. I never turned to see whom it was I just kept working.

“Do you need a hand, John?” I heard from a familiar voice.

I turned to see Terri standing there looking at me. Terri looked just like she had in my vision while in the jungle of Vietnam. That same peaceful moment came all back to me as I just stared at her. Terri stretched her arms just like in my vision. It was remarkable as she was standing there just as she was when I was in trouble in the jungle. I was just staring at her I could do nothing else.

“John, what it is wrong?” Terri asked.

“I will tell you later right now hold this board up here,” I replied to her.

Terri helped me to repair the swing. We did not say a word to each other as we did. Terri caught me a few times checking her out. However, I also saw her checking me out as well. It took us a while but we finally got the old swing all back together. I was hanging the swing itself when I heard Terri’s back door open again.

“JOHN, your home,” Carrie cried out.

I turned as I watched her run down to us. Her lovely long blonde hair blowing in the wind much the same as the first time I met her. I also noticed those huge fucking tits bouncing ever so wonderfully as she ran toward me.

“TERRI JOHN is home,” Carrie yelled as she got beside her.

The girls hugged quickly then they turned to face me. They stood there with the evening breeze blowing their long hair. I watched as smiles came to their faces. They both held out and opened their arms toward me.

“Welcome home, John,” the girls said in unison.

I froze as I stood there looking at them. My mind instantly took me back to the jungles of Vietnam. I suddenly felt the humidity, the heat and the smell of the jungle. I could no longer see the girls in front of me only the deep dark jungle. I jumped as I heard a car backfire. The girls were staring at me with worry and concern on their lovely faces.

“John is there something wrong,” they both asked.

“As matter of fact there is,” I replied. “You girls take a seat I will tell you all about it,” I added as I took Carrie’s hand and I placed her into the swings seat.

I reached for Terri’s hand and as I did my eyes fell upon an engagement ring on her hand, “Look’s like you have something to tell me as well,” I said as I smiled at her.

This chapter should have been two however; it was hard enough to write as one let alone two. There is more to come in the next chapter. Please let me know if you are enjoying this and thanks to the ones who already have.


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A fellow Viet Nam vet enjoys your story, but the Viet Cong were all gone by '71. My 'monster' is knowing that, and knowing the the American people convinced the north Vietnamese Regulars to continue fighting because we would be defeated from home.

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2015-05-12 04:53:41
woah! This is intense! I dint expect much from this series other than a small plot n sthin to fap to,but u reli made this into sthin! Now theres an actual good story which brings me closer to the characters making it even more erotic in the sex parts! And even after i come,i can still read n enjoy it. Great job man! Idk if u will read this since its been awhile since u wrote it,but if u do,i hope u keep up the great work! Salute!!!

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2014-10-16 08:16:43
AAKay (Yes, Kay IS my real name also)A person caonnt unscramble eggs. I am a mom who has struggled a lot with adult kids blaing me for thing, some valid gripes and some not. Parents are not The Higher Power. They are fellow human beings on a journey called Life amd you are a have been an important partof theirs, with abilities, and frailties just like youself. Hopefully you can turn it over to your Higher Power. In AA we say. Let go and let God .

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2014-09-03 04:46:57
Whayg to is ask if

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2014-08-06 07:45:29
This story was so convienantly written, that i could get off to the first part, and keep reading afterwords!

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