This is some of the backstory for my CAW Entry
Hello Again Gentle Readers, If you read my CAW story and didn't understand maybe this will help it is actually a side story of a character that is barely mentioned in this piece but you will see what has happened and understand better... and hopefully want more of this piece. Please Vote please comment if you want PM and or Email me Love to hear from you.

It was hot, too hot; Shelly swept the sweat from her brow as she continued with her students. There were ten of them in this class, she hoped to have a chance at a cool drink but even that was doubtful. There were drinks resting in a large clay pot filled with cool water what had once been ice, well this morning it was ice. The bottles of water, she mentally shook her head at the thought of it. Had been exorbitant but that was how the economy was.

First it was the attacks during and after 9 11, not the first 9/11 attacks the ones that happened some time after, that allowed the president to declare martial law. There were several attacks following and he asked for more power from the congress which albeit hesitantly, gave it to him. It took him three weeks before he dissolved the congress and set up a dictatorship. The military started by quelling the riots and unrest when the people realized what had happened much of the south and southwest broke into open rebellion, among them Texas which wasted no time at all in succession. Half of the military deserted, fighting your own people apparently isn’t as popular as you would think at least not in the US. Shortly following that energy prices went from nine or ten cents per kilowatt-hour to ten dollars a kilowatt-hour. Everyone turned off his or her television and air conditioners. Ice went from 4 dollars a bag to nearly twenty. What really made a person crazy was when water became scarce? Those rivers that flowed through or near various communities were deemed contaminated and shouldn’t be drunk. So you had to buy bottled or purified water, the trouble was it cost you fifty dollars a gallon. And with the total collapse of the economy a few weeks later it was now at 490 dollars a gallon. It had been two years since then, Shelly had set up a school with the help of government funding, it was really the only kind of funding you could get. The Seventy million dollar education grant had gotten Shelly enough to get the school up to code and hire three teachers. She shook her head at she dismissed her class. Four teachers and a school with a seventy million dollar budget would have been spectacular when she was still in school now it was living just this side of O-town. She stepped into her office and looked at the monitors. There were camera’s everywhere in the school, she had almost cried when she saw what was going on with that, of course most of the block grant had gone to pay for that and the power that they used. What had helped was that it had only cost twenty thousand for the building that she had bought. It had dormitories, which allowed some of her less fortunate students to stay at the school, she had one whole floor she was responsible for monitoring. As she watched she saw a black girl and a white girl apparently fighting.

Shelly hurried down the hallway, She turned into one of the bathrooms and there in one of the stalls Lucretia and Sally were. Lucretia had her skirt pulled up and her hand on the back of Sally’s head.

“What the hell is going on” Shelly asked.

Both girls jumped and covered up as best they could turning. “Miss Shelly we are sorry it was…”

“It was what you know that kind of behavior isn’t allowed in school”

“I didn’t know” Sally said quietly

“She was showing me what her mom and brother do before bedtime” Lucretia said.

“Is that true?” Shelly asked.

“I…” Sally started but then hung her head.

“That’s what she told me,” Lucretia said.

“Well in that case I’ll have to notify the authorities,” Shelly sighed, “you two come with me” she led them back into her office and called the police. It was half an hour later when they called back announcing that Sally’s mother a woman named Sheila Blankenship was in custody and that she was deemed to be a terrorist after a search of her apartment. There would be no need for future inquiry as she would be taken to a rehabilitation camp or some other facility. God she hated the cops she thought as she sat at her desk trying to figure out what to do. With the martial law also came swift justice and not all to often justice served without any real evidence, Napoleonic law she had heard it called guilty until proven innocent. The penalty for sex with a minor was death, same as rape. She shuddered at the thought. The penalty for Terrorism, she shuddered again the icy cool streaking down her back.

She sent the girls back to class. After classes she had Sally set up in one of the temporary dorm rooms. She sat in her office and worried…

The door opened and two policemen walked in with a young man in tow.

“What can I do for you Officers?” she asked as politely as she could manage given the surprise.

“We are releasing Jimmy Blankenship into your custody, Child services requested that we keep the children together and since your facility has housing we have deemed it best that he stay here as he has no other place to go.

“What? This is an all girls school”

“Not my problem Ma’am” the officer said “sign here, press hard three copies!”

Her hand shook as she signed and then she looked at the forlorn youngster standing across her desk. Shelly asked the boy to sit down and wait while she tried to figure out a good place to keep him.

Shelly had gotten Jimmy a place to sleep and everything was running as smoothly as she could make it. She was sitting in her office congratulating herself on her success, when there came an ominous knock on the door. It opened and a man and woman opened the door, and walked inside. The man looked down at his clipboard, “Shelly is it?”

“Yes sir… who are you and what are you doing here”

“Mike Jordan Department of Education, I’m here to inform you that under article 9 of the imperial edict number seventeen you are hereby relieved of ownership of this school you will continue to be employed by said school until such time as the new principal Miss Evans here decides to relieve you.”

“What you can’t”

“I’m afraid I just did Miss Jordan, I’m sorry but there is nothing you can do”

“Wait?? Just like that?”

“Just like that” he said, “Miss Evan’s is now in charge”

He turned and closed the door behind him leaving the two women alone in the room. “You live here on Campus Miss Jordan?”

“Yes as do several of the Teachers”

“I see, and what are you being paid”

“That is none…”

“Actually it is, and consider it halved because of your insubordination.”

“You can’t”

“I just did, now as I see it you can continue to be the figure head of the school… “Miss Evan’s smile was wicked “… Or I will find someone who will do what I say and not ask questions… do you care for the students at this school?”

“Yes very much”

“Well then, you can either do what I say or… I will have to report you as interfering with a government officer and you will have to go to a re-education camp for however long it takes.”


“Think about it” Miss Evan’s said “I understand that gang rapes are quite common in camps and if you resist enough they make you a regular”

“Yes Miss Evans”

“Excellent, no changes for this week but I would like for you to report to my dormitory in the morning and greet my assistant, a Miss Barnes when she arrives which should be nine o’clock sharp”

“Yes Miss Evans” Shelly was pissed; pissed at herself for folding up like a cheap camping tent, for getting herself in this situation, for not knowing that the government could take over her school at any time. There really was a laundry list of things, she did her best to mask her emotions for the rest of the day and when she got to her bed after lights out she was relieved.

She found a box on her bed, plain white cardboard, there was a note attached,

“Until I decide to make changes, I expect you to wear this for our meetings; seven sharp tomorrow morning room 407”
Janet Evans

Shelly took a deep breath and opened the box. Inside after pulling out the wrapping paper was a light thin gauzy skirt and a piece of fishnet material that was cut to be a bikini. She swallowed. She numbly put the box on the top of her chest of drawers and went and took a shower. She felt so dirty so betrayed. She laid her head on her pillow and tried to sleep.

Sleep was elusive and she woke bleary and tired at six. She started to get dressed but she remembered the note and went to the box. The skirt barely came to the top of her thighs and covered her slit, but it was so transparent that it actually hid nothing. The fishnet top was tight on her and her breasts bulged through the holes in the material, her nipples hardening involuntarily because of it, much to her own embarrassment.

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