Something strange is going on with my sister Jen.
Milk of Desire

By EFon

Chapter 2 : What just happened?

Man I had the most vivid dream last night. Sure I’m a young ever-horny fifteen year-old boy so I’m sure that I just dreamt that I got my first blowjob last night. But I’d never dreamt it with such crystal clear reality before. I can remember every touch, even now while I’m eating breakfast. I can remember touching the back of her head and her soft hair as I came in that hot girls mouth. I remembered the wet sucking sounds, and how she gagged a little when I came. I remember the door opening and the image of a sexy woman against the hall night-light for just a brief moment before my door closed. It was so real even now.

“You sure you will be OK?” Mom asked Jen again. I wasn’t really paying attention.

“What?” I asked dumbly.

“Russell Steven!” my mom scolded me, “Haven’t you been listening to a single thing I’ve said?” I shrugged and she sighed but said again, “I’m going to work a double shift tonight so won’t be home until very late.” I nodded at her, “You can still go to Jake’s after school and Jen will pick you up after her cheerleader practice, but you WILL obey everything your sister tells you or so help me God you will be grounded for a month!”

I only thought about complaining for a moment when her evil eye stared me down firmly. She was still mad at me for being rude to my sister at dinner last night. I still think she was a bitch and deserved it, but I shut up and nodded.

Mom turned and hurriedly was talking to Jen about food and other stuff when I thought to myself, ‘Wait a minute…’ I had yelled at Jen last night to suck my cock, and then I had this vivid dream about having my dick sucked. It couldn’t be that she might have actually done it could she?

One glance back at my sister and I knew that was just impossible. She has been a mean and frigid bitch to me for the last several years. That was just crazy of me. But then, for some reason my best friend Jake’s comment about her being a hot came to mind and I looked again. She did have a sexy figure and beautiful long blonde hair.

I shook my head and said to myself, ‘Now my hormones are just making me a sick pervert.’ I turned to the TV and tried to think of something else. Soon Mom left and Jen and I just sat eating breakfast for a bit more until it was time for school.

I knew the bus would be here soon so I got ready to go out and wait for it when Jen suddenly surprised me. “Wanna lift Russ?”

What was that? Was she being nice to me? Maybe Mom had yelled at her last night too. “Uh… sure,” I said nervously. We finished the morning gossip show she was watching and we got in her car for school.

Something was definitely going on, but she didn’t seem to acknowledge anything odd. But I was happy for any day I didn’t have to get picked by the older kids on the bus. They never seemed to tire of spitballs or making fun of the kids smaller than they were. So, while I’m happy for any vacation from it, it’s usually at the cost of ridicule by my sister. But this was just strange with her being nice to me.

In her routine, we picked up Lisa and Katey as normal, and Lisa said surprised, “The Runt missed the bus again? Damn you are one lazy ass snot!”

I was going to defend myself, but couldn’t help getting distracted by looking at Katey’s sexy outfit as she got into the seat next to me. She had on a tight white shirt that really showed off her “assets”, and her long legs looked even longer with the short plaid skirt and knee socks she was wearing, both as red as the bright hair on her head. So Jen beat me too it, “Naw… I offered him a ride. He had a hard time last night.”

Now I was REALLY confused. Jen was sticking up for me to her girlfriends? She ALWAYS did nothing but complain to them about me. Lisa even looked a little confused, but dropped the subject and moved to gossip talk with Jen and Katey. Then I felt the painful poke in my pants as I was looking down, still admiring Katey’s long and smooth calf’s in those stretchy red plaid sock-stockings she was wearing.

Oh crap. I held my bag tighter in my lap to push it down and looked out the window to think of other things. Unfortunately we were already pulling into school. We got out and I continued to carry my back in front of me with both hands to conceal my groin’s “flagpole” issue.

I heard my sister and her friends making whispered comments to each other as I walked quickly away, but didn’t look back and just headed to the bathroom until I recovered.

Classes went by normally and I went back to Jake’s house until Jen came to get me when her cheer practice was over. I needed to confide in him about Jen’s strange attitude.

“It means she wants something from you,” he said calmly.

“Really?” I asked, wondering how he could be so sure.

“Sure. Take Jackie for instance,” he said referencing his own thirteen-year-old sister.

“What do you mean?”

“Jackie is always sweet as candy and gumdrops when you come over because she likes you.”

“She does?” I asked. I’d never realized it before, but that scrawny girl in braces was always nice to me.

“Man! Are you blind?” I shrugged. “She’s been asking about you all the time for months now. She’s always bringing snacks or inviting you to dinner with us.”

Now that he mentioned it I thought he might be right. A real girl likes me?

“Now don’t get me wrong. She’s my sister and I’ll kick your ass if you hurt her, but she’s only thirteen…”

Yea. She was still a kid I thought. Of course I was only fifteen, but its funny how only a few years seems like a lifetime at that age. “So what does Jen want from me?”

“I dunno,” Jake said. We pondered until we got distracted by other things until I heard the honk of my sister’s car and headed out with a wave, and really noticed Jackie smiling and waving at me as I left.

Jen was still in her cheer outfit in her car. I asked about it and she said she had to wash it. I knew tonight was going to be a long and possibly dangerous night for me, with her in charge, so I just nodded and kept silent until we got home.

I went to my room and finished up my homework before Jen called up saying she’d made dinner. I came down expecting mac and cheese, but was instead surprised to my favorite meal of spaghetti and meatballs. And it looked like she’d actually made the meatballs herself. “OK, I give… what do you want?”

She quirked an eyebrow, still in her cheer outfit having obviously worked on dinner since she came home, “What do you mean. I thought you loved home-made meatballs and spaghetti?”

I sat down and said, “Yea, I do. And you never make anything unless it’s for Christmas or Thanksgiving. So what gives?”

She frowned and just said, “I’m sorry Russ. I was just trying to make you happy.” Then she went silently to her room and closed the door.

What was going on? Was she taken over by a pod? My sister had suddenly changed into someone I didn’t even recognize anymore. I sat and ate the dinner she’d made and watched some TV, expecting her to eventually come out, but she stayed in her room.

Now I felt like I was the jerk. Fine, truce, I said to myself. I got a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, warmed it up and went to her door and knocked. “What?” I heard a tearful sob from Jen. I opened the door and saw she had been crying on her bed the whole time. Man, girls are impossible to understand.

“I’m sorry Jen,” I said somberly and held out the bowl as I approached her in her dark bedroom. “You dinner was great and I brought you so… OH FUCK!” I tripped on something on her floor and Landed in her lap, dumping the bowl all over her and her bed.

“Oh crap! My uniform!” She got up and ran to the bathroom. Now I felt even worse. I turned on the light and started cleaning up the food I’d spilled all over her and her bed and floor. While I was cleaning I noticed I’d tripped over. It was one of her bras that she’d worn once and discarded to the floor. I couldn’t help but suddenly think of her as a woman and not my sister and of the supple tits cupped by the silky fabric.

I pulled off her blanket and was going to take them to the washer when I saw the small notebook peeking out from between her bed and the box spring. I was already going to be in the trouble of a lifetime, so might as well go for broke, so I took it and hid it in the blanket and went into the basement to do the laundry.

I quickly dumped the blanket in the washer and added the soap and started it up, then sat and opened the diary. I knew this was so wrong, but I just couldn’t resist. Looks like she’d started it a few months ago, so this was probably just her newest one, but I read a couple of entries at the start. They were mostly boring stuff about school and her friends and who was dating who. A few entries were about me being a stupid kiddy runt that was constantly annoying her.

I skipped ahead to last entry from yesterday and found an entry much more interesting. It read:

This morning I was weird. Mom told me to wake Russ up, but when I did I accidentally left him with his boner hanging out. I laughed at him and called him a runt again, and while it seemed funny at the time, I think he might actually have been pretty big. Maybe even bigger than Chad. I don’t know why, but after breakfast while I was driving him to school he looked more like a guy and less like the dweeb he’d always been before. I’m sure he’s still a virgin, and I know Katey likes him, but I always told her he was a useless jerk and probably gay. I think I’ll call her and try something.

HOLY SHIT! Man my ego got a boost. I was bigger down there than her boyfriend? So, she’s seen his dick? I wonder what she’s done with him. Is she still a virgin? I’d have to read more to find out, but what was that thing about Katey? She likes me and was going to “try something?” Then I thought back to earlier today. She had on that REALLY short skirt and tight leggings, and the tight white shirt that really showed off her tits. I still remember how hot she looked. Maybe they were testing to see my reaction. I’d sure gotten hard and tried to hide it, but they obviously knew and were teasing and testing me. I wonder if that means I passed?

I knew I’d have to read more later, but I quickly put her wet blanket into the dryer and headed back upstairs. Jen was still in the bathroom so I pushed her diary back where I found it between her mattresses and knocked on the bathroom door, accidentally pushing it open since it wasn’t latched. There was Jen, my formerly bitchy sister, not standing only in her bra and panties scrubbing her uniform in the sink. Her underwear was wet from her sloshing in the water and I could clearly see my first real nipples. Jake was right, she was HOT. “I’m kind of busy right now Russ!”

Oh crap, I was staring at her! I quickly closed the door and latched it and went back to my own room to consider what had just happened. She didn’t yell, or scream, just said she was busy in an annoyed voice. Is she saving her wrath for later? What is she gonna tell Mom? I’m gonna be grounded for sure. But I just couldn’t get the image of her nearly naked form out of my head. Sure I’d seen her a dozen times before, in swimsuits and even naked a few times when we were younger, but not for the last few years in so little, and it never turned me on before.

I like to draw when so I pulled out my sketchpad and drew. Jen’s curves flowed from my mind and into my hand and onto the paper. The shading, the lace, I drew every detail from the perfect vivid memory seared into my brain. After five minutes I was finished and I knew intellectually that it was Jen, but the girl there was my creation and she was sexy. I started rubbing my dick which was already hard and pulled off my pants and lay back on my bed with just the picture in my hands and wearing only my t-shirt and socks. One hand held the pad and the other started massaging my shaft.

This wasn’t my sister, but the girl who came in on me one morning and said, “Oh my. You got a BIG problem there don’t you?” Then she stripped down to her bra and panties and it was she who had sucked my dick long and hard. “Oh it tastes so good.” This mysterious girl bobbed and sucked me while rubbing her own panty clad pussy getting herself worked up and aroused while she devoured my cock with a moan of pleasure. Oh god I was hard and knew I was going to have a real good cum. “Russ, are you OK?” she said innocently. Then the door opened.

“FUCK!” I shouted in surprise. It wasn’t the mystery girl, but my sister who had said that last line as she opened my door. I quickly covered my nakedness with a blanket, but I’m sure she knew what I was doing.

Maybe she even saw me, but she just said, “Um.” She didn’t make eye contact with me and took a moment to compose her words, “I… uh…wanted to say I’m sorry. I know you were trying to apologize with the food, but I shouldn’t have left my dirty clothes on the floor. It’s all my fault.” Then she shut the door.

No WAY! She wasn’t mad I got spaghetti sauce on her cheer uniform, and then she even also took responsibility for it happening in the first place? This was definitely strange. And she didn’t even say anything about me jerking off. Either a saint had somehow replaced my sister, or maybe I was the one going crazy. God I was horny, but I couldn’t jerk off now. I had to go and ask what was going on. I got my pants back on and went to her door and was about to knock again when I heard a sound.

It sounded like a sob and I wondered if she was crying again. I went to the hall nightlight and unplugged it, then crept back to her door and listened, still hearing the muffled sound, so I edged the door open. Normally the light would have cast in and she’d know instantly the door had been opened, but in the moonlight I could see her faintly on her bed and now heard her cries, not longer muffled by the door.

She was lying on her bed and didn’t appear to be dressed, but it was hard to tell. She was flat on her back and had her legs spread but her knees bent up tight. She wasn’t crying, but moaning. I could see a hint of movement between her legs. OH MY GOD! She’s totally fingering her cunt! I immediately got rock hard again and rubbed my almost painful erection through my pants. I strained my ears to hear every sound. I thought I could make out the wetness of her pussy sloshing with her fingers poking deep inside her, and her breathless sobbing moans.

After only seconds my urgency to cum had been restored to where it had been before, and while I couldn’t see almost anything other than a vague shadowy silhouette of my sister in the near-total darkness, my mind filled in all the exquisite details of this ripe and supple seventeen year old girl who was masturbating into bliss with me only twenty feet away from her. I carefully extracted my cock and began to jack it as silently as possible while listening to her jerk off at the same time.

Then the best and worst possible thing happened. Jen moaned “Oh Russ…” and started shaking. She was thinking ABOUT ME?!? I groaned and but a bust my nut all over myself. I shook as I came hard and bit my lip to keep it to myself as best I could. I staggered up and back to my room where I wadded up my clothes and collapsed into bed, falling asleep it moment my head hit the pillow.

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