Two Girl Scouts take a time-honored tradition to a new level
I was just puttering around the house on my day off when there was a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone so I slipped a shirt on and went to see who was disturbing my peace.

A little about myself – I'm a 32 year old widower, no kids. My wife died in an accident almost a year ago and I really hadn't been up to putting myself “back on the market,” so to speak. I stand 6-foot-5 and tip the scales at just more than 230. I'm in pretty good shape, not muscle-bound, but toned.

I opened the door to find two young girls in the familiar uniforms of the Girl Scouts. The first thing I noticed, though, was they were somewhat out of uniform. While they had the green skirts and vests one would expect, they each wore thigh-high stockings and no shirts.

The one on my left had shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, standing about 5-foot-3. Her friend had darker dyed red hair pulled back in a pony tail which hung down her back. Their uniforms were extremely tight, hugging their young curves and pressing their small but well-shaped breasts together.

The girls were definitely a wet dream personified.

“Um, can I help you girls?” I asked.

“Yeah, hi,” the girl on my left said. “We're selling Candy's.”

“O-kay,” I said, noting they didn't have a case or box of candy in sight.

“Come on in,” I said. “Let's see what you've got.”

The girls giggled, looked around and stepped into the living room. I pulled the screen door shut behind them, but left the inside door open. The darker-haired girl stepped over to the couch and sat down with her legs slightly spread. Her skirt was short enough it rode up her slender thighs as she sat. I thought I caught a glimpse of pink panties as she sat.

“So, we're also selling Cookie's,” the first girl said. “I'm Cookie and this is Candy.”

My mind went numb for a moment and my jaw dropped. These little Girl Scouts were offering themselves for sale.

“Candy's a virgin and she wants to lose her cherry,” Cookie said. “I've done it before, so I came along. You interested?”

I looked at the fresh, young girl sitting on my couch. My first glimpse of what I thought were pink panties was confirmed as she pulled her feet onto the couch and spread her legs. A tiny pair of pink, lacy panties covered her mound, split into a delicious looking camel toe right down the center. Candy ran her hand down between her legs, rubbing her middle finger over the material splitting her snatch.

“Fifty bucks for the pair of us,” Cookie said. “Anything you wanna do, as long as you pop Candy's cherry.”

I was tempted to ask the girls how old they were, then escort them politely out the door, as visions of cops, judges and slamming prison doors ran through my mind. Those pictures were quickly driven out by an equally-vivid image of Candy, naked and spread on my bed as I pressed my cock into her virgin cunt.

“I want to take pictures, too,” I heard a voice say. “I want photos of the two of you together.”

Where the hell did that come from? Oh, that was me.

“O-kay,” Cookie said.

“Sure,” Candy agreed. “You can do me while he takes pictures, Cook. How's that sound?”

“Yummy,” Cookie said, licking her lips.

“Bedroom,” I said, my voice cracking, my mouth dry. What was I getting myself in to?

“Cool,” the girls said, almost in unison. Candy stood and sauntered into the bedroom, her slim hips and tiny, round ass twitching as she went. Cookie followed, running her hand across the front of my shorts as she passed me. She giggled as my cock, swinging free and inflating, twitched at her touch.

“Ooooh,” she moaned. “Someone wants to play.”

Where the hell did these girls come from? I asked myself. Un-fucking-believable!

I grabbed my camera and followed them toward the back of the house. When I entered the bedroom, I spied Candy, lying back on the bed, looking every bit the little girl I was sure she was. Cookie dropped her backpack and crawled onto the bed. Her little skirt rode up displaying her ass wrapped in a black thong.

I started making pictures as Cookie kissed Candy on the ankle. Cookie worked her way up her friend's leg. Candy threw her head back and moaned as Cookie ran her tongue up toward her girlfriend's panty-clad pussy.

She reached up and began unbuttoning Candy's vest. The tight material yielded, spreading as each button was undone, revealing more of her pale chest with each moment. The final button parted and two small, perfect breasts popped into view. There was just a hint of tan line and her pale pink nipples stood high and proud on the probably A-cup tits.

Candy shrugged the vest off her shoulders as Cookie slid her hands up her friend's thighs. Cookie gripped the elastic waist of Candy's panties and pulled, then released and grinned at me.

“Not yet,” she said.

She started kissing and nibbling on Candy's thighs and worked her way down to her feet, then back up. Candy was moaning and writhing on my bed, so I switched the camera from still to video and started filming. Cookie came up on her knees, unbuttoned her own vest and threw it over her head.

Her tits were slightly larger, a very small B-cup, capped with darker, tiny, rock-hard nipples. She ran her own hands up her sides, gripped her baby boobs and pulled her nubbins. She moaned deep in her throat as Candy wrapped her legs around her friend and pulled her down. Candy captured one of Cookie's boobs between her lips and sucked.

“Lick me, girl,” Cookie moaned. “You know you wanna. Lick me in front of the nasty man with the camera.”

Candy reached up under her friend's skirt and literally ripped the tiny black thong from her body. The girls shuffled around until Cookie sat astride her face. Candy pushed Cookie's skirt up revealing her apple-shaped ass. It was Cookie's turn to throw her head back and moan at the ceiling as Candy's tongue parted her tiny folds.

I couldn't take it any more. I sat the camera on the wardrobe, still running, and pulled my shirt over my head. I climbed onto the bed and lay down between Candy's legs. She squeaked as I shredded the crotch of her panties and drove my tongue deep into her slit.

God, she tasted amazing! It's cliché to talk about the peach-like appearance of a pussy, but this girl not only look like a peach, she tasted like one.

She had just a small patch of soft, fluffy, almost-blonde hair gracing her Mons. It was about the size of a silver dollar and it didn't look like it was shaved or trimmed into shape. How young was this girl? I wondered. I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and teased her immature clit with the tip of my tongue.

Candy moaned into Cookie's snatch, eliciting another groan from Cookie, who turned to see me with my face buried between her friend's legs.

“God, that looks so hot!” Cookie said. “You gonna fuck her now?”

“In a minute,” I said, my voice muffled by Candy's pussy. I set myself to pleasuring this girl, wanting her to cum at least once before I even thought of popping her cherry.

I put my hands under Candy's thin thighs and pressed her legs up and back. Cookie reached around, grasped her friends legs and held them open. I cupped Candy's ass and used my thumbs to keep her lips open. I could see her cherry as I circled her opening with my tongue.

Candy pushed Cookie aside. With a groan of protest, Cookie fell and bounced on the bed, her legs spread, revealing an equally small, bright red pubic patch. Her pussy glistened in the light with a mix of saliva and her natural lube.

“God, fuck me,” Candy moaned, grabbing her own legs and holding herself open. “Please, fuck me!”

Instead, I rolled over on my back, pulling the young virgin with me until she was straddling my face. Cookie crawled down the bed, pulled my shorts off and swallowed my cock while I continued to eat her friend.

“Mmmm,” Cookie moaned. “Yummy!”

I reached up and unhooked the button holding Candy's wrap-around skirt in place. I joined the rest of her clothing on the floor which left her wearing only the lacy thigh-high stockings. I noted a blush climbing up her body as I ran my hands up her sides and palmed her young boobs. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled me tighter into her core.

The only sounds in the room were moans and groans, punctuated by the wet slurping sounds of Cookie working on my rampant shaft. Her moans were sending amazing vibrations up the shaft each time she engulfed the head, going deeper on each stroke until she had most of my rock-hard took buried in her throat.

“Oh, fuck!” Cookie moaned. “I just gotta!”

I felt her shift around. I saw her skirt joining Candy's on the floor in the growing pile of clothing. I felt Cookie climb aboard, straddling my hips, gripping my spit-soaked dick and guiding it toward her pussy.

“Hey,” Candy said. “That's supposed to be mine!”

“Don't worry,” Cookie moaned, slotting the head of my cock into the steaming entrance to her honey pit. “I think there'll be enough left for you.”

With that, Cookie lowered herself, impaling her pussy on my cock. We both moaned as her lips came to rest in my pubic hair, the head of my cock butting up against her womb.

“God, that's big,” Cookie moaned. “I feel soooo full!”

She rested for a moment, letting her snatch adjust to my size. I'm not porn-star big, but my cock is definitely above average both in length and girth, large for such a small girl.

After about a minute, Cookie raised herself up, then slammed back down on my groin. She slowly rotated her hips, grinding her clit into my pubic hair. The walls of her vagina gripped the entire length of my cock, massaging the shaft in wet, moist heat.

“Oh, yeah,” Cookie moaned. “That's unreal! It feels like he's buried in my stomach!”

She reached around and palmed Candy's little tits. She gripped the nipples between her thumb and forefinger, twisting them like the dials on an old-fashioned radio. She'd obviously found Candy's controls, as each twist of her nipples turned the volume on her moans up a notch.

“Oh, damn!” Candy moaned. “I'm gonna tingle! I'm gettin' my tingle!!!”

She threw her head back, collapsing into the arms of her girlfriend, and came – hard. Her thighs clamped around my head as she used my hair like a bridle, pulling my face even harder against her dripping snatch. Her natural juices flowed from her pussy, coating my lips and tongue, drenching my beard as she rode through her peak.

Her body finally relaxed and Candy slipped off to the side. She curled into a fetal ball, her hands sliding between her legs, as she rocked and moaned.

Cookie, meanwhile, kept riding my cock, taking the full length from head to base in her young snatch. With my arms free, I reached up, gripped her shoulders and pulled her down. I took one of her flushed, rosy nipples between my lips and sucked.

“Oh, yeah!” she moaned. “Suck my booby! I love it! You're going to make me tickle!”

I rolled us over away from Candy, who was still curled up, trembling slightly in the afterglow of her orgasm. I pulled Cookies legs up and over my shoulders, looking her in the eyes as I took control.

With a nod, I started actively fucking this young Girl Scout. Her eyes locked on mine as she tried to meet each thrust as I bottomed out, my thighs slapping wetly against her nether cheeks, my balls banging off her ass.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she chanted with each thrust. Her legs clenched and her pussy spasmed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she exploded. I rode her through her orgasm until her spasms stopped and her legs and arms just dropped to the bed, limp.

I turned to Candy, who seemed to have revived somewhat. She was sitting up, watching Cookie panting, spread-eagled on my bed, as she came down from her orgasm. Candy's tiny nipples were rock hard, she held just the tip of her tongue between her teeth and there was a look of what can only be described as undisguised lust in her eyes.

“You didn't cummed, did you?” she whispered. “Did you cummed in her?”

I laughed to myself at her phrasing, assuring her I did not cum in her friend. I still had plenty left for her, if she still wanted to lose her cherry, I said.

“Hell, yes!” she said. “Do me, right now! Please!”

“Let's take a little break,” I said, as much as I wanted to just bend her over and plow her furrow. “Let me catch my breath. Let's get a drink. You want something, Cookie?”

She didn't respond. She was out cold, arms and legs akimbo, her pussy gaping and dripping with her juice. I grinned at Candy, took her hand and led her from the room.

We sat in the kitchen, sipping glasses of cola as we talked. I asked how they'd picked me.

“Well, a friend of ours lives just across the street,” Candy said. “I don't know if you've seen her. She's the little skater chick. She told us you lived alone since your wife, you know, died. She said she like watched you all the time and you were really hot! When we told her what I wanted, she suggested you.”

I'd have to remember to buy the little minx something nice.

“Her name is Angie,” Candy continued. “She said she'd like to play with you, too.”

My jaw dropped again. I can't believe I'd never noticed this girl's appraisal. I guess I'd been in my own little world for too long.

I'd seen her around, if it was the same girl. The girl I was thinking of had jaw-length black hair. She was slender to the point of skinny, usually wearing low-slung cargo pants and tight t-shirts, typically in black. I'd always guessed her age at around 14, based on her firm, rounded ass and perky, B-cup tits. I was already making plans in my head to get to know the little neighbor girl better.

But, for today, I had one more little girl to fuck. And I was more than ready. I drained my glass, took Candy by the hand and led her back to the bedroom.

Cookie was still out, curled up on one side of my king-sized bed. As soon as we entered, Candy dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth, working to renew the erection which had subsided while we talked.

With thoughts of plundering her virgin pussy running through my head, it didn't take long for her oral ministrations to have the desired affect. Candy had apparently seen Cookie deep-throat my cock and wanted to try it for herself. Her inexperience came through, though, as she gagged when the tip hit the back of her throat.

“Easy, baby,” I said, stroking her cheek. “Don't try to do too much right off the bat. It's a learned skill.”

“Teach me,” she said, her little hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock, rubbing the head around on her face.

“Later,” I said. I had other things in mind.

I picked her up, laid her on the bed and spread her legs. I gave her little pussy a few more licks, reveling in her delicate lips, clearly swollen with arousal. I wanted her nice and wet for her first penetration.

“You ready, baby?” I asked as I pressed her legs up and back, opening her nether lips to my inspection.

“Oh, God, yes!” she said. “Please!”

I slotted the head of my cock between her lips, feeling the furnace-like heat of her arousal. I let fall a dollop of saliva onto the junction where our bodies met and pressed slowly forward. She groaned as the head of my cock pressed through her opening, coming to rest just inside her body, butted up against her virgin barrier.

“Last chance,” I said. “Done bun can't be undone.”

“Huh?” Candy said, looking at me with a curious expression mixed in with the lust on her face.

“That means there's no going back,” I said.

“Oh,” she said. “Do it!”

I slowly moved the head of my shaft, fucking into her slowly before pulling out, loosening her up without breaking her cherry. I watched her reaction closely, waiting for the perfect moment for her defloration. Soon, her eyes rolled back in her head and her back arched at the sensations she was feeling. I knew it was time.

“Here it comes, baby girl,” I said.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned in response.

I pressed forward again, this time not stopping as I felt her hymen resisting against the head of my cock, stretching as I pushed forward. With a popping sensation, accompanied by a squeal from Candy, my cock parted her virginity and came to rest with about a third of the shaft inside her body.

“Oh, God!” she moaned. “That smarted! Don't move for a minute.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked. “Want me to pull out?”

“Nnnn-oooo,” she moaned. “Just wait a second.”

I felt her body slowly adjusting to the intrusion of my stony member. I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips then bent further, sucking a nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I tongued her breasts, moving from one to the other, until both were shiny with saliva and rock hard.

“Ooooh,” she groaned. “Do it!”

I pressed forward again, then slid out until just the head remained inside. Candy's moans and the slight rocking of the bed had apparently aroused Cookie again. I saw motion out of the corner of my eye as I slowly fucked in and out of Candy's recently-virgin snatch, going deeper on each thrust until I was buried full-length in her core.

“Oh,” Candy moaned, unconsciously echoing her girlfriend's first words. “I feel soooo full!”

“And you feel amazing inside,” I groaned, struggling to keep from shooting my load immediately.

Cookie had been snug, her pussy gripping my cock in a vice-like grip as I plundered her. Candy, though, brought new definition to the word tight, her most intimate flesh molding itself to every curve and contour of my shaft.

“Fuck me, please,” she squeaked. “But go slow.”

“Take it easy, baby,” Cookie said. “It'll stop hurting and get better real soon. I promise.”

The voice of experience – how much I didn't know – Cookie was laying on her right side, her left leg pulled up and her fingers toying with her recently-fucked pussy as she watched me deflower her friend. Her hand slid fully between her lips as she inserted two fingers into her pussy, fucking herself in time with my fucking Candy.

Candy's eyes were squinted shut, a look of discomfort still on her face, as I slipped slowly in and out of the furnace of her pussy. Her back arched and, finally, her face relaxed as I could pleasure replacing the pain.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “That's starting to fell better. Let my legs go.”

She pulled her ankles off my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist. Candy used the added leverage to begin meeting my thrust, slowly at first, then with more vigor. Soon, we were pounding against each other like seasoned lovers, the slap of our flesh punctuated by the liquid, slippery sounds of cock sliding into wet teen pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Candy moaned. “Yeah, that's amazing!”

“Told you, baby,” Cookie breathed, her own voice strained from her own excitement as she masturbated watching her friend get her first fuck.

No more words were spoken as I concentrated on pounding a Candy-shaped impression into my mattress. The only sounds in the room were the wet slap, slap, slap of flesh on flesh, punctuated by moans and groans from Candy and Cookie.

I felt the initial twinges, the barest of tingling in my balls, indicating the approach of orgasm. And, believe me, after most of an afternoon of arousal with two hot, young girls, I was more than ready.

Suddenly, Cookie broke the mood.

“Pull out,” she said, sitting up and slapping me on the ass. “Pull out for a minute.”

I was more than a little annoyed, but Cookie took over. She laid back against the head of the bed. She instructed Candy to get on her hands and knees between her legs and eat her pussy. I quickly got over my frustration as it dawned on me what Cookie had in mind.

Cookie grabbed Candy by the hair and pulled her mouth-first into her pussy. This left her perfectly-round ass – and, more important, her pussy – elevated in perfect position. I shuffled in behind Candy on my knees and guided my cock back to her gaping snatch.

“Mmph,” Candy grunted into Cookie's pussy as I buried myself again in her dripping quim. Cookie pulled Candy tight against her puss, aided by my forward thrust, eliciting moans from both girls.

“Yeah, Candy,” Cookie moaned. “Eat your Cookie! Eat me good!

“Candy eating Cookie's,” she sing-songed. “Candy eating Cookie's.”

Her song turned to moans as Candy feasted on Cookie's snatch. It had been obvious these girls had been playing together for some time. Now, though, they were both on overdrive. Candy was literally inspired in her rug-munching, driven to new heights by my cock plumbing her depths.

Cookie started groaning, climbing to the pinnacle first as Candy worked first one, then two and finally three fingers into her. I watched Cookie's face scrunch up, then her eyes flew open and rolled back in her head, her back arching as she came.

Cookie's orgasm triggered Candy's. Her cunt muscles clamped down on my cock, fluttering and massaging the shaft like a tight, gripping fist as she came.

I couldn't take it any longer. Her pussy milking my shaft literally pulled the cum from my balls. It felt like my orgasm began in my toes, surged up my legs into my spine, up to explode in my head and back down. My cum rocketed up shaft, forcing its way past the constriction of Candy's honey-pot, literally exploding into her depths.

“Oh, my God!” Candy cried, her head flying up as the first blast of semen coated her insides. “It feels so hot! I can feel you cumming inside me! It's filling me up soooo much!”

We were all frozen, the only movement the motions of Candy's spasming snatch as it milked load after load of cum from my balls. I don't think I've ever cum that hard or that much in my life. It was definitely the best orgasm I've had in a long time.

Finally drained, we all collapsed on the bed, chests heaving, dripping sweat as we struggled to catch our breath.

“Oh, wow,” Candy moaned, finally. “I did it. I lost my cherry.”

“That you did,” I agreed. “In a big way.”

“Is it always like that?” she asked. “I mean, is it always that intense?”

“Not always,” Cookie said. “But it can be.”

We lay quietly for a few minutes, one girl snuggling into each arm, as our breathing returned to normal. Finally, Candy raised up on her elbow and looked across me at Cookie.

“I told him about Angie,” she said, matter-of-factly.

Cookie's reaction wasn't what I expected.

“Nuh, huh!” she said, raising up to confront her friend. “He's ours!”

“Whoa, girls,” I said, trying to defuse the situation before things got out of hand. “Cool down for a second.”

Two angry teen girls, both of whom I'd just fucked, was a recipe for trouble. I cautioned them on how much trouble we could get into for what we'd done, carefully stressing their involvement in any consequences. It was all bullshit, because I'd be the one who'd end up in jail, I knew. They didn't know that, however, or chose to ignore the fact. They seemed to calm down.

“So, maybe we could share him with Angie,” Cookie finally conceded. I was quietly doing first pumps and happy dances in my head.

“I'll call her,” Candy said, springing up from the bed, grabbing for her backpack.

“Slow down,” I said.

Actually, I was terrified of the prospect of a conversation about fucking an underage girl going out over a cellular telephone. I didn't know if anyone was monitoring, but I really didn't want to take any chances.

“O-kay,” Cookie said. “We'll talk to her in school Monday. Can we come back and play some more tomorrow?”

“Sure,” I said. “That would be great.”

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Since when is a 32 yo man a teen male?

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