A not so innocent girls adventure
I had a part time job in a sports shop when I was about 17. The store was a small independant stand alone
shop next door to a local bakery. It was an easy job, the store was fairly small and most of the business
went through local schools so I basically looked after the shop in the afternoon mostly by myself.

After school I could watch the babes from the nearby high school walk along the path in school uniform. I
loved their uniform. Whilst it was a traditional one piece dress, some of the girls wore it quite short.

One girl in particular, I noticed, was a younger one but she must have just hit a growth spurt during the
year as her dress just seemed too small in general and the fabric dramatically showed off her chest and

I would always look out for this hot girl, not only because of her blonde hair and adorable face but
sometimes, I think, she must have been wearing last years uniform as it was a bit faded and her skinny
long legs would be very well revealed to my appreciative gaze.

The cute one was heading up towards the shops. I thought she would just go into another
store but I was taken aback. She turned and walking into my door. She smiled at me as she walked in.
I smiled back and just watched her browse around for a bit.

I relished seeing those legs up close. The afternoon sun that lit up the front of the store
embraced her body, imparting me with a close enough view to capture the softness of her cute slender legs.
Her thighs dissapeared up into the school uniform, the faint sight of little blondy hairs that
glistened to the sunlight.

Undecided what to do, I attempt to disguise the fact I am perving at a girl who is younger than me. I ask
politely if I can help. At the same time notincing her name, Jessi, written on her school bag.

Jessie responds with purpose;

"Hey, I am after some running shoes for my cross country"

I explain some options and soon Jessi has a pair or two that she wants to try on. I can't belive it I am
going to fit her some shoes. I grab her size out the back and my mind floods with the possibilities.
I return and Jessie is seated with her shoes off. I squat down and immediately I glimpse up the middle
of her dress. Sitting just rode her uniform back, the fabric covering just 2 to 3 inches of her legs.

Girls, even this young, always know what they have on show and so I lower down to a kneeling position to
get the full view. She didn't resist but did show signs of being slightly more uncomfortable than before.
There really was no way that she could hide her panties. The dress was ridden up, and to put on the shoes
just stretched her legs apart. I sat and marvelled, she had worn skimpy little panties, and obviously
lusted to expose herself to me.

Jessi continued to sit and satisy her erotic urge, and I admired. I would usually ask the customer to
walk around or possibly try another size but whilst I had a teenager's legs open in front of me I wasn't
going to pass that up. Instead I casually asked what team she was going to run for.

"I am with the under 15's"

Oh man this chick is only 14 years old, I cannot believe that 'she is hot for it' races through my mind.

But the party was over, Jessi stood up and walked around a bit. She sat giving me a final short glance
and left the store soon after. That night I had a massive wank fantasising over Jessi, and I imagined how
she would have done the same.

The week following, again took me by suprise. It was my day in the store and Jessi came in asking to buy
the shoes she had tried on. Somehow how her tits seemed a bit more perkier, something I hadn't noticed last
time. The nipples were evidently erect and the thoughts from the last encounter gave me a burst of nervous

"Did you need to try them on again" I enquired boldly.

Jessi smiled beautifully ending with a bit of a mischievous look.

"I should probably have another try before I pay" she responded. To my thrill.

As I knelt down with the shoes, Jessi pulled at her uniform as she sat to make it ride up as much as
possible. That moment gave me an immediate hard erection. She brazenly sought to outdo her last effort.
The first show went on, she then raised her foot onto the seat to put on the second. Jessi had no panties.
Her sweet little legs and thighs opened up to an unihibited view of her pussy.

The reason her tits were so perky was now obvious. She was wearing no bra, not even panties, and procured
me to sit there and watch her. In the few seconds I had analysed her. The blonde landing strip of wispy
pubes led to smooth lips, the soft folds did not keep her inner lips from poking out. I couldn't believe
how peachy pink her little vagina was.

And then, the foot dropped. She stood and walked around. The intimate view Jessi indulged was too much.
I struggled to remain composed, before I eagerly enquired.

"So where do you plan to train"

"We run the school track alot but that's boring, I like to get out in the forest just before dark when it
is cooler"

She went on into a bit more detail and I had enough to work out where she must go running by herself.

I ran some trails, they are mainly lonely trails late in the day and they criss cross eachother to lead
in various directions. I had an urge to fulfill back to Jessi in return, and was eager to bump into her

A fortnight later it was getting dark and I was running the trails she had explained to me. I hear the
sound of another runners footsteps and follow.

The day was getting dark and the moon was starting to replace the sunlight. I got to know the trails well
over the last couple of weeks. The noise I detected was from an adjacent track. Changed my path I took
a different direction to try and connect to the trail of the footsteps.

As I approach I can see the figure and as we get closer it is clear that it is Jessi. She doesn't
recognise me with a cap on my head and in the low light of the moon. She starts kind of limping,
I ask if she is okay.

"I am fine but I may need some help back" Jessi replies.

From what I can see Jessi is wearing a tight top and XC running briefs, I am amazing she is out running by
herself so scantily dressed.

I sit her down and rub the ankle a bit trying to get a view of her crotch. She is sweaty and the briefs
somewhat stick firmly to her sweet pussy mound. This excites my cock to half mast. She attempts to stand
up at which she then notices the bluge in my shorts.

At last I have her, however I haven't really thought throught any plan.

Jessie and I Walk back with her arms around me. I move my arm from her waist and grasp under her tits. At
first it's not obvious but then I brush my hand over her left breast. It feels so firm, I squeeze the nipple.

Jessi freaks and pushes away. Attempting to run, I grabbed her and pull at her briefs. She squeels as I get
my hand inside to handle the softness of her pussy. As I pull down on her briefs I get them to her knees when
she takes a sharp elbow to my side.

Then I push her to the ground and swipe her briefs from her between her legs. Arms waving and a jab again
to my waist, the resistance pays off and she rises to her feet. She runs toward open field and I realise
it will be better to follow at distance. I follow in the sight of her running in the moonlit sky with her
spandex briefs in hand. She leads me back to the street where she replaces the briefs to cover herself up.

Interesting how her ankle just got better all of a I sudden, I ponder to myself.

She seldom looks back, and I follow discretely to see where she lives.

Three days later

Now that I know where she lives it is time to try and bump it to her. Hanging around the area meant I was
able to casually find her at the bus stop. I pretended that I was catching the bus too, and we chat. She
was keen to see me later and I agreed to come around to her house after school.

When she opened the door later that day, I was glad to see she was still in uniform. The innocense of her
in that dress made her all the more sexy to me.

We had talked about going for a swim and so Jessi went into her bedroom to change whilst she lead me to
change in the spare room next to hers. I whipped into my shorts and as I left the room noticed her door
was ajar. I looked in and there was Jessi undressing. I got horny spying on her but as she went to take
off her panties she turned and walked out of sight.

I continued down the hall trying to contain my excitement. She obviously invited me over for a fuck. Her
parents aren't home and we have the place to ourselves.

In the pool we cool off and enjoy the afternoon rays. Jessi jumped in the pool before I could fully check
out her bikini. From what I could see she looked very hot and my thoughts were leading straight to getting
to her pussy.

She climbs out of the pool, her tanned bod glistening, the bikini clutching to her little tits and tight
pussy mound. I climb out too and she starts quizzing how i knew what house to come to, when she hadn't yet
given me the address.

I protested;
"Yes you did, how else would I make it here"

We chat some more, and she cheekily makes reference to the bruises on my chest and side. That's when I
realised she knew it was me and was playing with me. She approaches and unties her bikini top. Leaning
forward it slides down her slender arms and reveals her teen tits right before me.

"You didn't get to see these properly yet did you" she says with an anxious yet sexy expression.

We embrace, I move my hands all over her tits, holding her and kissing her lips, neck and suck on her lil
nipples. Her breasts feel amazing, finally I can fuck this girl.

She motions away, and runs into the house to the couch. As I enter inside I step to the couch and kneel
beside. She places her legs over my shoulders, raises her bubble butt and slides off the rest of her

"You like this don't you" Jessi teases "You couldn't resist when I came to your shop, that was so fun,
watching your face. You got mo so hot, staring inside my dress"

I leant forward to close in on her young 14yo snatch. It looked so pristine as I lick her labia lips apart.
I suck her pussy at the same time as feeling up, cupping her tits into my hand and brushing her nipples
till hard.

I remove my shorts and pull her onto the floor, and she begins to resist. This is the first sight she's
taken of my rock hard cock. She looked worried and starts explaining in concern;

"I can't,, I can't"

"What" I retort as I lie on her and push back her hands over her head, against the floor.

She quivers and asks me to go slow.

"It's too big" Jessi pleads

"I haven't done it yet, you need to go slow"

I move off her and kneel over her face with my erection. I couldn't believe it. She was a virgin?

She's been playing this game with me to get her first fuck. I have some precum and brush my cock on her
face. She holds my cock and plays with it. Begins to lick it.

I move up to the couch to sit and she kneels up and takes my cock in her mouth and holds my balls as she
sucks tenderly. I realise she is trying to make me cum fast so I can't get it into her pussy.

So i pull her to put her back onto the ground, but she hops up fast and runs to her bedroom and tries
to hold the door shut. I force it open and grab her and force her to the bed. This is what she's wanting.
I need to get my cock in her pussy. I am going to take her virginity now, once and for all.

She clamps her legs together. I pull them apart and push her up the bed, her pussy mound is ready for me.

"Just relax, this is gonna feel amazing Jessi"

She finally relents and I place my cock on her pussy. In all the comotion her lil vag has gotten so wet.
I enter first the head, then the shaft. Slowly we work up to an even pace.

She pants and arches her back as her pussy releases to accept my entire cock.

"That's it baby, your pussy is so hot"

With each shove of my cock to the back of here pussy she whimpers to the new found pleasure of me rocking
inside her. Her hips buck sharply and she gasps softly with each push. Unsure if Jessi is capable of
having an orgasm first time, I sense I am about to come myself.

I quickly pull out. Climbing over her legs I kneel around her tits, I pull myself till I come. Cum spurts
wildly over her mouth, her cheeks and then onto her neck and tits. Still heavily breathing and her pussy
buzzing with pleasure from the ramming of my cock in her little hole, I crouch down to relentlessly lick,
suck and tease her little clit.

I pin her hips down with my hands and keep going unrelentlessly, as Jessi's breathing rises in pace. She
is almost breathless and convulsing as her pussy erupts into orgasm. Her clit is so swollen so I tap it
lightly with my finger. Her head jolts back and screams to a drawn out climax. With each breath now slowing
Jessi whimpers softly again and again into silence.

I grab a towel and wipe down her pretty face.

She wipes her wet lips and snatch. Her eyes remain closed and recovering the shock of being expertly fucked
and for the first time, with such an enormous cock it comes as a shock to her young body.

I continued to become well acquainted with Jess after that, the urge for my cock was too much to resist
for this playful 'hot between the leg' teen.

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lol i liked it but i wish it was more longer and had humility and you guys got caught things that want to make the readers not stop reading but other than that gud story

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