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Molly had a great life. Her husband worked for a major international Corporation and made six figures... They had two children, both girls... Stefani and Kristi... 8 and 5 respectively... Molly had just turned 30 and hubby was 36.

Her husband Kris was one of the top executives at O-Leon Corp., SW Division. It was owed by a huge company called Luther Corp. The owner-ship of Luther Corp was unknown to everyone at O-Leon. A deep dark secret; the staff joked. Speculation ran from the CIA too the Chinese to a rich Kansas farm boy... The wages were so good no one really cared who owed it.

Molly had not had to work since she was 24 so her children benefited, as did the community. Molly was involved in community projects. She would pick one project per year giving her plenty of time for herself and her children.

She enrolled in a gymnastic program and every winter she took up self defence. She used to laugh saying she could take any 12 year old.


Stefani was in grade 3 and doing quite well. Kristi was in her first full day, four day week program. She had attitude and it was of concern to her teacher. Molly contended that Kristi is person and not a machine so put up with it...she will grow out of it.

Teachers these days are fucking wimps, Molly told her husband...his reply; I wonder were Kris got her attitude form.


Kris had to do many things outside the office and Molly had tried to take up as much as possible so she could accompany her husband...and example being golf...Molly was trying very hard to be a good corporate wife...after all their lifestyle depended on Kris making those bucks.

To Molly-s chagrin the day came when she was invited to go golfing with the other wives. As Molly told the ladies straight off, big mouth that she has:
--- I had three brothers, I like men, hanging with chic-s has never been my thing.

Molly had told the ladies that once a month was about all she could handle. She had to eat her words because as time-past it became more like three times month... almost a regular they laughed.

The GROUP as they referred to themselves went out at night every other month. Girl-s night out... That was Wanda-s idea. Wanda was the-man-s wife. She liked to keep up appearances she said. Molly had her suspicions but left well enough alone.

The ladies, Wanda, Molly plus totaled seven women. All wives of the top executives... Molly was the strongest there was no completion there...and probably the biggest if you took the fat off Trina. Having been raised with brothers also made her the least lady like.

The GROUP joked that it was not ladies night out, it was ladies and escort. Wearing slacks all the time did not help Molly-s image.


AS one would expect when woman are out alone some guy will get to aggressive. Molly had been with the GROUP for nearly five months when things went awry. One girls night out some asshole went after Tiny; Brenda. Brenda-s petite... she stands perhaps 5’1 and weighs all of 110 lbs...

She was coming back from the washroom when he intercepted her, not allowing her to pass. Molly intervened...he told her to fuck off...BOOM!
The shit hit the fan as she clobbered the guy. He got tossed out, Molly got tossed out... after she punched the bouncer...then the dumb sob went after Molly outside...He got in a few but she literally kicked his ass. Not only is she strong, but Molly has fast reflexes and leg strength equal to most men. Add in karate...


Molly is not some dyke bitch. She is just well built. She is fit, weighs 178...stands 5’10 ½. Molly is a rural girl. Played lots of sports...fought a lot with her brothers. She has strong legs and a very healthy ass on her, and a flat stomach, not muscular. Her feet and hands are not masculine either...but they-re strong...

Her nose is straight, her skin pretty much flawless. Molly-s dark hair with rust highlights is past her shoulders, worn mostly in a pony tail.
Brown eyes... Molly is an attractive woman whose looks disarm most men. Her breasts are B cups with dark nipples... all in all a babe with an attitude.

Molly is what people refer to as grounded; a lot of people love her because of that; a lot of people do not like her because of that...

Molly is educated, college, Agriculture; she also has a talent that few would expect from a rural girl. She is fluent in Japanese. A Japanese family moved in next door when she as young; consequently one of her best friends was a Japanese girl...


The long and winding road a corporate wife must travel became a twisted trail one afternoon when she had Brenda over for an afternoon Tea and chat...chic stuff... Brenda a Molly had hit it off after a few outings.

Molly-s scrap had become the talk of O-Leon Corp... Of course there was plenty of joking but all in all it was treated with praise. Molly really did not care.

This topic came up some-how during their conversation, Brenda said;
--- I wish you had joined the GROUP a couple of years ago...

--- Why? Was Molly-s response...

Brenda clamed up... Her demeanor indicated something serious so Molly repeated her response

--- Why?

Brenda tried to change the topic but tears in her eyes brought out Molly-s aggressive nature. Finally it was revealed that the CEO expected the ladies to lie down for him two or three times a year.

---- What does Wanda say?

---- She is the facilitator Molly, Brenda revealed. Wanda believes that these men work hard and sex helps to keep their stress levels in check. She is looking after her husband.

--- I am a little surprised at you Brenda, aren-t you Christian.

--- Yes... Roman Catholic...

Molly changed the subject by asking Brenda if she would like more tea...maybe a sandwich or some cookies. Molly is not a judgemental person. Her upbringing regarding sex had been open, and she saw lots of goings on in college; as long as it is consensual.

Brenda said no to the sandwich and cookies; leaving shortly thereafter.

The following week was ladies night. Molly baled on ladies night out. The day after Brenda called and asked if she could come over... The answer was yes, of course.

Brenda arrived sooner than Molly anticipated catching her in the yard cleaning the old sand out of the children-s sand box. Brenda and Molly talked for the 10 or so minutes it took Molly to finish this task..

They entered the house;
---- I am going to take a shower Brenda. You know where the coffee is, make yourself at home.

Brenda gave Molly a questioning look;
---- You trust me in your house?

Molly laughed;
---- Of course, what are you going to do, rearrange my furniture.

---- NO! It looks great just as it is, you have good taste.

Molly laughed again;
--- I will tell you a secret. When we moved in I hired a professional to set up furniture. It has not moved in five years. I know as much about Quantum Mechanics as I do about making a home Brenda. Out in the sand box and yard is where I belong.
--------------------------- You know..., dirt under the finger nails; sand in my pants, that kind of thing.
[Molly winks].

--- Sand in your pants, that sounds uncomfortable Molly.

--- Yeah, it is... adds a caution factor to your hygiene. When I was in college there was this beach party and it got wild.

There was an uncomfortable pause, for Brenda.

--- WELL, you can make yourself a coffee or come upstairs while I shower...check me can report back to the GROUP...or is it just Wanda?

Brenda blushes, Molly gives Brenda a warm smile;
--- Come on Brenda, were both girls, no sin in that. [ Molly heads up the stairs].

Molly stops at mid-flight;
--- There is a water dispenser on the refrigerator, grab a glass and come-up...we can talk after I am out of the shower.

Molly likes a long shower but today she kept the door open and an eye on the mirror watching for Brenda. It took her awhile but eventually Brenda past by the door sending her reflection to Molly.

Molly grabs a large towel and exits the en-suite into the bedroom with it wrapped around her. Brenda looks at Molly. Molly drops the towel and Brenda-s expression changes;
---- Well, do I pass, Molly asks? Spinning around showing her all...

----Yes..., do you every Molly... WOW...! It-s hard to believe you can hide that body under those loose fitting clothes. I never expected...

Molly smiles;
--- It-s only for my husband Brenda, no one else. You being the sole exception in nearly ten years...

Molly dresses and the girls go down to the kitchen for coffee. Molly builds a couple of sandwiches to go with the coffee. The conversation flows much easier now. They sit at the kitchen table:
--- So what-s the scoop Brenda, you good to go or are you still tongue tied.

Brenda laughs, now that she is more at ease with Molly;
---- I am better now thanks Molly.

Molly picks up her sandwich, looks at Brenda, an giving a little shoulder shrug;
--- Ok, what gives. Spill the beans.

Brenda-s story;
--- About two years ago pressure was brought to bear on me more or less forcing me to get involved with the wife-s of O-Lean. Little did I know the Pandora-s box I opened. I hated it right from the beginning and you know for me to say that it must have really tuned me off.

I could sense something was wrong from the outset but I prefer to think the best of people, a flaw in my Christianity I suppose. I kept getting little hints about corporate wives and their duties not only to their own husbands but to the other important management members...
----------------------------- After all they are under the gun 24/7 to provide us with a great lifestyle so we should not expect a free ride.---

--- Or something to that effect Molly... So, five months ago they, Wanda, wanted a hot tub party on girl-s night out. I dreaded that night. I am shy about showing my body. I consoled myself by saying it would be woman only... Boy, was I wrong.

It was girls only...but the wine was know how it is Molly;
--- Come on Tiny... have some fun, or lighten up...

So I thought, ok... do not be a downer Brenda... a couple of glasses of wine won-t kill ya. I was becoming affected but things seemed to be ok.
Then John showed up, CEO and Wanda-s husband... Ya know, one of the management team we ostensibly are to look after sexually. I had figured that out by this time. John was very polite to everyone, talking to half a dozen bare chested women. I was submerged up to my mouth.

Ya know Molly, he never even looked at those women-s chests, and they all had their tits exposed for him to see. Then he saw me and seemed a little surprised.
---- Hello Brenda, I did not expect to see you here in the witches- caldron.

I could not see Wanda-s face but I did see Sharon-s reaction to her reaction. I knew it was not good.
John walked away calmly, as if he did not have a care in the world. BUT, just before he left the patio he looked back at me and mouthed;
--- Be Careful—

AS soon as he was out of eyesight I leapt from the hot tub, the GROUP pleading for me to stay. My top was not easy to see so I grabbed a towel on the way, running through the kitchen, I picked up my purse and bolted out the front door past John running straight to my car. I sat there shaking. I was freaking. I had my bikini bottoms on and no top, only a towel. With a 30 minute drive to reach home. What would happen to me if the police pulled me over.. A naked woman out driving...

I heard yelling and looked to see John pushing Wanda back toward the house... She was pissed and he was not taking any guff from her. He said something that included my name, Brenda.
[Brenda winked at Molly].

I leaned forward in my car wondering what to do. There was a rap on the driver-s side window. It was John. Me being me I freaked again hiding my already hidden bosom. He asks me using signs to roll the window down a couple of inches. It must have taken him a minute to convince me that I was not in danger of...whatever I might have scurrying around in my head... I was frantic.

All John wanted to do was ask me if I wanted to go back in the house and get my clothes... In the end he gave his jacket to me and I drove home in it. There was no one home so I had no explaining to do.

Molly holds up her hand in a stop sign:
--- I need a refill –bout you ?

--- Ya, sure. I need to pee anyways.

Ten minutes later the girls are set for the continuation of Brenda-s harrowing experience. Brenda seems to be gaining momentum Molly notices, happily.

--- The next couple of weeks I received casual visits explaining that night with apologies if I was offended. Typical of myself I fell back in with the GROUP, forgiving all and turning my Christian perspective on; blinding me to the storm on the horizon...

--- Three girls nights out ago we are all going to this club we visit occasionally. There was a comedy act playing and I-m excited that we are doing something other than boozing and talking stupid.

WE are gathering at my house as it is closer. John, my John is out of town so it seems cool to me. Alas the GROUP arrive almost all at once with wine... Disappointed, you bet. I do not like drunks Molly.

I am told it is traditional for the GROUP to have a warm-up drink...before an outing. They know I am not a drinker so I am to be given ½ a glass...Just as the wine is about to be poured Sharon asks about my family picture I have hanging on the wall. In hindsight a pretty good move on gullible Brenda.

WE drink the wine and it is nearing departure time when I start to feel woozy. YA..., they drugged me the bitches.

I remember being carted to my bedroom with pretentious concerns for my well being. Any doubts I had evaporated when my dress was taken from my shoulders followed by my bra. I received some very nice complements about my breasts as the ball gag made its way into my mouth followed by a black-hood over my head...and silence. I was crying when the hood came into play and never stopped until it was lights out.

I do not know if it was only the GROUP or some of them with others. I do not know if there were any men in the room. What I remember is this;

---Whomever, playing with my breasts was first...getting them erect so some could suck on my tits. I know I was licked between the legs by at least two; maybe move...fingered in both holes...a big shock to a woman who never did anal before
Someone with knowledge used a vibrator on me giving me an earthquake size orgasm...another first for me.

I do not know if it was a man or a strap-on but my shame was the same anyway at my first fucking by someone other than my husband... The second fuckng was not so shameful... I believe the drug had some influence on that...either way I cried all the time.
I was being raped, gang raped.

I had my hands bound right from the start... After my second rape they turned me over tying my legs wide... Someone licked my bum... I knew I was in for it.

The first one did not last so long, I suspect a man...You know they do not last very long when they are up to no good. It hurt like hell but he was gentle with my virgin ass.

The second anal rape was very painful. I suspect a woman, likely Wanda. It was very hard and he or she took their time...they really enjoyed doing my ass Molly... I cried and screamed into that ball gag but it seemed to be muffled, and certainly fell on deaf ears.

MY poor ass...

When they finished I was crying and screaming because of the pain...suddenly lights out.

I woke up in my bed in my night gown, all cleaned up. I went for a pee and crawled back into bed... The next thing I remember is my husband John joking with me about the party I had;
---- Go back to sleep. I love you.

My next and first real cognitive moment was the following morning Molly. When I got into the kitchen it was after 10:00am... John had already gone to work. He left me a note teasing me. He had cleaned up. I went to the bathroom and looked at my ass with the mirror... One small red dot were a needle had gone in and no other visible marks...
My anus did not hurt nor did any other part of my body save my groin... I guess that was from being stretched so far...

There was no evidence I had been raped. NONE... But I know I was... I later determined that I had slept for over 30 hours... I think they gave me that rape drug when they finished with me.

Molly looked at Brenda;
---Somehow you believe Wanda was involved in this rape?

--- Yes..., but I cannot prove it and I could be way off base with that assumption.

--- So, what do you want to do?

--- I wanted to confide in someone I feel I can trust. Someone strong like you, someone who knows what happened in case it happens again... I just would like to know Molly that I have a shoulder to cry on I guess.

--- You got it Brenda.

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