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The rest of the day was filled with instructions, rules, lectures, and finally, towards the end of the afternoon, bus loads of noisy kids, all between the ages of ten and fifteen. They were all city kids, kind of tough and pale, and all girls.

Because it was a girls' camp, there were only the three male instructors, myself included, and the other twelve were women. I looked them over and saw nothing to excite me. Only Elsa looked fetching and sexy. The others stood around like concentration camp guards, middle-aged and squat, like small patrol tanks.

And because there were only three males in the whole camp, we got an enormous amount of attention from the girls coming out of the buses. They poured out like syrup and gathered around the instructors, eyeing them off with a kind of insolence that was entirely new to me. It felt as if they had the numbers, and they could do as they pleased. It was an odd sensation, one that made me shiver briefly.

The patrol tanks organized the girls in alphabetical squads and marched them off to various huts where they were to deposit their belongings and get indoctrinated. I looked after their retreating figures, all those young buttocks swinging under thin cloth, budding tits and the first sprouts of pubic hair pressing against the material, young snatches that had not yet tasted man, nor knew what to expect.

Again, that tremor ran through me like a little earthquake. I shook my head and carted my baggage over to the room I'd been given. It was a comfortable little place, designed for one person. A single bunk, a wooden table and chair, a matching chest of drawers, and a mantle radio. Spartan, but I was glad to get so far away from my wife's vulgar attempts at redecorating our home in neo-occidental or early Filipino rococo. The whole house was a veritable museum of bad taste.

Later, just as the evening meal was finished and I began the short walk back to my room, a girl rushed up to me and insisted on introducing herself to me as Laura. I shrugged and said my name was James, and she clapped with delight, as if I had just asked her to make a deal.

"I saw you when we got off the bus this afternoon," she told me, walking alongside me uninvited, "and I thought you looked very handsome, like a very nice person who I'd like to get to know."

I looked down at her. She was about five feet tall, twelve if she was a day, her thin halter top giving way to slight tits, her tight pants pushed out by firm little buttocks. She was cute. Big brown eyes, her hair wavy and long, upturned nose and red cheeks, a bright little girl I decided.

"So here I am," she went on, skipping to keep up with my long strides. "Do you mind this? I mean, are you upset that I disturbed you or anything?"

"Not at all," I said diplomatically. "I like to get to know the kids."

"I'm not a kid!" she exclaimed, cross now, her high voice rising, "and I'm not just one of the kids either -- I'm Laura, I'm a person!"

"Okay, I'm sorry," I said, seeing her eyes flash, "but you must understand that with a couple of hundred kids here, you get to see people in terms of numbers."

I don't know why I explained myself to such lengths, but she seemed satisfied. She walked along till we reached the door of my room, and I paused to take my leave of her.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" she asked.

"You'd have to be kidding!" I said, shocked at the idea. "They'd run me out of here on a rail!"

"Oh, I see, you're chicken," she said, and turned away. "Okay, chicken, I'll see you after midnight."

Before I could say any more she had disappeared into the evening. I shrugged my shoulders and went inside. The fresh mountain air had made me tired and I soon sank into a sound sleep. I would have slept till late into the morning, but suddenly I was shaken awake.

I sat up. It was pitch black all around me. I asked who was there, and a high-pitched voice answered me in a conspiratorial whisper, "It's me, Laura, be quiet!"

"Get out of here!" I whispered, already having visions of ignominy and a life in the streets. "What're you trying to do, ruin me?"

"Nobody knows I'm here," she said, and I heard the rustling of clothes. "I checked. I'm careful and I'll be gone before anyone's out looking. Now be cooperative or I'll scream."

"Oh damn it!" I groaned, falling back into the pillow. I felt the bedclothes lift and suddenly her tender warm body was close to mine. My eyes were becoming accustomed to the dark by this time, and I saw her shining eyes looking into mine.

"Girls grow up faster than boys, don't you know that?" she whispered.

"And Laura grows up faster than girls," I said sarcastically, fighting back the sharp eroticism of the situation. "Now get out of here before you do something you might regret later."

"I know what I'm doing, James," she said, trying to sound very adult. "My mother has told me all about these things."

"If your mother knew you were here right now she'd kill you!"

"Maybe. But she doesn't know, and I'll be the last to tell her."

She sounded smug, and I felt her little hand on my cock. To my shame it was as hard as a rock, and she chuckled deep down in her throat when she noticed that. Reassured, she nestled in even closer, and I felt the soft, sparse down on her chubby little cunt brush up against my thigh.

At this point I lost what self-control I had, and gave in utterly to the welter of brand new sensations that had been building up inside of me. Her slender, silken body, her hard little tits and the firm young buttocks all became the object of my hottest caresses, switching from my former adult stance to one of hedonistic enjoyment in one second.

Her little arms embraced me, her head against my hairy chest as her narrow loins crushed into mine. Slowly, savoring the forbiddenness of it all, my hand went down to feel her little cunt -- and there it was, in my hand, practically naked to the touch, its wide cleft accentuated by its chubbiness, hot and moist, slippery.

And while I groped around, sensing her silken purse with every nerve at my disposal, she stroked my prick and balls with all the zeal of a child with a new toy. My cock felt twice as hard and twice as big as it had earlier in the day with Elsa. It was so erect it almost pulled me up to the ceiling.

Suddenly I became suspicious. I pushed her back and padded over to the door. I unlocked and opened it to look out into the darkness to see if anyone was near. Not a sound, nothing came to my eye. I locked the door again and checked the one window in my hut. The curtain was big and thick enough to protect us from the most piercing of peeping toms.

With a sigh of relief I switched on the little lamp and looked down into the bed. Laura's big brown eyes looked back at me, sparkling with mischief mingled with an oddly womanish kind of arousal. The covers had been kicked to the floor, and she stretched out naked.

Her breasts were like upturned saucers, white, with pink and innocent nipples. Little shoulders of chicken bone delicacy, her torso straight and narrow all the way down her firm hips, brown where her bikini had left her exposed to the sun, white loins with that charming little cleft poking out pertly.

I could hardly breathe, and I was trembling so hard I had to sit down in a hurry or fall down. Never before had I been so aroused, so totally hard, and focused on the one cunt. She consumed me. And she knew it.

As soon as I was back on the bed, she took the red knob of my throbbing dick into her mouth, stretching her lips to the utmost. She barely managed to encompass it, and the pressure on it sent delicious chills coursing through my whole body. I looked at the way her back curved when she was in that position, slender, sinewy, suddenly blooming into two jutting, round buttocks, firm as footballs, untouched by housewifery or nuptial drudgery.

I lay down alongside her, after gently dissociating my prick from her eager lips, and slid down into her crotch. I had to taste her, lick her, eat her up! Smooth lips, silken, firm, smelling of baby powder, piss, and the womanly odor of mushrooms. A delicious combination! My head reeled as my tongue ran down between her parted cunt lips, licking up secretions from her excited hole.

And then, at long last, after I had tortured myself for minutes with residual decencies and qualms, I shoved my tongue up her cunt hole as far as it would go. It passed through a tight, elastic washer to get inside, and she groaned as it gave way to me. I thought of the inflated cock pulsing between my legs, and wondered if my tongue wasn't enough for her for a few years to come.

I held her tight buttocks in my hands, cupping them and squeezing them while my tongue worked into the walls of her cunt, licking at the olive juices oozing out and breaking new ground. My prick was wedged between my belly and the sheets, rubbing back and forth in the vain, and subconscious, hope that I would blow before I would be driven to make love with her.

But she had ideas of her own. Her childish voice turned womanly while my tongue fucked her, and told me to do it to her.

"Do what?" I asked, interrupting my licking for a moment.

"You know what," she said, her breathing harsh and irregular. "You have to do to me what grownups do."

I didn't answer, but her words brought a mad rush of excitement to me. Still, I was unprepared, and I did my best to postpone the moment. First I raised her ass and brought my tongue down to her little asshole, pushing my tongue in and causing her to jerk spasmodically, still begging me to fuck her.

Again I thought of the size of my prick and that tight little hole. It was impossible! She would die if I took her seriously. And yet the thought grew and took shape in my head. I could already feel her tight ring gripping my prick, the popping of the cherry, entering uncharted territory, smooth and warm and wet.

Despite myself I moved up higher, just tempting myself, determined to just touch her cunt with my knob before retreating. And when I was there I thought I'd push it up a little, just to show her how impossible it would be.

Laura didn't seem to care. Her teeth sank into my neck as she opened her legs wide and submitted her body to me. No longer was I dealing with a novice -- she was all woman.

I slipped it further into her cunt hole, taking advantage of the spit and the juices already there to drive my swollen knob in even further. Already we were in deeper than I had thought possible, and my dick showed no signs of stopping.

Suddenly she uttered a muffled cry, her teeth sank deeper into my flesh drawing blood, and her nails raked painfully down my back. I felt something warm and viscous flow over my balls, and I knew she had arrived. From there on in, I showed no compunction. Lubricated and wide open now, her cunt took all of me and could have done with more. I rammed and thrust, while she pressed her face into my chest to stop her cries from being heard all over the camp.

I don't think she came on that first night, nor did it matter. I knew that losing her virginity excited her much more than the finest orgasm could. And I felt proud at having done such a good job on her.

We lay in each other's arms for some time after we completed our fuck. Our breathing mixed into a duet of gulping pants, gradually slowing down into regular deep breaths, just as our bodies slowly returned to normal. She said she felt pain, but that it was a beautiful pain, and she wished it pained her more.

We talked for some time before she left, and I got her to tell me why she had been so determined to lay me. It seems her girlfriends back home had all got rid of their cherries long ago, and she was the only one on the block still burdened with one.

"So naturally I wanted to be rid of it," she said, now sounding more like a child trying to sound adult, instead of the woman she had become momentarily, "and when I saw you I had this feeling right inside here," she rubbed her loins, "that you would be the one to do it. Why waste time, right?"

I laughed and told her she had to be crazy for being in such a hurry. "You're a very pretty girl, somebody would have done it for you soon enough."

"I don't intend to waste my life waiting for boys to ask me," she said tartly, "and you're a good example. What would have happened if I hadn't insisted? You would have ignored me and we would have missed out on all this."

From the mouths of babes and fools, I reflected, come the biggest truths of all -- something like that. But it was getting late, and I sent her off to bed with the strict warning not to breathe a word of this to anyone, and especially not to write home about it, or it would be my neck. She promised. I wouldn't have been surprised if she knew the legal aspect of her decoration.

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