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Little Bobby gets her turn
Notes from the author: hello I hope you're enjoying the story so far, I only plan on a few more then I will wrap it up. First like to thank everyone who gave me positive feedback or vote. I would also like to explain why you see so many green lines in Word indicating a grammar error; you see Word doesn't recognize Jewels as a name. It thinks of it as a group of gems. I'm sorry if that caused distress among the readers. But I felt Jewels being a singular noun required a singular verb to go along with it. If that's still too discerning for you, copy it and replace Jewels with Jewell. That should get rid of any green line that word has. I may be wrong, but Jewels say, sounded wrong to me when I knew I was referring to a single person and not a bunch of rocks.

Sara’s Protective Dad part 5

Tears of joy going down my face, Jewels can see the pain is all washed away; my joyous mood is spreading throughout the room, first to Jewels, then to Sara, then to Little Bobby and Morgan. I pull everyone into a large group hug.

As we all break from a hug Little Bobby asks. “Why, what happened that you and mom didn’t work out? You love each other, we can see that.”

“Little Bobby my dear, that is a very long story.” It all begins with a falsehood, I tell the story to the best my knowledge and Jewels helps with a lot the missing parts. So the next hours working at piecing together what happened how rescue attempts failed, how Janet had sabotaged us in most ways, how I protected Sara, how Janet had lied about Jewels’ death. Then Jewels told how Janet intercepted phone calls from her; when I was in morning for her. How finally Janet’s persistent untruths disheartened Jewels to the point where she stopped trying to contact me. What we come to understand that jealousy, greed, and lies nearly destroyed Jewels and my lives. How it finally drove Janet crazy from guilt by maintaining the falsehoods.

We agreed to work at keeping these failures out of our life. I felt jealousy would be hardest, due to the fact that we have four women and one man. I will do my best to ensure jealousy is keep to a minimum.

A long time ago I made myself a promise that if I ever got Jewels back I would retire. Well I guess I’m retiring. I have more money than what I need; Hell the five of us can retire. Even in retirement my income will be in the upper 5% of the nation.

Stretch on the bed with Sara and Little Bobby in my arms, with what has transpired in the last few hours I really need a nap. Kiss both girls. Tell them I think a couple hours of sleep are needed.

Little Bobby reminds me that I still owe her. With a devilish grin I say.” I remember, when I get up you can collect.” Hearing that she climbs onto my chest, she doesn’t feel heavy so I don’t mind I wrap her in my arms. It feels too good I’ll never ask her to get off; I think I’ll have Sara sleep on my chest next.

Sara ask. “What are you doing?”

Little Bobby replied. “I’m protecting my turn.” I chuckle and stroke her back slowly, giving Sara a passionate kiss before drifting off to sleep.

I woke up sometime later; with an over full bladder jumped out of bed and ran straight for the bathroom. I realized I was alone while relieving myself. Now that my initial problem is solved hunger pains due to me missing lunch, drives me to the kitchen. A note attached the fridge that reads. (We have gone shopping. Back early this evening for dinner. Love Sara, Jewels, and Morgan) I’m confused because doesn’t mention Little Bobby, till a voice calls me from behind. “Oh I see you found the note.” Little Bobby’s voice sounds like music to my ears. I ask if she’s hungry too. “I had a snack, a little earlier when you were sleeping.” Opening the fridge there is a plate ready for me. Little Bobby says. “I hope you like it I made it for you.”

Picking up the plate within the fridge and getting a soda to go with lunch. I turned around there is Little Bobby, no longer nude, she is wearing a white negligee comes nearly to the floor. Her beauty is breath taking. I’m so stunned I nearly dropped my lunch. The young woman within has done her makeup, and hair, giving me the impression of a bride. The light shining through my tall windows plays off her strawberry blonde hair and white negligee giving her an angelic glow. I’m a lucky man.

Little Bobby giggles and says. ”I see you like it.”

I quickly set my lunch down on the kitchen table. I’m still nude and as I turned to her, my mind is racing about the promise I made to her this morning. My body gives away my arousal. I open my arms for Little Bobby to step into.

Giggling Little Bobby says. “I see you really like how I look.”

I step away, I drop to one knee taking her hand and brought it to my lips kissing it lightly, I say to her. ”Forgive my nudity my Radiant Goddess, but nothing could hide my love for you.”

“Oh I really like that.” Little Bobby giggles and sets down on my leg, cuddles into my bare chest and shoulders. Throwing her arms around my neck and lovingly kissing me.

My body’s hunger for the food on the table does not compare to the hunger I see in her eyes. As our kiss ends, I pick her up and carried her like a bride back to my master bedroom.

Whispering into my ear Little Bobby utters. “I thought you were hungry.”

“Someone just has waited long enough and should never wait any longer.” I whisper in return. Moving to the bed I noticed the sheets had been changed. Thinking to myself Little Bobby is very fast or has some help, I smile and appreciate, the moment. Placing her on the fresh made bed, and lay beside her.

We begin to kiss passionately kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, our hands discovering each other’s bodies. I lost track of just how long we make out like this. But as we do my hands massage her young breast thou a thin layer of fabric. Her moans of pleasure becoming louder with each pass with each touch of her harden nipples.

Finally she backs off saying. “I don’t need this anymore.” She grabs the gown and sexily removes it, now nude before me. Her beauty is awe-inspiring truly she is a radiant goddess. Then with a smile Little Bobby rejoins me, back in for more passionate kissing and petting. In seconds my hands continue their massage of her body. Without a thin barrier of the negligee my touch is almost more than she can stand her moaning becomes louder still. I began to kiss down her neck and over her shoulder onto her breasts repeating the actions that work so well this morning. As my mouth takes the place of my hand I use it to gently but firmly rub along her ribs to her hip. I gently caress her buttocks and pull her closer to me. Her pelvis makes contact just below my belt line. With her pressed into my skin I feel her wetness. She moans. “Oh yes that feels so wonderful. Bobby, suck my tits.” she pushes her ass away from my body to give my hand room to play, and moans. “Touch me, touch my pussy please play with my clit.” I whisper back. “Yes my radiant goddess.” She pushes and hard with a passion a kiss and moans in my mouth as my hand makes contact with her clitoris. “That feels so good.”

And just a few minutes of this play her body begins to shake she thrust her hips forward. Trapping my hand between us, her spasms continue the assault automatically and cause her orgasm to strengthen. Her hands wrap around my head and pulled me tighter to the breast I’m sucking on. Now during height of her climax, Little Bobby is yelling her delight. “OH FUCK, YES I’M CUMMING!” She slowly comes down from her sexual high. Her breathing returns to more normal state and she pleads. “I could do this all day but I want you in me. Please make love to me now and stop all the teasing.”

I push her gently on to the flat of her back, she moves willingly at my touch. I move down my kisses crossed her and onto her pelvis area. I want to bring her close to another orgasm, and insure her inter wetness. When I move lower top of her pelvis she spreads her legs and a near split, her outer and inner lips both open for me, if I hadn’t had the activity this morning I’m sure I would have ejaculated right then. My God, she is ever wet, I start the bottom of her slit and lick scooping her moister onto my tongue as I travel to her clitoris. I must get a mouthful have to swallow halfway up the taste is incredible not better than Sara, Jewels or Morgan, but different still than anyone’s. On reaching her clitoris I work it over to bring her close. It doesn’t take long but now her clitoris is fully erect standing far outside of its protective hood. I stop raise myself moving up into position for our love making. I glance at the clock it’s 4:21pm. As I make contact between our sexes, Little Bobby moans. “Oh God yes please I’m so ready.”

Hearing that I have all the motivation will ever need, I say. “I love you my Radiant Goddess.” And start the press my rock hard cock into her. The opening to her womanhood stretches to allow me to enter I go slowly to reduce any discomfort from this initial invasion. I’m holding one hand on her hips to prevent her from wildly thrusting into me. I insert slowly until I feel her hymen and stop, to give her time to adjust my size. She is wailing wildly at this point. “Yes oh yes make me your woman.”

I still hold until she has become more relaxed with me in this position. Now that she’s ready I thrust hard and break her hymen in one fast motion. Doing everything to reduce her discomfort but still she screams in pain and I hold still within her. “I know this hurts but the pain will go fast just hang on.”

“Oh dad it really hurts.” A few tears her running down her beautiful face, her nails are dug into my shoulders. I try to smile reassuringly. “Hang on baby the pain doesn’t last long.”

About 30 seconds later says it doesn’t hers back and gives a slight push on her hips. There is still pain as her face shows. “Baby just hold still and try to relax. When you relax the pain starts to go away.” Her eyes tell me that she will try.

A minute goes by and she has started to relax, she still incredibly tight but I can feel her loosen up oh so slightly. Then she moves her hips one more time and a smile crosses her face. With that I begin to slowly stroke inside my Radiant Goddess. The look on her face says it all, she looks like she’s just about to climax having given her two today I know, I continue my slow general stroking within her just increasing her so slowly my depth, until I’m fully within her. Like her sister it’s just pass I had bottom out and made contact her pelvis. When I do she moans. “Oh yes I’m so full, it feels so good.” I continue with the rhythm which set with us up but increase the depth of each stroke. I can tell she’ll explode any second, Little Bobby back is arched pressing her breast into my chest, I can feel her rock hard nipples moving with each thrust. Her heart is pounding as is mine. Our breath is fast and shallow. I’m trying to make sure that she has an orgasm before I do. She demands for me to move faster. “Yes that’s it fuck me hard. Faster! Oh God I’m so close.” I speed up increase till I had just about popping out of her with each stroke. I drop down and take a nipple into my mouth sucking hard, and press my tongue into it. This is all it took to take her over the edge. Her legs wrap around me as she pushes her sex tight to me. Strong spasms run through her body as her screams of ecstasy feel the house. Her hands are on the back of my head holding me tight to her breast. “BOBBY YES FUCK ME HARD, FUCK LITTLE BOBBY, I’M CUMMING BOBBY. LITTLE BOBBY IS COMING FOR BOBBY!”

I can’t hold it anymore is just feels too good. My balls tighten I can feel it load in to my cock and fire it feels like it’s the biggest load of the day. I turn my head and shout. “LITTLE BOBBY YOU MADE ME CUM!” I feel it explode out of my cock and instantly Little Bobby cunt is filled and yet more is on its way with no room for it in the birth canal is being pumped directly into her womb.

She screaming her spasms are stronger it’s like her orgasm has just been turned up two notches. “ YES BOBBY IS FILL LITTLE BOBBY UP, OH YES MORE, MORE, YOUR PUTTING MORE IN ME I FEEL IT I’M SO FULL.”

As the last of my sperm is pumped deeply into my Radiant Goddess, my Little Bobby, a beautiful stranger just yesterday, my daughter I collapse onto her with the last my strength I roll to her side. Looking deeply into her eyes I see her love as she sees my love. We slowly catch our breath and as we regain our speech I say “I love you my Radiant Goddess.”

Little Bobby cuddles into me and I kiss the top of her head. She lifts her head so she can look into my eyes. “I love you too, I’m so happy we found each other. I know this isn’t what normal fathers and daughters do. I feel sorry for them. If they only knew how much more I love you because you share yourself with me. Please never stop loving me like this I never want this to end.”

I smile lovingly kiss her again this time fully on the lips. Pull back and say “I know I never want it to end too. I want you to know that I will always love you. I will always be your father and love you as that. We have a special relationship true. I will be in love with you, from now on. As your father I want everything for you, love, family, and children. ”

They’re tears running freely from Little Bobbies’ eyes, the look of joy tells me that there happy tears. “Oh I plan on having kids sometime when we are ready.” Watching my reaction which is a large smile she continues. “I finally get to meet the man of my dreams; he’s kind and big hearted, strong and tough as nails, but tender as anyone could be, and oh so sweet. And beat it all is my own father.” She snuggles in to me and we just hold each other in the afterglow.

After a few minutes I feel her juices drying and becoming uncomfortable still holding Little Bobby who is gently kissing my chest. I say. “Sweetie we need a cleaned up.” She looks at me not wanting to move just let the moment last as long as possible. But smiling back she knows I’m right, she could feel her juices flow out her now vacant vagina. Now a little after 5:40. We shower together, hug and rubbing, kiss and fondling each other.

“Besides that the rest should be back soon.”

I finished the sandwich that Little Bobby had made for me. When she got to the kitchen she looked a little disappointed. I asked her. “Why you look so disappointed?”

“You didn’t save me any.” Little Bobby said playfully.

“There is anything she wanted what would it be?” I said this before I knew what I was doing; I just opened a whole can of worms. She could ask for anything. I also thought about it, I would have had given her anything.

Little Bobby has a very playful look on her face as she ponders. “Mmm now you did say anything.” She still is thinking, rolling her eyes mischievous. “I know what I want,,, a hamburger, really, truly good hamburger.” During Little Bobby’s long pause, she intensely studied my face.

I chuckle. “I just so happen to know a really good hamburger joint.”

“Mom’s got the SUV how are we going to get there?” Little Bobby asked directly.

“Just so happens, you’re standing in it.” I’m giving her a playful answer.

I say we need to pick a few items from our garden, and the greenhouse and then we should be ready to start cooking. We finish gathering all the ingredients I needed, then back in the kitchen to finish getting ready. I checked the fridge the rest of ingredients and yes their there. Fifteen minutes later and the burgers were ready to cook. Little Bobby looks at me. “We need to do all that for those burgers?”

“Yes you want a truly good hamburger didn’t you?” As I place the patties in a hot skillet to start cooking. The burgers took about 15 min. to cook, by that time the house smells of burgers. Little Bobby says. “If they taste anything like they smell then you got a great burger.”

We’re sitting at the kitchen table ready to eat the OMG hamburgers I just fixed, when we hear the SUV pull up. Little Bobby hesitates before taking a bite to ask. “Why do you call these OMG burgers?”

“Your mother gave them the name.” hear the front door opened and Jewels, Sara, and Morgan walk-in talking and giggling with each other. Two steps in and Jewels shouts Oh My God burgers. I look at Little Bobby. “Is that the answer to your question”, who is taken a bite, is now shaking her head enthusiastically yes. Jewels slides to a stop at the kitchen table. Sees my plate with the untouched burger on it, and now comes toward me bends over and I think to give me a kiss but steals my burger. “Thanks Bobby” as she sits beside me and takes a large bite from the hamburger. She has a look of bliss on her face that I can’t help but love, as she eats the burger. So I’m not mad at her theft of my hamburger.

Sara comes in, gives me a look that demands where’s hers. “Same as mine, in the oven.”

The bell for the oven rings. Sara eyes light up. “Good there done.”

I no sooner have the tray holding six more OMG hamburgers, when Sarah and Morgan are at my shoulder with three plates ready. A chorus of MMM and OOOH, is all you can hear from Jewels and Little Bobby.

Sarah and Morgan take a burger each has do me. Clearly I will have to adjust my recipe for five people. I joint everyone at the table. Little Bobby and Jewels had finished their burgers; both are looking at my burger hungrily. There’s more by the oven, and I take a large bite of my own burger. If I do say so myself I did well today. I noticed that Jewels and Little Bobby both come back with half a burger each. “It’s the one way at the moment to make sure everyone gets an equal amount.” Jewels says. “You know this is the only thing that I’ve never been able to cook.”

Both Little Bobby and Morgan, say. “When did you try to make this?”

Jewels pulls a finger up while she’s eating, after she swallows, taking her time to do so. “You two were about a year old at the time. I couldn’t get it right. It just made me miss you even more.” Her eyes on me as she says this, a tear forms on a happy face. It’s only when she reaches up to brush the tear from my face that I realize there more than just her eyes alone that are overflowing with joy.

Sara asked. “Dad wants up me usually get please once a year on my birthday?”

“Someone asked for a really truly good hamburger. And seen how she never had one I just had to make them for everyone.” Smiling at Little Bobby “So what you think are they good?”

Little Bobby has just finishing off the last of her seconds. She throws out the first thing that comes to her mind. “Not as good as sex, but oh my God that’s good.” Bobby statement causes everyone to turn to her and stare including her mother.

Jewels laughs it off, then said. “Just as good as I remember now that was a little while back, yes that was a good day.” The memory brings back many happy feelings for Jewels and I. we both get a devilish look about us.

The twins giggle as they see their mother and me looking into each other’s eyes. One asks. “How long ago was that?”

“14 years 11 months and 26 days” I answer.

Sara says “My first birthday, please don’t tell that story again.”

“What story Sara? The story where I lost Jewels forever. Don’t have that story anymore girl. You’re living the new one right now.”

Jewels laughing so hard she falls to the floor. Everyone in the room is laughing, I offer Jewels my hand and she pulls me down to her still laughing she throws her arms around my neck. I pull her into a hug and we kiss still laughing.

Megan states. “What does he put in these burgers? I’ve never seen Mom so happy.”

Sara flat pans; “He sprinkles it with love.”

Megan and Little Bobby both join. “and makes the whole world taste good.”

Jewels goes wide-eyed. “What did you put in those burgers?”

Now I’m the one who’s laughing so hard I can’t get off the floor. Finally when I calm down a little I say not the burgers it’s the room full of comedians.

Jewels takes her turn to flat pan. “You’re right so everyone gets serious.” Everyone go silent for 10 seconds and bust out in even harder laughter.

After being joined on the floor by three other beautiful women, we all laughed till we all cried. We all can cross that off the bucket list.

After we finish delightful comedy, I hug and kissed everyone as I help them to their feet, it’s times like this that make everyone closer. It’s funny how small things can change everything, just the right amount of a few herbs and spices, and a hamburger becomes an oh my God hamburger the difference from fair to awesome. For me all the difference in the world is in these four beautiful women, and their happiness.

Feeling of imminent loss due to Sara’s near fatal accident, made me realize how deep my love for her is. Jewels return renewed all my faith in life, removing the continuation of pain over her loss. There is still some bitterness to Janet, but now with her passing, I also forgive. In that forgiveness I find peace. I have had enough of this self-examination. This is a happy time, and not for deep thoughts, so back to the here and now and enjoy.

Jewels looks mischievously at me. “Bobby got any chocolate in the house?”

I look at her I know what she’s trying to get at. “Oh no Jewels, last time you had Oh My God Burgers and chocolate you know what happened.”

Jewels giggles. ”That was a great night, but that was like 14 and a half years ago. What can happen?”

I look at her and say. “The last time you had that combination; it was just you and me, but now.”

Jewels face is serious. “You got a very good point.”

Suddenly Sara is laughing very hard again. The twins are confused and ask. “What’s so funny now?”

She tries to stop laughing just long enough to explain. “Now I know why I couldn’t ever have a chocolate cake on my birthday.” Starting to giggle again, but the twins still don’t see it. Barely contain herself Sara informed the twins by asking. “What happened 14 years and nine months ago?”

The Twins immediately say. “Our birthday?”

Sara goes on with her second question. “And nine months makes…” She leaves it hanging.

The Twins immediately start giggling. “So that the combination we will want for our 18th birthday.”

The look of shock on my face is enough to send four women back to the floor in laughter. I recover quickly, and laughed along with. Then looking at the twins I’m remembering back to this morning. I said. “That’s a great idea will have oh my God burgers and chocolate cake and ice cream.” Jewels just punched me in the shoulder for my joke.

I then scoop Jewels off the floor and carry her down to her room to fulfill my promise from this morning. Please, Girls will you clean up the kitchen for me.

Robert what happen to that prim and proper man I met long ago?

I’m taken aback by the question. “What?”

“Well every time we were together before, you and Janet were separated.” Jewels ask knowing.

“True, but I have a question for you. When you married your doctor was it as Jill Carter?” I knew the answer anyway.

“I was in hiding at the time, yes.” We talked about this earlier today, as far as I care Jewels isn't married.

I said. ”Well since that wasn’t your real name, we should get a judge to nullify the marriage. Lawyers can do those in five minutes flat.”

She goes. “So I’m not really married.” Jewels is giving me that come here look, which I’m all too willing to give in to her.

“I have something for you,” going to the book shelf and pull a book open and there hidden is a chocolate bar. “You know in the wrong hands this could kill me.”

Jewels giggles merrily.” Is all that for me? I just might kill you with sex tonight.”

“We’ll share.” Her eyes light up with anticipation. I think that might not be a bad way to go, but I just got her back, that wouldn’t do.

A knock at the door, we both jumped.

“I need to talk to you.” Sara says as she came in. “Dad, you’ve been so good to me. I know you’ve been in love with Jewels for almost my entire life. Jewels you’re my big sister, I know I’m going to love you. If the two of you want me to, I’ll go back to our old relationship with you Daddy.”

I noticed tears are coming from both Jewels and Sara eyes. Why did I put them in this situation? It’s all been happening far too quickly, if we had more time to grow into these relationships it may have been far easier.

I pull Sara to me looking to Jewels reach out with one arm she knows what I want. Jewels comes and I hold both to my chest. Sara is over my heart, tell her. ”You hear that?” she nods her head. “If not for you, you would not. If not for you it would stopped a long time ago. I lived, I live, and I will live, just for you. I’ve given you my heart not now but a long time ago.” I give a moment for these words to sink in. Then I turn to Jewels. “Jewels I love you so much too, if not for Sara, when you were dead I would not have wanted to live. But now you’re back like a miracle, and I am so happy. But I can’t go on without both of you in my life. I am being selfish. I want both my old love and new loves. My heart has grown it holds all four of you now. Without all of you in it to support it, it will collapse and be broken. No, I can’t go back, I love you all now.” Both of them smile at me.

“To me love and lust are two different things. You can love someone without lusting for them. You can lust for someone without loving them. But it special when you both love and lust for the same person. I lusted for Jewels before I loved her, granted that was only a short time. I love Sara from the second she was born, but I’ve only lusted for her just a short while.”

Jewels smirks. “You lusted for me first, when?”

“Rocky Mountain trip when we stopped in Denver at that mall, in the food court when you were feeding Sara. That older couple which assumed you were my wife and Sara was our child. I stopped looking at you like a kid. Saw you as the beautiful woman you are.”

Jewels says to point out. “It was over a month after that, before you even kissed me.”

“Yes I could fight the lust, but not the love. I remember her as she walked just ahead of me, and how she looked in her sun dress, her red hair back lit with the setting sun. You stopped me in my tracks; I saw your silhouette and my heart skipped a beat. I was fully stunned by your beauty. That’s when I first felt lust for you. You look to me like an angel, beautiful, innocent, and very womanly.”

Jewels is laughing. “So I was the cause of that erection, you denied it then.”

“I was fighting my lust and it embarrassed me so I denied it.” Yes this is another example of lying can hurt you. Well I would have had more fun if only I had told the truth.

“If you had not lied about it I would have kissed you right there. I was already in love with you.” Jewels confirms what I knew.

Sara is giggling. “So at the hospital when I gave you that erection was when you started lusting for me.” I just nod.

Jewels asked. “Should we tell her about the bear?”

Sara asked. “The Bear skin rug upstairs in the bedroom of the cabin?”

“That bear nearly killed you and jewels both. Never was I so happy that my Mother made me take martial-arts. He was going to have to go through me to get to you two. I couldn’t let that bear have you two.”

Jewels states “That bear had to be at least 8 feet tall, and your dad just screamed at it and it turned on him. If he hadn’t it would have had us for lunch. I didn’t see much but it sounded like a truck hit the bear then Bobby came and picked me up carried us both back to the cabin.”

“Those bears are kind of bad around there, but they’re still on endangered species list. I had to report the killing to the game wardens.”

“Yeah they didn’t believe how Bobby killed the bear. They took it off for an autopsy. Three days later the game warning came back and apologized, gave us a ticket to pick up the rug.”

Sara asks. “So just how many times had you saved my life?”

I made a big show accounting number of times. “Four and about eight more maybes. But let’s not get drawn back into the past. ”

Sara gives me eight quick kisses and tells me. “Guess what you’re getting for the four times.”

Jewels says. “Now, I need to pay back you a few times for saving my life too.”

Sara gets the hint. “You are going to collect from sis now. And me later tonight.” Now I am the one taking orders, and these on the type of orders I like.

Jewels giggles. “If he had enough strength to get out of my bed if not he will see you in the morning sister.”

Sara “I can live with that have fun.”

I see as Sara leaves the twins are ease dropping again, and stop Sara in the Hall to ask about the four times I saved her life. They walked away but I hear Sara start by. “You’re probably not going to believe this but” that’s all I heard as they entered the twins room closing the door behind them.

Giggling Jewels says. “Sara is going to have those girls a case of hero worship, with her stories.”

“I have always told her to never lie.” I pull Jewels into a passionate kiss after saying that. After we break she hands me a little more than half the chocolate bar.

“So you will have something left for Sara tonight.” We both giggle and eat our portions.

Jewels and I remove each other’s clothing as quickly as humanly possible. Then begin to kiss passionately and touch each other like the lovers we have been or over fifteen years. I miss the feel of her, but now I have her back in my arms.

“Jewels, should we start where we left off this morning?” As I push her backwards onto her bed. She giggles playfully, spreads her legs open for me. I lower myself between Jewels’ legs, using my hands to gently get access to her labia; I kiss it, suck at them, lick them, and tease them. She is already aroused her outer lips part, displaying her inner lips. I open her inner lips and run my tongue down to her vagina and plunging in I feel her wetness. Then back up her slit I run my tongue and then runs circles over her sensitive clitoris, Jewels moans her approval. “Yes Bobby right there.”

I continue playing with her clitoris to she bucks her hips. Then I run my tongue down to the base of her cunt. Pushing my tongue into her as for as it would go Jewels moans loudly. “Oh yes!” I place my finger on her clit and gently rotate as I tongue out her vagina; she thrust her hips to drive my tongue deep into her. Her breathing is now rapid turning into moans.

Jewels demands. “Bobby, stop all the foreplay and fuck me now!” he’s definitely wet enough for it. Raising myself up I look into her lustful eyes, move into position. Her hand guides my hard cock into her vagina. I pushed my cock into her, causing both of us to moan with pleasure. Just a few strokes I feel her cervix kiss the head of my dick. She moans. “Hold it there I want to feel that a little longer. “I’ve missed that feeling of me being totally full.” I kiss her passionately for a few minutes holding myself tight against her cervix. We break; I move to her ear, I whisper to her. “I’ve missed you.” I find her that spot on her neck and lightly nipped at it. She giggles. “No fair.” And rotate her hips, I pull back about five or six inches and thrust back to her cervix, reputedly with each thrust Jewels meets each with her own. Her hills are locked across my ass, and she stirs me to move faster. As I pick up the speed she loudly moans. “I have wanted this for so long.”
I give her fast kiss to let her know I feel the same way. She loudly moans again. “YES BOBBY FUCK ME FUCK YOUR JEWELS FUCK ME HARD!” I’m vaguely aware that the doors to her room all our open and we have an audience of three. I really don’t care if they watch. But in the state that I am in it may just get them fucked, the Oh My God burgers and chocolate are working. I speed up my movements and Jewels screams. “OH MY GOD YES, OH FUCK. MY GOD YES, YESSSS I’M CUMMINGGGG, I’M CUMMINGGGGG NOWWWWWWWWWW” it becomes a loud long scream of pure ecstasy. Her joy becomes mine and my body responds dumpy large amounts semen with every spasm I have. “YES JEWELS I’M CUMMING” I push deeply into her holding against her cervix. Her spasms are stronger and I have to hold on as her body moves underneath me. Her spasms are fully subsided but I can no longer wait I begin to pump quickly into her. Her sensitive pussy again taking my rapid onslaught begins a second orgasm even more powerful than her first. I hold on to Jewels as her climax doesn’t allow me to move.

I look to our audience who are now all nude, they’re playing with themselves. I smile at this, and are met with their wonton faces. Sara explains. “We found some chocolate too.”

As Jewels comes down from her climax she passes out. With her out cold I call to Sara. “Come here Sara.” And she jumps onto the bed next to her sister giving enough room for her to spread her beautiful legs. I push my finger into her wet vagina to check and yes it’s good to go. Pulling myself from Jewels then quickly positioning myself over Sara’s hot body and insert in one quick movement till I hit her cervix, causing her to moan loudly. “Oh God Daddy” I hold myself at her cervix and ask. “Did I hurt you?”

“No!” she said then screams. “FUCK ME I CUMMING!”

I pump rapidly into her feeling a small orgasm building as I do. Quickly her body tenses and her small orgasm has become a mind blowing super orgasm. She screams her ecstasy as I continue to pump and way. Jewels is coming to, with a look of wantonness. Sara’s body has tensed and I no longer can move as her inner muscles pull me deeper into her. As she comes down from her climax she too goes limp, I extract myself from her and reposition myself over Jewels. Jewels as she smiles her approval. I plunge myself completely in to her causing her to moan in pleasure. I whisper the kids got chocolate too. “I hope four of you don’t kill me tonight”. Jewels laughs and says “Better, Fuck me now.” I start to pound away in her pussy and before long she again is near orgasm. But like her last one so am I. Jewels begins to scream her enjoyment. “OH FUCK YES, YES BOBBY, YES” That is all it took push be over the edge I push deeply into her and explode with rope after rope jetting into her womb. Jewels back arches so strongly that she raises me completely off the bed. Then she goes completely limp having passed out for the second time. Sara is still unconscious.

I called to the twins to ask who wants to be next. Even though I just had one of my best ever orgasms my erection has no sign of being satisfied. I pull myself from there unconscious mother. And pull the closest into my arms, kissing her passionately. She moans into my mouth. “Oh yes daddy do me now.”

I push her into the open spot on the bed, lean her up on her back. I push into her little slower taking time not to hurt her, stop when I bottom out at her cervix. As soon as I touch her cervix she moans her approval. “Yes daddy fills your little girl up.” I’m pretty sure I’m fucking Megan because she calls me daddy. I pull back and thrust over and over as she moans and holds onto the like her mother. Just a few minutes she’s screaming in bliss as her body climaxes. Soon she is also limp under me.

I call to Little Bobby to now join me. She smiles and jumps onto the bed. I begin to slowly impel Little Bobby; she is as wet and tight as her sister. I work myself into her until I reach her cervix. She moans her pleasure. “Bobby you feel great inside me. I love you. Fuck me Bobby Fuck Little Bobby now.” I moan back “I love you so much.” This gets a micro orgasm from her. I continue to pump my large dick inside of my daughter. It takes about the same amount of time for her to reach orgasm as her sister. And she to screams her delight then collapses in a blissful sleep.

Jewels is awakened by her daughter screams of bliss. I extracting myself from Little Bobby again turning my attention to my lady love Jewels. As I’m inserting myself back into Jewels hot creamy pussy she asked. “How long was I out for?”
“Maybe about an hour.” I’m breathing heavily and covered in sweat as I again start a quick rhythm into her hot willing body. I can feel her almost immediately start to build to orgasm and I feel I’m not far behind. She begs me to move faster, I comply willingly in just minutes her orgasm begins starting mine as well. We push together tightly locked in a lovers embrace both screaming our joy. Once our mutual climax is over, I turn us over. After, we both fall limp upon the bed not to awaken until morning. As I fade out I hear Jewels murmur “Oh my God what did you put in those burgers.”

Before anyone asks, oh my God burgers is a figment of my imagination, and I don't have a recipe. I thought it was a pretty good storyline and something rather funny. I hope I was correct. But if you actually got to know the science behind it, the oh my God burgers with chocolate produce higher levels of endorphins in the brain of those who ingest them, increases the amount of orgasms and makes them more intense.


2017-01-20 14:53:27
By the way, notice no mention of contraception for the twins, so has he put them "up-the-duff", ie pregnant?
Our author seems to have a fixation for fourteen year-old girls, their fucking and pregnancies.


2017-01-20 14:25:32
Another ignorant Yank! What's wrong with you guys? Obviously never been near a virgin sexually! Don't you know that the hymen is also called the "Vaginal Corona"? And it's called that because it is at the vaginal Introitus, the opening. Which means, everyone, that to get your stiff pricks inside your ladies, you have to get past their hymens, rather than go wondering where to find them, and they are not half way up the love tube, silly!


2015-09-30 05:38:14
you are correct about the OMG Burger's n chocolate lol


2014-03-24 07:05:36
"Sara's Protective (Step)-Dad - Part 5-A" - Robert (Bobby) and Sara Winfield, Jewel Carter Maris, and Roberta Ann and Morgan Eve Winfield - (Step-father and Step-daughter; Sister-inLaw, and Twin Daughters, of Robert and Jewel)

The loving is budding, fully abloom and blosoming in radiant glory and earthly love, passion and mutual and total respect! The family is an unusual gathering of rather oddity relationship! However the twists and turns have evolved into a God-Blessed unity of love as lovers, and also love as humans in love with each other.

Now that the family ties have been sorted, their love has been affirmed and avowed, their lives dedicated and each and all, it is time they begin their family renewed with children by each of Robert's female "wives", Jewel, Sara, Roberta and Morgan!!

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I want a daddy to make me feel good

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