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Again, If you are not interested in bestiality, or unwilling to fantasize about experiments into the inter-breeding of humans and dogs - YOU MIGHT WANT TO STOP NOW! This is the second chapter of a story I created awhile ago. It is setup on the premise in medical theory that humans and animals cannot inter-breed. Or, put more simply that a human female cannot become pregnant from sexual contact with a dog. But, then where did Pan and other mythological part man part animal creatures come from? What if ?? if ??. if science found out that ?.. it had been possible once? Ok, now you know the premise!! And, clearly the story will involve - 1. Bestiality and 2. Human Pregnancy - so you are properly warned. If that offends you stop now and don't keep reading so you can tell me what a sick f ???. I am!

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Camp Humano Cão - 3
by Horseman919 - Copyright May 23, 2008, All rights reserved.

Chapter 3 - A Dog's Bride

Part 1

Dr. Cão was waiting downstairs just outside the door to the Rec. Room as the two women approached. Looking Jackie over from head to toe Cão softly whistled in appreciation of the new image he saw before him.

Jackie blushed, but smiled raising her chin and giving her head a slight tilt just as she, and the world, had watched her mother do many times for the press!

“Are you ready to become Baron’s bride?”, he asked looking deeply into Jackie’s eyes.

Looking directly at the Doctor and lifting her shoulders she said, “Sim!”

Dr. Cão smiled that she had chosen to reply and commitment in Portuguese. “Bom!”, he replied, as he shaped his fingers before her eyes. Jackie immediately relaxed as Dr. Cão spent several minutes taking her deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance. When he sensed that Jackie was very deep into the hypnotic dimension, he spoke softly to her.

“Jackie you ……. we …… have been preparing for this moment for almost 6 years now, haven’t we?” Jackie moaned softly and nodded in reply.

“First we will have your wedding commitment with Baron!” There are several witnesses who will watch this ceremony and your exchange of collars and rings! But, you will only be aware of Baron, Professor Fitzroy and I. Do you understand?”

“Sim!”, nodded Jackie.


“As you know from our work over the past few months, there will be some discomfort and even a bit of pain related to both the ceremony and you’re first mating!”

Jackie nodded again.

Cão had been working with Jackie for over five of their six years together to accept first public displays of her own nudity and then, for the last year and a half, to accept pain as a sexual stimulant and to not be frightened by needles, clamps, blood or pain. He also had been able to move Jackie into letting both he and Baron have access to her pussy and later her budding breasts and nipples. Then he had begun to introduce her to the pain / pleasure relationship. He had started by pinching the lips of her little cunt, working up to clamps, then as the first little hairs started to form removing them one or two at a session through electrolysis.

He had done the same with her little nipples in the last 6 weeks as her breasts began to show some signs of roundness, graduating to actually piercing each nipple with small needles.

“Remember you can cure pain by turning it into a sexual release!”, suggested Cão .

Jackie was shifting her legs to create some stimulation as she nodded staring at Dr. Cão.

“Once the ceremony is over, we will go to another room that you will see only as a mating place for you and Baron. And, all other things, people and sounds will be blocked from that image in your mind, except of Professor Fitzroy……Susan and I of course. Do you understand?”, Cão asked as Jackie nodded getting more excited by the moment.

“Susan will be your maid of honor and will help you in the mating ritual. You are welcome to show your gratitude in any way you wish!”

“Ummmmmmmm”, moaned Jackie!

“The only voices you will respond to will be that of Susan or I! Are you ready?”

“Sim! Soon please!”, begged Jackie.

Part 2

As the door to the room opened Jackie could see that it had been transformed into what looked like a movie setting. There was a fabric drop with images of Pan from Greek or Turkish wall paintings, and the floor was covered with an oriental style carpet that depicted combinations of half men and almost every kind of animal, including serpent and fish depicted throughout time. The figures danced, played and mated around a large Aztec style sun that occupied the center of the round carpet.

A large pipe ring was suspended from the ceiling and from it hung a wine red scrim like fabric that bracketed the side of the carpet from the drop around each side and stopping just short of meeting to form an entry. Two large wooden candle sticks about 5 feet high were placed in front of the backdrop, in a position that made it look like the facing Pan’s were holding them. In front of the drop and between the lighted candles stood an old sturdy table, which resembled an alter.
On it’s front were carvings of Pan, in the dog form, and Centaurs skillfully rendered into the wood. Several objects were sitting on the alter top.

Fabric also formed a ceiling arching up from the outer ring toward a very small ring in the center. The upper fabric created an oriental tent affect and finished the environment, effectively cancelling out the space beyond. Out of Jackie’s awareness and beyond the scrim surround - still and movie camera men stood at the places where the scrim panels touched and a clear view for a lens could be obtained.

In the shadows at the rear right and left room corners, positioned so that there was a view of the center of the carpet through the scrim, sat a very old woman on the left and a couple, even deeper in shadow, on the right.

Baron was waiting in the center of the setting, like a groom for his bride. he wasn't tied there? Rather, he was waiting on Jackie as if he knew the process of the ceremony and what was expected of him.

A rhythmic guitar was strumming from somewhere and it seemed to beat with the flicker of the candle flames. The center of the carpet was illuminated brighter than the edges and both the spotlight and Baron seemed to beckoning to Jackie.

Dr. Cão had moved ahead and stood next to Baron facing Jackie and Susan as they approached the opening to the ceremony setting.

Moving slowly, Susan and then Jackie entered the space with Susan holding the fabric back for the young bride. They approached Baron taking a position to his right. Dr. Cão raised his hands toward the ceiling and said, “Creator of all, bless the union of your creature Baron and his bitch Jacquelyn Estrela and their progeny!”

There was a sharp intake of breath from the shadows on the right, while the old woman on the left nodded her head staring at the scene before her!

“Jacquelyn Estrela, do you accept Baron Estrela as your dominate and desire his seed as the source of your children? If so, say in Portuguese, “Votre engagement! (Your commitment!)

Jackie replied, “J'accepte le Baron comme le père de mes enfants futurs!” (I accept Baron as the father of my future children!)

And, you make this choice freely knowing that you will be the bitch of Baron and will mate only as Baron chooses?!”, asked Dr. Cão.


“Bom! Then from this moment on as long as Baron lives you are La Chienne de Baron!” (Baron's Bitch)

Dr. Cão turned and took two collars from the table behind him handing one to Jackie and the other to Susan, who now stood slightly behind by between Jackie and Baron.

Turning the large leather collar in her hand Jackie read the inscription on the silver center plate which said, Le chien de Jacquelyn et le maître, April 4, 1964. (Jacquelyn's dog and master)

Susan turned the beautiful gold necklace and jeweled / collar choker in her hand so Jackie could read the inscription which said, La Chienne de Baron, April 4, 1964. (Baron's Bitch)

Jackie smiled and put her collar around Baron’s neck kissing him on the top of his muzzle. Baron responded with a lick across Jackie’s mouth. Then, Susan put the jeweled collar around Jackie’s neck and closed the necklace / collar with a click that sent a shiver down both Susan’s and Jackie’s spines.

Dr. Cão said, “Jacquelyn , take off your dress please!”

Susan unzipped Jackie’s dress and helped her step out of it.

Dr. Cão picked up a suction cup devise and placed it over Jackie’s left nipple pumping the ball until the nipple was extended more than half of an inch into the cup. Then he placed another one on her right nipple repeating the pumping until they matched.

Jackie stared at Baron and never blinked as this procedure had already become familiar to her.

Taking a large hollow needle from the table Dr. Cão, ran his left hand along the slit of Jackie’s cunt finally grasping her left cunt lip just as it became defined above her clit, and passed the needle through the soft flesh.

In the shadows the old woman nodded. And, the woman of the couple moaned and buried her head into the man’s neck. He held her but, he noticed her hands were rubbing between her legs and she was breathing hard.

As the needle pierced her, Jackie drew in her breath sharply but, immediately tried to press her clit into Dr. Cão’s hand. Not missing a beat, Dr. Cão grasped the right cunt lip and making sure the needle was straight and level pierced the exact opposite lip of Jackie’s hairless sex.

Again, Jackie drew in a sharp breath but, immediately tried to press harder into Dr. Cão’s hand.

Dr. Cão showed Jackie two small gold rings with tags suspended from them. One said. “Le con” and the other “de baron!” (Baron's cunt!)

Jackie glanced at Susan, smiled and nodded, so Dr. Cão inserted the open portion of one of the rings into the hollow of the end of the needle and drew it backward out of the soft flesh of the right lip. Putting the other ring in the hollow of the needle he pulled it through the opposite side.

A couple of drops of blood ran down Jackie’s pussy lips where the needle had been removed and Baron, who had been watching the process, licked the blood away.

Jackie was trying to stay still, but she was clearly fucking Baron’s tongue. The woman in the shadows was having a climax. The man’s hand was up under her dress and she was jolting with sexual spasms. The old woman was nodding her head and smiling with a toothless grin saying in a whisper, "Sim, Sim!".

Then Dr. Cão removed first the left suction cup from Jackie’s nipple, which stood proudly about a half inch from her areola like her school’s large pencils erasers. This time Dr. Cão’s produced two small “D” shaped rings with small 1/4th inch balls in the middle of the curved portion of the “D”.

He inserted straight section on one ‘D”, which looked more like a skewer or the post of an ear ring, horizontally through the nipple base where it stood off of the areola itself. Again, Jackie drew in a sharp breath and bit on her lower lip but, this time held Baron’s head and long tongue to her cunt. Using the same procedure he had used before he inserted the straight side of the other through Jackie’s previously pierced nipples, then he closed the shapes with a small treaded caps.

Susan said into Jackie’s ear, “I will tell you the function of those rings later, but once you are suckling your puppies, you will want to remove those so they can’t pull on the rings.”

Dr. Cão took Jackie by the hand and led her to the table behind him. Asking her to sit on the table and lay back he withdrew a jeweler’s solder from under the table. As Susan held Jackie’s head, Dr. Cão carefully but permanently closed the rings in her cunt lips.

Heat from the rings caused the piercings to cauterize, effectively sealing the piercings, while giving off a faint odor of burning flesh. Looking into Susan’s eyes, Jackie murmured, Oh God!”, more from the smell than the pain.

The old woman in the shadows nodded, while the younger woman on the other side licked her lips watching intently, as she climaxed again. The younger woman had the look of an unmade bed, and the man she was with smiled as he watched all of the people around him.

Part 3

Normally, Baron never pulled Jackie along as they walked on their outings along the streets of the city. But, with the ceremony over, and it was an eager Baron that pulled Jackie toward the Photo Studio as she held onto his lead.

Two thoughts occurred to Jackie almost at the same time, “Baron knows I’m safe or he would be at my side!” And……”I really think he knows what is next!” The idea that Baron was acting like the eager lover made Jackie smile as it made her think of him as …………what……….more ……….human?

“Why not!”, she thought as his eager pulling made her lope down the hallway in her 5” heels. “You’re not helping me look very graceful - oh lover of mine!”, she said to Baron.

As they arrived at the Photo Studio, Baron scratched at the door eager to be let in. Jackie turned the handle and Baron pushed open the door by leaping up with his front paws.

The door swung open and Baron paused looking up at Jackie as she took in the altered and transformed surroundings.

“Oh wow!”, breathed Jackie as she stared at the white gossamer hung from frames holding lights focused on the center of the Photo Studio. A pure white carpet, with a center circle about six feet in diameter colored in blood red, extended to the edges of the frame. At the far corner forming a kind of L sat two white leather sofas. Above almost as large as the square carpet was a four sided frame making a vaulted ceiling out of gold veined mirror squares.

With Jackie’s grip on the lead loosened, Baron walked to the center of the setting like the groom he was and waited for his bitch.

Somewhere in the back of Jackie’s mind she had a vision of seeing a similar scene of a first mating ceremony, but the details were vague and she let the thought slip away.

Susan still carrying Jackie’s white outfit from the ceremony, and Dr. Cão came up behind her.

Immediately, Dr. Cão snapped his fingers and returned the girl to a trance like state.

He repeated, much of what he had said before the ceremony again emphasizing the fact that her world existed only within the frame work and the carpeted area.

Then he gave Jackie some new instructions saying, “This is your first mating, so just go and play with Baron. Get on the floor or one of the sofas and snuggle with him! Rub him! And, become aware of his body and its changes. Then let Baron take the lead!”

While Dr. Cão was talking to Jackie, other figures entered the Photo Studio from another door. They stayed in the shadows, but Baron was very aware that this was a time of gathering.

Four movie cameras were placed at the corners of the square and aimed so that each would not photograph the other.

What Jackie could not see, or choose not to see, were the other people in the room just outside of the setting. There were camera men for all four cameras as well as one with a portable camera. Sitting almost unnoticed in the shadows sat the couple and the older woman. Carla helped the older woman take he seat.

Heather was there with a tray with several objects with a white cloth draped over it in her hands. Heather placed the tray upon the table between the sofas before she slipped out through the gap between the cloth panels at the rear.

As Dr. Cão and Susan escorted Jackie to the center of the room, Jackie being her mother’s child and having posed for photographers in this very room, did a slow turn …. showing off in the spotlights as much out of her memory as for Baron. Dr. Cão smiled and whispered to Susan, “She is going to be quite a sensation!”

“More than the world knows if she happens to get pregnant by Baron!”, stated Susan watching Jackie play with Baron’s ears as she rubbed her face against his.

Baron jumped up and put his front paws over Jackie’s shoulders presenting her with a long lick up her neck and chin. Jackie giggled and hugged the large dog who stood at equal height in this position.

Jackie put her head over Baron’s left shoulder and rubbed her face and silky hair against the dog’s neck and jowls letting her hands and fingers rub deeply into the dog’s coat along his sides and belly. The dance continued for several minutes, with Baron licking Jackie’s neck and shoulders while she explored Baron’s body with her hands.

The dance might have continued much longer except for the fact that all the close contact had made the tip of Baron’s pink red veined member start to poke out of its sheath. While that in its self seemed to be part of the dance, one of Jackie’s rubbing strokes made her fingers connect with the tip of his sex.

A look of curiosity crossed Jackie’s face and her two hands reached for and explored the tip and sheath of this new object.

Clearly, this as too much for Baron to take! He jumped down and licked himself to ease the sensations.

Jackie laughed and started to reach again for the object she could now clearly see. As she encircled the dog’s growing member with her hands the mood clearly changed between them both. Jackie was still giggling and rubbing her self against Baron, but her eyes were steadfastly fixed on her lovers growing red hot sex.

Baron whined a bit but, then he started licking Jackie’s exposed breasts making the new golden rings in her nipples dance and sparkle as they caught the light.

The feel of Baron licking her breasts was turning Jackie on but, it also tickled so laughing she pushed him away and then rolled the great dog over on his back reaching once again for his now very enlarged red and blue veined member. The fingers of her left hand encircled the now almost glowing red and enlarged phallus while the finger nails of her right hand scratched the fur of the sheath and the dog’s large balls.”

The dual sensation caused Baron to whine more loudly and to try to insert his head into the action her hands played out.

“I can do this myself!”, Jackie giggled shouldering his head away.

Susan and Dr. Cão had entered the enclosure and Susan leaned down next to Jackie’s ear and whispered, “Take him in your mouth!”

A sexy smile crossed Jackie’s lips as this new idea sprang into her mind.

Leaning forward on her knees she dove for Baron’s sex organ and began to kiss and lick its tip. Treating the phallus like a popsicle, she began to suck the head of the cock extracting some pre-cum as she did. She stopped for a moment considering this new taste. Finding it a bit nutty, metallic and salty, but sweet as well, she dove back down for more.

Baron now looking at Jackie’s exposed pussy began to lick her smooth puffy slit with his great long tongue in strokes that gained speed, making the little gold tags ring when they touched, as he continued. This new sensation of his rather rough tongue, it’s exploration of her cunt lips and clit, made Jackie moan with pleasure around Baron's stiff penis.

It was clear to everyone watching and filming that Jackie was building to a climax as her eyes glazed over and the exposed skin on her legs and shoulders rippled with electric like nervous pulses. Jackie was now sucking pre-cum out of the tip of Baron’s organ. But, the rough licking of her little clit and pussy made a powerful organism burst through her body sending her lurching forward taking almost all of Baron’s length deep down her throat.

Choking a little Jackie straightened, releasing Baron from her grip, as her body convulsed over and over from the explosions within her nervous system.

Extracting himself from under his bitch, Baron quickly came around behind her landing both front paws on her upper back causing Jackie to fall forward onto her hands and knees. Baron used this moment to mount her from behind.

Slowly he crawled over Jackie straddling her body while simultaneously trying to find her love hole to insert himself. His enlarged cock could only rub on her ass cheeks obviously frustrating him. Thrusting feverously with his hips the length of his now 8” member rode the slit of Jackie’s little ass. Baron was not satisfied with this result and after a dozen strokes he growled at Jackie.

Baron dismounted and remounted the little bitch several times his frustration building from a lack of successful penetration. As he dismounted once again. Dr. Cão said simply, ‘Present!” And Jackie fell forward lowering her shoulders and placing the side of her head against the carpet.

This was exactly what Baron wanted and mounting again the tip of his penis found the opening between her smooth vagina lips instantly. The climax she experienced had made Jackie very wet so, within two thrusts Baron had entered Jackie’s virgin vagina. Jackie felt his shaft enlarge even more once inside her and she could feel her virginal muscles surround every inch of his engorged fucking rod as her body naturally sucked on her Master's sex tool trying to extract every drop of his cum. Her responses, as he pushed, were driven harder from the effects of what ever the aphrodisiac was in the precum that the dog first sprayed inside her sucking mouth.

When Baron broke through her virginity, Jackie raised a little screaming, “Oh! Ouch! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit……………………….WOW…………..Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”, in response to the moment of sharp pain.

Two of the cameras zoomed in to capture the two lines of blood snaking their way down the inside of this good little girl bitch’s thighs and even closer then as they continued to make a line down onto and down the white hose.

Susan had taken a position near Jackie’s head sitting on the carpet, with her legs straddling Jackie’s head and shoulders, so she could stroke the young girl’s hair and arms.

By the third complete deep thrust Jackie had lowered her head again and had found herself looking into Susan’s damp sex. The sent made her even more aroused so she took a tentative lick in an imitation of Baron. Hearing Susan moan and liking the smell and taste of pussy juice Jackie began to lick and nibble in earnest as she rocked on her knees and thrust back into Baron’s incredibly long member meeting him stroke for stroke.

"Oh … oh … oh .. oh . oh oooohhhh!", Jackie cried out in orgasm several times cuming in squirts. Her ass cheeks jiggled with each thrust and her pussy stretched out then in again as Baron's big red cock completed the reality of their union.

Susan whispered into Jackie’s ear, “Now you ARE me!”

Jackie grinned in response saying over and over, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes………YEEEES!”, climaxing again.

Baron’s canine balls firmed up while hardening in preparation for sending the swirling semen to speed up the travel inside these two male containers of puppy fluid. The action built so hot juice could be shot out at an accelerated rush to get as far into Jackie’s cervix as possible. Jackie began screaming and moaning as her body bucked and pulsated with extreme vibrations from Baron’s animalistic thrusts as he almost lost his grip as Jackie's thrusting butt lifted his legs momentarily.

Baron began spurting his hot seed deep inside Jackie as she kept moaning for more and his knot became further enlarged to 2-1/2 inches in width holding and tightly sealing her vagina from leaking any escaping seminal fluids mating canine and his human bride together. With that very hard and erect cock spewing hot cum while keeping the full load of his semen deep inside his little bitch, the dog clearly hoped he would fertilize his bitch’s animalistic eggs and allow her to bare his off spring.

His palpitations finally subsided with his arched back remaining in his humped position and the knot fully expanded. Jackie just continued to moan with satisfaction as her palpitations continued to cause jolts from her cunt walls feeling the pressured sealing touch of the knot which also continued to stimulate her vaginal opening as his penis vibrated inside her clitoral walls.

With Baron’s huge cock surging through her Jackie nearly fainted throwing herself back into her lover one last time. Jackie’s eyes opened wide as Baron used her last backward thrust to push the knot passed the opening completely into the girl’s vaginal opening with a pronounced pop.

Jackie let out a deep gutteral “Uuuuugh!” sound as the knot entered and her eyes rolled back as the room becoming very still. Now that his knot was in her he started shooting his sperm like a molten river into her cunt. Jackie moaned as her no longer virginal cunt filled with the very hot fluid of life.

Jackie could feel his puppy juice shooting deeper and deeper inside her. To Jackie it felt like little hot fire ants were crawling deeper and deeper into her core. Later, she would tell Susan about this feeling and that it had continued inside her for almost 24 hours keeping her body feeling very stimulated and happy.

There was so much juice in fact that Susan could see the girl’s lower abdomen distend. Watching pale white cream ooze down the inside of Jackie’s legs, Susan rubbed the girl’s cheek with one hand and her own breasts with the other. She turned toward Dr. Cão with a smile on her face only to see that Cão was wasting no time removing his clothes.

He forcefully lifted and pulled Susan up from the floor by putting his hands under her upper arms. As she rose Cão moaned into her ear, “That was the hottest first mating I have ever watched! They will be locked together for 15 minutes to an hour, so come – Present!” Cão’s hand unzipped Susan’s dress in one stroke.

Susan grinned at Cão and said, “Horney are you? You Present!”, as she stepped out of the dress.

“I’m not the only one --- look around!”, shot back Cão.

Susan had been so focused on Jackie that she had paid little attention to anything else. Now slowly turning she noticed three of the camera men jerking themselves off, the other two were face fucking Heather and Carla. The couple in the corner was ripping each others clothes apart as they played out a wild sex scene of their own.

“As you said, She is a sensation!”, teased Susan as she grabbed Cão by his stiff cock heading for one of the sofas.

Susan pushed Cão onto the sofa and straddling him, took his cock full length in one downward motion.

“Yummmmmmmmmmm!”, grinned Susan as she picked up a rhythm pumping Cão's cock like a piston.

“I see your not turned on at all!”, Cão laughed and he let his head fall back enjoying being taken by his wet horney bitch.

Susan was like a woman possessed riding Cão as if she was out to win the Derby. She was so rough and animated both were consumed by wave after wave of powerful orgasms.

Part 4

Baron would jerk his hips every moment or two and Jackie could feel more and more hot puppy juice swell her insides with each convulsion. Jackie’s legs were beginning to quiver trying to support Baron’s weight, when the dog dismounted still tied to his little bitch. Panting with his front legs beside Jackie, Baron began to lick her back, shoulder and side causing the little ring in her left nipple to bounce and sparkle in refracted light.

Taking Baron’s partial dismount and licking as a cue to move away Jackie started to pull forward and was immediately aware of a sharp pain in her vagina and the sound of a deep growl from Baron. Confused, Jackie felt immediately the pain turn to desire and she pressed back into her lover. But the second growl and the nip on her shoulder from Baron served to freeze Jackie in place.

Jackie had watched Susan and Dr. Cão shiver in response to a sexual release that had nearly made both of them faint. Now as Susan began to look around Jackie looked at her with wide imploring eyes. Susan watched as Baron growled and then nipped Jackie again.

Lifting herself off of Cão, Susan slipped what looked like a pear shaped plug into her vaginal opening, while leaning close to Cão’s ear and whispering, “Virgins!”

Moving to Jackie, Susan positioned herself on the floor so she could cradle Jackie’s head against her knees. Jackie could smell both passion and sex emitting from Susan as the older woman stroked her hair and temples. The fact that this served as a stimulant seemed to further confuse Jackie.

“I’m sorry, sweetie! I forgot to explain about the time that the knot stays inside of you!”, said Susan softly as she caressed Jackie.

After several more minutes Baron's knot had deflated enough to slip out, again making a soft pop. Baron walked off licking at his still exposed cock.

Dr. Cão immediately appeared behind Jackie's raised butt and shoved a pear shaped plug into her sloppy wet twat. Susan stroked the girls back telling her, "We have to keep all that wonderful puppy making juice deep inside of you!"

The old woman in the corner nodded and smiled ........................ at her granddaughter resting on the spotlighted red circle in the center of the carpet!

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