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Alec and I were only 16, yet he fucked me like he had been doing it all his life
I will start by saying, Alec was my best friend, and a cute stud. He knew I was gay, but he didn't care.
I though he was so hot. He had short blonde hair, and an amazing body. He must have been from mars, because his ass was out of this world :). In all seriousness though, his ass was perfection. It was firm and nice.
Alec would let me feel his ass every once in a while. He was such a grat friend in letting me do that. I had seen him naked before, seeing as we were as close as brothers.
Anyway, we first had sex at his house, and this is how it happened.

"Hello?'', I said when I picked up the phone.
"Hey man, it's Alec. My parents are out for a couple days, and I am really boerd over here. You should come and sleepover'', he said.
This wasn't unusual, him asking me to sleep over, we had slept over at each others house alot.
''Sure, let me tell my parents, and I will be right over'', I said quickly.
He didn't live far, so I hopped on my bike and rode over. I got there, and put my bike near the garage, and walked to the door. Alec must have seen me ride over, because he had already opened the door and let me in.
''Hey bro, we should watch a movie first'', he said.
I said ok, and went into the living room. We were about halfway through the movie when Alec looked at me and asked,''Do you think I am hot? Be honest!''
I said,'' honestly your the hottest guy I know''
He smiled at me and said,''Are you horny, I am''
I stared at him, a bit confused.
''Yeah, uh I guess'', I said
''Lets have some fun'', he said as he winked at me
He leaned over and pressed his lips against me. His juicy red lips. He then forced his tounge, and I played with his tounge, while we exchanged saliva. We made out for about 2 minutes.
I pulled away and said,''Alec, I love you''
He looked at me and said,''I love you too''
We went back to making out. He reached down, and felt my cock through my jeans. I moaned, and reached for his. He was wearing a pair of tight shorts, and his cock was making a tent out of them. He pulled away, and just looked at me for a little while. He got up and turned off the movie. He bent over, and his amazing ass seemed to be even hotter. He knew I was staring at it, and he said,''If you want it, come and get it''
I jumped of the couch, and went to go feel his ass. Before I got to it, he pulled down his pants and boxers and exposed his bare, beautiful ass. I put my hands on the cheeks, and started to rub.
''Slap it'', he said in a horny voice.
I slapped his ass, but not very hard.
''Harder!'', he said loudly and hornily.
I slapped as hard as I could, and he was loving it. I then started to feel his hole. It was clean, and beautiful. He was moaning with pleasure.
''Lick my hole'', he moaned.
So, I put my mouth and toung to work. Licking at his hot hple, and once in a while sticking it in. After about 5 minutes of this, he stood up straight. He said,''That felt great, but I think I would rather have a cock in there.''.
So he bent over, and spit in his hand, and lubed up his ass as well as possible. I spit on my dick, and made it slippery.
''Stick it in real fast, don't stop if I scream!'' He yelled.
I followed orders, and stuck it in. When I started sticking it in, he started yelling in pain and in pleasure. I finally got all in, and started pumping. I was going hard and fast and he loved it. He started pushing his ass back so he could try to get more. Then all of a sudden, he cummed all over the couch. That made me blow my load right in his ass. I had so much, it was leaking out of his ass.
I pulled out, and we cleaned up. We went back to watching the movie, and cuddled with eachother until we fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning, and Alec was already up and waiting for me. He kissed me and said,'' That was so great last night''.
''It was. We should probably take a shower, you can go first.'', I said
''Actually we should go together'', he said and he smiled.
We went to the bathroom, and we undressed and stepped into the shower. While we were in there, we washed eachother.
''Bend over'', he said finally.
I was ready for this and was excited. He did'nt go slow at all, and I moaned loudly. He was going so fat and hard, his balls were slapping against me. He was moaning hornily, and I was loving it. Without noticed, he cummed in my ass. He waited until he was soft, and then pulled out. Then he got to his knees, and sucked me off.
We then finished washing, and went downstairs. Soon enough it was time for me to leave. He kissed me goodbye, and told me he loved me, and couldn't wait until we did it again

I need 421 words to make this an actual story, so I will tell you about #teamerotic. There are 3 of us on the team. Jason, Isaiah, and me. Only Isaiah and I have stories on here, but Jason is getting around to telling us about his first time. Check out the story, Gideon and I.


That joke btw, I think was hillarious.

This is a true story!!
Keep the comments nice!!

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2012-02-17 21:48:41
Great story so far. Keep it going. Would like to know what happened after your first encounter.

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2012-02-17 20:30:08
it was hot but neeeded more details

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2012-02-17 20:06:01
Oh shut the fuck up person below me. This story mad me hard and thats what people are after on this site!

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2012-02-17 20:04:07
good story a little more detail woulda been cool but still good, by detail i mean a little more explanation of what happened when a guy you thought was straight started kissing you and told you to fuck him... you didnt even stop for a second to question this and say are you sure?

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2012-02-17 15:02:19
Go #teamerotic! This is a hella good story!!

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