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“It’s no Secret Now”

“Male Students have Affair with Lady Coach.”
“Swim Team Sex Scandal With Female Coach”
“Sex at School with Lady Teacher”
* These were the headlines Sandy hoped she would never see. So far….so good? *

__I’m Sandy. I’m a swim team coach for the boys team. I had to do some real talking to get the job. A boys team? A female coach?

As an assistant coach I inspired the team and won the championship. The coach retired and that left me…just what I wanted and dreamed about.

No one knew why I wanted this job. I was inwardly obsessed with sexual arousement from young guys wet and ‘almost’ naked. With this job I got to see them, touch them and get them alone for private instruction.

No one could see my wet pussy in a wet bathing suit. My heavy breathing was from swimming….everyone thought.

My one on one private instruction let me touch them, lean up against them and fondle them ’accidentally’ of course. They would get erections as I rubbed up against them.

I guess it first got started with my older brother. I was in the shower and letting the wand massage my clit when the bathroom door opened. I turned and hid my front and said:

“Who is it?” the shower door slid open and it was my older brother. He said: “Sandy, I running late for a hot date, I have to shower fast and right now…move over.” He crowded in and took the wand from my hand. He looked so hot all naked and wet, and I was already aroused.

I watch him quickly wash as I was turned with my front to the shower wall. Out of my mouth came…”I’ll do your back.” and I put soap on it and a wash cloth to rub it. He chuckled and said real sexy like: “Oh yeah Sandy.” and backed up so we were touching. My pussy went wild with him against me all wet and warm.

He turned around with a big smile…and…. with a big erection and said: “….To be continued sometime.” He quickly finished and left. I took the wand and one blast on my pussy and I orgasmed a real jolting one that left me breathless.

That ’sometime’ never came.

I dreamed about him and I in the shower washing each other and feeling us up. Now every time I use the wand I pictured us having hot sex and I orgasm again.

Now with this job, I would get in the pool as they practiced. I would lean against the pool and open my legs up, play with my hair, push my hard nipple tits out and watch their young wet bodies go by me.

I had this one student named Jack stay after practice. He had a great build and was good looking. I had watched him a lot. I noticed him eyeballing me a lot too. I casually posed for him when I knew he was looking it me. I would adjust my top, play with my wet hair and push my tits out.

I did my ’personal instruction’ on him in the water, holding and feeling his arms and closely moving his body for him to get max speed. He smiled and then I felt his erection on my leg. I moved back and forth on it in my instruction.

He look all around and put his arms around me and pulled us tight together. His erection went right between my legs. I looked around and there was no one but us. The door was self locking, and only I had the key. I was powerless and just let happen what happened.

He whispered that he had fallen in love with me and just wanted to hold me for a while. I said out of breath that we would have to be careful….then I just stopped the lecture and kissed him.

I became weak as I felt his warm wet body and I got so hot I put my one hand down inside his trunks and felt his butt cheek. I pulled it tight to me pushing his erecting tight to my pussy. I felt his hand feeling my tits under the water. His other hand slid down inside my swim suit bottoms and felt my pussy. I must have had 3 or 4 mini orgasms. I reach down inside his trunks to feel his underwater erection. It was huge and warm. I took a big gulp of air and down I went.

I quick pulled his erection out and put it in my mouth. I jacked his erection for a long as I could . I came up for air and down he went. I felt my suit bottoms being pulled down and his tongue enter my slit. He sucked my clit so beautiful I had to hold his head and try not to moan.

He came up and we instantly kissed more and more. I jacked him and he fingered me. We could wait no more as I guided his warm erection into my pussy.

It was like my dream of my brother and I having sex in the wet shower coming true. My ass was tight against the pool and we began to fuck like we’d both thought about for a long time.

“oh yes…oh Yesssss…” I said as his erection went all the way in me. We held each other tight as the water began to slosh around us slapping the walls of the pool. We both began to moan

…”oh baby….love me me’’ I moaned. He began tongue kissing me as he was going to cum. I shook as a I felt my climax peaking and with a last thrust….I felt his hard shots of cum fill my pussy. The water was splashing out of the pool some now, as we just kept fucking and fucking.

Finally my hot obsessed desire was being fulfilled. He held me up as I went into dreamland rubbing his wet body and I became weak. We just held each other as it got dark in the pool.

* So far….all 12 members of the swim team say they love me……..*

I love my job.
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