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My girlfriend Lucy is 18, I am a couple of years older at 20, but we never felt the age gap made a difference. One afternoon I got a text from her asking me round for dinner that evening, because her parents were out. I drove to her house and she answered the door, welcoming me with a kiss.
Lucy is about 5'6” and slightly chubby. She has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

Lucy had already started cooking stir fry and asked me to wait in the lounge whilst she went to get changed. A couple of minutes later, she was back in the room and had changed into a purple dress and black leggings. She looked hot and my dick twitched in my pants.

“Lets eat, I'm starving” she said, so we went and ate whilst chatting about each other's day's. I kept staring into Lucy's eyes and thinking about how beautiful she looked. We had both been flirting with each other across the table whilst we chatted and I wondered where this could lead...

We had been dating for around 6 months, but had not seen each other naked or had any sexual experiences with each other... Mainly because we were both quite shy and whenever we were at each other's houses our parents were in.

I collected up the plates and glasses from the table and took them to the kitchen. I started to clear up, then felt Lucy wrap her arms around me and then whisper in my ear “lets go to my room, I have something to show you”, my dick twitched again and my heart pounded with excitement about what she could have to show me.

She grabbed my hand and led me to her room. Once we got there, she closed the door behind us and pushed me onto her bed. As I was lying on her bed, she slowly climbed on top of me and we started kissing. I could feel my dick getting hard, but with the excitement I didn't care about her noticing. I started to stroke her leg whilst running my other hand through her soft blonde hair.

Lucy stopped and sat up, straddling my stomach. Saying nothing, she stared into my eyes and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it slide down her shoulders. Her large boobs were revealed, held in a sexy black lace bra. I wanted to reach out and touch them, but she held my arms down on the bed. “ You've been a naughty boy, and I'm going to punish you” she said in a seductive voice. I could feel the end of my dick getting wet with pre cum already.

She climbed off the bed, letting the dress fall all the way to the floor, she then teased and pulled down her black leggings. There she stood in her black bra and black panties with white polka dots. My mouth dropped, I couldn't believe how hot Lucy looked.

“Stand up!” she said in an authoritative voice. I did exactly what she said and stood in front of her, still restraining myself from touching her. She started to unbutton my check shirt, still staring into my eyes. Once unbuttoned, she pulled off my shirt and threw it onto a chair. She rubbed her hands over my chest and down toward my waist, she loosened my belt and un-zipped my jeans, slowly pulling them to the floor. She saw my now rock hard dick in my boxers “somebody's excited, you dirty boy”. My jeans were now on the floor and we both stood face to face, in just our underwear.

Lucy stepped closer and started to kiss again, her hands rubbing all over my body, I began to stroke her smooth skin, she felt so warm and soft, and my dick felt like it was getting even harder, if that was possible!

She pushed me onto the bed, straddling me like she had earlier. I looked up at her, as she reached behind her back, unclipping her black lacy bra. She moved one of her arms across her boobs, keeping her bra in place. Whilst her other hand slid off the straps from her shoulders. She leaned in towards me, placing a kiss on my lips and winked, letting go of her bra completely. Her boobs were now directly on show in front of me. I didn't know what to say – they were huge. She cupped them, before grabbing my hands and placing them on her boobs. I started to feel and ran my fingers over her nipples, as she let out a gasp. She leaned towards me again and I moved in and kissed her boobs and started to lick her nipples. I knew she liked this as she let more gasps out.

Lucy whispered to me again “I know you want more, don't you?”, “yes” I said, “you're so beautiful”.

Lucy started to kiss my chest, whilst rubbing my body with her hands. She was gradually approaching my waist. She reached my boxers and looked up, slipping her thumbs under the band. She slowly pulled down my boxers, my rock hard dick springing free. She looked shocked “your dick is huge”. She started to run her fingers down the side of it, then wrapped her hand round and started to slowly pump. I couldn't believe this was happening, after waiting for so long and dreaming about it many times. I let out a quiet moan, which Lucy heard and looked into my eyes “you like that do you? … well how about this?”. She moved her lips to the top of my dick and kissed the head, then she licked down the entire length and back up. She repeated this several times, before slipping the entire length of my dick into her mouth and started to suck away, swirling her tongue at the same time. It felt amazing and my breathing increased and got heavier.

Lucy stopped a couple of minutes later and moved back up, wrapping her arms round me, we started to talk about all the dirty things we wanted to do to each other. As we did, I ran my hands up and down her legs, then up the inside of her thigh – the closer I got to her pussy, the more excited she got.

I decided to stop teasing her, and ran my hand up her thigh again, then slipped the side of her panties away, and putting a few of my fingers into her panties. I started to stroke the outside of her pussy, which already felt really wet. I then slid my fingers into her pussy and she let out a moan “yes, Dan!” she exclaimed. I started to slowly slide my fingers in and out of her pussy, much to her satisfaction. Her breathing became heavier and her pussy got wetter. I started to explore, finding her clit, I started to rub this, and she let out even more moan, getting louder and louder. I wanted to remove her panties, to make things easier, so slowed down, then pulled my fingers out. I could see her wetness on my fingers... she grabbed my hand and licked my fingers, giving me and smile as she did.

“I want to take off your panties, then I'm gonna make you cum” I told her. Lucy stood up again, faced away from me, and slowly pulled down her panties, revealing a perfectly shaped ass. She turned round, showing her pussy. She had neatly trimmed dark blonde hair around her pussy and it just added to how much I wanted to play with her.

She led down on the bed next to me and we began to kiss again, this time her hand headed straight for my still hard dick and began to slowly stroke again, I carried on where I had left off, rubbing her clit with one hand, and sliding the fingers on my other hand in and out of her pussy. We carried on like this for several minutes, getting to the point where both of our moans and heavy breathing had built up to a point where it was all we could hear.

I could feel that I was going to shoot my load soon and as it was the first time we had done this together I let her know, this made her more determined, and she threw my arms onto the bed, each side of me and started to stroke as fast as she could, then she began to lick again, whilst stroking with one hand, the feeling was so intense and I started to cum, shooting my load into her mouth, which she had wrapped around my dick again. Once I had finished cumming, she carried on stroking to make sure she had got everything she could!

I looked into her eyes and told her it was her turn... she led on the bed, and I placed myself at the end of the bed. Lucy spread her legs, revealing her sweet pussy. I started to kiss the hair above it, working my way down. Once I reached her pussy, I used my fingers to spread her lips and slid in my tongue. She went crazy for this, letting out a scream, so I took the hint and carried on doing this, gradually working my way to swirling my tongue around her clit. She was breathing really heavily by now and moaning almost constantly. I moved away and started to finger fuck her pussy and rub her clit and the same time. I could feel her body start to shake and her pussy got wetter and wetter as she started to cum, screaming as it happened.

Once things had calmed down, I took my fingers out of her dripping pussy, this time licking them myself. I lay next to Lucy, our arms wrapped round each other and our naked bodies touching.

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