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Mom tricked us into sex
If you don't think a mom controls a family you must be single.
This is sort of long, I hope you enjoy it.
If you do I will post more of me and my sisters. So vote.

Mom had found a flick for us to watch (which meant I had to watch it to.)
Just before we started to watch it she told us to go change for bed. She winked at the girls and then told me to ware what she had laid out.
Going into my room I found a pair of shorts and that was it. They were red satin short pants.
Just then mom walked into my room.
Mike"ware just them no underwear no t shirt just them. Your sisters picked them out at the mall for you. I though it was so sweet of them."

It was a chick flick that mom had approved. (She seldom approves one of my movies.)She even said the girls would love some of the scenes in it.
My mom is not a prude but this time she surprised me.

It was about two young girls finding their first love. Yea it had kissing and fondling, along with them finding out all about boys cock. just another yad yad yad girl movie.
As we sat down mom had the lights turned down. I mean almost off.

I sat with my back against the edge of the couch when mom told me to sit on the couch not the floor.
Now this usual didn't bother me but tonight this put me in between the girls.

As the movie wore on. My youngest sister laid down in my lap her legs and waist across my older sister.
She was waring a green baby doll nightie and the top rode up reviling her waist. I had no where else to put my hand so it ended up on her soft hot skin.

(Now guys will know that putting soft skin under our hands is like giving a junky a free fix. We will take it.)

So my hands started to stroke her up and down and then under her top.
My older sister started to stroke her face and hair. Suddenly she turned over and her face was now pressed against my hard cock.
Also my hand suddenly found it's self full of her young hot tit.
My older sister lay her head on my shoulder,

I kept looking at mom expecting her to say something.

My hand kept teasing the small hard nipple in it. Sis pushed my litter sisters head gently against my cock.
I suddenly felt my shorts sliding down reveling my hard thick long cock to the her.
To my surprise the feel of her lips kissing my cock caused me and it to jump a little. Her lips stayed tight against it.

I suddenly found it hard to breath as I looked over at mom. She seemed very interested in the movie.
When her hand started to slowly stroke me I laid back against the back of the couch as much as I could.

What ever was going to happen I could nor would i stop it.

My older sister pulled down on one side as my younger sister pulled down on the other. I lifted my hips and felt the shorts slide down to my hips.

My little sister started kissing up and down my swollen cock. I felt like I was going to burst.

Then my older sister reached over an pulled her top up to her chin. Reveling those perfect small breasts for me to see. I knew that by seeing them I was not last long looking at them as she kissed and stroked me .
When her hot swollen lips reached the head of my cock .
My pre cum was rolling like a small river.
She licked it up slowly driving me nuts.

By now I was laid back and just enjoying the sight.
My hand was running from one nipple to the other.

Watching her slowly work the head of my cock into that small mouth was heavily.
Soon she was working up an down on half he length of my cock.
My older sis whispered into my ear.
" She looks so happy. Also look at her shorts," now sliding down her legs. My older sister was slowly pulling them down her. As she did it reviled a sweet patch of blond hair covering her cunt that I had not even dreamed of seeing .
As I watched the slow strip show I had forgotten all about mom.
My eyes switch from her head to her shorts with my hands now working hard on her breasts and nipples. The tight feeling of her mouth drove away any reserve I had .
A long low moan slipped from my mouth as my balls tighten.

Just then my older sister bumped me with her elbow.
I looked and she had her hand sliding in and out of her small pussy.
The sight of her fingering her and the feel of her sucking me drove me over the edge.
I exploded shooting my wads of baby batter into her mouth .
She started pumping hard on my cock working the last of it into her throat.
I could feel her body start to shake and shudder as I watched her sister finger her faster until she was finished getting her off.
Her small arms warped around my bare waist as her body exploded shaking almost off our laps.
Then she slumped against me letting my limp cock slide our of her mouth.
My older sister then slipped her fingers out of her and sucked on them grinning .

Mom walked by us dropping a blanket over my little nearly naked sister.
"Don't wont her to catch a cold now do we."
She looked at us. I could feel the hell that was about to rain down on me.
" I told you girls would like some of the scenes of the movie. Yet next time make sure that ever one can enjoy it."

She then went back and sat down to watch the rest of the DVD.

My little sister snuggled up to me. Looking up at me as she reached out and pulled my hand back to her bare breasts. Grinning at me she winked.
My oldest sisters hand was now trying to pull the bottoms back up. And I just hoped that I would not get a hard on.
The out of the corner of my eye. I saw a sign to my oldest sister. (in our family signs could save or missing one could brake you)
My oldest sis looked at mom with a really you wont me to do what look.
Then mom did it again. I grinned I knew the sign.

I was going to see how far she was going to let this go.

My hands were already under the blanket.
So I slid the top of the nightie over my little sisters head.
She just grinned at me as it came off.
With out hesitation I played the game.

I dropped the top at my feet.
I knew even in this low light she would see it .
What was she up to?
Then to late I understood.
She was testing my sisters to see how far they would go in front of her with me.

This time I had done the wrong thing.

By removing her top I had basically said I wonted her naked along with the fact mom I'm sure had watched her suck me off which told her that she wonted me.

My sisters would not stop now.
They would go as far as she allowed.
But how far would my youngest sister go?

I now knew that both of them were involved in this test of wills and I was just the subject of it.
Mom started to grin which meant she had won and the test was over and this ended here and now.
Just then little sis raised her legs and slipped off her panties dropping them on the floor next to the top.
Staying covered she slid sitting up into my lap.
Slipping her arm around my neck she laid her head on my shoulder.

The feel of her naked body against my nearly naked body did the one thing I didn't wont to happen. I got a hard on.
She whispered in my ear. "Relax, she'll stop us before the good stuff happens. Besides your still waring your short sort of."
I watched frozen, my arms now around her naked body. One hand in her lap the other around her waist. I knew it would not be long before I would fuck this up and start moving one of them.
Sis would move ever once against my now hard cock. Her naked hips were not helping me at all.
I was watching her now. Would she give the sign or would she put a stop to it and accept defeat.
My mother like my sisters never plays to a draw. All three of them play to the end win or lose.
There it was. Both of my sisters saw it. Now it was little sisters tune.
Would she pull off my shorts or quit?
Then it struck me. She had nothing to lose. It was my call. And like my sisters mom had Beaten it into me to play it all the way out .
Besides I could now find out how far would these two tease go.
I decided to see how long she would wait till she claimed victory.
It didn't take long before she started to grin at me.
I had moved both of my hands down to the sides of my legs and slipped off my shorts.
Due to the blanket hiding my legs she could not see anything. Slipping them up I put them in my little sisters hands.
Leaning down to her ear I whispered "your call."

As mom leaned forward to get up and put an end to the game sis pulled them out and dropped them on top of her nightie.
Then she slipped one leg under herself and turned around facing me. Wrapping both legs around my waist , pulling herself tight against my hard cock.
In a low but clear voice.
"Mike be my baby's daddy."
She then laid her head and body against me rubbing up and down my cock. As she finished saying it she dropped the blanket showing that we were both naked.
The three of us looked at mom. I was wondering what the next move would be.
I also could feel how hard my little sisters breasts were as well as how fast her breathing (as if she now feared for her life) was.
She also had this shaking going on that meant she was ether scared or already starting to climax.
My oldest sister looked at us longingly. As if she wished she was where her younger sister was.
Just then my little sister reached over pulling her to her. Whispering in her ear "He so hard. His body is so hot. But she's not going to let me have him in front of her. So it might be later for both of us. But both of us will have him in us and his baby batter to."
I could tell that she meant that they were going to have me yet.
I looked at mom.
I could feel my little sister moving slowly up and down against my hard cock driving to the edge of getting off and then stopping.
My oldest sister now moved down some so she could watch both of us and mom. I could see her nipples were getting hard and see her hand just inside her small thong panties as well as smell her juice.
Mom stood up.
Fear ran all over me except to my hard cock. It now wonted noting more than to empty it's self into my little sister or big sister it just wonted relief.
Even little sister tighten her hold around my neck.
My big sister jerked her hand out of her panties.
Slowly she walked over to us looking at all three of us with a strange smile.
Then she sat down beside us . My oldest sister sat up so I could slide us over some.
The movement of me rubbing my hard cock against her didn't help any as little sister moaned when I stopped.
As well my older sister seemed to shiver in the hot room.
Mom just looked at all three of us.
"Lean back baby,let me see what it is your body so desperately desires."
Slowly she leaned back . As she did her cunt rubbed against me again causing her to moan again.
Mom's hand ran down my chest so slowly a sweat drop would have beat it to the finish line.
Then she slowly stroked my cock. Her face started to sweat. She looked at my older sister.
"Come her girl."
No one had to ask who she was talking to.
My older sister sat up and slid next to me.
" Is this what you girls are after. You know he will please you both he will drive you mad with desire and then he will give you both baby's. Yet his desire will only grow stronger as your body's change with the baby inside of you.
both of you will become depend on him for your happiness and pleasure because no other man or woman will ever equal his love , tenderness and passion.
Or he could be a prick and just fuck you blind fill you with baby's and then forget about you.
I don't know which he will be. But one of them he will be."
The whole time she was talking I hadn't noticed she was rubbing my cock against her cunt. As well as rubbing the small of her back.
Looking at my little sister " Are you sure you wont to be the first?"
My little sister didn't hesitate just nodding yes.
Mom then shoved her back and pushed my cock into her dripping cunt.
She yelled and then grabbing my neck forced herself all the way down onto my throbbing cock.
I could feel the pain of her hands clawing into my back as my arms that were warped around her waist hold her tight against me.
She laid her head against my shoulder soft tears fell onto my chest. Looking up at mom. Slowly moving her hips back and forth . The pain raced over her body. Then slowly it changed to passion.
She slowly grinned and kissed me.
Mom started to get up when she laid a small hand on her arm.
"Grand maw stay and see your first grand child conceived."
Mom looking shocked froze as she started humping me , pulling my face to her breast to suck.
My hips rose and fell with her rocking . My mouth sucked on her tit. My back felt the claw of her pain and pleasure.
Suddenly I felt my balls tighten, her young tight cunt started to tighten even more. Sucking on my cock as her moans became shouts and she slammed into me hard holding tight to me .
I felt my cock explode in her small cunt.
She grabbed mom's hand forcing it between us.
"Feel him Grand Maw, He's a man,feel his baby batter pumping deep into me,feel your first grand baby." Her voice changed to a high pitched scream as she exploded in a orgasm that sounded like ever bone in her body was braking.
Then she slumped against me limp as a old wet wash rag.
Mom's hand slowly slid down her sweat covered back.
Looking at me she grinned.
" Good night children time for bed." As she rose to leave.

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Make more. Please

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2015-03-03 17:08:28
I love the story just forget about the errors and the bad spelling just think about started and that is what you have to think about Mom is the one that planed the whole thing in advance and I love it. I know that are many moms out there that will love to write and have this type off story printed but is scared because of people like you

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Holy crap that was terrible!

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i have to agree you suck at writing. this could have been a good story IF it had been written by a GOOD WRITER that used a GOOD EDITOR before posting. the best thing you can do is DELETE AND REWRITE IT USING A GOOD EDITOR.

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over all I've read storys that were written worse, but ya your grammar sucks ass, you cant tell whos doing or saying what. just rewrite this.

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