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Straight ahead teen girl on girl lust...
Okay so like the first year of high school isn’t weird enough and then your best friend in the universe suddenly becomes like a sex crazed, foaming at the mouth lesbian slut. Oh by the way I’m Jamie, and my friend, the sex maniac, her name is Julie. Seriously this is exactly what happened.

One day we were walking in the hall in our spare, which is one good thing cause there is no one around and Julie asks me if she could tell me something. A secret she says. I say, “Sure Julia, anything.

Then like she stops and gets real serious look on her face. “What is it?” I asked her.

Julie kept trying to let something out but nothing of any substance came. Then out of the friggin’ blue in the middle of the empty hallway she shoved me against my locker. Julie gave me this deep stare that told me that she wanted me and then she proceeded give me a hot passionate kiss on the lips.

I mean I don’t have a bf and I’m like super horney all the time so while I tried to back away, my back was against the locker and then I started to enjoy it. I tried wrapping my arm around her waist but she pushed me hard yet again and held my hands to the locker.

Julie started swirling her tongue around mine and then she got rough pounding her thigh into my crotch. I was soon out of breath and felt weightless by the way that this beautiful girl was pushing around my limp body.

I felt Julies hand touch my bare tummy and a shiver went down my spine. Her hand kept slowly inching up until it was just an inch below my small boobs.

I wanted her to go farther but every time I tried to move my hand and direct her, she would smash it against the locker. I was squirming from wanting her to touch me but she seemed to love teasing me like this. She didn’t seem to care that a student or worse a student could come down the hall at any minute.

I could see by the look in her eyes that she was pleased with the way I was reacting; she moved her face away from mine and gave me a really sexy stare. It was then that I realized that Ms. Schmidt, the cute young librarian was peeking at us from down the hallway.

“Julie, Ms Schmidt, she sees us…” Julie winked at me and whispered in my ear, “We will continue this after school.” She planted a soft kiss on my neck and just like that, she left me there out of breath and against the locker.

Time went by so fucking slowly and I was as wet as humanly possible. I rocked my legs a little throughout the day making my skin tight jeans seam hit my clit. It didn’t satisfy me at all; instead it just made me even hornier. Â It was finally time for last period and I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything but the throbbing feeling from my pussy.

It didn’t make it any easier on me that Julie was sitting next to me in that class. I couldn’t stop glancing at her, god she was beautiful. Shoulder length red hair, green eyes the most amazing full lips, soft freckles over the bridge of her nose, lovely graceful neck, such perky little tities, bigger than mine and her tight tummy and insanely tight ass and crotch not to mention her perfect cheerleader legs.

When the teacher turned his back. My hand found my crotch. I had to take a quick grab it felt so good, but my hand didn’t want to let go. Julie spotted this and reached over moving my hand away so that she could continue where I left off. Jan a geeky girl on the other side noticed what Julie was doing to me and her mouth dropped open, but she didn’t turn away. I saw her squeeze her thighs together and begin rocking in her desk as she looked at Julies hand on my cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Julie whispered loud enough for Jan to hear as she continued to stroke my pussy through my jeans.

Suddenly Julie slapped my pussy hard through my jeans and hissed, “Don’t you dare touch that pussy, it’s all mine.”

I looked over to see Jan shove a hand into her crotch over her dress and bring herself off. Her mouth open in a soft urgent sigh as her thighs trembled. Oh how I envied the flat-chested bitch.

I needed the class to end or I would literally burst. The bell finally rang and I ran out of class, out the doors and across the parking lot and into my mom’s car which she let me have for the day. I looked in the rear view mirror to see Julie trailing behind me.

We both got in and decided to go to my house since nobody would be home. The whole car ride she was explaining what she was going to do to me once we made it to my house. I started trembling in my seat trying to find some position, any position that would put pressure on my clit.

Julie noticed this and smiled at me as she placed her hand over my crotch. She slowly undid the zipper on my pants as she squeezed my inner thigh. The button and zipper finally came loose and she stuck her hand down over my completely soaked thong.

Julie barely grazed over my clit but a slight moan escaped my lips as I was waiting for that touch for so long.

“What a fucking slut you are Jamie. Do you want me to fuck you while you drive? Sounds dangerous to me, do you want it you hot little bitch?”

“Oh fuck Julie, you have me so fucking hot…fuck me, fuck me while I drive,” I said out of desperation.

Julie slowly started pumping two fingers in and out of me, it was amazing. I kept moaning in sheer feeling of my slick little cunt being filled.

We reached a red light so I hinted at her to stop. I saw my mom’s best friend and neighbor Mrs. .Daniels stopped on Julie’s side. She must have had a clear view from her tall SUV.

“Fuck you and whoever wants to see,” hissed Julie and continued to finger fuck my tight little pussy until I had to throw my head back in ecstasy. Soon she was both furiously rubbing my clit and fingering me at the same time. I couldn’t concentrate on the road anymore and I was about to just give up and pull on the side of the road until I realized that I finally made it home.

I gave Julie a deep kiss that must have lasted a long time because she got a few more pumps in before I was able to separate her fingers from my pussy. I quickly ran into my house, dragging Julie behind me not even bothering to zip up my pants.

Right when I opened the door and got inside Julie shoved me against it incredibly hard so that it shut behind me. Julie started kissing and nibbling on my neck, as my moans were steadily getting louder. In one swift move she dragged my tank over my head and disposed of my bra and stared my perky tities, my nipples were so hard they almost hurt.

Julie latched onto my right nipple and bit on it. I shrieked with surprise as her teeth scraped my nub. Â She began rhythmically pulling on it and loved my blissful reaction. Julie took the other nipple in her mouth and did the same thing. Julie giggled as if it were a game to see my reaction with every single thing she did.

At 15 I was a complete virgin, I know that sounds pathetic but it was true and I was going to take any sex I could get, even if it was with a friend I had known since I was in kindergarten.

Julie was unlike any guy that I have that had touched or sucked on my tities, She was lavishing them with attention and I loved it. After my breasts were red and in pain from all the pulling Julie moved down lower to my belly button. Juliet raced circles around it with her tongue the whole time staring into my eyes. She got to the top of my pants and just took the jeans off in one fell swoop. I stepped out of them my legs so shaky I thought I would fall over.

With soft wet kisses traced her way up my legs and to my pussy. I needed to feel her tongue on my cunt. Instead of pulling my thong aside and diving into my steaming cunt Julie suddenly stopped.

Instead she started nibbling and pulling on my inner thigh. I was craving her tongue on my pussy all day. I needed it. I took her head in my hands and shoved it near my covered pussy. She just backed away and smiled. For what seemed like an eternity she was kissing and licking every inch of trembling flesh around my thong.

“Julie … oh please eat me…please do me…” I signed out of desperation

Julie smiled up at me enjoying the tease. Then finally she rolled my soaking thong down my legs and over my feet. She brought the wet crotch to her nose. “Oh fuck Jamie, I love the smell of you.”

Julie smiled and looked right at my wet, shaved cunt. She gave one small lick across the entire length of my pussy and giggled to see my reaction. My whole body doubled over at the quickness of her wet tongue on my engorged cunt.

Julie leaned forward and let the tip of her tongue circle my clit. My back arched and the loudest moan of the day escaped my lips. She started tongue fucking, parting my slippery cunt lips to push her fast tongue deepener inside me. I grasped at her lush red hair. The harder I pulled on her hair the faster and harder her tongue darted in and out of my pussy. We were both shrieking in a combination of pain and pleasure as Julie added her middle finger to thrusting several times then replacing it with her tongue, while the thumb of her other hand flicked back and forth over my sensitive clit. I didn’t recognize my friend; she loved pussy and wasn’t going to rest her tongue or fingers until she tasted my girl juice. I began grinding my white hot cunt against my friend’s fingers and face and I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“:You fucking lesbo slut you are going to make me cum all over you…oh fuck I’m so close…don’t stop don’t ever stop!”

Far from stopping Julie somehow found another gear slipping two fingers inside my throbbing cunt and sucking my engorged clit into her juice glistening lips, when I felt her teeth scrape over the sensitive surface of my cunt button I could no longer hold back.

I yelled that I was cumming and an she didn’t slow down one bit as my cum squirted around her plunging fingers washing over her face. That was enough to give me a second mind-blowing orgasm. My entire body was convulsing, it was as if my whole body were floating, then my legs gave way and I dropped in a heap beside Julie.

Eventually as I regained some semblance of normalcy, I reached over and with a fist full of hair pulled her to me. I gave my lifelong friend a deep, hard, passionate kiss. Â I could taste my sweet cum on her lips and it only served to make me want to taste her.

“It’s your turn you little bitch, “ she whispered in my ear before licking it seductively, “I want you to lick my little pussy dry.”

Right there on the plush carpet Julie wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me up and over to the dining room table. She quickly pulled off her shirt revealing her braless little tits which gave a subtle bounce as two hard nipples poked out. She pulled on them hard and twisted them, as if to show me how she liked it. The crotch of Julie’s tight jeans showed a wet spot and as I watched her take them off I realized she didn’t have underwear on.

“Oh Julie, you are a nasty bitch,” I teased, slapping her perfect, firm ass.

Julie laid back on the table so that her lovely ass was lying right on the edge. I was still shocked about what was going on and I guess she saw my clueless face because the next thing I know she pushed my face right next to hers and gave me another deep, long tongue sucking kiss.

One of Julie’s perfectly shaped eyebrows arched up as she muttered, “What the fuck are you waiting for bitch?”

I traced a line down her neck with my tongue until I got to her beautiful firm titties. I started licking a whirlpool around her nipple closely centering in. I flicked my tongue over her rock hard nipple and a slight moan escaped her lips. I paid more attention, flicking, biting, and pulling on the nub as I watched her expression. Julie had this blissful smile that soon turned into a look of sheer lust as her teeth bit down on her lower lip and her eyes half closed. As I moved my mouth to her other tittie, I took her hand and rubbed it across my thigh trying to give her the idea to finger me. All of a sudden her eyes opened as she began to pinch my clit between two knuckles.

I groaned as I lifted my head and looked down on Julies shaved cunt, she slammed two fingers back into me. I need to take her cunt in any way I could I began to lick circles over her puffy clit.
I couldn’t help but moan as she was doing the same to me only with her fingers. My moaning obviously felt good because her hips kept bucking off the table. I darted my tongue inside of her Julie’s gaping little cunt and she started moaning again, only this time even louder. Her fingers were soon fucking meat the same speed at which my tongue was penetrating her. Our moans, shakes, and bodies were moving together rhythmically.

“Ass fuck me you little bitch, put a finger in my ass…oh fuck now,” Julie screamed.

Now I had never even fingered my own ass before, but this was something else, this was like the point of no return. I quickly licked my middle finger on my free hand and went for broke. I twisted the finger slowly into my friends warm tight bum hole. My tongue returned to plunge into her throbbing cunt as my nose flatted against her clit. It was as if Julie was primed and my finger in her ass opened the flood gates.

“Oh fuck you little cunt licking bitch I’m going to fucking cum,” she yelled as she moved a finger from her other hand over her clit. I quickly pushed it away and used my tongue to lick around it. I was going nice and slow trying to prolong the feeling she wanted to feel for so badly.

All of a sudden she jammed a third finger into my pussy. I shrieked in surprise as another orgasm was overcoming me. The surprise of it made me bite down on Julie’s clit.

:FUUUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed as her pussy contracted and her juice spurted out with such force it washed all over my face and down over my titties. Against the first wave of cum I iopened my mouth wide and covered her cunt taking the next surge down my throat. There was so much I couldn’t swallow it all and began to cough. There was cum all over my mom’s dining room table as Julie writhed in pleasure her legs jerking and trembling from her orgasmic delight. I stood up and looked at her, I couldn’t help but smile. She pulled me down on top of her and kissed me long and hard.

“That was fucking amazing,” was all that she could get out.

The two of us lay on the table for a long time, our young cunts dripping with cum. I giggled thinking I would be having supper on this same table with my sister, mom and dad. After lying there and kissing her for a few more minutes Julie realized that she promised to go shopping with her mom.

We got up, got dressed, and kissed each other one last time. As she opened the door to walk out she said in a seductive tone, “Next time I have to remember to bring some toys”.

She then winked at me as she walked out of my house swaying her perfect ass. “Until next time you hot little bitch,” I muttered to myself, “Until next fucking time.”

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