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"The Experiment: Part 1" covers the initial experimenting between my friend Ben and I.
Hey all, I’m biboy1213. I began to experiment with guys at around 13-14 and with girls at 14-15. I now know that I am bisexual, being turned on by both men and women alike. I can say however, that I am more emotionally attracted to women than I am to men, but sexually, I’m the same. I really don’t see myself “dating” another guy. Anyways, I love sexual things, situations, experiences, and especially erotic stories. I hope to write straight, gay, and bi stories about myself and my friends – some true, others pure fantasy. I hope you enjoy them, please comment and add suggestions!
Here’s my first story about how I found out I was bi, based almost entirely on true fact. Enjoy!



It was sometime in 6th grade that I first met Ben. It’s really kind of funny to think that I ended up giving him a blowjob 3 years later. Him and I have hit it off as friends, and back when I first met him, it was no exception. I remember sitting around the lunch table with my friends the first day of school in 6th grade, when I saw him approach the table.
“Hi, I’m Ben! Can I sit at the table with you guys?” I remember looking at the kid thinking, “Who the hell is this kid?” After chatting sometime, he and I sort of hit it off, and soon enough we were chatting it up. It turned out that him and I, in addition to our lunch period, shared gym together as well. It's funny to think how we both ended up having mutual masturbation 3 years later. When I look back to the "why", I realize that Ben and I are very alike, and very different from most other people. Throughout 6th grade Gym, Ben and I seemed to be the only ones that were familiar with masturbation and had a good knowledge of sexual things at that age. He and I knew things that most 6th graders wouldn’t even understand. We knew about sex, and condoms, and masturbation, and fingering, well, the whole deal. We enjoyed knowing that we could talk to each other about these things naturally. All the more reason we became closer and closer as time progressed. (Note that during this time, he and I were 11.)

Then during 7th grade, we really came to know each other. We had more classes together that year, and of course, the sex/masturbation talk continued. Now that we were a little bit older, more of our friends were sort of familiar with that stuff, so we were kind of able to talk about that stuff with our friends. Still, we knew way more than them, so we still enjoyed our company and the fact that we could talk to each other about it.

Towards the end of seventh grade we were really good friends. Then, 8th grade came, and I'll call this the highlight year. The beginning of 8th grade was pretty much normal. All of our friends knew what we knew; you know the sex/masturbation stuff. That basically became the normal everyday talk for everyone in our grade anyways. The second half of that year was the interesting one. Over our winter break in February, Ben and his family went on a trip to Pennsylvania. I texted him during that time. He told me that the place where he was staying at was pretty boring and that it was in the middle of nowhere. From that initial conversation on, we would never be the same. I mentioned to him, "Haha, if you’re so bored, then why don't you just jerk off?" After that question, which to us seemed rather normal, he answered, "I think I will." For some reason, I felt like keeping the conversation going, and so did he. He told me that he was upstairs, and his family was downstairs. So we continued to talk about where he was, and what he was doing. He was on his bed, with his pants down and shirt off. He told me he was getting hard, and that he would text me when he would be done. I of course said, "Sure." I can vividly remember what he texted me after that "Sure." He texted "AAAAHHHHHH", about 15 minutes later. I'm sure you can imagine what that “AHH” was for. I asked him, "Haha, are you done?" And he said "Yeah I am." I guess the moment was right to ask him, and I did. I asked "Did you cum a lot?" He then said, "Yeah. All over my stomach and chest." I then said "Nice, man." It seemed so normal, and it didn’t feel weird at all. We didn't bring it up after that until May of that year.

At this point I'm 14 and he is 13. In May of that year, I can remember it vividly, our conversation that eventually led us to Mutual Masturbation occurred. I was bored that fateful day in May, so I texted him. Somehow (like usual anyways) the topic of masturbation came up. We ended up talking about how we were both kind of bored with the same old techniques and stuff. Since he said he wanted some new techniques, I actually led him to a website called ‘Advanced Masturbation’. He told me he had gone on and the new techniques were good, but only "spiced" things up for a little while.

Going back to that conversation, Ben and I agreed that we were really bored with just jerking off by ourselves. I had read about mutual masturbation on the ‘Advanced Masturbation’ site, and I built up the courage to tell him about it. "Well there is something new that I know about..." I said. "It's called mutual masturbation. It's when two people jerk off together. It makes jerking off so much more exciting because you’re with someone else, and it's a lot like the excitement you would get if you were thinking about sex." This idea seemed liked a good one to him. He said "We should try it sometime." I was kind of surprised he offered, but of course I was pretty relieved he didn’t say something along the lines of "what the hell is wrong with you". (I was pretty sure I was straight then, so I figured he might be like eww, gay, or something!)

For the next 2 or 3 months after that we never actually got together, but we continued to talk about it. Sometime during the summer of that very same year, we really wanted to get together and try some of this newly "discovered" mutual masturbation. We talked about what days we could do it, and we had trouble finding a day when we were both free. During one of those conversations, I don't remember exactly how though, we had agreed that we should send each other some pictures of each other's dicks. We both built up the courage to send each other the pics, and we agreed the reason we had done that was because we didn’t want to be "shocked or anything when we pulled our pants down the first time". (Haha I still wonder if that was the real reason why).

Anyways, we had shared pictures of our cocks, and we continued to try and arrange a date where we could get together. Eventually, after jerking off together at the same time while texting each other, we started to send pics of ourselves as we jerked off. It was as close to mutual masturbation as we could get. (At the time, anyhow.) Anyways, after discussing how nice it felt to exchange the pics after jerking off, we agreed it still wouldn’t feel as good as it would if we were actually together. So we worked around our busy summer schedules to set a date. Finally, after sometime, we did.

The day came for us to jerk off together. We agreed that the easiest, safest place for us to do it was at his house. I remember being dropped off at his house for that fateful day. He showed me his house, and showed me his yard. Basically, he gave me a nice tour of his home. We messed around a bit, outside, really hesitant to bringing up the reason why I had come in the first place. We were in his room, and it sort of got awkwardly quiet. I built up the courage and asked, "So Ben, we gonna do this thing or what?" He said, "Sure, let’s do it." I asked "How do you wanna do this?" He replied, "How bout I put some porn on my iPod, and we'll take it from there?" I agreed, and we put on a video of some chicks kissing, which now that I recall was a pretty funny video. I remember that we were laughing (very, very nervously) at the video, and then I mentioned "How bout we just start?" He answered, "Sure, haha." So it was kind of quick, but before we knew it, both of our pants were pulled down. I remember the first look I got at his cock. It was big for his age, really big. He was circumcised. I remember the moment very well. I look at his, he looks at mine. We were basically both nervously laughing. He looks at my dick, and sees that it's uncircumcised. We both kinda stare at each other, and then I sort of made the first move to grab his dick.

When I initially grabbed Ben's dick, well a lot raced through my mind. Main thing was, "Wow, haha, its warm, hard, and pretty good." Not exactly sure what was on his mind when he grabbed mine, but I'm pretty sure it was around the same thing. We started stroking each other, and we both continued to laugh nervously, as we kept at it. We talked about how different it felt, and how good it felt. We stroked each other for a good 5 minutes, then switched positions on the couch we were sitting on, which was in his room, to switch the hands we were stroking with. We continued, jerking, and then he asked me, "What else can we do?" I nervously replied, "I don't know... well there’s one thing in mind, do you know what it is?" He answered "No, I don’t." I replied, "Well you know, we talked about it, when you shorten the name, it’s just two letters." (As we awkwardly had this conversation, we continued to stroke each other, really enjoying the overall experience, even with the nervous laughs.) After thinking, he said "Ohhh, BJ's?" I said "Yeah, haha. Some straight blow jobs. Would you be comfortable giving it a try?" He said, "Sure, you go first."

I really never thought in my entire life I'd put my mouth around a dick. Honestly. I never did. I’m still wondering why I did it. Not saying I regret it (because I most definitely don’t, haha) but just you know, it’s not something every normal straight guy would try. Anyways, as I put my mouth on his cock, I finally got the sensation that people say they get on the stories posted on this site. It was such an interesting feeling. His dick was warm, and soft, and not even joking, tasted really well. It didn’t taste weird, nothing. It felt pretty strange, but nothing out of the ordinary. Keep in mind all these feelings and thoughts that went through my head were for me keeping my mouth on his dick for about 15 seconds. Haha sorry, I hate to disappoint. Anyways, I told him how it was, and then told him it was his turn. He said, "Alright." He bent down and did the same. I’m pretty sure similar thoughts raced through his head the 10 seconds he put his mouth around my dick. Our little mouth to dick (or dick to mouth, whatever you choose to call it) didn’t last more than an minute, and it really wasn’t a blow job at all, more like just wanting to experiment what it felt like to have a guys cock in your mouth.

After that, we continued to stroke, and then I realized we were running short on time, and that my parents were going to pick me up real soon. I told him we had to hurry it up because I had to leave pretty soon. So we decided that I'd jerk him till he came, then we'd be done with our session. I kinda got down onto my knees in front of him while he was sitting on the couch in his room, and started to stroke him really quick. We just stared at each other while I stroked him. Soon, he told me he was close, and then as I stroked him really quick, he came all over his stomach and my hand. Now to tell you what it feels like to have a guy’s dick in your hand while he cums isn’t easy. But all I can say is that you can feel his dick start to get really hard as it gets close, and you can feel it as the cum races out. It’s awesome, honestly. You don’t get to feel that when you jerk yourself, that’s for sure. By this time, my parents were already outside waiting. He cleaned up and so did I. We went downstairs, and I told him goodbye, and thanks for a really nice time. He gave me a nice smile as I got into my car and drove away.

Now let me tell you this. Why did we decide to do what we did? I don’t know. Curiosity, I guess. The feeling of wanting to experiment what jerking off with someone else, or perhaps just wanting to see what it was like to touch another dick. I think it was the combination of these two things, and the fact that we just felt comfortable with each other. Although we were really nervous about what we were doing in the beginning, we honestly at the very end felt comfortable. Whatever the reason, we loved it, and definitely agreed to try it again.

Over the next few weeks, school started, and we texted each other about what we liked, that we wanted to do it again, well the whole deal. We were now in 9th grade, and it was pretty amazing, I gotta say. Between our first experiences together at his house to when we got together a second time, which I will talk about next, we did jerk off while we texted each other many times. We were finally eventually able to get together a second time. Here's what happened.

So I arrived at his house, and it was pretty much like last time. We played this new Frisbee game he got, that was fun, ate dinner, and then we made our way up to his room. We sat down and chatted for a while, and then I asked him if he was ready to do our thing. He said "Sure, lemme get my iPod so we can put on some nice porn." (haha, this time, things weren't as awkward at all, so there was no nervous laughing or anything.) We started to watch porn, but this time we pulled our pants down straight away. He was already hard, and I wasn't just yet. As we were watching it, I started to stroke him a little. I still wasn’t hard so I looked at him and said, "Hey how about you help me out here buddy?" He replied "haha ok." So he started stroking my semi-hard dick. After some time of watching the porn, I told him, "Alright, I think that’s enough of that. Wanna just concentrate on us?" "Sure, sounds good." He said. I was finally hard, and he was hard as a rock. We stroked each other, tried different styles with our hands (backhand, etc.) and we played with our dick heads quite a bit. We talked about which areas on our dicks that were the most sensitive and felt the best to stroke. Following that, we proceeded to touching those very areas. It was a really good feeling. After doing that for a couple of minutes, he asked me, "What else do you wanna try?" I replied, "Well there is something I found online, its called frotting. Basically we stand up, put our dicks together and stroke em both with one hand. It’s supposed to be very stimulating." He agreed to try it. We stood up, and put our cocks together. We rubbed them together, and it felt really good having our dicks touch each other and have the heads rub up against each other. A very nice feeling for sure. We did that for about 2 or 3 minutes, and sat back down on the couch in his room. We stroked some more, and then I asked him if he wanted to do some BJ's. He told me he was a little sick, so if I wanted to do him that was cool, but he couldn’t return the favor. I told him, "That’s fine, I don’t mind." I put his dick in my mouth, and got the feeling I got the first time I did it. It was warm, and it felt really good. I rubbed my tongue on his head a little as I did it, and he seemed to like it.

After giving him a mini blowjob, I checked the clock and once again saw we were running short on time. I told him since he came last time and I didn’t, that we should switch it and I should cum. He agreed, and he started to stroke me with his right hand. It took quite some time for me to get close to cumming. He got down on the floor on his knees next to my legs and got in a comfortable position and continued to stroke me. He started to stroke really fast. I told him it felt really good, and that he was making me feel awesome. He just went faster and faster and faster. I got close to cumming, and I told him. He went so quick, I could barely feel my dick! I started to moan and shake my legs a little bit, so he knew I was almost there. He said "Yeah, Jake, yeah!" (Jake’s my pseudonym for all my stories, fyi, here on in!)That made the moment very erotic, and as he said that I came so intensely, it flew almost everywhere. It landed on my stomach and his hands and some even got on my neck. My parents were already outside so we raced to clean up. I told him he had given me possibly the best orgasm I've ever had. It was GREAT. Hahaha. I left and once again thanked him for a great time.

Ben and I are two friends who love to jerk off together. It’s become second nature for us to talk about jerking off with each other or our dicks. We like giving each other blowjobs, love the feeling, and most definitely wanna do it a lot more. We've talked about getting fully naked and jerking off on his bed. All great ideas that I hope, (and I'm sure he does) become a reality. So that’s the story of Ben and I, a story that I like to call "The Experiment".


I hope enjoyed this story. I wrote this about 4 years ago, when I was 14. My next story will be much more detailed, and it will include what happened next between Ben and I! Be on the lookout for “The Experiment: Part 2”, which will include much more detailed accounts of our juvenile experimenting. Please comment with your opinions, suggestions, and ideas! Feel free to email me at: “” if you want to chat, or exchange pics or whatever! Thanks a lot! - Jake

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