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Megan considers herself the guardian of town morality. Until the geek next door turned the tables on her.
Once upon a time, there was a woman called Megan. Was? Well she's not so much a woman as a cock serving harlot now. and this story is about how man-kind made her realize her true calling.

This Megan, as she was called back then, had two special qualities. one was her comparatively good figure and a brain to match. now most men prefer a girl with a mix of brains and boobs, and for many, Megan was just that. A natural brunette, she was of medium build and had a "beautiful " face. one that was equally fit for kissing and cumming. to this she added a nice rack and ass. And she was the class/batch/university topper, the favorite of the professors.

Problem was, she had another quality, one which made the church mothers happy and the local guys as pissed as can be. she was a prude, and paraded her views on feminity, morality and other stuff like a parade. She dressed like secretaries in 60s, refuesed to party or hang out at any of the 'loose' places, which for her included discos, bars and the like. And she made it a point to snub any male who dared to treat her as a girl and not a stuck up bitch.

This by itself would have been fine, each district having one such antiquated specimen of warped morality. but she behaved like the country's moral standards rested on her shoulders. She had her Feminist Society ( bitch brigade to boys) that patrolled the college for kissing or any incorrect activity. she tried to block two boys from getting into honours society because they fucked their women before getting married! she failed though, and the guys made it a point to smooch whenever she was in the neighborhood. but her real fate lay in the future, in the hands of a geek called Steven.

She had first met Steven (or stewie to friends ) at a gathering of economists at the college auditorium. She became impressed by his presentation on GNP, and soon became friends. so steve became the first male to go to her house.

Sadly, Stewie had little experience with women, and megan even lesser with men. So our hero made the mistake of trying to get close with her parents in the vicinity. bitch protocol kicked in, and megan was soon giving him a lecture on proper behavior in front of her parents. Stewie cut a hasty retreat.

So Megan was surprised to learn a week later that stewie had invited her to a date, especially after she had made his visit a case study in the annual bitch brigade lectures. She figured he had learnt his lesson after all. Stewie indeed had learnt his lesson, one that megan sorely needed.

Megan decided to dress ultra conservative for the date, which would involve a drive and a dinner. She wore stockings for good measure, reminding stewie of his mother when he saw her. just as well, he thought. they drove to a secluded spot on the edge of town, where the road led to the hills and one got a good view of the town below. but megan was soon harangueing him on post modern feminism, so he decided to make his move.

quietly, he opened a bottle of whisky. megan stared at him, and told him she did not drink. he nevertheless poured out two measures, emptying half the bottle. he was soon taking sips, as she went on. Megan tried to ignore him as he drank.

But soon her inhibitions were slipping away. It was only stewie, she could handle any consequences. So she started sipping the bitter liquid. Stewie saw her drinking and smiled. it was now or never. taking her almost empty glass, he poured out another generous measure, adding a little white powder as she looked the other way.

Megan resumed her drinking, feeling proud and worried at having so much for the first time in her life. so when she started feeling drowsy, she blamed it on the alcohol.

Stewie watched as her speech got more and more incoherent. He intentionally poured his own half filled glass into hers with more powder thrown in. As she sipped the bitter intoxicant. he quietly slipped away .

When Megan finished her now incoherent sermon on women's lib, she found her head spinning. she sat down on the car's hood, realizing for the first time that stewie was gone. he had taken the car keys, meaning she was stuck till he returned. she lay down on the hood, her head lolling from side to side.

presently, she saw a figure emerge from the trees. it wasn't stewie. in her normal state, she would have recognised mark, captain of the basketball team and a hulk to boot. he seemed to be coming straight at her. she tried to get up, only to fall off the hood. the hulk stopped in front of her, and she saw him smile.

part of her brain told her this wasn't good, but her body refused to respond. she saw him reach out for her face, feeling her hair being pulled. she was raised by her mane to the hood. she now recognized him. but could only mumble.

she felt herself being spread out on the hood, her legs open and dangling from it, and her hands pinned by his to the sides. she made a desperate attempt to get up, but one hand went to her throat and pushed her down again. he now put one elboe firmly on her tummy, keeping her down as he fished in his jeans for something.

megan by now had no doubt about his intentions. bitch brigade specialized in sensitizing women on possible ways to get out of such situations. problem was, her judo karate and all the other self defence moves seemed to have deserted her. her limbs lay listlessly by her sides, and the elbow felt like a dumbell on her stomach adding to the feeling of helplessness that was gradually seeping into her self confident mind.

but worse was to come. he fished out a strange ring like device with straps, which she faintly recalled seeing in one of the bondage mags she had confiscated from a nerdy guy. she had never figured out why it was applied to a girl's mouth to keep it open. almost as if mark had read her thoughts, he pinched her nose to open hef mouth and easily placed the device in her mouth, securing it behind her neck.

the ring, placed in her mouth, made her drool, while keeping her mouth open. it also meant she could not protest as her tongue could hardly reach her teeth to speak. although she had still no idea what it was for, this unnatural opening made her feel more vulnerable, in an obscene way. she realized he could do whatever he wanted, and the horror of the possibilities brought tears to her eyes.

mark saw megan spread nicely. he wanted to strip her naked and take her then and there, but decided to honour the deal. he grabbed megan by her waist and pulled her down. she collapsed on her knees, but was prevented from falling forward by mark's sturdy legs. megan now had a view of a bulge in his pants, which even she knew was his imprisoned dick.

suddenly she felt him grab her by her hair and push her forward till her face was lined along his pants, her drool looking like precum on his crotch. Megan's naturally feminist mind reminded her that many girls took vows not to bow before a man and have him pull them by their hair. she had been proud of such upright girls. now as her mouth rubbed against coarse jeans, such girls seemed to belong to another world. but mark had more ideas. he quickly pulled down the zipper of his pants, pulling out a 9" black boner from its confines.

Megan had seen dicks before, in toilets where couples went for quickies, in porn mags. she had always tried to ignore them as sinful unless it be of the husband, and then too only when the wife wanted to make love. for her, sex could only be in the vagina, the place marked by creation for carnal union.mark , however, had no such thoughts. seeing megan reminded him of a freshman he'd "initiated " to college. she'd been stuck up too, but 4 hours of therapy had done it's job. sadly she got pregnant and left, she'd have made a great team fuck. not that the present bitch wouldn't. but she had to be trained first.

when Megan saw his hairy black boner approach her, her training kicked in. she thought up 15 different religious and social points to counter the abominable action. all that erupted from her mouth was "maaaaa" mark laughed as his fuckoy drooled more. knowing there was enough lubrication he began pushing in. Megan found her protests illegible to even herself as the dick steadily neared her. it hit her lips and began pushing in. at that moment Megan realized - her most potent weapon, her moral spitting mouth, was ni more. it had become a facial vagina for a man's use. as the dick began to push deeper, she began to cry.

mark now grabbed a handful of brown hair and began to adjust her mouth to his dick. doing so, he began pushing inti her throat. it made Megan gag, which only made mark push more enjoying the tightness. just as megan thought she would burst, he pulled out. megan saw his dick pull out coated In her saliva. but only to push in again and deeper. this time her face was pushed into his crotch, as mark enjoyed the sight of her brown hair mingling with his twisted black dickhair. and so it went on, Megan's head bobbing in and out on his pole as he used her head as a dickhole. he picked up speed, giving her less and less time to adjust, and she guessed he was somehow getting off on her. having always confined herself to the bare minimum needed to preach abstinence and chastity, she had no idea about blowjobs and face fucking. she now wished she had, it would have atleast told her what lay in store for her.

mark was by now close to cumming. he loved the hot mouth, with the tongue involuntarily making way for his invasive cock. when he could hold it no more, he pullex out, and placed it on her nose, between her eyes. he began squirting. the first globs landed on her eyes, coating them and making her blink furiously. the next few landed on her forehead and cheeks, some getting entangled in her hair where it fell over her face. the final few went into her mouth, giving her the first taste of manmilk. some of it trickled down to her blouse, wetting it.

stewie watched all this from a distance. his plan was getting along perfectly. there she knelt, her head in mark's hands, her body jerking to his strokes. perfect for a stuck up bitch. stewie had gotten hold of the supplies needed, including vodka. he decided to join the party.

mark finally pulled out, and moved back a few paces, clicking pictures on his camera. she just knelt there, drooling like a pig, knowing there was no help around and her body was still drugged. she saw stewie approach and her hopes rose. she began mumbling desperately for his attention. he seemed headed for her, but mark made no effort to stop him. strange, she thought, but she remained sure that her date would rescue her. he reached her, but did nothing. she looked up hopefully, trying her best to look as prudish as a mouth ring and a cumbath allowed her.

he looked down, and then kicked her in the stomach, making her roll over sideways. she couldn't believe this. steven, the shy polite boy, the good guy, had kicked her. how wrong could she have been? shock gave way to despair as he began to drag her up by her hair, just like mark.

getting her in a sitting position, he leaned close to her and grinned. he could see the horror and helplessness in her eyes, he enjoyed it. he suddenly grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as Megan closed her eyes in humiliation. she had always known that boys found her tits sexy, with the 34C cup that was just perfect for her figure. but any compliment had been brutally punished, for she taught that tits were an area meant for babies, not lustful men. now to have her breasts aqueezed so cooly, and without the slightest apology or fear, made her feel thoroughly degraded. to add insult to injury, he began calling her names every time he squashed her mams. bitch, slut, fucktoy, cunt, trash whore, names she abhorred all her life. he mixed this with slaps which stung as much as the pain in her boobs.

stewie now fished out a pair of scissors. pulling the cloth away from her tit, he cut it away, leaving her with a gaping hole through which her virgin white bra shone out. he copied it on the other tit. he then pulled down the cups, exposing her fat glands to the touch of a man. Megan had sworn that only one man would ever touch her there. now steiwe had made her chest into an obscene display, like a trash whore desperate for a fuck. he now lowered his mouth to her pert boobs, taking in the supple flesh in his hungry mouth, like an overgrown baby. he sucked long on the breasts, flicking his tongue on her rubber like nipples, as she looked on helplessly at the head at her breast.

he eventually pulled out, commenting on how he would milk his coffee from her tits once he got her pregnant. mark, to add to her humiliation, didn't bother to check out her tits, calling them udders fit for a milch cow. but stewie showed his appreciation by scribbling "tits" on her breasts.

the duo now concentrated on her thighs. stewie noted that such clothing would just not do on a slut. so he got rid of it, by shredding it. her panties were likewise disposed. her cunt was rapidly losing the protection she considered the birthright of every woman. worse, it cleared her mind of any doubt that she would be raped.

Mark and stewie were, in fact, planning in advance. They knew time was running out on them, especially as Mark had practice. So should they keep the cunt for later or do enough damage to ensure she wouldn't blab when set free ? Mark wasn't too impressed by Megan, but stewie would not stop, not when his days of planning were finally bearing fruit. Taking the initiative, he grabbed Megan's knees and pulled them apart.

What he saw wasn't quite pornstar quality, the said pussy being hairy with barely a slit visible. Nevertheless he probed at it, much to Megan's shame, as she began unwillngly responding to his fingers. Stewie soon found his fingers getting wet from the assault, knowing from porno vids that miss iceberg was melting.

He eventually slid a finger inside, enjoying the walls slick with juice. Then two fingers, and so on till his five fingers were pushing into her womb. Stewie now made a fist and pushed in. He didn't get very far, hitting a wall of sorts.

From stewies quizzical expression, mark knew megan had maidenhead. And so a tight puss. Giving a sly smile, he headed over and began roughly mauling her tits, pulling the sacks up till they dragged megan up , and then releasing them, making her fall down panting. He suggested to stewie to get on with the fuck. He didnt have all day for such average cunt.

Megan, although in shock from the assault, was stung by the insult. She was a conservative no doubt , but she wasn't unattractive. Hell, she remebered the time she had defiantly returned home in a bikini from the mall. Her dad had refused to let her in, but the local boys had shown plenty of appreciation. If she had been that type, she would have given cheerleaders a run for their money. She was no average....

Megan's ego nursing came to an abrupt end as she felt a rod at her entrance. From a feminine instinct predating feminism by ten millenia, she knew she was going to be mated. But her feminist psyche made the experience ten times worse: the look in those eyes made it ten times better for stewie,who wanted to use Megan, and teach her that that was all she was for- to be used.

His dick had been hard for ages it seemed, and now it began it's inward journey, pushing past her lips into her fertile core. He had forgotten to wear a condom, and mark had slyly refused to remind him - a pregnant slut was that much more enjoyable.

Stewie reached thr hymen, knowing that it was meant to be ripped apart, a sort of inauguration every woman went through. So, savouring the warmth of his date on his cock, he began to push. He saw megan bite her lip in pain, and increased the pressure. Mark saw this, and pinched both nipples just as her hymen tore, eliciting a high pitched moan from the deflowered girl.

Stewie now pushed in all the way, parting her walls as he headed for her cervix. He soon had the dick upto his balls in her cunt, enjoying the squeeze which her cunt involuntarily gave him. He looked deep into Megan's tearful eyes, the sadness of losing her Virginity before marriage flowing down her cheeks with the dried cum. Intentionally, he grabbed her boobs, twisted her nipples to breaking point, and pulled her up to a sitting position by her tits. Mark had wisely undone the bonds on her hands, knowing that the bitch was broken by now.

Megan was forced to face her rapist, her face inches from his as she finally felt the brutal pain in her tits ease. She saw him smile as he spread the tear drenched cum on her face with his finger. He enjoyed this particular degradation, knowing she hated being touched on the face. He put his hand in her mouth, pulling at her tongue as she salivated.

Stewie now gradually pulled out, his blood stained dick proof of her lost virginity. He rubbed his hand over it, taking the blood as much as possible. He then raised his bloody hand to her face, enjoying the pained look in her face. He then pushed it into her mouth, making her taste her own maidenhead. As she began licking on it, he began pusing in and out of her hole, brutally thrusting to increase the pain. With his free hand, he gave megan a merciless tit torture, mashing them like dough. He enjoyed the heavy titty, which made it easier to use as a handle for his thrusts. Pulling out the other hand, he grabbed her waist to maximize penetration, and pain.

Megan s mind was by now losing track of the humiliations heaped upon her. She knew she was being used, brutally, and could not escape. She closed her eyes and endured it best as she could. Stewie saw her closed eyes and passive body, briefly wondering if something was wrong. Mark reassured him by landing two hard slaps on her ass, making her blink in fear. Stewie was by now nearing orgasm, and mark decided to make it better. He grabbed the tits by the nipples, and pinched them just as stewie was building up. It caused her cunt muscles to tighten, and stewie couldn't hold it any longer. He came, flooding her cunt with boy cream as she seemed to milk every drop with her tightness.

Megan felt warm cum flood her genitals. She was in between two periods, and was terrified at having a baby with steve. In her alternate reality, she still thought stewie would marry her. She was dead wrong.

Mark now replaced stewie. And pushed in like a pro. For Megan it was agony. Mark was huge, and double stewie s thickness. He spent no time in niceties, ramming her from the word go. Megan soon felt her cunt walls getting sore from the brutality, her poor vagina refusing her the pleasure to counter the pain. Also, he treated her like road trash, using her because she lay there and he could, not by any attractions for her or her body. Stewie made up for the time by pulling out his belt.

Taking it with buckle dangling, he brought it down hard on Megan's chest, enjoying the way her booby bounced. He made her hold up the tits, so it was easier to whip, as she bounced like a trash whore with a cock to her pussy and whip to her slit. Soon, her tits were even more raw than her pussy, and she began to howl like a baby. A few hard slaps shut her up Again, but the torture went on.

Eventually, mark came, adding potent sperm to the abused hole. His cock slid out like a dildo, her cunt wide open by now.

The duo now undid her remaining bonds, but attached nippy clamps to her tits. A chain joined them, turning it into a leash. She was shoved into a skintight latex miniskirt, the antithesis of her dress sense. So decked, she was tied to the back, her legs dangling out from the open hatch in the back. The duo got in, and headed back to town. It was time to introduce miss prude, in her slut avatar, to the world......

(To be continued ).......


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