This is my first story and I hope you all like it!
This is the story of my brother, Keane
I had finally convinced my parents to buy me this new video game. When they did all I wanted to do was play it. But my parents said I had to wait until tomorrow, yeah like I was going to wait. My parents are doctors, so we are like stinking rich. I have a 42in in my room with an X-box 360; I was going to play it as soon as they were asleep.
A little about me and my family, first. My name is Derrick; I am 16 years old, and 5’ 5’’ tall. I am very athletic and I play ever sport my school has to offer, everything from football to track. I also took gymnastics when I was younger and that is why I am so toned. Oh, I am also cut and 4.5 inches long when I am hard. I have one sister, Olivia. She is short and 16 years old. I have a brother, who is a junior in high school, his name is Keane. My parents are both doctors and Oakland Hospital.
Anyway around 9:50 I got up and checked my parents they were sound asleep, my sister was cuddled up with her stuffed animals. I snuck back into my room and turned on the X-box and T.V. I sat down and started to play the game. It was about 12:43 when I heard a car pull up into the driveway. I looked out my window and saw that it was just Keane. He must have been out partying with his friends. I looked back to the T.V and played some more as I heard Keane stumble up the stairs. He had been drinking again. Now more than ever, he and his girlfriend had a fight and the broke up. It puzzled me why he didn’t go out and find a new girlfriend right away. He was the type of guy who could fuck any girl 10-21. In fact I caught him plowing a 16 year old in his room, like a week before he met his girlfriend.
Keane must have been hammered as hell, because he came into my room looking for the bathroom. He only found me sitting in my t-shirt and loose boxers. The tip of my cock was sticking out of the piss hole and I had the feeling Keane was staring at it. Suddenly Keane walked over to me and stood in front of the T.V. He stood there for a second and started to undo his belt.
“Keane…What are you doing?” I asked, a little surprised.
“Shut the fuck up.” Keane snapped back, I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He dropped his pants and quickly slipped offed his shirt. I was feeling really uncomfortable with my half-naked drunk brother standing in front of me, with his crotch area right in front of my face. I could easily tell he was getting a boner. Keane reached down and grabbed my arm, he pulled me over to my bed and he sat down. He forced me to my knees and lowered my head to his crotch.
“Suck it.” He said.
“Hell no… that’s fucking gay!” I pulled back, surprised. Keane swung his left hand and clobbered me right in the ear. I was shocked. My brother, All-star quarterback, the man I looked up to, the man I wanted to be when I grew up. MY IDOL. Had just hit me and told me to suck his cock. My eyes started to tear. He raised his hand and I flinched.
“Suck it or I’ll beat the living shit out of you!” He threatened me. I tried to pull back but he had an iron grip to my arm. He took off my shirt and his underwear as I started to silently cry. Before me was a 10 inch monster. It was so big that it brushed my lips. I opened my mouth and slid halfway down his shaft. I started to bob my head up and down his huge dick. My tears pouring down my dick, they mixed with the saliva. Keane was in seventh heaven. He kept moaning and calling me a little cum slut among other names.
This went on for a while but soon Keane’s breathing quickened, his cock began to pulse. Keane grabbed my head and forced it as far down his shaft as it would go. He held me there for a second and unleashed his cum into my mouth. I pulled back and tried to spit it out, but Keane quickly slapped his hand over my mouth and nose, forcing me to swallow it.
Keane let go and just sat there staring at me. His monster cock still as hard as ever. I sat there silently crying. Keane grabbed my arm and he threw me onto my bed. He savagely began pulling my loose boxer shorts off. I was so exhausted that I didn’t even care what happened to me next. And boy was I wrong there.
I felt Keane feeling up my ass cheeks. Then I felt him spread them apart, I shivered as I felt something warm land next to my asshole. Keane started rubbing the warm liquid in. Oh My God. He was lubing me up!
“Keane…” I started, but he cut me off.
“If you scream you will never see the day of light again.” He whispered in my ear. I was so scared that I believed him. He rubbed in a little more spit and then I felt him push a finger against my ass hole. He pushed my head into my pillow as I started to scream. Keane started to slowly fingerfuck me. It was horrible! At first Keane started off slow but then he sped up until he was hammering my ass with his finger. Then Keane stopped for a second and then I felt him push two fingers in.
“AHHHHHH! KEANE NO…PLEASE STOP!” I shouted into my pillow. He ignored me and repeated the process. Slow at first and then crazy hard. Last but certainly not least, Keane had to add a third finger.
Finally he stopped and I heard more spitting. I knew what was coming and I didn’t like it.
“NO! NO…DON’T DO THAT! PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THAT!” I screamed. Keane just leaned towards my ear and spoke very softly.
“Don’t worry. You will enjoy this I know you will.” Tears were soaking my pillow; I felt some pressure against my hole again. Keane grunted for a second and then I felt his cock enter my ass. MY ASS FELT LIKE IT WAS ON FIRE! Keane started slow enough but he still was going pretty fast. He was moaning in ecstasy, while I was moaning in pain. But soon enough the pain started to turn into pleasure and soon the moan of pain turned into groan of pleasure. When Keane knew I wasn’t going to yell anymore he pulled me into doggy style. And soon enough we were both in ecstasy. This went on for about 22 minutes when Keane started to go very fast and very deep. I knew that he was very close to cumming.
After I couple seconds he shot his man seed deep into my bowels. He stayed like that and then pulled out. He jacked of a couple more shots of sperm onto my naked body. He then grabbed his clothes and walked out. I looked at the clock on my desk. It read 2:38. Wow. And as I drifted off into sleep with Keane’s warm cum oozing out of my ass and pooling on my sheets, I somehow knew that this was going to happen again. Real soon.
End of Part I
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2015-06-17 06:05:35
My name is Derrick; I am 16 years old...
I have one sister, Olivia. She is short and 16 years old.
I have a brother, who is a junior in high school...(which would make him about HOW old? Just about 16, right?)

I was waiting to see a line like, "My Dad is hot. He's 16." LOL

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2013-04-08 10:01:59
i loved the story. will read the rest stories.

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2012-03-05 23:11:05
Yeah we lived in Oakland ca till I was 16 we then moved to Nevada

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2012-03-05 01:54:20
Oakland hospital in CA?


2012-02-27 18:04:30
ha ha I remember that derrick. damn was I hammered that night. and boy how tight you were damn that was a fun night.

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