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My wife is extremely HOT & weve been together since we were teens. She has never been with another man & Im 6" & recently Ive been desiring to see her with another man. Knowing she would never go for it I devised a plan.
Im a truck driver so Im away for weeks at a time. Shes gets extremely horny over time & wants me badly when I get home. I of course play with myself but she doesn't care for that & says she wants the real thing so when I get home shes always wanting it. I arrived home one evening after being away for 2 weeks. We went out to dinner and I told her I picked up something like goat weed pills for a wild night in bed. The pill for me was really a male stamina goat weed pill but the pill for her had a little something xtra to make her really horny lol. After having several drinks & taking our pills we arrived home. The pills & drinks were doing there job so I said I'll be in the room in just a few as she went in to take off her cloths.

I called up my friend. We had been friends for years & had shared a girl in the past together one night so I knew he had an 8" dick. He said he was game & I informed of when this would all take place. I called him & since he was only minutes from our house he was there in no time. I walked into our room & the turned off the lights. We kissed and made out then I said hold on a minute & let me slide this penis extension onto my dick I bought for us. She said ok & I motioned my friend to walk in. I noticed his throbing 8" monster dick as he mounted my wife. They naturally started making out and he was feeling up my wife. As he started to slide his monster cock into her I heard her let out a little wimper. She said get a little gel since that thing seems to make you a little thicker and bigger & I dont want you tearing me. He applied some lube and slowly stuck in his dick.

They fucked for over an hour! She was like some kinda stallion! She screamed with pleasure over & over as she came on his thick shaft. At one point she whispered something in his ear. As I sat & watched my dick throbbed in intespation. The deal was he would fuck her and leave but as I saw what was happening I got pissed. She rolled over onto her hands & knees & put her ass up into the air & he put the tip of his dick onto her tiny little asshole.

Now I've been begging her for anal sex for years! She turned to him & said ok baby, you've been wanting this for years so tonight's your night. All I ask is grab that numbing gel on the dresser. Im only doing this for you & its only for tonight so enjoy. As he got up to get the gel she got up to grab some water out of the kitchen. As she walked away I told him to trade places with me. He said HELL NO! Im gonna get mine! I said man you cant Ive wanted this for years. He said here she comes & Im gonna get this piece of ass. Sorry your missing out but we agreed I was gonna fuck her & leave & thats what Im gonna do so sick back & enjoy & he smiled. She walked back in & assumed the position again. He got behind her and lined up his HUGE SHAFT again to her little hole. She screamed out as he slid the head in & she pleaded please lossen me up a bit before you do that & take off that massive extension.

I had to sit & watch as he fingered her tiny asshole with one, then two, then three, then four fingeres! He once again lined up his dick to her hole & slid in his massive cock. She screamed out in pain as he slowly slid in half his dick. She began bucking back against him and came hard. For the first time ever I saw my wifes body trimmble and saw her actually squirt from her pussy! All I could do was sit there and helplessly watch as he got my prize. My dick was throbing and my balls were starting to hurt from being erect for so long. I had to jackoff!
I must have watched her cum a dozen times or more. I heard her plead for him to cum cause she couldn't take anymore the pain was too much. So I got up close to her and said Baby Im gonna have to ram the whole thing up in you cause this numbing gel is making me go forever. She whimpered just do whatever you gotta do, my ass is getting sore so hurry up! It feels like your dick is a foot long! Cum dammit cum already!

He then smilled at me and forcefully rammed the hell outta my wifes now streatched asshole! I saw her dig her nails into the sheets and tears rolling down her face as he mulitated her asshole! He started to speed up and he gave her one final jolt and blew his load all up in her ass! She collapsed onto the bed and he slowly pulled out of her ruined asshole. He just got up and walked out the door really quickly and smilled at me as he closed the door.

I walked over to my wife and held her and asked if she was ok. She whimpered yes I think so but dont ever think about doing that again. I hoped you enjoyed it.

I contacted my friend the next day and he said your wife is awesome! I cant wait to do it again. I told him that there would never be another time. He said well unless you want her to find out you better come up with another idea. I told him she knew the whole time and we were just setting you up. He didnt believe me so he said I will ask her next time Im over and I said you better not cause she doesnt want you knowing she knows.

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2013-03-31 09:02:39
this story is a piece of shit
don't read it

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2012-02-28 14:17:42
hell she knew turning out the lights after 5- seconds you can see enough time to get a new wife who will put out

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2012-02-16 04:54:16
hey ho another crock of shit written by a retard

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2012-02-15 23:48:01
You should have written this story in another language cos you sure as shit can't write English.On second thoughts,you should never have written such shit in the first place.Your wife gets it a lot more than a thick cunt like you would ever know.

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2012-02-15 23:46:29
Confusing story.

The way you phrased some of the sentences made it difficult to work out who was in a relationship with who...

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