The Summer of discovery continues
Hi. Welcome to the second chapter of my story. The first chapter tells how a casual conversation with a

female friend when I was fifteen led to my very first sexual experience. If you haven't read it, this part of the
story will be much better if you read Part One first. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Welcome back. Anyway, I didn't get to see Doreen for the next couple of days but she was all I thought
about. My mother was very curious about my amazingly good mood. I was practically giddy ever since Doreen jacked me off on her tits. (That wasn't her plan, but it is what happened.) Especially since Doreen spoke what I took to be an iron clad promise for more sexual experimentation in the future. Of course, I couldn't tell Mom that so I made up a story about, well, I don't really remember. But she bought it. I think. But let's get back to the fun stuff.

A bunch of us got together at the local 'Stewart’s' drive in for root beer and cheese-fries. We laughed and goofed around, talked about TV and video games. The girls rolled their eyes when the guys started talking sports and the guys goofed on them when they talked about whichever pop star was hot at the moment. At one point we probably had three separate conversations going on at once. I noticed that Doreen's best friend, Cindy, kept looking at me with an odd look on her face. Then I saw Dory had this “I have a secret” kind of look on her face. Cindy kept looking back and forth between us as if she sensed that something was up between us. How do girls do that?

We left the burger joint and were walking through downtown, looking in the shop windows. Cindy had pulled Doreen away a little and was apparently grilling Dory about whatever she imagined was going on. I don't think Dory said anything, but her cat -that-swallowed-the-canary smile grew broader. The sun was starting to set and one by one our friends peeled off to go home or meet up with other friends. Pete had a girl he was seeing and he was working up the nerve to kiss her. Cindy was the last to leave us and probably wouldn't have if we hadn't walked right past her house. She invited us to hang out at her house but I lied and said I had to get home. Doreen also begged off and I made a point of offering to walk her home. Cindy looked fit to bust as she grudgingly went into her house.

Doreen and I walked silently up the street and, when she felt we were out out Cindy's sight, she moved closer to me and hooked her arm in mine. We looked at each other and smiled. Whether intentionally or not we were heading towards the “Secret Meadow” again. Finally I broke the silence.

“So, how are you?” I asked shyly.
“Fine. I'm fine.” She squeezed a little closer to me.
“You know, the other day was great. I just don't want you to think I only...”
“Hey. Relax.” she cut me off. “It was my idea. It was fun.”

We strolled in silence for a moment while I tried to find words that could express the tangle of emotions I was experiencing.
“Are you sorry that we did it?” she asked.
“I'm only sorry that I didn't get a chance to kiss you first.” I don't know where that came from but those words may have formed the most favorite sentence that I have ever spoken.
“You could kiss me now, if you want.” Doreen whispered. We turned to face one another and clasped hands. I pulled her close and our lips touched. The girl who gave me my first hand job was now giving me my first kiss. Dory moaned as we softly kissed. I held her tight. Tentatively I extended the tip of my tongue and she accepted it. We made out for a while and I started kissing her neck, nibbling her ears. She returned the favor. Growing bolder I placed my hands firmly on her denim covered ass and pulled her tight. She ground against my hard cock and sighed. After a long, wet, tongue-wrestling kiss Dory pulled away.

“You're so hard, again.” she whispered. “Do you want me that...again?” Yeah, I did. But that's not what I said.
“Isn't it your turn?” I asked.

Short interlude. After our encounter earlier in the week I decided that I owed Dory the same kind of pleasure that she had given me. So I researched female orgasms with the single-mindedness of a horny teenaged boy. If I exerted as much effort on my real schoolwork as i did on this I'd be a rocket scientist now.
While a lot of the information I dug up was worthless, the internet does have tons of information on how to drive a woman mad with lust and make her cum. If you really want to learn how to get a woman off, may I suggest that you investigate lesbian websites. God bless the world wide web.

“What are you going to do?” Doreen asked.
“Pretty much the same thing you did to me.” I told her. My hand moved to her inner thigh and she didn't stop me. I continued until my hand was on her crotch and I rubbed her pussy through her jeans.
“How's that feel?”
“Pretty good.” she said while grinding against my hand. We kissed again while I continued my exploration. Dory spread her legs to give me better access to her body. She was softly moaning and I massaged her pussy a little more firmly and faster. Dory whimpered.
“This would be easier without the jeans.” I offered.
“We're out in the open!” she said, still humping my hand. “Someone could see us.”
“Nobody's around.” I countered. “And it's almost dark. We'll be fine.” I led her by the hand to our old pal, the picnic table. I unbuttoned her jeans and started to slide off the tight fitting denim. Dory didn't stop me. I slipped off her sneakers and she stepped out of her jeans.
“I can't believe we're doing this!” she giggled. I lay her back on the table and slid off Dory's panties. Kneeling between her knees I tried to get a look at her lightly furred box in the failing light. Gently I explored the folds of her pussy with my fingers, trying to remember what I had read in my research. I was amazed at how wet her pussy really got. I took that as a good sign that I was doing something right. Well, that and Dory's non-stop moaning and the way her hips kept humping at me.For a fourteen year old virgin she was very horny. I thumbed the little nub at the top of her pussy slit and Doreen shouted “OH, YES!”
“Hey, I think I found her clit!” I thought. I was so happy with myself.

I kept rubbing around her love button with my left hand and started rubbing around the entrance to her vagina with the index finger of my right hand, just barely penetrating her with my fingertip. Whatever I was doing, it was working. My beautiful Dory was going nuts.

“Just like that! Don't stop!” she gasped out. Her eyes were bugged out, her whole body had gone rigid and she was trembling like she was about to explode. And then she did. Her pelvis pumped spasticly which drove my probing fingers up into her cunt. She yelped and cried out. I thought I killed her. Finally her orgasm passed and she calmed down. Herr whole body was quivering.

“Wow. I never felt anything like that.” Doreen said in an unsteady voice. “We have to do that again.” Suddenly she sat bolt upright.
“Oh my God! I think somebody's coming!” Doreen jumped off the table, snatched up her clothes and ducked behind a bush.
“Where are my panties?” she whisper/yelled. “Find my underwear!” It took me a minute to find them in the darkness. I got the picture in my mind of someone stumbling across Dory's discarded panties and wondering how they got there and picturing a steamy sexual liaison. I let that image percolate in my mind as I handed Dory her underpants. In a few moments she emerged from the bushes with her jeans back on. She sat at the picnic table and put on her sneakers.

“So? How did I do?” I asked. Dory grabbed hold of my t-shirt, pulled me closer and kissed me deeply.

“That was incredible.” she said when she broke the kiss. “C'mere. I have a surprise for you.” Doreen pulled a small bottle from her pocket. After looking around to make sure we were still alone she told me: “Take it out!”

While I struggled to free my engorged penis from my pants Dory squirted some of the contents of that bottle into her hand. I presented my swollen dick to her and she smeared the cool lotion on it. I had smeared lotion on my cock many times but it felt so much better when she did it. One she had me well coated she began jacking me with her tiny, delicate hand. After all we had just done I was already at the edge and about to come. But Dory, God love her, wanted to up the ante. She raised her t-shirt to exposed her perky breasts and pulled my face to her chest. Instinctively I took her stiffened nipple into my mouth and sucked it. Dory moaned and I came squirting thick ropes of jizz across the meadow. She knew enough to point my spurting cock away from her this time, but she kept stroking me until the last of my spunk was spent. She continue to jack me as my penis grew soft.

I had no words for her, the experience was so intense, so I held her tight and kissed her. We walked away from the 'Secret Meadow' with our arms around each others' waist. Boldly,I fondled Doreen's gently rounded behind. When we reached her house we kissed one last time.

“See you tomorrow?” I asked hopefully.
“You better believe it, buddy.” she said. “I'm not done with you, yet.” With that she walked into her house, sassily swishing her hips.

Only one thought formed in my mind. “Best Summer Ever”.

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2012-06-14 08:53:46
From an early age l'd masturbate myself to sleep, lt was always nice but no matter how wet l became or how much l fingered my hole and my tiny little clit at 16 i'd yet to orgasm. l wasn't by any means unfulfilled but l knew there was more to masturbating than l was getting out of it. Mum and my sisters all masturbated and made no attempt to hide the fact. Sally was having spectacular creamy orgasms when she was only13.
I met a boy at school who l knew fancied me and decided to let him fuck me for my first time. He was wonderful and by kissing me and licking my slit when he had his fingers in my hole l had a wonderful first orgasm. this seems to have opened a flood gate because l orgasm most of the times l'm fucked either by boy or my sisters and mum. l can trigger myself by two handed feeling and rubbing my clit and cunt at the same time or my clit and pulling and pinching my nipples on my tits which are growing quite fast since l started to orgasm. ls there a connection?

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2012-03-13 20:14:45
wow man that was pretty awsome hot story


2012-02-20 13:25:10
I wish more people would write these type of stories! I only turn to to underage section as it is the closest to this type story. I applaud you not only for writing this type of story but for how well written and believable it is. We would have less pedophiles if these stories were more prevalent. I think most older males want to read stories that remind them of their first time at a young age. Thank you.

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2012-02-16 12:43:23
Now this was hot! I had a couple girlfriends who were similar to Doreen, but they were a bit more reserved and my favorite didn't like me licking her pussy 'cuz she thought it was 'dirty' and thought I was dirty for wanting to taste her. I loved her so much I'd do anything for her and was saddened to think that she didn't like my oral on her. I bet she changed her mind later on though....It was just too weird the first time for her.....Oh well....I'll never forget the taste and smell of her though....I was addicted to her and still am....40 some years later....sigh....

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