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I pulled my dick out until only the tip of the head was in her and began pounding it in like there was not tomorrow. She threw her head back and looked like she was going to pass out. After just a few strokes my come spewed into her pussy mixing with her juices and leaking back out around my dick. When I pulled out it was running down my dick to my balls and down her crack across here ass.
Amanda was out so I turned her on the bed so I could lie next to her. I pulled the covers over us and the last thing I remember was seeing the three girls in a hug/grope kissing and rubbing each other’s tits and pussies.

The Girls Next Door – 3

I don’t know how long I slept. As I started to wake up I was thinking of the hot, sexy dream I had of spending and evening having sex with 4 gorgeous girls. Too bad it only happens in your dreams. Then I opened my eyes. All I could see thru my not yet focused eyeballs was red. I squinted my eyes to try and focus but it did not help. As I lifted my head to look around I realized I wasn’t alone in the bed. I was spooned to a soft warm female. It had to be female because my left arm was draped over it and my hand was being held on a large soft breast with a hard nipple.

When my eyes focused what I saw was, well, amazing. The female I was snuggled up to was the redhead, Amanda, from my dream. Or was it real? She was laying with her arm around CJ the 17 year old brunette from next door. I felt a movement and realized there was a hand on my dick that belonged to someone behind me. I looked and saw Anna; she was CJ’s brunette 15 year old sister laying there with a smile on her face. Behind her was Alissa, she was Amanda's blonde 18 year old sister. What had I gotten into?

I tried to ease from under Amanda's head but she woke up. She rolled over to face me, placing her large breast against my chest. She hugged me and we shared a long, lingering kiss. She pulled away and gave me a big smile and I said “You’re real”. She laughed a little and said “Yes”. I said “Last night was real?” she said “Oh god I hope so” and laughed again. “If not my pussy is sore for nothing”.

By now the others were waking up and I was hearing a chorus of “Morning”. Anna gave my dick a squeeze and said “Time to get up”. I sat up in the bed and looked at the females surrounding me and said “I think we need to talk”. Amanda said “I hate to talk on an empty stomach”. Alissa said “You didn’t get your fill last night”? Amanda said “Are you jealous? I meant food and breakfast.” CJ asked what we were having and one of them said lets go see what he has in his kitchen.

Anna, CJ and Alissa got out of bed and started for the kitchen giving me a chance to admire their breasts and bouncy asses in the light of day. They looked just as I remembered and they weren’t a dream. Amanda sat up next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. She said lets go enjoy breakfast and them we will answer all of your questions”.

We got up and walked to the kitchen where we found the girls working on eggs, sausage, hash browns and pancakes. They said we have this under control you two just take a seat at the table and be patient. I told them to wear an apron at the stove. The last thing we needed was to try and explain to their parents how they got grease burns on their beautiful breasts while they were cooking me breakfast. They just laughed and got the aprons. Do you know how hot a naked woman looks in a small apron? The tops were just wide enough to cover the nipples and were short enough that they stopped right in the middle of their pubic mound. I can’t remember ever enjoying waiting for my breakfast to be served so much.

When they finished cooking they brought plates piled with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and pancakes to the table. They took off the aprons and joined Amanda and me at the table. There I sat with all that food in front of me and all I could see were 4 perfect sets of breasts on four gorgeous women. I snapped out of it when Amanda punched me in the shoulder and said “Hey, were supposed to be eating breakfast not fantasizing about it”. I piled food on my plate and tried to focus on eating, tried being the operative word.

When everyone had finished eating the girls cleared the table, cleaned the kitchen and sat back down at the table. Silence reigned at the table until Amanda, with a smile, said “You said we needed to talk so talk.

“I guess I need to know why yesterday and last night happened.” “Why me?” “Don’t get me wrong I think it was amazing and I want it to continue, but why me.” “You girls are gorgeous and could have anyone you want.” “Why me?”

CJ spoke first “One night last summer Anna came into my room all out of breath”. She said you won’t believe what the neighbors are doing. Their naked and she’s sitting on the edge of their pool with her legs in the air and he’s in the pool with his face in her crotch.” “How do you know?” “I was outside feeding the dogs and I thought I heard yelling over there so I snuck across the field and peeked thru the fence. It was so hot it made me tingle all over.”

“The next night we sat outside until it got dark and your pool lights came on and then we both sneaked over to your fence to watch. We saw you and your wife, Linda, come out of the house naked with drinks in your hands and sit down at the table. I thought nothing was going to happen and tried to get Anna to leave but she wanted to wait. After a few minutes more Linda got up and sat in your lap. You guys kissed a bit and then you started kissing her neck. You moved down to her breasts and she took your head in her hand and held you tight as she leaned her head back with a smile on her face. Even from where we were we could see her shudder.”

“You both got up and got in the pool for awhile when we saw you move up to her floating on her back and spread her legs. You kissed your way up her legs and began licking and kissing her pussy. She took 3 or 4 fast breaths and pushed away from you. She moved over to the steps and stood on one that put her pussy about 3 feet out of the water. She bent forward and placed her hands on the edge of the pool. You moved up until your face was even with her ass and spread her cheeks apart. We watched you bury you face in her pussy and saw her arms shake as they strained to hold her up. When it looked like her arms were about to give out you pulled away and urged her out of the pool. You guided her to the patio table and had her lay back on it. You lifted her leg, placed them on your shoulders and then guided your penis to her slit. We could hear moans as you slowly penetrated her. That’s when I realized that a soft moan was coming from Anna. I looked over and she was standing there with her hand in her shorts rubbing herself with a vacant look in her eyes.”

I whispered, “What are you doing.” ” She said “God I wish that was me”. Looked back thru the fence in time to see you pushing into her rapidly and hear her say “Harder”. I watched as you pulled out and thrust into her one more time and hold it. She arched her back and was saying “Yes, yes, yes”. You held it in her until she relaxed and then you helped her up. You both went back into the pool and hugged and kissed for awhile and then got out and walked into the house.

I grabbed Anna and we went home. When we safely in my room I asked what she was doing back there. She said “That was beautiful and hot. That’s the kind of guy I want when I lose my virginity. Someone that’s gentle, kind and still will be 20 years after were married. I replied “Your only 15 years old”. Anna said “how old were you when you lost yours?” I said “I haven’t”. “Really, with all the boyfriends you’ve had?” “That’s why I never stayed with one very long. All they care about is groping my tits or getting their hands in my pants so they can brag to their friends.

The rest of the summer we snuck over to the fence a couple nights a week when the pool lights were on to watch you two make love. That led to some really hot masturbation in my room. We never did each other but watching each other and knowing what they were thinking of really increased the feeling. We saw you two leaving on your bikes going out to have fun and we always noticed you working and laughing together around the property.

Then when Linda died in the accident you almost turned into a hermit, we never saw you outside.

Anna said “We didn’t start out to seduce you, we just wanted to snap you out of the funk you were in but running around in skimpy bikinis and forgetting our tops did not seem to be working. We were talking with CJ’s friend Alissa at her house about it and she said maybe you just weren’t into underage girls, especially ones he knew so well. Just then Alissa sister Amanda came in and asked who wasn’t into underage girls? We had to explain everything to her. She wanted to know what you looked like so we told her you were about 6’ and weight about 200lbs but it wasn’t fat. CJ giggled and said “He has a real nice penis.” Amanda said she had a long weekend off coming up and maybe the four of us could get your attention. When we showed up at your house yesterday we didn’t really have a plan we were just going to tease and flirt to see what happened.

Then Amanda started. When you said were going to get something to eat it was Anna that asked if we could go. She would do anything to spend time with you. It was also her idea to flash the guy at the drive thru.

I looked across at Anna and saw her blush all the way down to her breasts.

When you said to take our bottoms off I thought “We got him now, why not.” The ride back nude watching you look at my tits and crotch and seeing you watching the girls in the rear view mirror made me so wet I left a spot on your truck seat. I was surprised you didn’t see it as we got out. Of course with all that nudity I can see why you might have been distracted. While we were eating on the deck we all saw the tent in your shorts and when you stood up and I asked why you had clothes on the mob, so to speak, went wild. I was already wet from our fast food trip and watching you get Alissa off with just your was driving me wild. I wanted you in me.

Now you know how it happened, what do we do next?

I sat there absorbing what I had just been told. When I spoke I said “Thank you for caring. I will do whatever I can to return the love. What can I do for you ladies?” with that Anna got up, ran around the table and placed her naked ass on my lap atop my hard dick and announced “I want you to make me a woman”. Before I could say anything CJ had come around the table and with my head between her breasts hugged me and Anna and said “make me a woman also”. I looked at the other two sitting there with big smiles on their faces and Alissa says “ I just want some of that fabulous sex you had with my sister last night, of course some more of the great tongue in my pussy wouldn’t hurt either.” Amanda just gave me a wicked little grin and said “I’ll think of something.”

I told them it was ten in the morning and I thought we should get in the pool and just lay on the deck for a while then we could figure out what was next.

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