If not for a quirk of fate I might never have known my potential.
Milk of Desire

By EFon

Chapter 1 : How it all started

My sister was a bitch, with a capital B. She was almost two years older than me, shy by just three months. When I was younger I had always looked up to her as a role model since mom was always working and I didn't have a dad. But looking back now that I'm fifteen, I can see more clearly she just enjoyed being bossy and in control.

The tea parties and dress-up play times when I was small were really embarrassing now. But the last few years have gotten unbearable. At fifteen she started dating and her life became super secretive all the time.

Staying our so late she was getting home after Mom, which got her into trouble, which meant I was in trouble with her for not lying to Mom for her. Sneaking out at night, which got her grounded, and again made my life worse since she just took her anger out on me with constant harsh teasing and ridicule. Then there were the boys she hung out with now. Big jock jerks who thought they could get close to her though me for some reason, but were so dumb they couldn't tell sarcasm from sincerity, and I wound up with a punch to the stomach more than a few times at school.

Things had been quiet for a few days, and that was always a bad sign that some real fireworks were about to begin.

Mom had made breakfast already and was getting ready for work, and told Jen to wake me up. I had stayed up really late last night playing games online so was completely sound asleep when she entered my room. "Wake up Runt."

Of course I didn't hear her or even stir at all. Then she grabbed firm hold on the blankets and yanked them off. That sudden cold air woke me up, but it was too late to stop the teasing. "Ha! Sorry to ruin your dream, Runt, but you'll have to finish your fantasy girl after school!"

I wasn't sure what she was talking about as I woke, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Then I realized my morning boner was sticking up in my shorts. I was so embarked and mad I just yelled the first insult that came to mind, "Whore!"

She just laughed as I tried to cover myself. "Is that who you were dreaming about? I'm not surprised. You'd have to pay someone to touch you Runt." Then she laughed as she left.

That really hurt. I almost cried. Jen had started dating when she was fifteen and always seemed to have a gaggle of boys lining up to take her places and buy her things. I had been fifteen for a few months now and never had a girl talk to me if she didn't have too.

I knew she had gotten her golden haired good looks from our mother, but I must have gotten the dull and ugly from my dad. Mom never talked about him, and would always change the subject whenever I asked, so I just stopped asking.

I'd finally been more than a freshman in high school and had grown three inches taller over the summer, and was almost as tall as Jen now. So I was really hoping I would somehow be cooler or more attractive somehow. But sadly I remained just a nerd, dork, and runt.

So I got dressed and went to eat breakfast at an empty table. I ate while Jen was now using the bathroom and Mom kissed me as she left for work. I turned on the TV while I ate and was watching a morning show just as this really hot actress in this now movie has a guest.

Sprong! I know it's just hormones, but my morning wood was back and trying to bust out of my pants! They showed a screen from her new movie and I considered my situation very carefully and quickly in my head. Mom was already gone and Jen was still in the shower as I could still hear the water running.

That was good enough for me. I yanked out my cock and fisted it as I imagined the starlet talking directly to me with her sexy words. Then she was on her knees, socking on my cock. I was already close since I was going at it hard and quick. I grabbed an empty glass from the table and closed my eyes.

Her blonde hair tussled in my hands as she sucked my cock, then she stood, pulled her gown out of the way and turned around, offering me her bare cunt. I quickly licked my hand and imagined thrusting quickly into her snatch. Grabbing her hips as I unleashed a torrent of semen into her quivering womanhood as she told me I’m the best lover she’s ever had.

Opening my eyes to reality again, I yanked out the last of my cum into the glass that’s coated with my man-milk and wiped it off before tucking my happy, spent cock back into my pants.

‘Oh crap!’ I thought as I didn't hear the shower running anymore.

I quickly took the cup and poured the milk from my sister's glass in it just as she was walking in.


‘Fuck, I'm busted!’ I thought.

"Mom got that for me! Get your own refills Runt!"

Then she took the glass right from my hand and downed it in just a few quick gulps, too fast to even taste it, regular milk and my milk all.

I was so shocked I just sat there. "Get a move on Runt; it's time for school!" I grabbed my bag and headed out the door just in time to see the bus roll away. I turned and Jen groaned as she seemed to have read my mind, "Fine, I'll give you a ride, but you have to sit in back.

I complied and put on the seatbelt in the back seat of Jen's car. It was her first car and was really a cheap piece of crap, but being a senior in high school she was now allowed to drive to school, so she'd worked all summer to afford a car so she could.

We drove a bit to pick up a pair of chatty girls who lived next-door to each other. Lisa is a brunette fem-fatal and classmate of my sister and Katey's a red-headed junior who has been like a remora to Lisa, joining all the same clubs. I'd never seen the two apart except for two years ago when Lisa went high school with my sister. That was probably the worst year for her. She must not be looking forward to next year with her best friend gone to college.

Lisa took her seat in the front shotgun seat, while Katey got in the back with a slight smirk and said in her over-sweet teasing voice, "Heya Russ. Miss the bus again?"

Jen interjected, "Runt was jerking off at breakfast." Usually I might have argued with her, but embarrassed that it was actually true this time, I just sort of shrunk back in my seat, laughing to myself at the thought how even if she didn't know it, I had the last laugh with the secret knowledge that Jen had drank my sperm in her milk.

But I'm obviously not as subtle as I thought. "What's so funny?" Katey asked.

Embarrassed I just mumbled to the pretty older girl, "Um, nothing."

Jen then interrupted Katey from pressing me with some gossiping about guys and I zoned out until we got to school.

"Russell!" My friend Jake called out as I got out of the car. I quickly ran away from my sister's car and her friends.

The secret of what happened at breakfast was burning inside me, but here in the open was the wrong time to talk about it. I'd probably have to wait until after school. I greeted him and we chatted about the online game we had been playing last night.

Class started and the day flew by and before I knew it Jake and I were walking to his home to hang out. I couldn't take it another minute. "You'll never guess what happened to my sister this morning."

"Did you see her naked?" Jake asked eagerly.

"Dude! That's gross!"

"Why? Dude, your sister's hot!"

That ruined my mood and would make my story erotic instead of funny,but this was my bitch of a sister we were talking about. "Nevermind..." Then we talked about school and our game until we got to Jake's house.

When we got there his little sister Jackie was there. She's always been a pain, but at least Jake was lucky he was older. At thirteen she'd be a freshman next year, but that was still a year away. I don't know what it was, but even though we had been best friends for years, she seemed to be more of an attention hog lately than when she was six.

"Hi Russell,” she said sweetly, “How's it going?"

"Fine I guess," and I ignored her and Jake and I headed up to his room.

We talked and laughed the afternoon away until my Mom got out of work. She would always pick me up at about five or so, and I thought it was her when I heard a honk from the yard and went out, but I noticed it was my sister's car.

I groaned and got in the front passenger seat. "Where's Mom?"

"She's running late and asked me to pick you up for dinner, Runt."

I groaned again as we headed home. We didn't speak the whole rest of the drive home, and I had to listen to her crappy boy-band music the whole way home.

One we pulled in I went to my room and did the homework I had to have done for tomorrow. About an hour later Mom got home and we all sat down to some microwave leftovers. Mom asked about school and my bitchy sister started in on me for missing the bus and having to drive me in.

That started the fight, and after a few minutes later I crossed Mom's threshold when I lashed out at her with, "Suck my cock!" for some snarky insult Jen she threw at me first.

"RUSSELL! Go to your room this instant!" Mom bellowed.

I knew after I'd said it that I'd gone too far, but just couldn't stop myself. I got up and angrily ran to my room and slammed the door.

I was so tired of her constant abuse, calling me Runt instead of Russell, and treating me like an idiot baby. I was fifteen now, but she still made me feel like I was five.

I tried to read a book, but was just a ball of anger, so just went to bed early.

I was awoken by the thought that I must have pissed myself, since my cock had the feeling of being wet, but as I tried to move in the dark I felt a person on top of my legs. More than that, while I'd never experienced it before, I knew instinctually as my senses came awake that I was getting my very first blowjob.

Oh God that feels good. It was still utterly dark, sometime past midnight, so I couldn't see a thing, but there was definitely someone between my legs slurping rapidly, but quietly on my virgin schlong.

I'd jerked off before. Quite a lot actually over the past year since I started really seeing girls as attractive, but this was way better than anything I'd ever felt before.

One of her soft hands was firmly grasping my shaft's base while her wet mouth engulfed my cockhead in a tight and wet suctioned embrace. I groaned and placed one hand on the back of her long and soft haired head as I exploded with such force I swear I could have sent a man to the moon.

I shuddered as every ounce of my being felt like it was leaving my body through the tip of my cock, and that wonderful woman sucked up every drop. I was dizzy and tired, but before I could say anything she stood from my bed and I heard the door to my room quickly open then close.

I caught my breath and stood on wobbly legs and tried to follow, but when I opened the door all there was deathly silent normal empty hallway. I returned to bed and passed out.

Next morning I rationalized it away as a dream. It had to be hormones right? I was at home with my mother and sister. There was no other logical explanation.... Right?

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