The final in the trilogy. Lena learns to love her Uncle.
Next of Kin 3
I Awoke excited, so ready to see my niece spread wide on other men’s dicks. I called a few men, clients actually, to remind them that they should arrive at nine am sharp with cash in hand. Two hundred dollars each, a cheap price for such a young cow.

I roused Lena and presented her with lube, instructing her to lather herself and meet me in the living room. She arrived quickly but tried to run back upstairs when she saw what I had set up for her. I leaned her on a chair and spread her legs. Strapping her to the Machine and mounting her with an unbending dildo the size of at least two average sized cocks. With her lightly used lube helping me slip just the tip into her I pitied the girl a bit; but this was essential if she was to stay awake to enjoy all the fun to be had later today. I then moved to her hard nipples and clamped them with my fingers. then I took the longest chain clamps I could buy and clipped her left nipple, wrapped the chain behind the chair and clipped her right nipple, holding her to the back of the seat. Delcious. I then set the machine to medium penetration and speed and watched it work. All the while she screamed and cried and tried to wiggle her way out of the seat and off the thick lifeless dick that was ramming into her. I loved watching her writhe. Just before she orgasmed I stopped the machine, making her almost beg to have it back. Well, if she wanted to be stuffed, she’d get her wish very soon; my guests had arrived and awaited her arrival in the den.

I wiped her bottom and pussy clean of lube and pushed her into the den. Her jaw dropped when she saw the five naked, well endowed men standing before her. I took the cash from each man and stood behind lena. It didn’t take long before they all were stroking, staring at their pray. I walked around her shaking body touching her, showing off her body. First I pinched each nipple and clamped it, tightening them down more than usual causing her to whimper. Then I spread her pussy lips, pinching them making them more red. I turned her around and bent her over my knee and spread her cheeks probing a finger into her asshole repeatedly making her wiggle. I had her kneel and wait.

I watched the men suffer a little before I spoke the words that would set them free. “Gentlemen, take what you’ve paid for, give her what she deserves; enjoy.” They circled her like hogs to a trough. The first man to penetrate her was a bulky man and clearly of Hispanic decent with a shorter but thicker cock than mine. He pulled Lena into the doggy position and giggled when he put the head of his cock into her swollen pussy. He slipped in with ease, thanks to the machine use just minutes ago; She’d thank me for that later. I stayed and watched all five men mount and dismount her, pumping her pussy full. I loved it. Once they had all gotten their fill of her pussy I moved in to plug it, store the evil seed of these men inside my small niece Lena. Each man smiled widely as they realized her sweet anus was now up for grabs. There was an argument and a rush to get inside her tight bottom. The third man to fuck Lena’s pussy was now buried into her asshole, Lena laying on top of his thick, long cock. He picked her body up with his big muscle arms and dropped her back down on his shaft. Not long after this the man he has squabbled with moved in. I was concerned about a fight, but before I could step in he had shoved the head of his cock into Lena’s already occupied anus. She screamed so loudly I feared she would pass out. Another man stuffed her mouth full with his cock thrusting it into her throat ceasing her screams. Both men being stuffed inside her let loose inside her simultaneously. They withdrew from her as the man came down her throat. A beautiful scene: her small body oozing cum. Just before all the men left I took Lena to the bathtub and allowed each man to piss down her throat, into her ass, and all over her face.

When all the men left I stripped and climbed into the shower with lena and the enema kit. I started the warm water to run over our bodies. I cleaned every inch of her, washing away all signs of urine and sweat. Then I went to her nipples and removed the clamps. I kissed her body then her chest, and her tiny pink nipples, licking them tenderly. She seemed to enjoy it so I continued, trying to show her my gratitude for her work earlier. I bent her over giving her several small enemas; one quart each as this wasn’t punishment. With each enema I rubbed it into her tummy and allowed her to expel it as soon as she wanted. I then moved to the plug in her pussy. I removed it gently and the flow of 5 mens cum drained from her, mostly in thick globs. I then used the enema bag to flush out her pussy. I used a different nozzle and the full bag and made her to hold it a few minutes before letting it go. Once she was cleaned I washed my body just letting her stand in the water. When I was washing my face I could feel her warm hands on my back, rubbing me. I stood in the water longer than I would have had she not been touching me. I turned and held her to me, my hardening cock pushing on her belly. She looked down and then dropped to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth. “oh! Yes! Lena!” I loved this. She wanted to please me, and please me she did. But she stopped before I could cum in her mouth. This drove me crazy with desire. I stopped the water and carried her quickly, nearly running to the bedroom. Dropping her to the bed I climbed on top of her slipping into her abused pussy and thrusting powerfully but intention, aiming for her g spot. Before long she was cumming and moaning on my cock. I didn’t last long. This was incredible, she wanted to be with me right now, and I wanted her, too. She was too young now; but soon she’d be ready to procreate. (this will be the final in the trilogy unless i get enough positive feedback.)


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Thank you for your advice, i'll run with it. :)

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2012-02-13 09:31:28
once you got to the part where she wanted it it was enjoyable

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