I hadn't showered since the day before and I felt like it. “Hey! Stop that!” Jill called after me. I ignored her for the moment and turned the water on to get hot before sitting down on the toilet. Just after I was done taking care of business, Jill was standing there turning the water off.

“No.” she grinned. “Not your face. I like seeing my cream there-- it makes me horny.”

“But I have to wash!” I protested. I did have to concede her point though if it made her hard again.

“Okay,” she cooed. “....but whenever you're done washing your face, I get to re-do your complexion until I'm satisfied.” I thought for a moment.

“Agreed.” I replied brightly. When she put it what way, I had no problem with wearing her spunk on my face. As long as I didn't have to go outside or leave the house I didn't see anything wrong with it. As far as I was concerned, it was our little secret.

About half-way through taking my shower, Jill roughly pulled the curtain aside and stood there blankly staring at me with an evil smile and that glassy-eyed look on her face. And I looked down to spy her screaming hard-on. I could only guess that I had taken too long with bathing. I knew that she wasn't herself right then and it was my fault for making her wait too long-- I was “in for it”. She proved me right too. It was all I could do to quickly grab the shower fixtures and bend over to offer the best access to my pussy I could give. In that state Jill didn't speak, she simply stepped in to join me and roughly grabbed me from behind, pounding my cunt for well over an hour as I begged her to fuck the shit out of me. And it was good-- I felt great. Her gaze returned and she was herself again. At the time, I heard myself breathe: “Oh God....Aphrodite....” Little did I know what affect it would have on her. She quickly became hard and proceeded to fuck me stupid all over again. Was it a mistake? Later I decided it wasn't...I liked the feeling of being “stupid”. Her normal self returned again she stayed to get cleaned up after our lovemaking. I rested as much as I could in a warm shower stall, my chest still heaving.

As she was finishing washing herself the only thing that was left was to cleanse her equipment, and my breath was returning. “Wait.” I said. I reached over for the soap and quickly worked both my hands into a really good lather. Jill happened to be about a head taller than I was and standing before her I looked up into her eyes as I picked up her member and began applying the suds on my hands to her length. Jill began smiling. “Just relax.” I suggested. She obeyed and at some point or another, I had successfully lathered her growing cock, her testicles, and even the area surrounding them. If I wasn't already, nothing stopped me from switching to properly lathering her genitals to fully masturbating her-- the more I did so, the more she smiled deep into my eyes. “Cum in my know you want to....”

“I do,” she breathed. “I need to.”

“I am here.” I replied and stepped in to wrap my left arm around her back and work her over with my right hand. In some small way I was trying to save my strength for more lovemaking later as I cupped the head of her prick and rolled it in the palm of my hand. Running down her length, I stroked her up and down and then returned to her foreskin for a time. “Good girl...just take it all in and cum whenever you're ready-- you know I'm going to make you come again.” I urged her. She was a perfect pleasure sponge and seemed to want to give her all to help me make her cum. After awhile, I cupped her balls to keep from further neglecting them and Jill's moaning accelerated. It felt good resting my head on her shoulder masturbating her as I was. I was in control and she wasn't. Just as she was about to come to orgasm:

“I love you Jill.” I whispered. Jill came so hard she screamed in my ear so loud it was ringing after she stopped her yell-- and a little more than a little too. I thought that she was going to make me deaf and I kept stroking her, squeezing out the last of her semen as she was coming back from the brink of orgasm. I wanted her to hear what I had said but didn't think that she did. I wasn't sure I had the courage to say it again yet. Jill had sprayed her gunk all over the inside of the shower curtain. The shower head off the mount would fix that easily enough.

“I love you too Jennifer.” she breathed, trying to regain her breath. It felt much better to hear the “I love you.” return than I thought it would. Everything was so special about that moment I made her cum twice more after that. After her third orgasm she French kissed me so deeply I started to get hot and bothered again. I gently pulled back and whispered:

“Thank you for being so vulnerable with me. It just felt good, that's all.”

“You're welcome, I needed that.”

“Health reasons, remember?” I cooed at her.

“Right.” she smirked and she gave me a wink before getting back out of the shower to dry off.

“I'll hurry this time.” I suggested.

“Good girl.” she smiled and closed the curtain after her. And hurry I did, before I could really get started getting clean again, the water went stone-cold.

When I was done I opened the curtain again and Jill was sitting on the edge of the vanity facing me and stroking her half-hard penis herself. I couldn't stand to watch her masturbate in front of me-- it drove me wild. Without thinking I dropped to my knees before her and opened my mouth preparing to blow her when she grabbed my shoulder with one hand to keep me just out of reach and began “dick slapping” me around my mouth with the other hand. “Hay.” I tried to grab her foreskin with my mouth. “Stop”. I quickly tried again “That.” And again. Meanwhile Jill was enjoying this no end and then gently reeled me in so that she could dick slap my face more liberally with her member. It was frustrating trying to get the cum that I wanted shooting down my throat and she was preventing me from it! Before too much longer she lovingly pushed her foreskin in my mouth and I began to suck. This time it didn't take all that much to make Jill pop and I forgot-- I swallowed her every drop. When she came back to her senses, she shook her head disapprovingly and said:

“Remember: I get to give you a new facial before you do anything else.”

“I know. I forgot. Sorry.” She smiled and replied:

“I'm not.” she gently declared, “...and you're just learning the 'rules'.” she added with a wink. “ long as I'm satisfied with my sperm all over your face and give you the okay before you get up again, I'm okay with it.” I smiled.

“Okay.” was all I could say and went back to giving her fellatio all over again. She spunked each side of my face twice before suggesting that she was satisfied and I was so happy with it I swallowed her again just because I loved the sensation of feeling her sperm slide over the back of my tongue and down my throat. No surprise, Jill enjoyed making it happen too. Standing up again, I said:

“I'm going to cook dinner. I'm hungry.” and then I walked out of the room and down the stairs.

Often we cooked separately but in this case it wasn't that much more work to open a second can of soup, slice twice as many vegetables, and shake twice as much spice into a larger pot. I suspected that Jill would also be hungry soon if she wasn't already. As the minutes passed, I started to wonder where Jill had gone until I heard the soft thud of her dumbbells hitting the floor from upstairs. The pot of soup was coming along nicely so I walked over to the foot of the stairs and shouted: “Dinnerssready!!!” It felt odd but pleasant not having my teeth in for almost one full day so I went back to the couch where I last remember having them in my hand and dug them up out of the cushions. On my way back to the kitchen I brushed them off and put them back in, paused, and then took them back out. Suddenly I remembered why I hated wearing them-- I never could get them to fit quite right. They did the job, and no more. Turning the stove off on the way by, I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard, filled it with water, and dropped the dentures in then set the glass on the counter for the moment. Jill came bounding down the stairs with an expectant look of hunger in her eyes and started getting the bowls and flatware that we would need and set them on the kitchen table next to each other.

“You never did tell me why you don't have any teeth....”

“Oh...that.” I replied as I sat down at the table while I served the soup. Maybe I wanted her to see them on the kitchen counter. It was a fair question considering how much I had been blowing Jill the last several hours. “When I was in high school, my teeth began to hurt-- all the time. We moved away and had to get a new dentist. We didn't have insurance at the time so he pulled my wisdom teeth. They probably would have had to come out anyway.” Jill had finished her first taste of the soup and smiled to say that it tasted good. “Then he misdiagnosed me with a major abscess, so he pulled three more for the abscess, and the three above those three so that they wouldn't rot away in their sockets. We didn't find out about the miss-diagnosis until after it was all over. Come to find out, the real problem was that I was grinding my teeth that caused the pain in my jaw-- not anything in my teeth themselves.

Anyway, in the end I had so few real teeth left it was decided to just finish them off and go with dentures. Implants would have been out of the question.” Jill probably planned it this way at the time-- seating us next to each other rather than across the table from each other-- I was well within arm's reach of her growing erection in plain view through the glass of the table. Reflexively, my hand went over to her meat and I began stroking her lightly-- enough to turn her on, but not enough that she wouldn't be able to maintain an intelligent conversation. I kept eating with my other hand as a crooked smile passed over Jill's face. “It was horrible going through that, especially in high school, but I really don't think that I could open wide enough for you if I still had them. Knowing what I know now I prefer that it happened. Clamping down on your dick when it's clean and dry is fun and all, but it really gets good after I've got you slippery in my mouth.” I cracked a smile and grabbed her penis tighter in my hand as my eyes went wide. “I love feeling your dick sliding in and out between my gums..... I wish I was feeling that again right now.” Smiling wider, I gave her another wink for emphasis. By now, I was lewdly stroking her and Jill was rock hard-- ready for more action.

“Here, let me help you then.” Jill said and with a bit of a grunt stood up from under the table. Her prick was proudly displayed before my face and I was mesmerized by its sheer beauty, salivating. “Suck me.” Jill urged softly. And I did just that, first focusing on her protruding foreskin. I sucked and sucked, raking my gums over the crown of her head much to her delight.

“Oh gawd yes.” she moaned. To help ease things along I caressed my hands up the backs of her legs and took a good, firm grip on each of her butt cheeks with each of my hands to make sure that I had more control and rocking over the blowjob I was giving the woman that I so deeply cared for. Before long I could hear my slurping sounds fill the room and I started getting really horny.

“Suck me off Jennifer. I want to come deep in your mouth and throat.” she groaned a little harder this time. I let her pop out of my mouth and replied:

“Get used to it Jill-- I love giving you a great blowjob”. Moving down to the base of her pulsating erection, I licked and licked again, then said: “Cum in my mouth.” Taking her back in between my gums again, Jill was already too lost in pacing herself to be able to speak. Several minutes of my joyously sucking, kissing, and nibbling up and down the length of her anatomy later, Jill was half rocking, half face fucking me with both hands behind the base of my skull. When she was almost ready to pop I had an idea. Bracing myself for swallowing what could be the “end all, be all” of cum blasts, I waited for Jill to be right at the brink of orgasm and then I carefully and deliberately pushed the end of my little finger up her anus. Boy was I rewarded! The whole house could hear her screaming for joy and it was all I could do to hang on as she was filling my throat so fast I almost gagged. When she was done spurting her gunk, I carefully sat her down in her chair to recover. I enjoyed swallowing so much sperm I figured that she wouldn't be able to even speak for at least a few minutes.

To keep from having to do them later, I quickly scooped up the dishes and walked them over to the sink. Without thinking I began rinsing them and placing them in the dishwasher next to me. Like I said, I was a little pre-occupied at the time and vaguely I remember hearing urgent rummaging around in the cupboard. There was a small splashing sound and the next thing I know, Jill had one hand grabbing me by the front of my hip and the other corkscrewing the end of a bottle of what I found out later was corn oil up my butt. I was in so much shock literally I didn't know what to do and Jill squeezed viciously on the bottle. The pressure of the cold fluid surging up my rectum felt strange in an odd sort of way and then Jill dropped the bottle on the floor, mounting me.

You want to shove things up my ass???” Jill accused in a rough, guttural tone of voice as she grabbed my other hip. Without waiting for an answer she viciously pushed the head of her penis up my anus so hard I shrieked in pain. To my horror, all those hours with the dumbbells paid off for her as she savagely hauled me away from the edge of the sink so I was hanging onto the edge for support and fully bent over for her use. Then she thrust into me deeper again. God it hurt!

.oO(I love Jill and I really would do anything for her...can she really be “raping” me???)Oo. From the angle that I was in, I looked up to the glass of the kitchen window and saw her reflection standing over me with that now familiar glazed look in her eyes. She thrust again-- I was in so much pain, all I could do was whimper.

“Relax, it hurts less. Let it happen.” she said. Her voice was low and gruff this time, almost an alto. Confused at being treated this roughly and not knowing what else to do, I obeyed as best I could under the circumstances. Shallowly, Jill started to hump me and my boobs began swaying in time to her thrusts. Before long, she began to moan.

.oO(Will I lose her if I say “No.” Fucking? Raping????)Oo. After a few more moments of this, my rectum must have loosened up and the pain lessened. Jill thrust again!

“Three inches.” she grunted.

.oO(My God! THREE INCHES left!???)Oo. I whimpered louder in response and considered asking her to stop. I truly wanted Jill in every way. The pain was “off the meter” and that was bad, but to be treated like this seemed a little too much. She did have that glazed look again-- was she really herself? I had too much pain, whimpering, and no answers. She started humping me again as before and I found my arm reaching down to hold my breasts in place as she moved back and forth. The truth was, hanging onto the edge of the sink for all my worth and with all that was going on after a few moments my nipples began to get hard. Her moaning was increasingly louder:

“Oh god...” Jill uttered between breaths. “I neeeed thiiiis....” and she thrust again.

We had come so far already I tried to imagine her “need” in terms of how badly I “needed” to swallow her sperm-- I had been gulping her cream for only a day or so, yet already even at that moment I very deeply craved her semen in my stomach again. I tried to imagine her goop sliding down the back of my throat over and over again. It was all I could do to keep from escalating to: “No, stop.”

.oO(Mercy!)Oo. I wailed in thought. .oO(God, I need HELP! She's too big!)Oo. Did God hear my prayer? I did not know. All I knew was that gratefully my ass muscles opened wider yet again. Jill slid her hips flat against mine and immediately roared into a full “weasel sex” thrashing orgasm, pumping buckets of her juices deep inside my asshole.

Slowly, carefully, Jill pulled back out of my rectum as soon as she was able. The cold air rushing up my ass didn't help to ease the pain I was in until my anus snapped shut again. My backside hurt so bad I was convinced that I would be unable to sit down for at least a week. It was all I could do to pull myself up on the edge of the sink and stand erect again. Turning around to face Jill, the last I remember the bottle of corn oil was well over half-full when it was in the cupboard. Now I spied the nearly empty container and splashings all over the floor. Jill was staring down at my feces on her penis in obvious terror.

“I'm sorry Jenn-- really I am.” Whatever came out of my ass I wasn't really sure, but I couldn't remember the last time I farted that loud or long. And then even though I tried to hold it in-- out came a mix of the fecal contents of my digestive tract and Jill's seminal fluid all over the floor. What I found more surprising than that was that I was in so much pain I didn't even bother to comment yet about the after effects of my first experience with anal sex. “I'll clean it up....I'll do anything. Please.”

.oO(Please about WHAT???)Oo. “Make a mess if you have to masturbate, I really couldn't give a shit.” I said flatly, “I'm going to bed. Please leave me alone.” and with that I mechanically walked around the corn oil and out of the kitchen. Ascending the stairs had to take at least two full minutes-- by the time I reached the landing I could hear the mop being wrung into the bucket.

Two codeine and eleven hours of sleep later I awoke alone. It's not that I didn't want to see Jill, it was just good to be without company at that moment-- solitude. There was that and the fact that if nothing else Jill was respecting my wishes. My ass was still in pain, but much better-- as long as I didn't even think about it touching anything or sitting down. Another codeine, twenty minutes on my stomach to give it a chance to work, and then I surmised that I was ready to face another day.

The kitchen was spotless-- even the counters. Hungry again, I started making a quick sandwich when Jill came down the stairs and toward me from the side, not from behind. I didn't stop preparing my food until she gently placed her hand over mine and held me. In the silence between us I thought it odd that her breast fully against my body wasn't turning me on as it normally should.

“Please forgive me.” I didn't move....

“I love you Jill....” I began, “....and I want all of you, in every way. It's not that....” I really didn't want to deal with this right now, but it did feel good to start getting it out in the open. Communicating between us was helping-- healing. “It wasn't so much the pain of your size...” I continued, “ was being treated that cruelly that hurt more than anything else.” Hot tears started running down my bare shoulder and back.

“Jennifer...I, I, I.....” I let her response hang in the air, letting my statement sink in.

“Not today, probably not even tomorrow, maybe not even next week.... If we prepare...say I suck you off for awhile to help you from getting so horny....and if you were in my ass, do you think that you could pull out if I asked?” I was glad that Jill didn't answer right away-- I wanted her to think about her answer and I was going to hold her to it, whatever it may be.

“....yes, I think so.” It wasn't the answer that I was hoping for, but even then I knew that I couldn't believe her best answer anyway. As out of control as she was half the time, it was all I could do to believe that she believed that she could pull back. Although my first experience with anal sex hadn't killed me, my buttocks were still a reminder of what had happened the day before. I considered, pausing before moving forward.

“Okay.” I conceded, and then turned in place to return her embrace. Placing my head on her shoulder, if anything she started sobbing harder and I just held her, supporting her through her emotional outburst. I was relaxing in her presence again, and my hand found her testicles and began stroking them softly.

“I have no excuse Jenn....” she began and by her tone I could only assume that she was trying to get something off her chest. I really wanted to be guzzling her seeds, but decided to listen. After getting this off her chest she would be more relaxed and cum all the harder in my mouth and pussy, “ first I had to take it by force. ...I ran away a lot after I was done. A lot of running....until I took refuge in a brothel and the girls there taught me how to masturbate hard enough to keep from having to rape....I just feel so guilty, that's all....”

“Sssshhhh,” I consoled her. “...tell me about them from the beginning.” and then I slid down onto my knees and began kissing the head of her now rock hard tool as I cradled her nut sac. Haltingly at first, she began her tale of the early hapless victims. “Here, let me help you.” I cooed, “....just keep talking it out.” She went on into her attempts at flashing others to get them going, then her more cunning, forceful rapes near the end. At first I had to stop from time to time to keep her talking. Once she understood what I was trying to do, everything was fine. As she really started releasing her fears and unpleasant memories, I began rolling her foreskin to either side and forcing it into my cheeks. Some sight it must have been-- her head making my face bulge lewdly. One, two, three, four, five, six times she came in my mouth, each time a little more powerful than the last. My knees throbbed and I continued to suckle her dry, investing in my lover to have a better long-term companion. Eventually when she was done I stood up and held her tenderly and deeply. She pulled back and looked at me:

“Can you ever forgive me?” Tenderly, I looked at her and responded:

“I love you Jill, and I will be only happy to help ease your pain with these things again whenever you want. Of course I forgive you... If you want absolution, see a priest.” I held her again briefly to console her and pulling back an evil smile passed my face: “But don't do that, I'd rather suck you instead.” And I winked at her for good measure.

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well it seems her first experience with anal didn't go to well, but, i assume they will do it again......... I'm not too keen on girl on girl sex, but, they way you tell it makes it interesting

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