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Cathy gets carried away while posing nude
Dear Reader,

One of the things I like most about writing for xnxx is getting fan mail from my readers. Most of my early responses were questions about my breasts. I'd jokingly described them as needing a heavy support bra. Let's clear the air on that. My breasts are pretty average. I usually wear size B bras when I wear bras. Being a nudist most of my life, hundreds of people have seen both my nipples and my pussy, and I like going braless.

Recently I started corresponding with a reader who said he attended an art class where they painted nudes in watercolors. In my return letter I mentioned that I have attended drawing sessions, evening meetings associated with a nearby college where about twenty people gather to draw human figures. There is always one model, always nude, usually female. We split the cost on paying her the modelling fee which comes out to very little per artist. One time the girl failed to show up and, being a nudist anyhow, I volunteered to substitute. Posing naked for people I knew, was exciting mostly because I was the center of attention. This doesn't happen at nudist beaches. In the last six months, the fact that I once posed naked for my fellow artists seems to have not changed anything. Perhaps I wish it did. The following is a fantasy I wrote involving myself and the man I've been corresponding with.

Love and Kisses everyone especially Michael, Cathy


Dear Michael,

I know you live in Europe, but I'm pretending you've come here for a few months and joined my drawing group. I don't know you're the Michael from xnxx, only that you're about the same age and also from England. You don't know I'm the Cathy "Cook", just a woman about her age with the same first name. The possibility of it being more than a mild coincidence never occurs to either of us.

Because I like older men I talk with you a lot during the breaks. I don't hide the fact that I posed nude once, and some of the other guys have even showed you their sketches of me, which weren't very accurate. None of us are great artists. The modelling sessions are usually held on Tuesdays but next week is a holliday so we will probably skip. The room is available, but half the group will be away on vacation. You and I and a number of others are disappointed.

On Thursday I get a call from you saying that Mark, the man who usually arranges the sessions, gave you permission to set one up for the people who want to come, but said you'd have to get the model. Naturally, that's why you're calling me. Naturally I accept. Even before I hang up the phone my pussy is already happy.

I arrive at 7pm. There are already eight artists there and ready. There are no women yet, and all eight are guys I've flirted with, including you and the other four men in their sixties. The other three men are much younger, but all are men I like.

"We didn't want to waste time so I told everyone to come fifteen minutes early and get set up before you arrived" you tell me. Now I know this is it. A private session with my eight favorite guys. The model usually gets undressed somewhere else while the artists are getting ready, than just walks up onto the raised stage in the middle of the room already naked. Undressing in front of everyone might be considered erotic teasing, not pure art. Naturally, since everyone is already ready, I give the eight of you a sensuous display, standing in the middle of the stage while undressing.

During my stretches, I flash more of my crotch than I would posing. This happens with the other girls also. My guess is they also do it intentionally. I do the quickies, five minute poses, which don't have to be comfortable because I won't hold them long. These are done for the artists to loosen up.

During my first ten minute pose I go down on all fours in the doggie position, thrusting out my arse suggestively. The artists are free to move their easels around to any position after I assume my pose. With only sketching materials this is easy and all eight of you decide you want to draw me from the rear. Since there is no one in front of me, I turn my head so I can smile back at everyone. Nobody seems to mind that I've changed my pose slightly.

This is getting fun. For the next pose I sit back and hold my legs wide open. You seem to be running things and make no objection. No one does.

"Would you mind posing with another model?" you ask me.

This is normally not done, but the rules seem to be forgotten. One of the younger men gets undressed and now he decides how we should pose. I end up on my back, he kneeling between my thighs, holding my fanny up about six inches while he bends down and kisses my pussy lips! Of course he's only pretending to make contact, his lips with mine, for about the first two minutes. After that it's straight cunnilingus!

For the next pose they want pseudo bondage. All seven of you get undressed while my oral lover returns to his easel, apparently to draw a scene of what could almost be called a gang bang. Two men grab hold of a leg each, two others my arms. I'm completely helpless and absolutely delighted with what's happening, especially when you position your head between my wide open thighs and begin punishing me with your demanding tongue. I feel your tongue carressing my clit, making it swell up even more than it already is. Then you enter my love hole. About this time I lose sight of what you are doing to my crotch because one of the other men is now Frenching me. All I can see is his face pressed against me. I close my eyes and enjoy the inevitable. Is this rape? I was not asked, but certainly never said no either. I think if it wasn't obvious I was loving it, it wouldn't be happening.

Your tongue inside me is the best part of this incredible fondling. I feel a finger deep inside my heinie and I assume it's yours because it is so wonderfully coordinated with what your tongue is doing to me. I feel a second and slowly a third finger invade my anus. I think these belong to other men. I want to warn you that I'm about to cume but the man kissing me is hardly letting me breathe, let alone talk. My arms and legs are being held as well as fondled. I feel my breasts being squeezed, then sucked, sometimes simultaneously, so there must be two men attending to me chest. Suddenly I get the shakes then let loose with a flood into your mouth. You are not caught by surprise in spite of my lack of warning. My first orgasm of the night belongs to you!

I nearly pass out as I give you my offering. Lights seem to be flashing. It is only later that I discover the man had retrieved a digital camera, not gone to his easel. For about an hour the eight of you take turns using me for intercourse, usually in pairs. After all eight of you have had enough, you get dressed. But I am told to remain nude since my three hours aren't up.

The camera's contents are down loaded onto a laptop, then carefully edited with three goals: eliminate bad pictures, crop as necessary so my lovers are all anonymous, make me as visible as possible in the most compromising positions. When done, there are 36 pictures of me being fucked by multiple partners. Seven copies are burned into CD's. I beg for a copy for myself, but this evening I am the sex slave. My pleas are denied.

The CD's are put in wrappers and distributed, but it is only 9:30. For the last half hour I dance on the stage while you men put away your equipment. I have to wipe my thighs with tissues often. I think all eight of you came inside me, several in my heinie. When the clock strikes ten you all leave while I'm still naked. Someone has taken my panties as a souvineer. I sort of like having to drive home semi naked, but I have to stuff a tissue inside because cume is still leaking out of my vagina. On the way home I try to recall everything that happened. But after my first orgasm everything became just a delightful blur. All I can remember clearly is you, who arranged this, your wonderful tongue inside me, and your talented finger in my heinie!

Love and Kisses, Cathy


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2006-01-17 20:21:44
the word heinie turned me off its just not a word i wanna hear in a story i rate it a 3/10


2005-07-07 16:51:19
Now that would be a CD worth having!!


2005-05-10 15:57:32
gotta have more details, too short of a story


2005-01-17 15:17:21
I would have like more details of the 8 having thier way with you, now that would be hot!!

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