Another story about Jess. You probably don't have to read all of the other ones to understand this one ... but if you want to read more about her, go back and read my other stories.
“How does it look?” Mommy said to Daddy, staring behind him into the oven.

“Fine.” He said, then looking back at Mommy, “Beautiful, like you.” His hand slip around him and pulled her close, kissed her.

Jess honestly didn't know how to feel when she watched this. They were so cute together, but …when she saw them she felt jealousy rising.

“When are Keith and Kevin coming over?” Mommy asked.

“They should be here soon.”

Jess groaned inwardly. She grabbed a can of pop and some crackers and prepared to hide in her room.

“Hey, no, what are you doing?” Daddy asked. “What about dinner?”

Jess mumbled something but she was already part way to her room. Closing the door behind her, she jumped on her bed and sat there for a moment, trying not to think about Kevin and Keith coming over. But … trying to push that out of her mind only brought thoughts of Daddy and Mommy touching each other.

Jess had been trying for the last fews days to get Daddy to touch her again, but he didn't seem that interested. Every now and then she had caught him watching her ass, but he didn't touch her … Not like he touch Mommy.

Getting up, Jess started to look through her clothes for something that Daddy would like. She had bought a school girl outfit. Plaid skirt, white button up shirt, long stockings. Taking of her jeans and t-shirt, she stared at herself in the mirror for a second. Her panties and bra were plain and white and she didn't like that … she didn't think Daddy would like that. Running back to her clothes she found her lace black panties and put them on. Taking of her bra, Jess put on the shirt and skirt, then walked back to the mirror.

The shirt was tight and Jess could see her nipples pushing out through it. The skirt was short, showing off her long skinny legs. Staring at herself, Jess could imagine Daddy's hands on her, moving up her breasts, feeling her nipples, his other hand moving down her skirt to her leg, then up. As she stared, Jess put her hands on her body, moving them like she imagined Daddy moving them. One hand rubbing her young perky breasts, the other sliding up under the skirt to her panties.

Watching herself was starting to get Jess turned on. She didn't really know why, but her hand started to stray under the panties. She felt the slit of her pussy and began to gently run her fingers along it. Her breathing was getting a little faster and shorter. In the mirror, Jess could see her breasts starting to rise and fall, the nipple sticking out hard. The whole image was turning her on more and she began to slip her middle finger just inside of her slit.

Watching herself seemed wrong, it felt wrong to her, but it was turning her …

Hand on the door knob.

The click of it turning.

Jess pulled her hand out from under her skirt and twisted around to see who it was.

“Hey sis, whatcha doing in her?” Keith said walking in, Kevin behind him. Kevin snickered at the word sis, but they both stopped when they saw her. She stood in the middle of the room, staring at them. Red hair falling over the white shirt, nipples hard under it. She was breathing hard, both from what she had just been doing as well as the scare of being caught, and this pushed her breasts against the shirt, framing them even more.

“What do we have here?” Kevin said, closing the door behind him.

“Wow,” Was all Keith said. The two of them walked up on either side of her. Kevin reach up to touch, but Jess backed way.

“What do you want?” Jess asked, tried to sound as annoyed as possible.

“We just wanted to say hi to our sister.” Keith said, exchanging smiles with his brother.

“Yeah, we missed you and wanted to see how you were doing.”

“And maybe we wanted something else.”

“Just a little thing, you know.”

“What?” Jess tried not to sound worried.

“We want what Daddy is getting.”

“We know what you guys were doing in the Kitchen when we came over the other day.”

“No.” Jess's voice was firm, or at least she thought it sounded firm … she tried to make it firm.

“Well, see, the thing is, we respect that decision and all … but ...”

“We wouldn't want to have to tell your mom about what you and dad have been doing.”

“No, no we really don't, that would hurt her so much.”

“She would probably cry.”

Jess's mind raced. She tried to think of something to say, something she could do. Kevin put his hand on her shoulder.

“Would you also tell Daddy about how you had your cock in Mommy's mouth.” Jess looked up at him. Kevin studied her face.

“Alright, alright. We probably won't tell him.”

“No sex either.”

“Not from you at least.” Kevin took his hand off Jess's shoulder. Jess wasn't quite sure what that meant, but she let it go, hoping that they would leave soon.

“But perhaps you could do something else. For old times sake. Just a little something.” Jess looked at Kevin confused for a moment, then realized what he wanted.

“I don't ...”

“You've done it so many times already,” Keith chimed in. Jess looked back and forth between them, saw the determination on their face. She didn't think they would be leaving without something.

“Alright.” Jess said finally. Kevin smiled, pulling down his pants and sat down on the bed. Jess knelt between his legs. Taking his hard prick in her hand she leaned forward, opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock in, sucking on it. Then she began to slide up and down the shaft.

“Shit she is good,” Kevin moaned.

“Oh man, you got to get a look at this,” Keith said from behind her. “This ass, man, it is amazing.”

“Lift your ass up so I can see it.” Kevin commanded. Jess did what she was told. Her head gently bobbing up and down on his cock. “Oh that is nice.” Jess felt his hand on her head, pushing her down a little, to make her go faster.

Jess continued to suck, her tongue, moving around and playing with the head of Kevin's cock. Then she felt the hands on her hips. Keith was grabbing her ass, feeling it, then he pulled the skirt up, exposing her panties.

“Oh man, look at that. Look at what this little slut is wearing.” Jess stopped what she was doing, worried about where this was going.

“I think she is scared.” Kevin laughed.

“Don't be scared, Jess. We won't do anything to you, just looking.” Jess felt Kevin's hand pushing her down again, eager for her to continue. After a moment of hesitation she started sucking again.

Jess felt Keith's fingers slip under the band of her panties.

“Don't worry Jess, still just looking.” Keith said as he pulled the lace panties down. Jess wasn't sure what to do, but she didn't resist Kevin's hand.

“Oh that is nice. You are missing out.” Keith said to Kevin. Jess heard the sound of Keith moving around and then the clicking sound of the camera on his phone. She tried to pull back, to protest, but Kevin's hand held her head in place.

“I don't think she liked that.” Kevin laughed.

“I bet she did, the little slut loves it.” Jess heard something else, the sound of a zipper. Then Keith's hands where on her hips again and she felt the head of his prick brushing up against her pussy. She began to struggle, trying hard to pull her head off of Kevin's cock. But Kevin held her in place, not letting her pull back and Keith's strong hands wouldn't let her move the rest of her body.

“Now I know that she doesn't like that,” Kevin said.

“She will in a minute.” Keith said smuggle. Then forced his way inside. Jess let out a scream that was muffled by the cock in her mouth. She tried to push back, putting her hands against the bed, but Kevin grabbed them roughly and handed them back to Keith. Keith used one hand to hold her tiny wrists in place and kept the other on her hips. Using both to hold her in place, he began to driver his cock into Jess.

Jess tried to struggle, but it didn't matter, from behind Keith held her tight plugging his cock into her. From the front, Kevin held her head and shoulders, his hips were also pumping his cock into her mouth. Not that he really needed to, being slammed from behind forced her forward deeper onto Kevin's cock.

“How is that pussy?”

“Oh fuck man, it is amazing. Tight. Wet. Amazing.”


Was she wet?

Oh god she was. Jess didn't know what that meant. Was she enjoying this? No. God no. She didn't like this. Jess could feel the cock slamming inside of her. It felt so big inside of her, filling her up. And so powerful, so forceful, just pounding way at her pussy. She felt the tingling inside of her. The feeling of an orgasm building.

Daddy had always been a little gentle with her, compared to this. But, this ... God, this was ...

“See, I told you this slut would enjoy it.” Keith said, not letting up on her pussy. “You can she just by looking at her that she loves cock inside her.”


No. That wasn't suppose to be happening.

She couldn't be liking this.

Jess wasn't even paying attention to the cock in her mouth, which is why she was surprised when cum filled her mouth.

“Oh god,” Kevin moaned as he shot cum into Jess's little mouth. He stopped pumping his hips into her, but he didn't let go of her head, holding her tightly still so that his brother could continue his fun.

Jess couldn't concentrate on swallowing the cum, only a little went down her throat. The rest ran out of her mouth down Kevin's shaft.

Keith continued to pound, getting faster and more wild. Then he shoved his cock in deep and released, filling Jess's pussy with his cum.

The feeling of him cumming in her.

Of him claiming her pussy.

Conjuring her.

It pushed her body of the edge and she came, came while her mind screamed no.

The two brothers sat still for a moment, enjoying the feeling that comes right after a good fuck. Then Jess felt their grips lessen and finally let go.

“I told you man. She loved that. You should have felt her cum on my cock. And look at her now, she loved it so much she can't even move.”

Kevin and Keith snicker together as they looked down on her.

“Maybe you were a little to hard on her. A little girl like this, I'm not sure she is ready for that kind of pleasure.”

They got up quickly, pulled up their pants and walked out. Jess stayed on her hands and knees gasping, cum running out of her pussy and mouth. She could hear them laughing and talking as they walked down the stairs.

Jess tried to stand up, but her legs were shaking. She crawled to her bed and climbed up on it, just laying there for a moment before the tears started to come.

Was she a slut?

Was that all she was?

No. No. She kept telling herself. But … but she had cum. She had cum while he … with his cock inside her she had cum. Like a little whore.

She didn't know how long she lay there, crying alone. She didn't move at all the whole time.

“Jess, Grandma's here.” Jess heard Mommy shout. Forcing herself up, she took of the shirt and skirt and panties. Cum was running down her leg. She wiped it up with the shirt then through both in the corner. She would throw them out later. Jess put her jeans back on, as well as the t-shirt. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to smile. Tried to fake a smile. Had to practice a little so that no one downstairs would know.


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You've officially gained a dislike and one less follower, this is not rape it is reluctance, or she would not have enjoyed it. Get your sex straight.

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