Maurice 3.5:

The next leg of our trip see-s us with a new car and driver. This guy is nothing like what I have experienced in my dealings with the mob... He is civil. It is downright unnerving...

WE stop every hour...hour and a half. Ya know, pee break, stretching our limbs, etc... Traffic is a pain of course. Nothing can be done about that.

WE stopped for late lunch a few kilometres west of Phoenix. [That-s miles to you Americans-] Bernie sat up front with our driver after lunch leaving Jenny and I alone.

Cool as I think I am, or can be; the excitement of being alone with her elevated my heart rate. I am almost shaking I am so nervous. You would think a man my age and with my experience would not be so overwhelmed by a woman but that is simply not the case.

Jenny-s persona and beauty have captured me...entirely. I do not remember ever being this nervous around a woman, and I-ve been around a few...times ten.

Jenny-s reading a magazine she picked up so I looked out the window and thought about other things, trying to get control of myself.


Our ride:
It turns out that we are being driven to California in an armoured limo which is part of a three or four vehicle convey. Bernie clued me in at lunch. She did not want to say more in an open restaurant, but it figured that Jenny is of high value to someone..., someone of importance. This ride cannot be cheap.

Our transportation is provided by a company that specializes in protecting high profile people against assassination. Sheik-s and VIP foreigners mostly, but local big-wigs also... Jenny-s aunt was close to the owners apparently.

I had to admit that this was a pretty big deal for a black dude who lived mostly on the streets until Bernie kicked his ass some sixteen or seventeen years ago. I owed Bernie everything really...

Bernie and I started off helping kids with drug problems and gradually found a niche in marriage counselling and sexual dysfunction. That is where we really made a name for ourselves. My expertise with drugs really paid off.

WE did this part time until we could get away. Bernie was a prostitute; I was a minor cog in the wheel, selling drugs. I must say with some pride that I was pretty good at it and never got nabbed.


The limo lurched as the driver reacted to some asshole. I looked up, coming back to reality and noticed we were approaching L.A. Jenny looked out the window:
--- I do not like L.A.

--- Never been there I said.

The sun had set and Jenny had turned on an interior light so she could read...actually a reading lamp which focused on the reader-s book. A side affect to this lighting was Jenny-s legs being lit up.

--- Am I not sitting properly?

--- Yes... Yes... Sorry. I said. Trying to recover after being caught staring at her legs. Fuck they are gorgeous. Jenny qualifies as my own personnel Goddess, that being said, I am defenceless against her charms. Everything about this woman is perfect in my assessment.

--- What are you reading? I asked, in an attempt at recovering my none-pervert status which I hoped I held with her.

--- A critique on the use of electronic devices in writing...word usage, punctuation, spell check, etc... He is rather tongue n cheek when making a plea for a return to a good old Remington, a one inch brush and a pint of white out; as opposed to Spell Check.

--- Oh!

--- He seems to be one of those individuals who swims upstream... Example, ellipses... Ellipsis are rarely used yet he uses those three dots like a machine gun... and he loves using incomplete sentences with ellipsis...

--- Three dots?

--- Yes. . .[Jenny-s finger makes three distinctive jabs in air indicating these points or dots, I guess. I am totally in the dark].

Jenny can see she-s drawn a blank.
--- Just a language arts teacher amusing herself Maurice.

Maurice did not get it... I mean, three dots. Who cares. Yet, he could not erase the image of her jabbing the air three times with her finger. God that looked sexy, or maybe not even sexy; this woman could do no wrong in his books.

Every move, every gesture struck him, every word she said...
--- Ungh...!

Jenny looks at Maurice:
--- Me?

Yes...! ----- I am in love..., my stomach - knot... n..., [gulp] I am going to lose you in a couple of hours...I can-t breath...

Jenny puts aside her magazine, sliding across her seat to face Maurice. [ In executing this maneuver Maurice noticed she kept her hemline in place...what a lady... Maurice-s body-s tingling..., my...]

............Jenny cups his face, and gently...presses her mouth to his, kissing Maurice:
----You are not losing me Maurice. Clint lost me, over a fetish Maurice; he threw me away. He paid people to help him get his jollies...
--- NO ! No for an answer...but that was not good enough. He wanted to degrade his wife. I should mean more to him than that...

Maurice was hanging on every word.

Jenny continued:
--- On the other hand you gave up everything for me. You and Bernie are running for you lives protecting me.
--- When we were at that rough bar; you and Bernie were always around me, making sure I was looked after. When that guy grabbed my ass you were there, and some others... where was my husband? Talking at the bar... He never even came over to see if I was ok... I knew then that it was over between us. He lost me that moment.

--- I always thought that a good Christian woman with my looks would never have this problem. So what happens;
--- I am riding in an armoured limo hiding from evil men. Rapists... And yet..., I feel safer with you Maurice; and Bernie, than I have ever felt in my life. I know you will look after me to the best of your abilities.

Maurice listens, his heart rate normalizing; his stomach easing...

Jenny continues:
--- I was drunk and probably drugged and you respected me.

--- I felt up your tits. Maurice blurts out; and immediately regrets.

Jenny-s looking at Maurice, saying not one word, but the message is clear.

--- You were passed out, sleeping with Clint. I could not help myself Jenny. [Maurice-s previous condition returns with a vengeance..., his body is caving in on his heart and stomach.]


Maurice looked composed from the outside, well maybe stressed out. But on the inside those words hit him like the concussion from an atomic blast. [The cartoon version would be a 3 D character flying apart in pieces.]
--- I uh..., uh...

Maurice slumped down in his seat, looking out the window he took slow deep breaths... trying to get hold of himself.
Why the fuck did I say that, he chides himself. I had a chance until I opened my big mouth. Oh Christ Bernie, why could you not be here with Jenny and me... You would have put your hand over my mouth...
--- Ohh...!

Jenny-s face is pointed toward the magazine she is reading. But, her attention is on Maurice. She see-s him slumping in his seat looking out side...she hears a nearly inaudible expression of anguish escape from him.

Jenny looks over at Maurice; his eyes closed. He is in pain..., a lot of it. Jenny turns back to her magazine, but she is not reading. Jenny spends a minute or so thinking over her actions...

Jenny puts her magazine away; slips off her shoes while sliding to Maurice, not watching her hem line this time... He will like that she knows. Jenny blows gently in Maurice-s direction, wafting the air into his hair. Some of his hair moves with the air...

Maurice feels the air in his hair, the air conditioner is on... He feels the air move thru is hair again...


Maurice-s eyes open, behold, an Angel...her name is Jenny. Maurice sits up quickly...she is smiling, her eyes not filled with anger but with a twinkle. Maurice-s heart soars as his emotions take another turn.

---- I am sorry Maurice, I reacted poorly to your indiscretion.

---- I will never do that again Jenny. I promise.

---- I know...
Jenny takes his hand and places it on her thigh.
----There pink..., she says, with a beautiful smile.

---- What? Maurice answers

---- My panties.

Maurice looks down at her beautiful thighs, exposed by a high hem-line...

Jenny moves back taking hold of his hand pulling Maurice with her...
---- Come on, she says.

In unison the couple move into position, Jenny lifts her hips. Maurice slowly pulls her pink panties off...down those gorgeous thighs, past her knees, along her calves and finally across those beautiful ankles and lastly her toes...bringing them to his face. Maurice takes a slow deep breath, slowly inhaling Jenny-s smell... he sniffs again.
--- Aaah...!

Jenny smiles...
---- That good?

---- Uh huh...! His eyes partially closed, head back enjoying her...

---- Maurice, I have a lot on my plate. This will be the last time I cross this boundary until it is cleared. Take your time and enjoy it... I know I am.

Maurice found Jenny-s thighs, her mound and muff...her clit and opening. Sliding his tongue and lips over hill and dale...He dines there for as long as it takes her to cum. This beautiful lady-s softness, her smell, her taste...all perfect to Maurice...



Maurice places his coat under Jenny-s ass, protecting the seat and her skirt...pressing against her, he enters...his cock sliding thru Jenny-s warm snug vaginal tunnel..., sending shivers along his spine...tingles throughout his body... Maurice, drained, nearly falls on her.
........With feelings this strong Maurice cums in under a minute...

Jenny and Maurice sit close to one another for the duration of the trip to Doreen-s.

The lino pulls up outside Doreen-s. Jenny exits the lino only to have cum run down her leg.
Jenny reaches inside the limo for the towel, and hiding behind the open door wipes herself off. She looks up just in time to see auntie rushing toward her.
--- Don-t worry about that honey. I have clean undies and sweats in the house. Thank God you are safe baby. I was sick I was so worried.

To say Doreen and Jennifer hugged one another tightly would be an understatement. That their breasts were not permanently distorted is a credit to their design.

Jennifer entered after Doreen and immediately took off yelling:
--- Uncle Bob, Uncle Willie...!

Maurice and Bernie look on, and then look at one another; they do not have to speak. Neither one has ever seen such unabashed love.

Maurice looks at Doreen, an older slightly bigger Jenny... they are nearly identical...Wow, unbelievable. Uncle Bob; quite the man... Uncle Willie; holy shit, what a big man.

The house fills with people, some neighbors and many security people. It is after mid-night and Bob is having this reunion catered. Food is served. Both he and Willie are very relieved that Jen-Jen is home.

---- Were is Clint, a neighbor asks?

--- Saskatchewan, Bernie answers.

--- Hell, we will never see him again, he loves Western Canada.

Bernie and Maurice look at Jenny laughing and talking with people she knows and loves. Standing in the middle of all this celebrating; knowing what they achieved.

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