Well I guess the interest in Camp Humano Cão has grown enough to publish a beastiality valentines present. If you are not interested in beastiality, or unwilling to fantasize about experiments into the inter-breeding of humans and dogs - YOU MIGHT WANT TO STOP NOW! This is the second chapter of a story I created awhile ago. It is setup on the premise in medical theory that humans and animals cannot inter-breed. Or, put more simply that a human female cannot become pregnant from sexual contact with a dog. But, then where did Pan and other mythological part man part animal creatures come from? What if …… if ……. if science found out that ….. it had been possible once? Ok, now you know the premise!! And, clearly the story will involve - 1. Beastiality and 2. Human Pregnancy - so you are properly warned. If that offends you stop now and don't keep reading so you can tell me what a sick f ………. I am! Compliments will get me to post more of the chapters.
Camp Humano Cão - 2
by Horseman919 - Copyright May 23, 2008, All rights reserved.

Chapter 2 - Jackie's Choice

Part 1

When Jackie had cleaned herself up and sat in the waiting room of Dr. Cão’s office drinking a coke, she found that her mind reeled with thoughts about what had just happened and what she had just witnessed. She had had some sexual fantasies and several of them involved having sex with dogs.

"Wow!” She wasn’t even sure why she knew about having sex with a dog, but she knew she had dreamed about this for several years.

Jackie had thought about discussing her dreams with Dr. Cão. But, she had not brought the subject up fearing he would laugh at her childish fantasies. Now she realized her fears were misplaced as he knew all about this and with Profess…. eh…er……. Susan ….. it was like he was reading her mind.

"Wow!” Jackie relived the scene of Susan being ….. what…mounted…or... mated by Hines and her passionate desire to be … Susan. Made he think about Baron and wondered if Baron would like to mate with ………….? Jackie felt a wash of jealousy run through her …………… What did Susan say? “I’m a bitch as well!” “Baron loves ME!!!!”, Jackie said to herself. Then quickly she thought, “Would Baron mate with me?

As she sat contemplating acts she had only dreamed about, Jackie was unaware of Heather’s eyes watching over the counter …. or the shy smile on the receptionist’s lips. Jackie was also unaware that her hand had slid between her legs to softly stroke her pussy trying to recreate the sensations Dr. Cão had released.

Where was the Profess….er…….Susan? There were so many questions she wanted to ask. Slowly, she let he head rest against the sofa and closed her eyes again willing herself to relive the experience of what had happened to Susan – but putting herself in Professor Fitzroy’s place ………………. Ummmmmm.

Part 2

It was half an hour before Susan came into the reception area and she smiled to see Jackie; eyes closed - legs spread open – fingering herself on the reception lobby sofa. Stopping to watch the young girl, Heather leaned over and said into Susan’s ear, “Professor Fitzroy, I think Dr. Cão’s suggestions have taken hold! I have never seen one of the girls so hot so quickly!”

Susan just smiled. Walking over to Jackie she put her palm on the young girl’s cheek and said gently, “Jackie we need to go, but you need to wash your cunt!”

Jackie nearly jumped out of her skin looking up at Professor Fitzroy with a deep blush burning from head to toe. “And, Jackie, Susan continued, we are going shopping, so it would be best if you put your panties back on!” Jackie blushed again!

“But, Professor……… Susan, I want to know……”

Putting her finger to Jackie’s lips Susan said, “Be patient and I will explain everything! With that she gave Jackie a gentle push towards the reception area restroom.

As the door to the bathroom closed behind Jackie, Heather groaned and said in a soft voice, “God, I would like to be there this afternoon!”

Susan still staring at the restroom door said, “You might get your chance! Ernesto plans to film the event to use in sessions with other girls, so there will be an audience of sorts”

Part 3

Susan escorted Jackie out of the building housing Dr. Cão’s offices, down the street and into one of the most exclusive department stores on 5th Avenue. Heading straight for the Lingerie Department it was clear to Jackie that Susan knew exactly what she was looking for, so Jackie just tagged along and watched.

Susan selected several corsets after taking a long look at Jackie and making her turn completely in a circle. Taking several sizes and styles Susan headed for the dressing rooms.

In just a few moments Susan had checked all of them on Jackie and put three aside saying, “Stay here I’ll get some other things for you to try on!”

Several minuets later Susan was back with garter belts, pairs of hose in different colors, lacey underwear in a variety of styles and three versions of a device that Jackie had never seen before. It looked like one of the corsets but it had breast cups that were clearly were to large for Jackie and the cups were held on by snaps except the cups were sewn on at the very bottom. Jackie assumed this device was for someone else, Carla most likely!

Susan came back with several cute sun dresses, mini-skits, knit tops and some opened toed high heel sling shoes in colors to match the dresses. Susan had Jackie try on the dresses and the shoes and said, “Those dresses and skirts will be practical and comfortable at camp”. Jackie asked, “No uniforms at camp?” Susan smiled and said, “These will do nicely!”

From the department store Susan took Jackie and their packages to a near by pharmacy where she picked up a box of tampons and a smaller box of sanitary pads! Jackie looked at the items with some curiosity so Susan said, “Your bleeding from your first period, why do you think Dr. Cão had you wear red panties?”

Jackie shook her head not having known. “You can put in a pad for now to soak up the discharge fluids, but you can switch types later this afternoon”, Susan told her. “And, you will find that the tube type serves other purposes!”

Part 4

Their shopping completed, Susan led Jackie to a small New York café and into a booth at a far back corner of the restaurant. Susan turned to the waitress and said, “This will do nicely, thank you!

Susan sent Jackie off to the ladies room saying, “Put one of the pads into the crotch of your panties!’

After Jackie returned and slid into the booth, Susan said, “What do you know about Dr. Cão and the camp?”

Jackie eyes were wide as she felt the new pressure in her crotch but, she looked up into Susan’s eyes and said, “Not much! I know Carla spent last summer at the camp, with her dog, and she said it was a fantastic summer!”

“Did she say what happened?”, Susan asked.


“Not a word?”

“No! Just that, camp was one of the wildest experiences of her life.”

“Did Carla have breasts before she went to camp?”

Jackie looked confused and said, “I………………I don’t think so! Not much anyway!”

“You seemed comfortable when Hines was trying to make puppies in me today. What do you know?”

Jackie blinked and said, “I know I’m in heat and, that I’m Baron’s bitch”. Jackie immediately thought, “Why did I say that?”

“So, you love Baron! Would you let him make puppies in………. you?”

Jackie blushed and said, Could he?”

Susan looked Jackie over and said, “In theory no!”

Jackie’s lower lip stuck out. And Susan added, “But, it could happen – and maybe this summer!”

Jackie got excited and said, “Really? I could have puppies?”

At that moment the waitress walked up bringing their food and said, “You’re going to get a puppy! What kind?”

Susan replied, “We were just discussing that point.”

“Well Golden Retrievers are really cute as a puppy and very lovable!”, replied the waitress as she moved off to another table.

Susan, who had just taken a sip of her drink, nearly choked.

“Quanto da sua língua de natural de pai você sabe?” (How much of your father’s native language do you know?), asked Susan.

“Bastante entendê-lo!“ (Enough to understand you!), Jackie replied in Portuguese.

"Bom! Então o que tenho de dizer você depois estará só no português!" (Good! Then what I have to tell you next will be only in Portuguese!).

"Okey! Como que?" (Ok! Like what?)

Se você dever ficar a cadela de Barão, há algumas coisas que quero que você entenda! (If you are to become Baron's bitch, there are some things I want you to understand!)

Jackie’s eyes got real big, “Did she just say I’m to become Baron’s bitch?”

“Primeiro, não toda a gente é cômoda com a idéia de ser humano e animal relações sexuais. Deste modo, devemos guardar os nossos interesses a nós! Entenda?” (First, not all people are comfortable with the idea of human and animal sexual relationships. So, we must keep our interests to ourselves! Understand?

Jackie thought about that for a few moments and slowly said, “Ok! Sim!” (Yes!)

” Mas, vista de mim com Hines não pareceu incomodá-lo!” (But, seeing me with Hines didn't seem to bother you!)

“No!”, Jackie replied and a slight smile crossed her lips.

“De fato tornou-se você bastante excitou não fez ele?” (In fact it got you pretty excited didn't it?)

Jackie blushed and ducking her head said, Sim! (Yes!)

“Bom! Ele excita-me também mas, ir guardam as nossas sensações a nós! E, doctor Cão e a gente no campo naturalmente, como sentimos aquela excitação!’ (Good! It excites me as well but, let's keep our feelings to ourselves! And, Dr. Cão and the people at the camp of course, as we all feel that excitement!)
Jackie’s eyes got big as she said, “All…………..Everyone?”

Susan smiled gently and said, “The name of the camp is Camp Humano Cão! Entenda?”

Jackie nodded and said very quietly, “Human dog!”

“Carla teve 2 cachorros no Verão passado!” (Carla had 2 puppies last summer!)

Jackie’s eyes became huge in amazement and she said, “Carla teve 2 cachorros?” (Carla had 2 puppies?)

“Por que você pensa a sua figura e peitos preenchidos?” (Why do you think her figure and breasts filled out?)

Jackie stared at Susan in utter amazement!

After a couple of moments she said, “Oh!” ………….as what Carla had meant by - one of the wildest experiences of my life – started to dawn on her.

” Vejo-o entender! Assim? Você quer ser a cadela de Barão? Ele tem de ser uma escolha disposta!” (I see you understand! So? Do you want to be Baron's bitch? It has to be a willing choice!)

Young Jackie Estrela stared off into space, first visualizing Susan with Hines this morning and then replacing Susan under Hines with a vision of Carla……….and then herself.

“Sim!” (Yes) Jackie paused and then said in a more excited voice, “Quero ser a cadela de Barão!’ (I want to be Baron's bitch!)

Susan smiled at Jackie. All of Ernesto’s preparation had just paid off. And, with this particular young girl there was a chance of new possibilities.

"Haverá alguma dor sobretudo quando o Barão amarra com você, e ele deve amarrar com você!" ("There will be some pain especially when Baron knots with you, and he must knot with you!"), Susan said.

“Knots?”, Jackie said curious about this new information.

“I’ll show you at the apartment!”, Susan said.

"Doctor Cão pode ajudá-lo com a dor! E, deverei ajudá-lo lá as primeiras vezes!” (Dr. Cão can help you with the pain! And, I will be there to help you the first times!)

Jackie nodded her mind filled with visions of Baron and herself.

“O barão tomará a sua virgindade e o fará a sua cadela”. (Baron will take your virginity and make you his bitch.)

“O barão tomará a minha virgindade e me fará a sua cadela?” (Baron will take my virginity and make me his bitch?), Jackie repeated as a question.

"Sim! Ele é o seu direito e você faz o artigo o seu colarinho como um anel!" (Yes! It is his right and you will ware his collar like a ring!")

Susan let the girl absorb this information before adding. "Outros machos podem acasalar com você, mas só no seu prazer, como Hines fez comigo esta manhã!" (Other males can mate with you, but only at his pleasure, like Hines did with me this morning!)

"Eu quis ser você esta manhã!" (I wanted to be you this morning!), Jackie replied shyly.

“Sei! E esta tarde, você ficará a cadela de Barão e o desnudará cachorros!” (I know! And this afternoon, you will become Baron's bitch and bare him puppies!)

Today!, Jackie sat up excited.

“Sim!” Pendente a sua escolha, doctor Cão está esperando…. está esperando por nós com o Barão. (Yes! Pending your choice, Dr. Cão is waiting….. is waiting for us with Baron.)

Jackie’s excitement was evident but, Susan cautioned, "Uma esposa de cadela de cães o reparará, ou outro cão, no seu prazer. E, se você não for interessado naquele dia ele o beliscará até que você responda! Mas, você pode ficar a fêmea de alfa com qualquer outro macho, se você gostar!" (A dogs bitch wife will service him, or another dog, at his pleasure. And, if you are not interested that day he will nip you until you respond! But, you can become the alpha female with any other male, if you like!)

Jackie’s eyes open even wider as Susan said, “A sua boceta correrá com a esperma de cão! Sim! A sua barriga será cheia de cachorros! E, eles enfermeira wiil nos seus peitos!” (Your cunt will run with dog sperm! Yes! Your belly will be full of puppies! And, they will nurse at your breasts!)

“Mas, um cão realmente pode adquirir-se uma mulher grávida?” (But, can a dog really get a woman pregnant?), asked Jackie eyes wide. Somewhere she had heard that it was not possible but, thinking about Susan’s comments about Carla………….

“Sim! Em um caminho! Por ciência!” (Yes! In a way! Through science!)

“E, com você pensamos que poderia ser feito diretamente!” (And, with you we think it might be done directly!), looking Jackie straight in the eyes.

“Os meus pais não saberão que sou grávida?” (Won't my parents know I'm pregnant?), Jackie stated the worry showing on her pretty young face.

“O comprimento da gravidez é normalmente aproximadamente 63 dias.” (The length of pregnancy is normally about 63 days.)

“Mas, o comprimento da gravidez de uma mãe humana, encontramos, é aproximadamente 98 dias ao tempo ela filhotes.” (But, the length of pregnancy for a human mother, we have found, is about 98 days to the time she whelps.)

“Deste modo, os seus cachorros teriam quase 6 semanas antes de que você voltasse à escola! Mas só se você adquire grávida nos poucos dias seguintes!” (So, your puppies would be almost 6 weeks old before you returned to school! But only if you get pregnant in the next few days!)

“Oh!”, said Jackie fascinated thinking about herself and Baron. “E se o Barão não pode fazer-me grávida?” (What if Baron can't make me pregnant?), suddenly worried having overheard her Grand-dame’ say it had taken her mother months to get pregnant with Jackie.

“Então o deixaremos adquirir-se grávidas com um bebê humano e logo trocar os ovos fertilizados fora de uma cadela no momento crítico. Assim mesmo tenho cachorros!“ (Then we will let you get pregnant with a human baby and then switch the fertilized eggs out from a bitch at the critical moment. That is how I have puppies!)

“Como os cachorros podem ter você teve?” (How may puppies have you had?), asked Jackie, expecting her to say 2 or 3.

“14 Liteiras! 1 para 2 liteiras por ano durante 10 anos passados. Só podemos tornar-nos 1 para 3 a atado assim não mais do que 3 uma liteira e normalmente só 1! 13 dos cachorros sobreviveram e vivo no campo.” (14 Litters! 1 to 2 litters a year for the last 10 years. We can only get 1 to 3 fertilized eggs to attach so no more than 3 a litter and usually only 1! 13 of the puppies survived and live at the camp.)

“Wow!”, stammered Jackie her thoughts racing.

“Com outras meninas tivemos mais 23! Ambos de Carla do Verão passado sobreviveram!” (With the other girls we have had 23 more! Both of Carla's from last summer survived!)

“E, Carla terá mais cachorros neste Verão?” (And, Carla will have more puppies this summer?), Jackie asked.

“Ela é já grávida como são todas as outras meninas! Você e eu somos os únicos quem não são, no momento atual.” (She is already pregnant as are all the other girls! You and I are the only ones who are not, at the moment.), stated Susan flatly.

“If Carla can do this so can I!”, thought Jackie!

“Ficarei a cadela de Barão e o desnudarei cachorros!” (I will become Baron's bitch and have his puppies!), Jackie stated, sitting up straight for emphasis.

“Good! Then it is settled! I’m sure you have many other questions and I will answer all of them over the summer!”, added Susan.

“But, Baron and Dr. Cão are waiting at your apartment, so let’s get going!”

Part 5

The Estrela’s apartment was actually within a building owned by Ambassador & Mrs. Estrela and was actually much more than a typical New York Apartment. The top floor or penthouse was devoted to personal living space. The floor below was also part of the Estrela quarters, joined by two connecting stairways – one for the staff and the other for the family.

The main entry point was on the eleventh floor which included an office, a living area style waiting area, maid’s quarters, a recreation area, the Ambassador’s home office and several spaces even Jackie had never seen. Jackie did know that one area was a photography studio, which supported her mother’s modeling career and was used for quick shoots when her mother raced through New York. Jackie had done a few modeling sessions there herself when Elsa’s agent begged to allow Jackie to model children’s items near the holidays.

As Susan and Jackie entered the Estrela’s apartment they found Dr. Cão sitting on the reception area sofa holding Baron’s collar. He immediately looked to Susan who nodded and said, “Jackie would like to become Baron’s bride. And, yes she understands she is to become the mother of his puppies!”

Dr. Cão gave Jackie a warm smile and said, “Bom!”, as he handed Susan a small suitcase. As Jackie blushed he added in English, “And she understands the need for speed?”

Both Susan and Jackie nodded, although Jackie was staring at Baron and the fact that he was pushing his nose under her mini skirt and into the crotch of her damp panties.

“I have almost set up everything and transformed the Rec. Room for the ceremony. Why don’t you and Jackie change, in her room, for her commitment to Baron? Shall me meet in about an hour?”, said Dr. Cão taking Baron in the other direction.

Jackie called out, “What about Helga?”

Dr. Cão said over his shoulder, “Don’t worry little one! She is with Dr. Milner, at the Plaza Hotel, trying to get pregnant herself. Henry will not bring her back here until Monday morning in time to get you off to school.”

"Helga is with ………………", but the door closed behind Dr. Cão before she could complete her question.

Part 6

Jackie led Susan to her room where she started to undress as Susan spread the items they had purchased out on the bed.

Jackie asked, “Should I shower?”.

“No! Unlike many people, animals react to stimulants made by our natural sent, as you just noticed in the front hall with Barons actions. If Dr. Cão had not taken him away as quickly as he did, Baron would not have gone so willingly.”

“Baron licked me ……………”, pointing toward her now naked smooth and hairless pussy, “most of the night! It felt nice!, added Jackie.

“I’m sure he was aware of what was happening with your body before you were!”

“He whined when I left him to go see Dr. Cão this morning! I was afraid he would wake up Helga!”

“Based upon Baron’s reaction in the front hall, he is grateful you have chosen to return to him. He is smarter than you think and I feel he knows what is going on. Before Dr. Cão purchased Baron he had two years standing stud at a Doberman breeding facility in Delaware.”

Susan could feel Jackie’s nervousness so to calm the girl she said, “Baron loves you! And, as the virgin bride you will be dressed in white. Relax! It will all feel natural because Baron will know exactly what to do!”

Jackie smiled and bit her bottom lip as she let Susan help her into a white corset with garter straps at the bottom.

Then she noticed that it had no cups and the buds of her little breasts sat on little fabric extensions like a shelf. The rest of the device, tied in a crisscross down her spine, fitted down her sides and ended following the curve of her hips. Susan tugged the ties and the fabric tightened like a shield around her waist while forcing her upper chest and breasts to thrust out.

Susan opened a bottle of white nail polish that she had taken from her purse and carefully applied two coats to each of Jackie’s nails. Sitting her down Susan applied two coats to each of Jackie’s toe nails as well saying, “You’ll want to be the perfect bitch partner for your first mating!”

Jackie sat almost in a trance looking at her image in the mirror as Susan brushed out her hair with long rhythmic strokes. While she wanted, with all her heart, what was about to happen, she also somehow knew her life was about to change forever. “So be it! I want Baron to be my lover!”, she thought and the realization made her smile.

“Are you thinking about making love with Baron?”, asked Susan.

“Yes, and having his puppies inside of me!”, grinned Jackie.

“Goooood girl!”, Susan said smiling at Jackie’s reflection in the mirror.

Susan thought, “Jackie’s room is decorated as a little girls room, but it is at the same time more worldly. It is as if she has already started the transition into womanhood! Interesting!”

As Susan removed her suit and blouse, Jackie noticed that she wore the same type of undergarments she was now wearing. However, Jackie also noticed that Susan had little ring piercings in her nipples and another set fixed to her virginal lips.

Susan studied Jackie’s face and knew she was appraising her womanhood, much as Jackie had been staring at her cunt earlier this morning in Cão’s office.

“Have there been human and animal…puppies…….babies….ah……. children before?”, asked Jackie, pulling Susan’s thoughts back to the moment.

“Have you studied Greek Mythology in school yet?”

“This year! Why?”

“And, what did they call a half man and half horse?”

“Well, Centaurs of course, but……………………..OH!”, Jackie said with wide eyes

And a half man and half bull?

‘Ah,……… The Minotaur, a monster, half-man, half-bull, that devoured sacrificial victims thrown into the Labyrinth.“

“Yes! Born of Queen Pasiphae's god-inflicted infatuation with a bull, the Minotaur was eventually killed by Theseus. The monster is generally depicted as having the head of a bull and the body of a man.”

“And. half man and half goat?”, asked Susan moving forward.

“Satyrs …………….like Pan!”, replied Jackie with wide eyes.

“Pan was also depicted as half man and half dog in the Mesopotamian culture! There is also Cerberus the three headed dog. And, there are half man half donkey, lamb, monkey as well as dog, horse, fish and goat in Greek, Egyptian and Norse cultural history! And, similar images from the orient”.

“Some were good and others frightful to men!”, added Susan

“Mermen and mermaids, do you think they existed?”, asked Jackie her mind racing.

“Some combinations at least yes, certainly! Similar images could not have existed in so many cultures that were not connected, if they didn’t exist. When …. they existed in the development of each culture is more of the question. But, all Mythology was the enemy to later Christian theology, so Pan and his like became images of Hell and the Devil, it was a way of defaming past religions.”

“Jackie, I have now seen with my own eyes that mixtures can exist together. And, you will see this also at the camp!”


“What you will see exists as mostly human or mostly canine. With say several generations we believe we could get to the Mythological half and half of Mythology. But, Dr. Cão and I believe that the offspring you and Baron can produce will jump this forward into reality ……….within our lifetimes!”

“Baron and I?”

“Sim! But it is important to start now while you are able to reproduce and before your hormones completely change with adulthood! Therefore, you will become his bride.”

Jackie looked into Susan eyes and said, “What………?”

Before Jackie could finish her question, Susan put a finger to her lips saying, “Enough for now, I’ll explain more to you later. And, I have to explain the comment I made earlier about Baron knotting or tying with you!"

Waiting for the nail polish to dry, Susan took and few sheets of illustrations from a folder and explained the sexual anatomy of male dogs and how the bulb at the base of the penis entered into the female swelling to seal the opening and prevent the escape of the male fluids that were needed to fertilize the females eggs. After answering some Jackie's questions she ended the anatomy lesson by saying, "While having Baron tie with you may be uncomfortable, you must make sure he puts his knot inside of you. It is very important that you become pregnant in the next couple of days, and tying with you will provide for the greatest chance of success."

With nails dry, next came white hose which Susan helped fix with the garter straps. Then Susan helped her into a white sundress with a very short skirt.

Next she offered white strapped sandal shoes with 5” heels. “No panties?”, asked Jackie.

“From now on, you will only wear panties in public and then only with a short skirt. And when you do ware panties they should always be lace panties and they go over the hose and garters! Susan adding. “You only need to pull the panties off by themselves that way!”

Susan’s took an outfit similar to Jackie’s in blood red out of the bag Dr. Cão had handed her. Quickly Susan added black hose with a seam up the back. Checking to make sure her seams were straight in the mirror, Susan pulled two tubes of lipstick out of her suitcase.

Putting a rich red lipstick on herself, Susan applied a deep pink lipstick on Jackie adding a darker line at the outside edge.

Standing Jackie had a little trouble with heels this high, but Susan said, “You’ll get used to them and today you won’t walk very far for you to become a mulher de cão!” (a dog’s woman).

Jackie did a slow apprising turn in front of the mirror liking what she saw. " Your Baron .. awaits you!”

Susan opened the door and said, “Come your beast awaits Beauty!”

Jackie’s eyes open wide as she realized she had just been shown another woman and beast pairing.
“I’m Beauty in Beauty and the Beast!”, she thought as she swept gracefully out the door.

“So much for having trouble with 5” heels!”, thought Susan as she watched Jackie become the mature – Jacquelyn, la femme d'un chien.

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